Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Peasant Mindset II: The Tolerance of Tyranny Curve

In a previous post, I discussed what I referred to as the peasant mindset in that most people will behave like servile peasants under a master. This is to be expected as we humans are social beings having evolved in small hunter-gatherer tribes with a Pareto distribution in the leader-follower percentage. A tribe cannot function with too many leaders and not enough followers since all members of the tribe working together are essential in the overall survival of the group. This is hard wired into us but as diversity in any species is likewise essential to allow for changes in the environment and ecosystem, there will be a percentage of outliers- the individualist of whom a larger than average percentage of such minarchists in late eighteenth, early nineteenth century north America who founded our constitutionally limited republic.

As I stated earlier, the follower or peasant needs a master to follow or in our present case, a managerial ruling class, and will not mind strictures on their personal liberty even preferring a strict ruler over a lax one who is likely to be overthrown. After all, only strong rulers and leaders attract followers. So the ruler who promises his peasant the most benefits may tyrannize over them as much as he can. That is as long as the peasant's table has some food on it, the ruler keeps some of his promises of largess, or the iron rice bowl has a few crusts of bread in it, the individualist minority who resent being lorded over are ignored by the majority of peasants who will deem them fools or insane.

However, depending on the majority peasant's level of servility, if the master lets his peasants starve too long and beats them too hard, after a time even the most servile ones start to think the situation over. Here is where things get interesting.

If one were to plot a graph of peasant loyalty versus living standards we would see that strangely enough, the peasant's displays of loyalty to their rulers increases as their living standards decreases. This is in the hope of reversing the situation as perhaps the rulers are doubting the loyalty of the followers and is rightfully punishing them or are unaware of the peasant's dire straits. In either situation, the peasant hopes his rulers will act to alleviate the situation. This loyalty curve will continue to increase along with the master's complacency until a critical mass of peasants realize their bowls are empty and they have nothing left to lose. Then the ignored individualists' agitations against the master start becoming more popular, the loyalty curve suddenly changes sharply downwards to zero and a revolution starts brewing. If the rulers, sensing this, tries to make concessions to their peasants, this ruler is seen as weak and the revolution comes sooner rather than later. Otherwise this popular discontent may long simmer without boiling over until the situation somehow improves and the peasant loyalty curve increases to normal or a breaking point is finally reached.

What we see today in France is just this breaking point situation with the yellow vest protests. This is the potential start of a revolution, peaceful or otherwise, with the ruling class there pushing their ethnic French population too far with policies they do not want and realizing they have little left to lose. Let us hope the situation is resolved peacefully.

Countries like Italy and the United States are starting to support populist candidates outside of the mainstream of the ruling class parties to effect peaceful change necessary to curb the excesses of the ruling class through the ballot box. Let us hope this will be successful for a ruling class that ignores the will of the people, thwarting all attempts at redress of grievance and peaceful change, is a suicidal folly as it can have the dire consequences of making violent revolution inevitable.

To our ruling class here in New York, beware how you treat the working and middle classes, especially the white plebs you demonize, forcing them to accept and pay for your globalist policies of open immigration balkanization, degrading their standard of living with your overwrought environmental policies and subsequent increases in the cost of living. They will indeed notice how the rulers and elite of New York will not live under the same strictures and privations as they will do. And although they cheer your policies now, continue down this path and sooner or later they too will don yellow vests.

Donald Cavaioli

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