Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Dangerous Words Incubus

Of all the boogeymen that bedevil the left, and they are legion, maybe none are so terrifying as words that hurt liberal feelings. Inanimate objects are scary to progressives as they believe these things possess some kind of sentience and will and are able influence people to take actions they otherwise wouldn't do. Inanimate objects can be banned or torn down thus neutralizing the threat but words that emanate from the minds of the badthinker devils are demonic miasmas that like an incubus or succubus can drift into the minds of others, seduce them into heresies against the holy scriptures of Marx and Gramsci and cause progs who are exposed to wrongspeech much butthurt and badfeels. A recent example of a daemonic words is the term "illegal alien" which is now illegal in the People's Banana Empire of New York and is forbidden to be spelled or spoken lest evil spirits attack us.

Something must be done otherwise the unwashed masses will run around thinking and saying whatever they please without the imprimatur of their betters and dare disturb the angels of fragile sensitivity! To the rescue of delicate snowflake feelings and bumptious liberal sensibilities come the proposed red flag laws.

These red flag proposals are ostensibly to curb this alleged meteoric rise in "white nationalist" or "white supremacist" shootings of which the bad thoughts incubus can be blamed for awakening the innate racism, unspecified hatreds and delusions of white supremacy that lie dormant in the dark recesses of every white person's mind.

Much of the red flags will be based on psychic evidence of the culprit's future criminal actions but our elites and ruling class lords will be declaring any dissident from the correct and proper way of thought and action as prescribed by our progressive liberal betters as a mad man. After all, who could be against the future just and equalitarian, centrally planned and managed utopia our rulers are busy bringing to completion? Any such dissident must therefore be completely insane. It just stands to reason, doesn't it.

People afflicted with schizophrenia who lack the ability or the help of family or friends to care for them are allowed to live on and wander the streets because it's justice, somehow. It is further assumed by the Great Liberal Minds of Social Justice that schizophrenics and others with psychological disabilities will never attempt to obtain a firearm as that would just be crazy. That they might use a knife is considered irrelevant as a knife would not kill the victim as dead as a gun would.

However those insane badthinkers who once would have been considered normal, law abiding citizens, will be relieved of any firearms they might own and remanded to the care of psychiatrists who will dose them with all sorts of miracle psychtropic drugs until the dangerous lunatic is catatonic and thus neutralized. No more edgy internet posts and humorous memes poking fun at social justice warriors to dare disturb the precious angels of the left.

Donald Cavaioli

It should be noted by all readers that this writer did not use the term "illegal alien" to deride or impugn the honor an integrity of any people of any race, creed or national origin who against federal immigration laws have entered the United States. This writer does not intend to violate any laws of New York and if the term "illegal alien" is illegal, then I shall not use it in any way other than to illustrate how wrong it is to use such a nasty, hurtful term as "illegal alien".

Friday, September 27, 2019

The Red/Blue Uniparty Opposes Foreign Aid Cuts

This has been sitting in draft for quite a while. It's an oldie but a goodie.

From: Yahoo News- Senators blast 'insane' Trump plan for aid cuts, seek Venezuela plan

Yet another dreary article about the bad Orange man and his latest outrage against the prerogatives established ruling order with the usual comments by the rabbity NPCs of their incessant bleats of "Orange Man bad" and "you is a Russian agent" to those who challenge them.

The ruling class of the supranational body that calls itself "the United States of America" now does not even bother to hide its contempt, if not outright hatred, for the loyal heritage and stock Americans whose labor provides the tax monies upon which these managerial parasites subsist.

It's bad enough that our betters view the money we earn not as our money, but the government's money that they grudgingly allow us to keep a portion of. Worse that politicians and bureaucrats get angry at us for not appreciating this but an intolerable hubris that these managerial creatures feel spending our money on foreign countries is of greater importance than either spending it on ourselves or saving the money. Gaia forbid that the government let us uppity peasants forget our lowly station and attempt to tell our betters what to do.

Besides, it would anger the lobbyists for foreign governments and the donors that our political class depend on for campaign cash, free trips and other goodies. Never let it be said that when you bribe an American politician that he does not come through on his end of the quid pro quo because that would be unethical.

Seriously though, since the end of world war 2, U.S. cold war foreign policy was predicated on what can only be called bribery to make friends and allies around the world. Giving other countries sweetheart trade deals and cold cash in foreign aid was how the U.S. kept those countries out of the Soviet sphere. But with managerial bureaucracy as large as the federal government, it develops a certain momentum from its tremendous mass that makes it next to impossible for the bureaucracy change direction as the situation changes. As there is no more Soviet Union to compete against in the world arena it should cause the State Department to re-asses its positions on trade policies and foreign aid grants but it doesn't. After more than three generations of older permanent bureaucrats telling the new, incoming bureaucrats how foreign policy is done, the reasoning behind the policies becomes lost in the mists of time. The policies are the way they are because that's how it was always done. It is time for the State Department to finally realize that the cold war is over and that in the new globalist order, the U.S. government must do the job it was hired by the people to do which is representing our best interests over the interests of foreign governments and foreign peoples.

One can only hope President Trump will be more resolute in addressing this matter.

Donald Cavaioli

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

In New York, Reporting a Certain Crime is Against the Law

Just when it cannot be imagined that New York cannot do anything else as a further outrage against common sense and reason, the sick and twisted degenerates of progressive liberalism plum new depths of insanity. So now, calling Immigration and Customs Enforcement to report an illegal alien is, well, illegal here in the People's Banana Empire. Even to call an illegal alien an illegal alien here in our Banana Empire is illegal. This begs the question if our divine Emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm I who in his mortal guise we know as Bill De blasio will arrest the U.S. Congress for allowing the term "illegal alien" in federal documents and forms?

From QNS: Jamaica landlord becomes first to be fined for threatening to call ICE on tenant article by Max Parrott, written Tuesday, September, 24, 2019

The illegal alien is now cherished and adored by the local ruling class and elite such that in addition to getting access to freestuff like medicaide, EBT, and other welfare programs. Illegals also enjoy such privileges as being eligible for a NYS driver's licenses, the official protection of the sanctuary city and state and being counted the same as a citizen on the federal census and who knows, soon being openly able to vote in our elections instead of on the down-low. But it's not enough gifts paid for by citizens for our betters to shower upon their favorite pets who keep cheap slave labor and cheap sex industry (prostitutes) workers of questionable age great and at a very reasonable cost.

 No, comrades, much more must be done that we the plebs must pay for either in taxes or fines and legal fees in this latest demented law. I can't imagine or wait to see what new gifts our masters will see fit to bestow upon their new favorite slaves, can you?

On a more serious note, hopefully the landlord will successfully appeal this abomination of a "human rights" law and if there is any sanity left in our courts, have it overturned. It was not too far back in a saner time in our history when Americans still had some pride in themselves and a backbone, that there would have been politicians and bureaucrats tarred and feathered if they would have had the hubris to pass and the audacity to enforce this abortion of a law. In a saner age, politicians and bureaucrats would have known better not to and would never have dared this.

To those of you who went through the process of obtaining legal permanent resident or naturalized citizenship status: What a bunch of dumb fools you were for waiting in line like schlubs, filling out all that paperwork, the photographs and fingerprints, the background check and of course, the application fees. But your betters thank you for the money and taxes and look forward to increasing them on you...suckers!

Monday, September 23, 2019

The Social Justice War on Chocolate Milk

The average progressive liberal is a most angry, bitter and miserable creature. This is to be expected of these pharisaical neo-puritans whose self-appointed burden it is to guide the unwashed masses to a properly grim, spartan life of soul-crushing blandness and deprivation so that they may both save the Earth and enter the Marxian heaven of perfect equality and social justice. It is a disagreeable task and these are the disagreeable people to do it. Not that the elites or ruling class have to live in such poor circumstances as they are already saved and are necessary to the unpleasant task of building this utopia. It will hurt the rest of us more than it'll hurt our masters but no pain for the rest of us, no gain for them.

So here's a tidbit from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle where Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams feels that forcing school children to have meatless, bland, soy based vegan lunches isn't stoically bland enough but that children can no longer have chocolate milk as well. Too much sugar, like enjoying one's life too much, makes for weak future socialist drones.

