Friday, July 7, 2023

The Magic King Approaches! or How I learned to stop thinking and love the Russian Federation

Not being properly schooled in gnostic mysticism from the scriptures and prophesies of Evola, I can't fully understand mechanics of how the Magic King will ascend to his throne but maybe there are certain signs that will herald the approach of this messiah. 

Unfortunately, I can't read those signs either so I'll just listen to those more learned in these matters and LO!, our aetherial majesty approacheth! Recent events such as the war in Ukraine may have revealed the Magic King, and most of the right and trans-right have anointed him the Latter Day Prester John- Vladimir Putin the implacable foe of badness and puter of wrong things right.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent support of of the latter by the entire woke establishment, the only acceptable and correct position of the official true right, not to be confused with Conservatism Inc. of the NRO, is to support the Russian Federation. The reasons given for not supporting the current thing are elucidated in grim detail in this previous post. In short, it's all emotional and mostly concern what a rat, corrupt piece of shit and spawn of the devil Volodymyr Zelensky is. 

How does the Magic King manifest? Let's break it down: Zelensky represents in one person the whole of the globohomo cabal, an American Empire puppet, a Nazi and of course, a jooo. Obviously, the Azov Battalion Nazis are so much more open minded these days about Jews being the president of their country and, this ain't your granddad's NSDAP. Or maybe the mid 20th century German Nazis were really some kind of Jewish and American Empire secret conspiracy to take over Europe because the devils are always cunningly evil. Therefore, all the problems in Europe (the UK included as Europe) aren't really from Europeans making bad decisions at the ballot box, but are really the fault of the Americans, you know. There's CIA color revolutions, Vicky Nuland, and Barry Obama's shenanigans, all evil conspiracies against the forces of good, and did I mention Zelensky is a corrupt asshole too. 

All valid reasons for Russia violating the Budapest Memorandum because as we all know, treaties and other international agreements are contingent on the leader of a country involved being a great guy. Then if there's any rumor of CIA involvement in anything bad, then it must be true because America is evil. If America supports Zelensky and Ukraine, then Zelensky and the Ukraine are evil too.

So this segment of the right, like the left, falls into the angels and devils dichotomy. The devil is always lies, is always evil and even if the devil says something that is true or does something that may be objectively good, it is really lies and evil.

Here, in this model of "thought", as the Zelensky devil is a highly ranked prince of hell, this angel opposing him must be equally powerful and thus our Magic King.

But true to leftist emotional form, human beings have no moral agency but only a fixed, immutable nature. Therefore, the angels and devils dichotomy holds true. The devil is always evil and always lies. So even if the devil does something that appears good or somehow tells the truth, it's really an evil action and the truth is summarily dismissed as a lie. Then whoever opposes the devil must be the angel and the angel is all good and never lies. But even if the angel does something appears evil or lies, it's for a good reason and excused. Nor is it a lie if you look at it from the proper perspective and omit certain uncomfortable facts as the devil's lies. 

Here in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, The Magic King Putin, the angel, is always good and never lies and Zelensky, the devil, is always evil and always lies. Trust RTN's pronouncements and ignore the Ukrainians as they're just too stupid to realize that they are really pawns fighting a proxy war on behalf of the American Empire and NATO aggression. America fights to the last Ukrainian, as the vatniks love to say, in America's insane desire to destroy Russia because reasons and stuff. Or rather, the devil is outraged by good and must destroy it because that's just the devil's thing.

Even if examples of this NATO aggression against Russia or even a military buildup in NATO countries could not be seen in mundane reality and only 5 Russian invasions of 3 neighboring countries appear to our lying eyes, we must believe Russia. Even if there were no physical threats, western countries definitely said mean things to Putin and severely hurt the Magic King's feelings and offended God which is not only sacrilege tantamount to physical assault but deserves physical aggression in retaliation. Let it be noted as aggression purely as defense against a threat firmly supported by spectral evidence. So Russia and Putin are the real victims here! Believe this only because Putin said so and the Magic King never lies. 

It's amazing though, how Putin can be at the same time a galaxy brain master strategist with the most fantastic high tech weaponry on Earth winning a war, any day now, to being a victim of the malefactors of the west, fighting 50 countries at the same time and only managing a stalemate. 

Yes, don't think too much about this war or special operation of guys with guns to protect Russia against Nazi ghosts and invisible NATO troops. Just believe Putin is the Magic King and follow the Russians. Know only that the American CIA serpent in the form of Zelensky entered the Russian garden of Maidan and corrupted some Russians into imagining they're some made up thing called Ukrainians. Then the serpent caused them to commit the sin of insurrection against their rightful sovereign, his sacred majesty Putin, who rules by divine right, and commit fratricide against their Russian brothers. Just like Caine and Able. 

