Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The GOP: Part of the ruling class clique or just hapless cucks

I've made mention before of the Republican party being part of a bi-factional ruling class party with the Democrat party. I still stand by this insofar as the leadership and upper ranks of the GOPe (Grand Old Party establishment) are concerned. There is plenty of admittedly circumstantial evidence to support this thesis; the higher ranking members of both parties attended the same Ivies, were in some cases members of the same frats, and studied under many of the same professors. Members of both parties have advisors that likewise were educated at the same Ivies, ran in the same frat circles and worked on and off at the same tax-exempt non-profit foundations and think tanks. This alone makes it reasonable to assume that members of both parties would naturally tend to think alike, agree on certain fundamental concepts of government and would likely cooperate on advancing an overall agenda and policies.

It would not be reasonable to assume that there would be a "smoking gun" in the form of a written conspiratorial manifesto, clandestinely passed around during meetings of the ruling class secret handshake society. If such an ill-advised document had existed, the law of averages would predict it would have come to light long ago as large groups of people are notoriously bad at keeping a secret over the long term.

No, it's more likely that these agreements in principle are verbal and take place at various cocktail parties, in clubs like the Harvard club and on sundry golf courses. Just as it is more likely to assume that this concord of the Red and Blue was not planned from the very formation of the parties but something that took place gradually over the course of the 20th century. The policies and agenda followed by the managerial state isn't any secret or conspiracy either. They can be found in the white papers at various think tanks and foundations, written by the people who become politician's advisors, upper level bureaucrats and cabinet secretaries.

But just to emphasize without putting too fine a point on it, the bi-factional uniparty is an agreement to cooperate on general principles as members in common of a self-aware, political/managerial social class. Not the product of a formal manifesto and accompanying ideology.
The only competition between the two factions is which gets to carry or whose turn it is to carry the presidential pennant, how fast to implement the agenda and the cost, and who gets the lion's share of the spoils. This can get nasty, at least outwardly, but in the end, these are not men of action but people who value status through empty words and gestures and consuming privilege.

This can be seen with presidents ultimately getting what they want from the opposition party with President Trump, the managerial state unapproved pleb hero excepted. The rhetoric one party hits the other party with, the promises made to their respective bases that are never delivered are just theater for the rubes.

But what of the commonly heard charge of the Republican GOPe being "the stupid party" and completely hapless cucks? They're just a bunch of idiots who can't do anything right?

To invoke the law of averages once again, not all of the GOPe can be completely stupid and hapless at the same time. Nor could all be cowardly cucks who prefer to foolishly lose all the time due to adhering to a set of rigid principles. Again, the law of averages. There must be some percentage of Republicans in the GOPe willing to fight and who want to win and do so. There must have been some occasions where they could have persuaded the cucks to stand up for themselves. But never in at least the eight years of President Obama? No. Neither possible nor probable.

Even an idiot will sometimes get something right or succeed at something if only by accident. For example, the Republicans who said they were against the Affordable Care Act and would repeal it (with the sneaky addition of replace added- a clue for you all) if only they could balked at the opportunity with majorities in the house and senate and Trump as a president willing to go along with it. Nobody could possibly be that stupid and incompetent to pass an opportunity like that. It was clear that the GOPe in fact had no real problem with the ACA other then they did not author it to their own specifications. In opposing Trump, they unmasked themselves as uniparty accessories after the fact. All the rhetoric to the contrary was simply Kabuki theater for the rank and file Republican faithful.

In conclusion, although castigating the GOPe as the stupid party of cucks who prefer to lose gracefully with their principles intact may be cathartic for some on the right but it is too facile and reductionist to pass a basic smell test. It then fails on closer inspection.

Donald Cavaioli

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