The BP wants chocolate milk out of public schools, September 20, 2019 by Kelly Mena

And while you're at it Eric, CANCEL CHRISTMAS TOO!

Donald Cavaioli

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Did the U.S. Constitution really fail?

The subject of is the U.S. constitution a good paradigm of government, is it too restrictive of government power, does it address modern problems or is it a failure is a subject that makes the rounds of chattering class circles on both the left and the right. And the answer from most on the extremes of both left and right is yes. But is it really?

The answer can only be no, the constitution in and of itself did not fail. For the constitution is itself only a piece of paper with words written on it. The constitution does not have any agency nor is it able to influence people by its own will. For anyone on the right to think this way, shame on you, you're imparting sentience and moral agency to an inanimate object just as leftists do. In the end, a piece of paper with words written on it means something when the people whose actions it is intended to provide guidelines and/or limits for willingly obey what is written thereupon.

The constitution is therefore like any other law, rule or regulation, meaningless if it is disobeyed with the culprits not held accountable. To claim it failed because the present managerial state routinely finds ways to either circumvent it or outright disobey it and therefore should be abolished is as silly as saying for instance, that because people commit murders, the laws against murder have failed and should be rescinded. It means that those who violate the constitution should be held accountable, the responsibility for which rests in the end with the American people. The constitution did not fail, we did.

One problem is how many of us have forgotten that elected representatives are our employees, hired to represent us and our best interests at home and abroad, not foreign nationals or foreign governments. Too many Americans act as if their representatives are their boss and not the other way around or worse, treat politicians as if they were celebrities or rock stars. If you let any employee get away with not doing their jobs, pilfering the business and treating the boss with contempt, then it should be no wonder if the business eventually fails.

We need to remember that we are the bosses and make our elected representatives respect us, not the donors and lobbyists. It is we who pull the lever at the polls in greater numbers than the donors or lobbyists so let's remember that they are not as all powerful an influence in elections as anyone may imagine.

To claim the constitution does not reflect modern values and conditions and is unable to stop the advance of the left's overthrow of the bill of right is simply the childish whine of "it's not perfect, mommy take it away!" This is simple minded utopianism, or a way to deflect responsibility or an underhanded scheme to impose some other form of government. The framework itself is sound for a representative republic and the amendment process suffices to meet and address modern issues. Anything else is simply pure intellectual and moral laziness.

The fault lies not only with we the people of today, but of generations past who in turn gradually traded liberties in return for the care and freestuff of the nanny state. A government to take care of us and see to all our needs but failing to see the danger of unchecked power in too few hands. Being blind to the fact that a government that gives you all you have can likewise take it all away.

The remedy however, lies with us and our descendants for we didn't get into this fix overnight and it will take some generations to rectify. Are we as a people going to give up and allow the managerial state to grow until it collapses under its own weight or are we going to take positive action by electing political leaders who will follow the constitution and govern according to our founding principles. Are we going to hold our elected leaders accountable at the ballot box and demand the gradual reduction of the managerial state to a more manageable size? Do we have the will and character to reduce the welfare state to a minimum, reject the precautionary principle and accept more personal responsibility for ourselves? Will we insist judges read the laws and amendments as written instead of finding  magical penumbras, emanations or auras through some alchemy as a cynical cover for ruling as they wish with no accountability or check on judicial activism or otherwise demand their removal? 

As a free people, citizens of a republic, are we going to assert ourselves as the owners and operators of this country or do we feebly cry about the failure of a piece of paper to protect us and hope someone else comes to our rescue? It's a long, hard road to recover and reclaim our country and it will never be perfect but it can be better than what we have today as it had been before the excesses of the progressive era and the New Deal.
The choice is ours.

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Badthinkers Beware, Big Brother is Watching! The Squires of New York Have Decreed Certain Race/Ethnicities and Criticism of Illegal Immigration to be Racist and Anti-New York

From The City: ANTI-NEW YORK WHITE SUPREMACIST HATE IS RISING, NYPD SAYS by Greg B. Smith on August 14, 2019

In the latest example of anarcho-tyranny, the NYPD, our glorious guardians of progressive leftist-democracy, the defenders of the People's Banana Republic of New York, although unable to quell real, actual shootings have instead decided to focus on imaginary crimes with a vigor and ferocity they would never dare against real violent criminals. That would be racist, white supremacist and whatever other fill-in-the-blank-o-phobic shaming language is in style today. At least this is the official policy of the NYPD brass, those most servile lap dogs of the progressive leftist establishment desperate to curry favor with their political masters.

The NYPD brass as managerial state apparatchiks know as well as their political masters that imaginary problems are much easier to solve than real problems and with less risk of failure. So when there are mass shootings in Brownsville or East New York, the managerial state whelps whimper whine helplessly but when "White Nationalism" rears it's ugly head in the form of edgy internet posts and memes, no real incidents of white devil violence here in NYC, the gentle lap dog like magic, transforms into the fiercest, snarling cur.

[Photo from The City article 08/14/2019 by Greg B. Smith cited above, photo taken from Jimmy Van Bramer tweet posted on twitter Oct. 7, 2018 1:18pm]

From the above photo anyone thoroughly indoctrinated in liberal emotive newspeak, which is to say any social justice warrior or lying politician here in the People's Banana Empire of New York can easily translate into prog: Reporting illegal aliens with no mention of any particular race or national origin to Immigration and Customs Enforcement causes bad feels, is written by the devil and really means white people hate "people of color" because of reasons. The human trafficking for our cheap labor neo-slave trade must not be questioned let alone stopped. So Something must be done right this instance to put these uppity white proles back in their place by virtually burning a few heretics at the i-stake and throwing a few into jail. How dare the people who posted this flyer question their betters!

So here we are now in our glorious People's Banana Empire planning on arresting people based only on their political or social views because they might be plotting to kill people. Even if there is no threat stated or even slightly implied. Shades of Minority Report sans the psychics and going only on some SJW's hurt feelings. Precautionary principle without a limiting principle spiraling us into the abyss of totalitarianism.

Besides punishment of naturally racist and evil white people, it's a diversion from shootings in the hood the NYPD can't or won't address lest they be called racists. Doing the job a P.O. is called to, even doing it according to the patrol guide and training is no protection from a suspect with high diversity/victim pokemon points dying in custody from health related problems. As police officers on the street get more into trouble based on liberal political criteria for the things they do than the things they don't do, it's better career advice to only enforce minor offenses or political crimes. I can't blame the white shield foot soldiers for taking this tact no matter how wrong and disagreeable I find it.

Then there are the howls of outrage from the usual and expected identity/grievance progressives which are joined by the howls of outrage by libertarians, alt and dissident right types. Although nominally race realists, the people on the right, the people the average cop would assume to give him at least the benefit of the doubt, have a built-in dislike for all law enforcement and will happily join the left in calling for a cop's blood in any controversy. When you have no friends to the left or right or behind you, only devils, then there's no other choice than to go with the devil you know. It's the path of least resistance.

But the real culprits are the political establishment who for ideological reasons refuse to deal with real people who cause real problems either out of fear of being called racist or who have really drank deeply of the equalitarian, tabula rasa kool aid. The police department is a creature of the executive political establishment and as designed reflects the agenda of the mayor. Civilian control of law enforcement or the military through elected mayors, governors and presidents is desirable in a constitutionally limited republic or democratic society as in theory, the people have ultimate control over whom they elect and what policies are enacted. However as the size and scope of bureaucratic government grows into the managerial state, the people as constituents become further isolated from having direct power over the direction of official policy.

Further, as the people, seeking security through less personal responsibility by allowing managerial government to become the nanny state not only loses control over public policy but completely and voluntarily abdicates it to their elected leaders and managerial apparatchiks. Then there comes the politically connected grifters with solutions in search of a problem or big ideas to solve public problems payed for by the tax payers. Some of whom get caught only when they go too far in their skimming or fall out of favor with their political and bureaucratic patrons. Many are not well publicized and operate just below the vision of the public at large.

The police uniformed members of the service at the rank of captain whose promotion to higher rank is by appointment of the mayor will echo the mayors policy. The captains and above as well as the ranks lower can rationalize this unconstitutional and un-American criminalizing of free speech as the people of New York City have elected these people as the mayor and city council, these policies must be what the people who pay their salaries want and they as public servants are obligated to follow. Besides, maybe Phaemon's dog was right after all.