If this is too much squaring the circle, (or rather circling of the square, 'cause we're the not-left right.) nonsense to swallow and one anywhere on the right wants to keep the friendship and goodwill of the trans-right, NRX crowd, etc. (because they're the edgy, cool guys?) then the counter-programmed "I'm against the current thing" NPC will see us through.

As an aside, to sum up the politically correct official right position, it's not that the Ukraine was and is a separate country and Ukrainians are fighting for their country against invading Russians in violation of the Budapest Memorandum. But it's the apocalyptic battle of the Magic King's forces of nationalist good against the American Empire's EU globohomo NATO trans-nationalists forces of evil. Or rather a strong-man nationalist dictator that gets all the boys and girls of the not-left right all hot and bothered, taking the empire that is his by divine right. 

Well, certainly not a rhetorical battle between the dysphoric, nationalist left who identify as the right and the Marxian left that those on the unenlightened, heretical, right like myself imagine it to be. But a battle to usher in a NRX wet dream of very small, self-contained, isolationist countries ruled by wise and benevolent absolute monarchs. Magic Kings, princes and hereditary aristocrats wearing super cool uniforms while riding horses and all the fancy pomp and pageantry to the gaping amazement of their properly subservient peasants.
And who says you can't immanentize the eschaton?

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, July 6, 2023

The Magic King


What seems to be driving much of the dissident right movement is a belief that democracy has failed, the U.S. constitution has failed. We cannot vote our way out of our current problems as the uniparty puts forward all the candidates and will somehow stop insurgents from running or that we shouldn't even bother to try. Vote harder is used as a mocking sneer against anyone who would try from the passivists wallowing in their own sense of helplessness.

So the best thing to do is nothing, except perhaps form some kind of monastic alternative institutions to await the arrival of a messianic figure, the Great Man. He will then be crowned as an absolute monarch, the Magic King, God's very own hand picked monarch who rules by divine right and will act in his people's best interest because he's that kind of a great guy. Then the Magic King will defeat the leftist globalists and globohomo of the evil American Empire and fix everything for us just the way the neo/reactionary dissidents would like it because the King and all his descendants can do nothing other than care for his people and nation. I mean, he just has to do these things and be a great guy 'cause it's some kind of law of the universe! 

This is the sort of thinking is characteristic of peasants dreaming of ideal, strongman kings, looking uber cool riding horses while wearing spiffy uniforms. Middle class strivers who having never broken into the ranks of the current ruling class, yet still view themselves as undervalued '10's'. The sort of strivers who dream of being proclaimed kings and ruling class aristocrats because they're so awesome even if no one else notices how awesome they are. Or perhaps latent homosexuals or submissive women with a BDSM fetish for being dominated by powerful alpha males. No judgements here, to each his own, you do you, etc. but outrè or kinky fantasies are no basis for a form of government.  

This belief in a benevolent monarch is pure magical thinking, a child-like belief in a Utopia. Magic King supporters believe absolute monarchy was destroyed by the evil forces of the Enlightenment. Some devil came along and seduced the peasants with the rights of man and self-governance causing them to be expelled from the feudal Eden. A similar line of thinking to neo-confederates who believe in a utopian antebellum America in general and the south in particular which became a paradise lost when the serpent, Abraham Lincoln, entered the garden and seduced the innocents into eating the forbidden fruit of abolition. But, the Magic King, like a messiah, will return during the apocalyptic collapse of liberal democracy and lead us back to Utopia. So who says you shouldn't immanentize the eschaton?

The fallacy in this 'absolute monarch is good' reasoning is how will this king's actions be constrained? How will God intercede if the king who rules by divine right does not rule according to God's laws or oppresses the people over which the monarch rules? How do we even know that the King rules by divine right unless God Himself appears and personally announces this to the masses. Must we take the Magic King's word for it because he wouldn't lie about something as serious as divine right? God's appearance and declaration to the people that this king is God's personally chosen monarch has never been recorded in history so all we ever have had was the king's word on this or the headsman, also chosen by divine right it seems, for those who disagreed. 

Usually throughout history, the man who becomes the king does so because he leads a large and powerful enough army to seize power at the point of a sword and declares himself a monarch by divine right because the king and his army said so. And for anyone who questions this divine right, there's a group of very angry looking soldiers at the front door whose swords would like a word with you, unarmed and outnumbered peasant. Men who are ambitious and want power usually don't fall into the real nice guy camp and whatever benevolence they have is used sparingly and tactically to maintain control but only if necessary. But that benevolence towards the peasantry at least, can always be rescinded at the whim of the king and he answers to no one in this. The armed aristocracy of lords with their own armies, if there are any in the realm, is another matter. Power flows from the barrel of a gun and from nowhere else.

If it is in the king's best interests to rule justly and benevolently over his subjects whom he will treat as his own children, then what stops the king from conflating his own greed or avarice with the best interests of his kingdom and treating his subjects like his livestock. How many peasants were annihilated by machinegun fire as they went over the top of the trenches in WWI for King and Country and how many times were these massacres repeated?  

