Friday, September 1, 2023

Humans Monetized and As Dematerialized Property

 When the WEF or other foundations and NGO's promote trans-humanism, it is almost a 100% certainty that the only benefit will be to those referred to as the stakeholders. To define stakeholders, it would be easier to say who they are not: The average person that the likes of Yuval Harari would refer to as "useless people". Then the benefits to the stakeholders may be as follows.

The recent debates on whether children or young adults can determine their own sex or gender and have unlimited access to drugs and surgery to approximate their perceived gender. This gnostic concept of gender, as it's defined by adherents of trans-sexualism and their allies in government, NGO's, the medical, pharmaceutical and psychiatric industries has brought into being the concept of the human body as property. One is no longer the owner of their own body and life with inalienable rights but a property that can be leased back to the individual. This is property that can be monetized, leased or rented but never owned by an individual but only owned by private entities like a corporation or a bank. 

Bear in mind, as the monopoly on force and violence is the definition of power and wielded solely by government. Any power, or more properly, franchised privilege, granted to any private entities is granted only by government and directly used by government to their benefit. Banks and corporations are therefore only the cat's paw of government. It's important to understand exactly who is really pushing these agendas discerning the puppet from the puppeteer.

In the recent rental and leasing business model which is becoming more common where to paraphrase Klaus Schwab* that people don't really want to own property but only to have the benefits of it and so they're content to merely rent it. The trans movement brings this concept to simply enjoying the benefits of the modified human form itself without really owning it. Wherein what our managerial government overlords were pleased to call the covid pandemic crises, granted themselves the power to compel its citizens to be injected with an experimental drug, among other restrictions, and thus denied individual human beings the control over their own bodies which made them de-facto property of the state. Then the concept of gender, as opposed to biological sex, made surgical modifications to the human body a rental property of the biomedical industry because it entails permanent drugs and medical supplies needed to maintain the surgical changes, all with the government's blessings. Whenever property is taken from individual ownership and transferred to the collective ownership of government, banks or corporations, such property, as Samuel Francis put it, is dematerialized. Similar to digital currencies and cryptocurrencies no longer being physical currency as being dematerialized in a literal and physical sense.

You will own nothing, have no privacy and be happy may include one's own body if they wish to transcend their own mundane human form through sex change surgery or other trans-humanist modifications. All of these procedures cost money as well as the ongoing corrective or palliative surgeries, pre or post-operative costs of any drugs, medical devices, follow-up exams or psychological counseling that will be incurred over the rest of the surgically modified human's life. In other words, the surgically modified trans-human in a sense now rents their modified body with a maintenance contract from the various medical industries involved and are now, in a sense, the property of said industries.  The free human being as the owner of their own body and life is dematerialized under permanent medical supervision.

Donald Cavaioli

* I attributed the paraphrased quote to Klaus Schwab based on memory and have been unable to track down the original quote regarding business moving to a renting and leasing model and whether it was said by Schwab or some other individual. No surprise there if it was either scrubbed from the internet or buried several pages down on most search engines if it is displayed at all. The World Economic Forum had produced the infamous "Welcome to 2030" video and later, when it became too well known outside globalist corporate and government circles and criticized, denied everything said in the video calling it instead, a conspiracy theory. As well as Schwab's well publicized book and quotes about using the covid crisis as a vehicle to implement the WEF Great Reset and 4th Industrial Revolution policies which is still officially stamped as "debunked" by the mainstream media. Then only because the MSM said so without further proof, and derides critics citing the book and quotes as promoting a conspiracy theory-shaming language used to silence and dissuade people from believing what they see or hear. However, if I find the attribution incorrect or proof is shown here that the quote is incorrect, I will remove it immediately.

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