One can only hope that the police officers involved in this ridiculous witch hunt will see how wrong this is and do the "civil servant" thing of cheering it on so as to be seen as being "on the C.O.'s team" while only pretending to carry out directives. Otherwise our constitution will be finally and fully overthrown with the arrest of dissidents as purely political prisoners. Welcome to the future as a third world, one party, totalitarian dictatorship.

Donald Cavaioli

Saturday, September 14, 2019

The People's Republic of China and Hong Kong the Special Administrative region: One Country, Two Systems- A House Divided Against Itself

"A house divided against itself, cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other. Either the opponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become lawful in all the States, old as well as new — North as well as South."

Abraham Lincoln, June 16, 1858

A similar situation exists between the People's Republic of China and the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong the inherent contradiction of which has sparked a series of demonstrations and protests over the last 14 weeks which have started to become violent. With the main protest group, Demosisto's rejection of Carrie Lam's withdrawal of the extradition bill on September 4, it may well head towards an independence movement. That the Hong Kong police, accused by demonstrators of overreaction and police brutality, have fired warning shots in the air but so far have not shot any demonstrators still makes the situation dicey. So the "Boston massacre"* phase which would have hardened positions on both sides, but providing a stronger popular rallying position for the protesters, has come close but not yet reached despite an incident of a demonstrator eye injury during police use of tear gas. it is still as of yet unlikely but if matters continue to progress along the current path the odds will greatly increase. However, even if this benchmark is passed, considering the asymmetrical situation of arms and resources between the PRC and Hong Kongers, "the shot heard 'round the world" phase will remain very unlikely. As an aside, if the unlikely were hypothetically to occur, my usually 80% accurate 5G crystal ball isn't getting a clear signal but what does show most likely failure with only a little likelihood of success at this time with this method. It would be a tragic mistake and should be avoided.

*From my previous post Interesting Times in Hong Kong where I drew some parallels between the earlier phases of the American revolution and the present events in Hong Kong.

What is clear from the previously linked BBC article about four sections down is that about 89% of Hong Kongers do not see themselves as Chinese (people of the PRC) which is the genesis of a separate national identity and the prime ingredient of nationalism. People generally do not like to be ruled over by those whom they view as foreigners even if those rulers are of the same race as the ruled. This is essentially the history of Europe and the United States.

But despite Joshua Wong's assurances that Hong Kong is still a part of China, his calls for universal suffrage insofar as being able to freely elect all candidates for seats in the Legislative Council and its Chief Executive, events will take their own course. It could try to continue with a separate autonomous region in perpetuity which would be a hard and difficult concession to get from Beijing or would open a window for separatists to vote for either offering a referendum on Hong Kong independence if not a peaceful declaration of independence.

There wouldn't appear to be any other alternative.
If there is a significant percentage of Hong Kongers who participated in, or tacitly supported a protest over one criminal extradition bill, think of how they're going to like being fully integrated into the PRC political and legal system in 2047, 28 years away. Joshua Wong and the demonstrators today will be in their late 40's to early 50's and still in the prime of life. It is not possible Wong or any of the others in Demosisto to be fools enough to believe that if they get universal suffrage now that it will still be in effect on July 2, 2048. The Chinese Communist Party are not the sort of people who tolerate citizens who dissent from or want to debate official government policy as would happen in a democratic Hong Kong. The communist system would have to collapse first as had happened to the Soviet Union for Hong Kong to have a permanent democratic form of government which for the foreseeable future is not likely.

As Lincoln said in the opening quote of this post, a house divided against itself cannot stand as it will either become all of one side or the other. History has shown this to be inevitable in the face of public discontent between the opposing sides. Hong Kong will either be fully integrated into the PRC and become like any other city in China or it will be independent. There can be no third way that would last for long.

Ex hic civi Americanus ut Demonsistus, ego vos salutant et forti animi tibi bene vollo.

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, September 12, 2019


So at last count there are 10 draft posts backlogged in the receiving vault in varying states of completion awaiting final form. Why put off until tomorrow that which we may procrastinate on later as the Caretaker is fond of saying.

Some upcoming posts include topics like current events in Hong Kong, a dissection of the Jeffery Epstein murder conspiracy, the relationship between corporations and the managerial state and of course, some fun jabs at the foibles, idiocy and pure silliness of our local political prats. Especially a local grocer-turned politician who in his spare time is not only an electrical engineer, expert on power generation and grids but an epidemiologist who is is in line for a good (figurative) boot up the arse. Not Sandy the Barmaid Ocasio-Cortez and Bill "Kaiser Wilhelm" De blasio. One should refrain from making fun of people with disabilities. Besides, they're boring. But note to the Pointman, Sandy coming in at 5th place in the 2018 Prat Awards was a miscarriage of justice. She should have at least scored in 3rd place not in 5th behind that washed up old hag, Merkel. And if our Sandy doesn't take first by a mile for the 2019 Pratties with the Green New Deal, then that's totally bogus, call foul on the judges and I shall demand the judges forthwith be flogged for being innumerate, blind or simply biased twats.

Enough of that.

But here just to post something new and different is another of my colorized photos of a Peter Witt car on Myrtle Ave and Adams Ave in Brooklyn, dated 4/22/1947. The original B&W photo was from hidden away under world then around NYC with the other trolley photos.

Donald Cavaioli

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Good News for Flushing Meadows Corona Park New York State Pavilion

At long last, after 54 years of neglect Parks Department of NY has finally found the will and funding to start a restoration of the New York State pavilion observation towers from the 1964-65 New York World's Fair at Flushing Meadows Corona park.

From QNS:  Parks to begin restoration of observation towers at New York State Pavilion in Flushing Meadows Corona Park by Mark Hallum, Wednesday September 11, 2019

More information on the New York State pavilion can be found here and here.

Donald Cavaioli

Sunday, September 8, 2019

New York City Fights Opioid Addiction Crisis By Giving Addicts Greater Access to Drugs

From the who in the hell comes up with this stupid shit, how can this idea make any rational sense but it does in a corrupt way files here is the latest addition: Courtesy of that New York Democrat Party organ, your source for official progressive goodthinker propaganda,  the Gotham Gazette:

In Opioid Fight, City Expands Access to Crucial Medication-Assisted Treatment , September 06, 2019 by Samar Khurshid

Of course the tone of the article is one of triumphalism and praise for our Glorious Leaders who in their olympian compassion and generosity have decreed that in order to fight opioid addiction, addicts will get access to even more drugs, safely under medical supervision, legally and most important of all, free. That is free for the recipients with the costs borne by the taxpayers, many of whom have trouble making ends meet in one of the highest cost of living cities in the U.S.. Progressive liberals are always great, big warm hearted altruists with other people's money and citizen, permanent resident or illegal alien makes no difference here. Don't fret about the morality of forced altruism in the name of a dubious cause. It's only money, folks.

However, there is in this permissive, even backhanded encouragement of narcotics use a peculiar contradiction from the progressive liberal's otherwise puritanically forbidding views on sugary drinks, fast foods, tobacco use and eating meat but when it comes to drug use, the scales fall from liberal eyes. Whereas liberals screech in outrage at the thought of the medical expenses of cigarette smokers which is only an increased statistical probability, the liberal spares no expense, paid for by others, for the certain expenses incurred by heroin users. Just as liberals can see some kind of difference between the inhaling of the smoke of burning tobacco as dangerous to one's health, wrong and evil but inhaling the smoke of burning marijuana has no ill effects on one's health, is benevolent, good and heartily encouraged. For progressive left, even comestibles may fall under the evil devil category or may be the nectar and ambrosia of their angels so in their twisted progressive world, this isn't a contradiction at all.

But assuaging the liberal's desperate need to be seen as the most wonderfully beneficent beings in the universe isn't all that's going on here. Sure, feeding the rank-and-file liberal's galactic scale egos is important but more important is the feeding of cash to crony capitalists and other politically connected middleman businesses. Pharmaceutical companies can look forward to increased sales of methadone and buprenorphine. Privately operated clinics, with friends in high places, employing doctors, nurses and other staff have a publicly funded jobs program and politically connected *insert name here* associates firms can get into the trough with ever more "studies" that must be conducted. All in the glorious name of "medically assisted treatment" of drug addiction by addicting narcotics users to other different drugs rather than helping them quit drug use altogether. A program name that will eventually be encouraged by our managerial betters to be adopted by undocumented pharmacists (street drug dealers and pushers) to legalize street narcotics sale as opioid treatment. Hair of the dog...