Even if the first king of the dynasty is a wise and benevolent ruler, what guarantee is there that his descendants would be the same? The answer to this is there is no guarantee and worse, as long as a large enough army supports the king against all other pretenders to the throne, he will stay in power no matter how bad he is. If in the event he is ousted, then what guarantee is there that his successor will be any better? There are none. Which is why this support for an absolute monarch is based on nostalgic fantasies, wishful thinking and an emotional desire for an earthly messianic savior to guide those helpless and hapless peasants to an imaginary utopia.

Finally, the main thing the absolute monarch/Magic King fans miss is that the problem with any previously functional society does not stem from the flaws in the organizational principles of the society but the flaws in all human beings who make up that society. If Man, unconstrained by some power higher than himself even if it's his fellow Man, is given unconstrained, absolute power, then nothing prevents him from being corrupted by or abusing that power. We can place the Magic King in the same category as the new socialist man. Neither model fits within normal human behavior and so both are impossible.

For those who might find this post upsetting, this is not "punching to the right". This Magic King is very much on the political left as it advocates for a strong, authoritarian, top down centrally managed government based around an ideology- rule by divine right usually in Christendom. This makes reactionaries/neo-reactionaries, et al, who claim the mantle of the right, the very model of the political dysphoria of leftists in right wing drag. Words have a definition, concepts based on logic and reason and this includes the definition of the political/economic left and the right. The political spectrum is a straight line with increasing shading of left and right emanating from the center. Any other shape with conventions arbitrarily placed on it is simply nonsense used by post modernists and closeted leftists to hide themselves under whatever side or label they like.

Donald Cavaioli

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Happy Fourth of July

 Today is not the day for anything other than celebration so happy 4th everyone!

Be back tomorrow.

Monday, July 3, 2023

The Political Dysphoria of the Trans-Right

 Over the 20th century, Marxists have been successful in establishing themselves as not only the standard bearer of the left, but the very definition of the left itself. Then most other non-Marxist leftists, having accepted the supremacy of Marxism found themselves politically homeless. Many of them being fundamentally post-modernist relied on their tried and true gnostic belief in unknowable truths to redefine themselves as the right. Because after all, in these modern times, the old definition of right and left no longer applies as they argue. There is no right or left as it's now us guys over here on our side of the great debate who think this and those other guys over there who think something else. So if we disagree with the other guys who say they are the left as they understand the term through the personal epiphany of gnosis, then we who disagree with the leftist must be on the right in this exercise. If a group can't define themselves logically and rationally, then that group can fancy themselves to be anything they want but they are really nothing at all. 

And so we have the essence of the trans-right of non-Marxian leftists parading about in right-wing drag. They are easily spotted as they usually spend most of their time bashing conservatives and others on the right and refuse to do anything to really oppose the left other than mildly complain about them. 

And in this, all the trans-right needs to add is using nationalism as a sort of boob job to complete the ensemble. Because, if the Marxian leftist is an internationalist, the those on the right must be nationalist as the right is the opposite of the left.

Further, where the officially recognized leftist is the "I support the current thing" NPC, those who identify as being on the right become a counter-programmed "I'm against the current thing" NPC. Even if there's no such thing as the political left and the right there must be some kind of opposition to those guys over there who think something different from what we think. 

Strictly following either the precepts of a central ideological authority or opposing those who espouse heretical or blasphemous positions for no other reason than it's the views that come from those guys who think different over there is the hallmark of the leftist even if he hates Marx and identifies as a nationalist.

It's all really just pure emoting over words and phrases. Squaring the circle by taking positions based on emotion is exactly what any leftist worth his salt does.

Whereas the leftist current thing is usually based on lies used to promote their agenda, we must still be careful to consider the current thing in context and whether it should be opposed or not based on the facts. Maybe this time the left stumbled onto something that is right because even a broken clock is right twice a day and it would be necessary to deny the left any victory. But not just to deny the left a victory in an issue that is morally and intellectually correct but to expose the left's subterfuge in using the issue to promote their agenda or expand their power. There is more persuasive power in an argument that is true to convince the majority centrist, non-political Joe and Jane Normie to support your cause than a lie hiding the nasty agenda even the normies can see. 

And mostly what the normies need to take a stand, to take action, is to feel that not only are they supporting a position that is justified and true and aligned with their values, but that there are many others out there who also support it. There is strength in numbers.

It's important to for anyone right of center to know who is really on their side and be able to spot and reject the trans-right infiltrator who wears the political right and nationalism like a skin suit to promote their non-Marxian leftist agendas. Just as the Marxian leftists did with liberalism and the Democratic party. Seeing a trend here? More on that in the next post. 

If the right is to have any hope of winning the political and cultural wars, then the non-Marxian leftists, like the left of center moderates and neo-cons must be, disavowed, rejected and expelled from the right. For as they are just as much the enemy as the Marxian leftists.

Donald Cavaioli

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