Monday, December 17, 2018

Why all the homeless shelters going up in Queens?

The answer is simple:

First, it means more client voters for local electeds of the Democrat party who are more than happy to play the benevolent little father (or little mother) for a group that will vote for them out of self interest, i.e. more free stuff. Better still, voters, who for the price of a sandwich and a pack of cigarettes, can be taken around to more than one polling place (nowadays in regular cars and vans as buses are too obvious) so they may vote early and vote often- for the righteous candidates, of course.

Second, it's about introducing a more transient group of people en mass to destroy any sense of community and neutralize community opposition to our political/managerial establishment's schemes. Atomize the towns and neighborhoods into numerous, small identity/special interest/grievance groups so as to divide and conquer.

Third, Crony capitalist tax payer wealth extraction.This is also sold as part and parcel of our Potemkin Village booming economy, new constructions, creating jobs, encouraging more tourism and whatnot. The hotel/motel owner operator is guaranteed to fill all his rooms and make big profits off our tax dollars. Of course, said hotel/motel owner is expected to make a nice financial contribution to the Democratic party and campaign contributions to local Dem electeds. Sounds almost like some kind of sordid bribery and money laundering scheme, no?

Donald Cavaioli

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