Let's not forget drug addicts, who can be seeded throughout the city in half-way houses, homeless shelters or whatever else, are voters too even if they are illegal aliens. Voters who will be most motivated and enthusiastic to vote for the benevolent little fathers and mothers of the Party of Infinite Goodness and Kindness known to lesser mortals as the Democrat party who shall in return ensure every drug addict gets his fix for free.

And here in the People's Banana Empire of New York, it is a magnificent victory over the opioid crisis, a triumph of utterly brilliant socialist central planning and social engineering. Forward comrades!

Donald Cavaioli

Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Not-American "Americans"

It's an interesting situation when people immigrate to the United States who not only refuse to assimilate to our culture and political system but apparently despise it, and seek to destroy it. One has to ask why such people who hate this country bother to come here in the first place or refuse to return to their homelands after finding us so distasteful. Worse still are the liberals who still insist upon calling people who are obviously our enemies who seek to do us harm, "Americans", make special note that they are "U.S. citizens" and residents of a particular town with equal status of natives. Why is it that the same liberals insist those who want to destroy our culture and nation must not only be granted entry into this country as an unquestionably inalienable right and all must refer to them as Americans?

An example of this curious situation can be found here in this article by QNS: 

"Jamaica women admit to planning and distributing information about making explosives for terrorists attacks" by Emily Davenport on August 23, 2019

Two foreigners in this interesting situation who have pled guilty to planning a terrorist attack are pointedly referred to as "Jamaica" women and "U.S. citizens" as if the magic dirt of America conferred these titles upon them that none may gainsay. In fact, I might possibly be guilty of "racism" and "white supremacism" in noting the oxymoronic use of U.S. citizen and Jamaica women to describe two individuals who are obviously enemies of our nation and should be stripped of their citizenship and deported as undesirable aliens. After serving their prison sentences, of course.

Yet we're fighting these interminable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ostensibly to fight terrorism "over there" so we don't have it happen over here and at the same time, allow a massive influx of people which harbors some terrorists among them to immigrate here.

But our progressive liberal overlords have decreed that anyone from anywhere in the world who wants to come to the U.S. must be granted entry as of right. And further, must be acknowledged as just as much a true American as any native born even if they not only refuse to assimilate but demand we Americans change our culture and language or adopt their non-Christian religions to suit the newcomers who prefer to live in balkanized ethnic enclaves. Is this not the very definition of colonialism and imperialism just as foreigners entering another country with hostile intent towards the native population an invasion?

What is an acceptable amount of casualties with our current immigration policies? How many dead and wounded do liberals feel is acceptable collateral damage in pursuit of cosmopolitan multiculturalism?

Now contrast this with the same liberals who react with holy outrage when India attempts to assimilate the Kashmir, the People's Republic of China suppresses Islam with the Uighurs or allows ethnic Chinese to emigrate into Tibet and alter Tibetan culture. Not to mention the situation in Hong Kong. Nor should we forget the past colonialism of the old European powers was absolutely the most horrific ever perpetrated in human history even if there were not hoards of white Europeans banging down the doors to gain entry to non-white colony countries.

Isn't ethnic diversity and immigration a good thing that must be celebrated? So diversity isn't always our strength? So some forms of imperialism and colonialism are good or bad depending only if Europe and north America are the recipients or perpetrators respectively.

But Americans must accept a massive influx of foreigners and change our culture to adapt to them so American nationalism is apparently forbidden by these hypocritical and supercilious luminaries.
Diversity and open borders immigration is only good for us and the official line is: "Nationalism for thee but not for me". And to notice this discrepancy is the new definition of racism.

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez's Call to "White Supremacist" to Repent Their Sins and Accept the Mercy of the Inquisition

From The Huffington Post: "Ocasio-Cortez Speaks Directly To White Supremacists In Surprise Appeal" by Ed Mazza, posted August 7, 2019

I usually do try to stay away from posting anything about Sandy, the Queen of Cringy Clickbait, that Ultimate Dreamgirl of Hipster Bugmen, and the girl who constantly prattles on so much and really says nothing because quite frankly, I find her and her race baiting and threadbare socialist drivel boring. But like passing a car accident and out of morbid curiosity, you just have to stop and take a look and I'll later regret the 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back reading this inane article, watching the attached video, but I just couldn't help but to look at this latest car wreck of cringe.

Here Sandy in the video looks like a preacher having an Oprah moment calling upon white supremacists to repent their racial sins and return to the fold, your mother awaits her prodigal son, even your teacher prays for your conversion to the one true progressive liberal religion. Just accept Marx as your personal savior, embrace your replacement as a majority in your own country and shut the fuck up, you silly white American people. Now everybody, big hug!

 However, Sandy only calls out white racists in spite of many other mass murders by non-whites. She starts with the premise that there is a sizeable contingent of these white supremacists that are committing all the mass shootings on the planet, who have been seduced by the racism devil and that they represent the only "hate group" on earth. Any other non-white who commits an act of mass murder must be justified then as the left's angels can do no wrong.

The forgiving sentiments expressed are questionable as not once does Sandy concede that maybe dissidents who disagree with multiculturalism or immigration policy, those whom she refers to as "white supremacists" may have a grievance even if she herself believes it to be unfounded. She and all other leftists and liberals assume those who disagree with progressive immigration policies and multiculturalism only do so out of unreasoning hatred for foreigners and a belief in the manifest superiority of their own race without providing any credible evidence for it. This shows that Sandy and the rest of the progressive liberal clown show haven't even bothered to listen to what the dissidents have to say about their thinking and beliefs.

How can one offer to extend forgiveness under these circumstances if one is unwilling to at least listen to what the alleged offender has to say in his own defense. Especially without dialog and debate after which the "white supremacist" himself acknowledges his mistake and asks for forgiveness?

It is possible to forgive and forget someone for something they mistakenly believed in. But considering other statements Sandy has made, I suspect that these so-called "white supremacists" can never be forgiven the original sin of racism. For it is enshrined in the scripture of the identity left that racism is quintessential to white people and only white people. Nor will racism and "white privilege", branded upon us like the mark of Cain, ever be expunged no matter if we vote for "people of color" candidates, pay the danegeld of reparations or no matter how profusely and many times we apologize and grovel for forgiveness. To the progressive left, our moral character is fixed and permanently etched into us at birth.

If the ever present virus of racism is incurable then white people are just permanently infected with evil and only await a gun to tell them to go kill all non-whites. Or so goes the progressive and liberal narrative. The final tell that this is just more empty and meaningless rhetoric in a banal attempt to make Sandy look like the "good guy" peacemaker is her assertion that President Trump is in fact a racist. Confirmed through incontrovertible spectral evidence and thus beyond any shadow of a doubt a racist. Yet no matter how many times civic nationalist Trump denounced racism and "hate", called for more legal immigration, the bad Orange Man is the chief devil who can never be redeemed. As the Orange Man of supreme evil is worshiped by and commands all "white supremacists", who have no will or mind of their own, to acts of wickedness through a series of secret codes and "dog whistles" then how can any of these offenders ever repent or be reformed? It's a catch 22 situation.

If Sandy and her prog comrades can never forgive Trump, a man who was always a moderate with socially liberal tendencies, who never made any racist remarks then what hope can dissidents who are labeled "white supremacists", who have openly blasphemed the Identity Marx god can be reformed of their wrongthink and forgiven except perhaps by their neighbors and loved ones. They, who as Sandy in a voice quavering with almost believable emotion informs us are forlornly awaiting their bad seed to see the light and come home. Here one must pause to wipe away a tear at such a heart string tugging moment.

But wait, there's another catch 22 here as well. Aren't their friends and neighbors, presumably white as well and themselves thus tainted by the original sin of racism? Who can the offender's family, teachers, loved ones, pets etc., confess their sins to and return to to be reformed? Can a forever damned race sinner forgive or reform another forever damned race sinner, especially one who blasphemed multiculturalism and open borders immigration. Is it not established canon that all of them through their viral racist infection have an innate, uncontrollable desire to be mean to "people of color" as Sandy, speaking ex-cathedra, in the previously linked article has established? The convoluted ontology is enough to make your head spin.

Therefore the lachrymose prodigal son imagery is simply words devoid of any rational meaning or true intent, spoken only for emotional effect.

Does Sandy ever think through this stuff before she speaks or does she just blurt out anything she thinks sounds good, blissfully unaware of how cringy or silly it really is? Maybe not, but what's more important here is how sincere she is and to consider if the sappy inanity may well cover something darker.

And here Sandy's claimed offer of forgiveness rings hollow, which is a fine way of saying it's bullshit. As previously noted, Sandy and the rest of her clown posse haven't ever bothered to listen to what the dissidents whom she smears as "white supremacists" have to say in their own defense. There is no other side of the story, no defense for the wicked as their guilt is manifest and absolute. Therefore all that remains is for the accused to confess their sins and gain absolution only after purification in the fires of the stake.

This is so because Sandy and the Justice Democrats, and the progressive left as a whole, have established themselves as evangelical missionaries of the Identity Marx cargo cult whose sacred duty it is to purge the world of all sin and evil and to exorcise those they deem evil. To accomplish this crusade, they have appointed themselves the Justice Inquisitors, the hunters and destroyers of witches, heretics and other bad people. Their belief system demands it. The world must be cleansed of all doubters, dissidents, unbelievers and deplorables, and so purified before the promised socialist heaven on Earth can be achieved.

Therefore, the Justice Inquisitors deem the stake and gibbet to be unavoidable as those unbelievers and dissidents whom the progressive left consider to be devils are of an evil which is intrinsic and immutable. So it is impossible for the devils to repent, be reformed or reeducated and so become good as lefty progs do not believe human beings have free will or moral agency. Hence, the devils cannot choose not to be devils anymore and therefore, can only be, and must be, destroyed. The teleology of the progressive left offers no other solution.

Personally, I thought Sandy did a much better job with the method acting, crying at the border fence while looking at the empty road but still an almost credible a job at bad acting and duplicity.

Donald Cavaioli

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

New York State's Latest Round of New Gun Control Laws: Going Full Retard and Doubling Down on Useless

From: The Democrat and Chronicle-
"New law bars most NY school employees from carrying guns on campus" by Jon Campbell, July 31, 2019, updated August 2, 2019

Of course this makes complete sense- If you're a ghoulish sociopath who really wants the maximum body count at a school shooting to cynically exploit such incidents for the purpose of political grandstanding. The more rabbits in the killbox, the better, providing new opportunities to exploit future grisly events as tragedies that shouldn't be let go to waste. This new raft of laws will do nothing to make students and teachers any safer but they aren't meant to. This is because it's really meant to expand the power and control of the managerial state, to take the power of self-defense away from the citizen and make him more vulnerable and hence more dependent on the state. For when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

Liberals, progressives and other such ilk may loudly and publicly trumpet their concern and care for the victims of mass shootings then in the same breath, propose a raft of new laws to stop such incidents even if the previous slew of laws failed to stop murders. Could it be that maybe a few more laws, more and bigger "gun free zone" signs displayed more prominently, making firearms licenses and purchase from legitimate dealers more difficult will finally stop criminals and psychopaths from legally purchasing firearms to commit crimes? That criminals and psychopaths don't follow any laws never seems to occur to rank and file liberal rabbits because as they see it, it was the gun's fault as it magically influenced the people holding them to commit murder. But worse still, guns kill people more dead than do lesser forms of death say by stabbing and running people over with cars or trucks.

And why wouldn't criminals purchase firearms from legitimate dealers, apply for firearms licenses and properly register their firearms with the authorities? Buying guns from the street corner illegal dealer would be against the law and...wrong! And what's with these schizophrenics and chronically depressed people on SSRI psychotropic medications who kill family members to take their firearms out to shoot other people? Are they crazy or something? You'd think their medications are causing violent and suicidal behavior or something but that would be crazy talk, wouldn't it. So by process of elimination, it must be sentient guns which should be banned, moar laws to be passed, insanity made illegal, more lachrymose speechs to be made and more, bigger and easier to read 'gun free zone' signs prominently displayed. Problem solved.

In the end, liberals, progressives, social justice warriors really do not care about crime victims except where it allows them to virtue signal, pretend they actually have some sense of empathy and attempt to convince themselves and others that they are wonderful exemplars of humanity. For the managerial elites and ruling class, this is just an opportunity to pretend that they care about the people over whom they govern and in reality, despise. Displays of contempt and violent hatred of normies by most recently the likes of this Chris Cuomo meltdown illustrates this point very well.

However, there is some good news as there is a growing sense among the average Joe and Jane Normie that the leftists are liars and their pharisaic displays of overwrought emotionalism is a deception meant to manipulate the masses into political and social agendas nobody wants and would be detrimental to the American people. As well, the average American is beginning to realize just how much their rulers truly loath them. These new laws and vapid speeches will have precisely the same effect as the old laws: Nothing. But the ruling class and elites just can't help going full retard with new useless laws or being called out by proles. Keep up the great work, Fredo!

Donald Cavaioli

Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Real Motivations the Behind the New York City Homeless Shelter Protests: A Conspiracy Theory

Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory even the wacky ones.
Who doesn't love to speculate about who really killed John F Kennedy or that the Apollo moon landings were faked 6 times, or love to debunk them and mock the nutters who believe in them. But one thing should be noted and that is that some conspiracies were and are real. History is full of them in fact from the start of wars to coup d'eta and assassinations.

Then again, what are usually referred to as conspiracy theories aren't really conspiracies hatched by shadowy, furtive people who use codes like "John has a long mustache" to gain entry to dark backrooms where they formulate their dastardly plots and plans. No, They are presented and debated in public and the architects of these schemes lay out the thinking behind them in detail. For instance, when anyone brings up the topic of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, they are derided as conspiracy theorists when in fact these two agendas are actually public policy openly discussed and debated. A subset of open public policy can of course carry agendas and interests either hidden from the public or very little spoken of. Catastrophic anthropogenic global warming/climate change/climate emergency or whatever new buzzword is employed to whip up an increasingly disinterested public is an excellent example of this. Its proponents seldom bother to hide the fact they promote this doomsday scenario for poorly concealed sociopolitical agendas and/or self-serving reasons other than saving the world.

However, it's unanswered questions and events that don't make sense or add up that sparks the conspiracy theory in the absence of transparency and comprehensive explanations. Questions in this case like why do homeless shelter protests in different towns or neighborhoods, if you will, in Queens County never achieve any real results. They mostly fail. Hotels contracted with the city as shelters were always temporary until a new shelter could be built so any hotel losing a city contract isn't a real victory. Moving a proposed shelter site a few block away or in the next neighborhood isn't a victory but a weasely dick NIMBY move. And events that do not make any sense like calling a victory a promise by the city to put fewer people with no pysch or substance abuse problems in a particular shelter when even being called a partial victory by the protesters is them simply jerking themselves off. What makes them think the city will not gradually increase the number of people, even psychos and junkies, sheltered there?

And this brings us to the subject of this post.
First of all, it must be said that I have no inside information nor do I personally know anyone involved in local homeless shelter protests and am not making any allegations against any individual or group so my conspiracy theory is just that: A theory and not even necessarily a conspiracy, just politics as usual.

For the activists and politicians, they are only in it to benefit themselves and/or protect their own property values. They couldn't care less about the homeless, whether public or private money should go into operating shelters, or that they end up dumping the shelters and all their attendant problems that they cause onto another neighborhood with little or no political power. Getting the shelter placed elsewhere is a sign of an activist group's high status and political clout. Otherwise, they would be angling for city money to go to a new community center that caters to their particular ethnic/identity group or public money for any non-profit they are associated with. Or for local windbags that are either self-appointed "mayors" of the neighborhood and other local busybodies to grandstand and gain more local political clout, real or imagined. Clearly, addressing homelessness and what should public policy be to set limits on who and how many we as a city shelter or should it be left to private charity should be the entire point of contention here. Most of all, why does not one of the shelter protesters ever question the wisdom of this policy of liberal pathological generosity, with other people's money of course, that simply attracts ever more people to NYC seeking shelter and other freestuff? Nor is the question ever asked how many or what percentage of illegal aliens comprise the ranks of the city's homeless population and has that population been growing, shrinking or staying the same. In a high cost of living city such as NYC, one would think that the working classes and middle classes who make up the ranks of the shelter protesters, who have a hard time making ends meet, should be asking these questions.

But they don't and they never will. In fact, they will still vapidly continue to support the same politicians who promote and expand this and other policies that are detrimental to the interests of the tax paying residents and further degrades their quality of life.

New York City can be summed up as nothing more than an ever growing cadre of identity/victim grievance groups, activists and NGOs like so many hogs, pushing each other out of the way to get their snouts into the public trough and gobble up as much tax payer money as they can. The politicians sit atop the food chain granting the pigs access to the trough, doling out ever more freestuff to their client voters and collecting tribute from their crony capitalist vassals in return for letting them run amok. The modern progressive left and liberalism, mad degenerates in all their sordid and demented glory.

Considering the city's dysfunctional political system and that success or change is not even on these homeless shelter protest activist's radar one cannot help descending into these dark musings of conspiracy and ulterior motive. Or maybe I owe some apologies to well-meaning, but naive and utterly stupid protesters.

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Brooklyn Bridge Plaza ca 1907 colorized

Original black & white photo of the Brooklyn Bridge Plaza with the Sands Point station in the background ca 1907. Smoke and the sky is harder to colorize than you think. I just can't get rid of the funny tint after colorizing this photo. It came out okay but I'm not completely happy with the result.

Donald Cavaioli

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

More Multicultural Activist Obscurantist Nonsense

From QNS article: ‘It’s all just confused people’: Lack of proper interpretation at Queens Housing Court denies equal justice, advocates say, by Max Parrott, July 5, 2019

First of all, if someone is here illegally, they have no right to be here let alone take up apartments that should be for citizens, driving up the rents in the process and should return to their own countries. Secondly, a naturalized citizen or permanent resident should be proficient in the national language and fully assimilate to the local culture otherwise they have no place here. They may speak their native language in their own country and there celebrate their culture to their heart's content. Nobody asked these people to come here in the first place. The immigrants chose to come here and therefore it is incumbent upon them to learn our language so translators are an unnecessary waste of time and tax payer money. They deserve no sympathy in this case.

Secondly, never trust or believe a social justice warrior activist as they are invariably liars. All activists care about is eternally promoting their cause which is to them, the goals of which are never achieved, and winning any fight they get into by any means necessary. They are deluded enough with their cult-like fervor to believe lying in the name of their cause is a higher morality. It isn't. This is simply noble cause corruption and nothing corrupt can ever be good or moral. So these people deep down do not care about those whose cause they claim to champion. The SJW is a nihilist who only lives to vent his anger upon the world and uses the noble cause as camouflage for both as an excuse for conflict and to signal virtues to the world he really does not have.

Let's now look at the article:

"Queens has the highest number of non-English speakers in the five boroughs, with 26% of its residents deemed by the census to have Limited English Proficiency."

Welcome to Hotel Queens. We are not a community in any rational sense of the word but rather a borough of atomized ethnic and sundry identity groups none of whom have any commonality with the other. It is, in fact, a collection of competing groups advancing their own group interests at the expense of others. It was created as a concept by the city ruling class as a divide and conquer tactic to ensure their continuing unopposed rule and gleefully supported by self-destructive native fools. Not only does the insipid "World's Borough" meme destroy community cohesion by destroying our identity and obliterating the towns from which we hail but it cheapens residency by making it open to all, free and without condition or obligation. That 26% of the "residents" have limited (or no) English proficiency simply paints this borough as some kind of weird 21st century 'Tower of Babel'. Only the most demented of cosmopolitan wretches take any sick, twisted pride in this.

"Susan Vaca, an immigration advocate with QLA Outreach Center, came to Queens Civil Court in Jamaica on June 11 with a modest goal: to advise a non-English speaking client who was scheduled to meet with a clerk that morning to talk about a pending housing dispute.

Shortly after entering the court chamber, Vaca realized that her conscience was going make this task harder than she anticipated."

Advocate = activist = social justice warrior.
But oh, the crisis of Susan's poor conscience! She must act or else the cause of social justice will suffer irreparable harm! One has a hard time not vomiting when reading this sanctimonious drivel.

"In helping her client, she noticed another non-English speaker who had no idea when to approach the clerk. Then another, and another. Before long she was helping four Spanish-speaking clients navigate to their scheduled meeting."

It's as once said by C.S. Lewis:

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be "cured" against one's will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”

Here Vaca treats these Spanish speaking people as if they were stray cats she simply had to compulsively mother. The Spanish speaking people in question are portrayed as if they were lost, child-like simpletons, not the competent, reasonable adults they likely are. However, in her opinion, they would probably be standing around staring blankly at a wall for the rest of their lives if it were not for this demigod SJW's intervention. Nobody would ever think of asking a couple of questions to figure out what steps to take or line to stand in without the divine Advocate's intervention. Almost anyone standing on a line will at least answer a question of what the line is for and a few more questions which somebody will answer gets one to the right place. Something adults can handle all by themselves.

Vaca said the main concern was helping direct clients around the chamber, but once they got to the appointment, she stuck around for their meetings because she was concerned the interpreter was not doing enough to make sure the clients understood her."

To a helicopter mom on steroids SJW, these Spanish speaking people would never to be able to speak to the interpreters all by themselves or make themselves understood unless Susan swoops in to save the day by lecturing translators in the fine points of their duties as interpreters. The difference between being genuinely polite and helpful and being an insufferably patronizing busybody is a fine but distinctly sharp line over which the SJW cannot help but jump into the latter side when they are not too busy hunting witches and heretics. That is if there isn't some other ulterior motive lurking in the shadows. So Vaca's presence was absolutely essential to ensure that the lower order subspecies were properly seen to.

An interpreter's job is to translate what one person says to a language understood by the other person in a conversation. Not to treat the former or latter like an idiot by making "sure the clients understood her" by perhaps by speaking extra loud, using only very simple words, exaggerated facial expressions and hand gestures. Here the liberal's narcissism and innate racism reaches their apex in assuming people who speak foreign languages are naturally too stupid to ask follow up questions if they do not understand the laws or procedures.

However, liberals love the idea of "the White Man's Burden" because they need to feel superior to somebody after all and the latent condescension is truly revolting. Even worse are those who try to profit from it by advocating programs to make the white man's tax burden even heavier. A modicum of respect and compassion is a good thing but there can always be too much of a good thing that can become bad. That anyone can go through life demeaning other people by grabbing them by the hand and leading them about unasked, infantilizing them in the process isn't praiseworthy but pathetic. To not recognize their own boorish narcissism as maternal instinct gone horribly awry makes them an object of pity who needs to get a life. But if this is done for self-promotion with an eye towards using the plight of non-English speakers to dip their snouts into the public trough by creating "programs to help" from which they would collect a payout is one who should be shunned and relegated to the ignored fringes of society. 

Then enters Sateesh Nori attorney-in-charge of the Queens Neighborhood Office of the Legal Aid Society who chimes in on something she overheard a translator telling a respondent about them having no case. Naturally, Sateesh is outraged (as if a SJW is ever not outraged at something) that a non-lawyer is giving the client advice only a Legal Aid hack may dispense without first determining if the translator was simply repeating what the lawyers and judge in the courtroom had told them. But never let the facts get in the way of a good SJW tale of outrage or sob story.

The remaining paragraphs from "Ethics and salary questions" on down is all about the sordid topic of coin. Here Sateesh once again chimes in on the pay disparity between state court and federal court interpreters and that affects the quality of translation. So the lawyer who complains about non-lawyers who unbidden, tread upon the fields of counsel reserved only for those of the priesthood of attorneys is qualified to comment on the quality of translation skills of interpreters. Cognitive dissonance much, Sateesh? I guess that's why she's only a legal aid lawyer.

Then we come to Florie Ho and her complaints that are essentially a whine fest of "I want more money" to be a translator and "competition sucks for me". Find another job then, lady. Then she attempts to make a case for why an interpreter needs a legal briefing to understand the complex legal situation of somebody didn't pay their rent when all they have to do is translate beggars reason.

The final paragraphs under "A stacked deck" does not in any way, shape or form make a case that the deck is stacked against anyone except the taxpayers of New York City who get stuck for the bill for interpreters, legal aid lawyers and court delay costs. If respondents are late to court whatever excuse they have it's nobody's fault but their own. Get your shit together beforehand. Or next time pay your rent, don't do anything to anybody that'll get you sued or if you're the plaintiff, then it's your case and your responsibility to show up. It's not that hard to do otherwise then just deal with it.

But in conclusion, for those who come to this country and don't bother to learn our language and dealing with civil matters and translation are a hardship for them, then they should go back to their own countries. Nobody asked them to come here in the first place.

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Interesting Times in Hong Kong

Recently, there have been a series of on going protests in Hong Kong over a recent law of extradition that would allow the government in Beijing to extradite people from Hong Kong accused of a crime to be tried in Beijing. On the face of it, just acts of civil disobedience by people in protest over a proposed law. Happens in practically any country. This series of protests started March 31, 2019 with protesters on different days numbering anywhere from a few thousand, often in the hundreds of thousands and reportedly as many as one million people according to organizers on June 9 and have been continuing even after the July 9th announcement by Chief Executive Carrier Lam that the bill is dead. It may well be that the energy behind this current round of protests will be eventually spent or that the government in Beijing will take more forceful steps to quell the public disorder. It is to be hoped that some peaceful solution be found but we shall see.

But there is perhaps reason to suggest that something else may be lurking beneath the surface.

Things got interesting or provocative depending on one's point of view. On July 1, 2019, the 22nd anniversary of the British handover of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China, the protesters broke into the Legislative Council building and [from Wikipedia] "... hundreds of protesters stormed the legislature after breaking through the glass walls and metal doors of the building.[148] Protesters damaged portraits of former pro-Beijing presidents of the Legislative Council, spray-painted slogans such as "It was you who taught me peaceful marches did not work," and "There are no rioters, only tyrannical rule,"[149][150][151] smashed furniture, defaced the Hong Kong emblem, waved the Union Flag and displayed the colonial Hong Kong flag on the podium.[152][153] At the same time, protesters hung up signs and installed barricades, warning others to protect cultural objects and to do no damage to books in the library while protesting.[154] The police started using tear gas to disperse protesters around the LegCo at 12:05 am and reached the building 15 minutes later."

Interesting as there may perhaps be more here than meets the eye. It does appear to me that the defacement of the present PRC Hong Kong flag and the display of the old British Colonial Hong Kong flag may be a sign that some of the protesters may be beginning to develop their own national identity as Hongkongers. I have heard one report that the display of the British Colonial flag was an appeal to the U.K. for support, not a desire to return to British colonial rule. Here maybe I am reading too much into this as being a nascent nationalist sentiment, I could be wrong but a group of protesters engaging in an act of civil disobedience in protest of a law passed at the behest of a far-off government with no input from the local citizenry does have a parallel in U.S. history: the Boston Tea Party.

This isn't the first of such protests as the 2014 Umbrella Movement comes to mind and this present set of demonstrations may well end but I suspect it may not be the last. Again, I may be wrong but there is a possibility of a future Boston Massacre type of situation followed by another shot heard 'round the world. I still could be reading more into this situation than it is and most likely this will not happen but it's still a non-zero probability.

Interesting times in Hong Kong.

Donald Cavaioli

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Twisted Irony of the White Supremacist Witch Hunt: Suppressing Free Speech and Destroying Democracy to Save Free Speech and Democracy

From: QNS May 8, 2019 Nonprofit justice group say prominent alt-right who marched in Charlottesville has Flushing roots. by Carlotta Mohamed

By far more odious than anyone who genuinely espouses the tenets of nazism are the self-appointed progressive leftist Pharisees of the mainstream media and the vile Puritan witch hunters of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). As long as any individual or group does not commit an actual crime, the first amendment guarantees all Americans freedom of speech no matter how shocking or offensive to the general public whose civilized response would be to ignore it. How ironic that now the same leftists, who in the 1970's and 1980's used to say 'turn the channel' in response to Evangelical Christians' criticisms of liberal shenanigans have now taken the mantle of even greater sanctimonious hypocrisy as the neo-gestapo of all good thought.

A Flushing man was doxxed and will now be burnt at the cyber stake for the crime of demonstrating against the removal of a statue. But not just any statue, you see. An evil statue, the statue of former Army of Virginia general Robert E. Lee. A statue that if the SPLC, social justice warriors and such like is to be believed apparently has some form of sentience and supernatural powers insofar as it can influence people to own slaves, be racist, hurt leftists' feelings and do many other rotten things. Therefore it must be removed and anyone who opposes this must be completely evil. The statue might suddenly come to life and even try to enslave people too unless action is forthwith taken!

Notice too how in the file photo shows people carrying confederate battle flags and one man with a nazi swastika in order to make it appear that the man they are castigating is in fact holding the swastika flag.

The problem with these SJW guardians of pure goodness is they are emoters, not thinkers and most susceptible to noble cause corruption. They inevitably become worse than the monsters they claim to fight because such fanatics, utterly convinced of the absolute righteousness of their cause, can justify any atrocity in the name of that cause. They do not have the ability to think ahead of their own narcissistic drive for the instant emotional gratification and from the grotesque display of their virtue in the vain hope of convincing themselves they actually have any virtues. These creatures cannot be shamed as they have no shame.

Even if the man they are doxxing is in fact a card carrying nazi and Hitler's biggest fanboy, so what? He has a right to his opinions no matter whether I or anyone else likes them or not. If he commits a an actual crime other than hurting some SJWs fee-fees then that is what the police and courts are for. Otherwise, he won't be getting any Christmas cards from me.

Of course, this assumes our glorious SJW witch hunters do not actually succeed in inadvertently creating the monsters of their collective nightmares by their incessant deplatforming, getting people fired from their jobs or having their credit cards and bank accounts shut down by saying anything that would gainsay their mad dogma or just for being born white with the indelible original sin of racism and white privilege branded on them like the mark of Cain. Cornering people who have often done no more wrong than express opinions progs do not like and taking everything they have away from them gives them nothing left to lose. Cornered animals with nothing left to lose can become dangerous nor can they be blamed for striking back against their persecutors so any blood spilled will be solely on the hands of the leftists.

The most important thing for the reader to take away from this post is to understand is that virtue signalling liberals, progressive leftists and SJWs are liars and should not be paid any attention to. The phone call by a SJW talking bad about an employee for wrongthink and demanding said employee be fired should have the phone slammed down in response. Nobody should take seriously any SJW assclown screeching about someone being "alt-right" as it is just a silly pejorative euphemism for badthinking non-believer in the leftist's asinine religion. The SJWs should instead be mocked and ridiculed as the cretins that they are. I hope the man named in this disgusting article successfully sues QNS for this obvious slander.

Donald Cavaioli

Sunday, July 14, 2019

New York State Cares More About Illegal Aliens Than It's Own Citizens.

From The City: MIXED SIGNALS ON GUARDING UNDOCUMENTED DRIVER'S LICENSE INFO [all caps as published] article by Josefa Velasquez, date published not specified.

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It seems that there is great concern among our state ruling class that ICE may gain access to New York State driver's license photo for use facial recognition technology against those whom our rulers are pleased to call "undocumented immigrants" and we citizens should horrified and outraged at this Federal deprecation against "immigrant's" rights.

One must note the insipid euphemism "undocumented immigrant" instead of the more accurate illegal alien. Smarmy verbal legerdemain to cover the decadent stench of a pretty lie. One could apply this to criminals as "honesty challenged", drug dealers as being "undocumented pharmacists", murderers as "undocumented euthanasia administrators" or robbers being "unorthodox grant seekers". As with all things of the modern progressive left, there are no limiting mechanisms or principles in the minting of new rights or shifting definitions to benefit their victim/grievance identity group angels so this may not be as far fetched as it would seem.

So why is it that illegal aliens have any rights in this country at all? Why are our masters so desirous of these interlopers and insistent that they be granted the same accommodations and privileges as citizens? By pedestalizing illegal aliens in this way they degrade our citizenship to the point of irrelevancy and cheapen it to where it is of no value whatsoever.

The illegals themselves would not want to be Americans if the title were given away so easily and the resources of the citizenry given to interlopers more generously than would be given the citizens. Anyone who has even the slightest bit of pride in their own nationality would look upon such pandering as demeaning and beneath contempt. They would never dream of such treachery as betraying the best interests of their own people to benefit foreigners. Immigrants do not respect us and foreigners who cross our borders uninvited and illegally respect us less so. And they are all correct in holding Americans in such low regard as we do not earn any respect for our shameless unctuousness.

Governor Cuomo and his Democrats (with the tacit approval of Republicans) have turned New York State into the girl who not only can't say 'no' but who has absolutely no standards at all and will let herself be used by even the most foul and leprous wretch who simply looks at her. Why should any immigrant legal or not want to figuratively marry this sort of girl nor how could he resist the temptation to use and abuse her to his heart's content with her cheering approval.

NYS is now the lowest of all whores who is so stupid that she actually pays the johns to fornicate with her. Not that our rulers care about this as it is we the people who pay the price.

It could be easily seen that our managerial rulers desperately want an average lower IQ population of client voters, almost all of whom originate from third world authoritarian/totalitarian regimes. A population accustomed to a tyrannical one party government which would suit the delusional dreams of unlimited power harbored by our political overlords and managerial apparatchiks to be worshiped as little tin gods. A population mostly dependent on the largess of the public purse to any degree may be a more docile population of serfs and their lower average IQ would flatter the egos of the hopeless mediocrities that currently lord over us that they are the smartest people in the world and deserve to sit upon the throne. Then there are the business interests big and small who desire a never ending supply of cheap labor to do the jobs they refuse to pay Americans a fair wage to do. It's a win-win situation if only to the ruling class and the elite, screw the proles.

That Hispanic immigration activists would enthusiastically support the interests of Hispanic illegal aliens is understandable as they are promoting the interests of their own people as any sensible people would do. I can't blame them for taking advantage of a dysfunctional government that literally begs to be taken advantage of. The blame lies squarely with us, the citizens of the state of New York who re-elect the politicians who advocate for best interests of strangers over their own people. The American people have sadly fallen into foolishness and decadence and replacement will be their reward.

We as a country have every right to decide who we will allow to immigrate here or not, to not allow any further immigration if we want to and do not owe any explanation or apology to anyone for it. This is the right of any people of any nation in the world as it is their right to their country and homeland of their people and to run it as they see fit. So let the globalists be damned.

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Styxhexenhammer666: A good content creator who sometimes gets confused in putting the economic cart before the sociopolitical horse.

From Styxhexenhammer666 Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Celebrates Corporate Censorship In Newspeaky Tweet, posted on youtube 06/04/2019

Tarl Warwick the author, editor and youtuber who posts under the handle Styxhexenhammer666 is a good content creator whom I watch regularly and have even purchased some of his books. Styx presents common sense analysis in a straightforward manner that talks directly to his audience, not down to them and as such has amassed a sizable following. He's a bright guy who is fluent in normie and I can easily find myself agreeing with him up to 90% of the time. I have just a couple of points of disagreement too long to post in a comment.

As to the title and main idea of this post, Styx describes himself as a libertarian and this is why he does not grasp the fundamental concept that economics is downstream of politics as politics is downstream of culture. He therefore overlooks the cognitive dissonance created by claiming big tech businesses deplatform or censor content creators with whom the tech businesses make money and then acknowledges that the so-called "woke" capital always loses money. But why? Because they're either threatened by these youtube content creators because...reasons or some other big media business with tens of millions of viewers per program fears competition from youtubers with several thousand to hundreds of thousands or around a million viewers per upload. He likewise acknowledges that it is mostly perceived "right wingers" that are subjected to censorship and de-platforming on social media but then to deny the obvious political motivation and bolster that characteristic libertarian "man as a rational economic actor" nostrum he talks on about the few outlier leftists who are given the same treatment.

No businessman or CEO in his right mind or absent compulsion by forces greater than himself would willingly deplatform successful content creators as to in effect kick money out of bed. Not to mention that in doing so, big tech alienates the fans of said content creator, customers and with draconian censorship discourages new customers and content creators with whom they make more money. To claim big media somehow would be willing to spend more money, without any reasonable way to profit from it to "bribe" social media tech firms to do the dirty work of deplatforming much smaller potential competitors is ludicrous. Big mainstream media makes its money selling advertising spots, not by posting content on youtube or other social media. Television and cable news were always operated at a loss for the corporate owners which was offset by their other, more popular and profitable offerings. It's not about the number of views on youtube but the Nielsen ratings that the TV people care about. To have these industries act in such close concert and often within 24 hours of each other in a way that harms their economic interests clearly demonstrates a higher coordinating power with a clear agenda at work than the libertarian's usual "muh money" thinking. Also consider how in the recent congressional hearings on the rise of white nationalism/white supremacy the big Silicon Valley CEOs were hauled in and berated for not censoring badthinkers on their platforms enough. If that was all some kind of act, it sure looked very convincing.
So it IS a political and social agenda at work here, Styx, your money is the root of all evil thesis not withstanding.

Sometimes the rational economic actor motive can be true but when all you have is the economic materialist man hammer then everything looks like a rich man bad/muh money nail. Any analysis that cannot fully explain all observed facts and yields a contradictory result must be assumed to be incorrect and re-examined.
Styx should really add a few more tools besides that one hammer to his kit.

So here is the crux of the problem. Styx, like any libertarian, does not understand the left (or real human nature for that matter) at all.

Whereas human beings have moral agency and will act in their own best self interest even if it is in an irrational and/or immoral manner, libertarians are stuck on the flawed premise that all human interactions are rational and economic. The libertarian is too much a pure materialist with a minimalist philosophy to comprehend the irrational, emotionally based thinking of fanatical leftists (explained further in my previous posts here, here and here). To a person with a rigid adherence to the few strictly materialistic philosophic principles libertarianism has, the concept of an immoral and irrational leftist who cares only about winning, carrying out their agenda, at any and all cost, even if it causes the bankruptcy of a business is, to the libertarian, inconceivable. That the left will ruthlessly pursue anyone who either disagrees with them, the heretics and unbelievers, or those whom they view as a devil for no other reason than blind hatred completely flummoxes the libertarian. They struggle to explain this phenomena through the gnosticism of the non-aggression principle and secular materialism with no success. That the left has no limiting principles in pursuing their agenda and in persecuting their enemies is such a violation of the non-aggression principle and rational man that they are left speechless. In this situation and left with no other means of explaining it, Styx inevitably falls back on a simplistic "it's big corporations picking on us" explanation no matter how contradictory it is.

Further, libertarians are unable to grasp the difference between the concepts of influence and of power erroneously conflating simple possession of wealth with power. Wealth without real power can only buy influence and privileges (a previous post on the difference between power and influence here). It must be noted that there are limits placed on the actions, public positions and policies of all private businesses by both government laws and regulations and public opinion which influences sales and stock prices. Big corporations and billionaires may buy influence but absent possession of a large standing army, do not have any real power. Rich people may have privileges the rest of us do not have, but the rich pay those in government with real power for those privileges. It's a feudal system where the tithe paying vassal is permitted a certain amount of latitude within his fiefdom but within limits set by his liege lord.

Finally, libertarians like Styx do not even recognize that they themselves are actually part of the right but erroneously think themselves as somehow above the whole left-right thing because they sometimes find themselves on the same side of an issue as the left. (my earlier post on left and right is here) Again the libertarian does not understand the left at all. Whereas a libertarian like Styx might support such issues as homosexual marriage and legalizing some drugs consistent with their individualistic philosophy, the leftist weaponizes these issues to attack and destroy society. It's OK to be on the right, Styx.

In conclusion, I have posted very two abbreviated versions of this post in the comments section of Styx's videos. It's not surprising he did not engage me because he uploads four videos a day and receives hundreds of comments per upload. I don't expect he reads every single comment as that would be impossible. Styx certainly has other necessary things to do during the day than to personally respond to each and every comment or engage in lengthy debates. I don't think he's scared and hiding from me as another notable local blogger who shall remain nameless does so no offense is taken or offense meant with this post. If Tarl Warwick were to run for an elected office in which I could vote, he would have my vote, minor differences aside.

Donald Cavaioli

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