Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Angels and Devils of the Left

Previously I've described the left emoter's rejection of reason and his emotional flowchart to explain how he can take often contradictory positions. Let's now explore the how and why of  the Marxist/Marxian "good guys" and "bad guys". From this we gain some insight on the workings of the progressive left and formulate testable theories that can make reliable predictions especially in regards to us in Queens and New York City. It's always good to understand why things happen as they do and to have an idea as to what could happen next, read the summary and conclusion.

All Marxist and Marxian ideologies are based on Marx's material dialectics of the conflict between a stark, binary dichotomy of  an antithesis (the good guys) and the thesis (the bad guys). In all cases, the thesis and antithesis are dealt with not as individuals but as groups and these groups are assumed not to have any moral agency. This means that characteristics of being good or evil depends on what group (thesis or antithesis) one belongs to and individual actions cannot change this immutable quality. It means the bad guys are born bad and act bad, cannot do anything other that victimize the good guys and can never do anything right or good. It also means that the good guys are always good no matter what they do, cannot act in their own best self interest and are therefore always helpless victims who can never do any wrong. Hence, the emotional good feels for the good guys with endless puerile excuses for any and all of their bad behavior and mindless hate for the bad feels caused by the bad guys. This leads the leftist to regard the emotional pain of his bad feels to be worse than physical pain which is used to fully justify the leftist's physical assault on those who have hurt his feelings by mere speech the leftist finds hurtful.

It's sort of like a secular humanist Calvinism where one is fated from birth to go to Marxist heaven or hell and nothing can be done to change one's destiny. Marxist/Marxian ideologies are, in fact, a materialist religious cult whose promises of higher status and equality of outcome despite ability and merit is irresistible to low performance, low competency and low social status types. For further reading on the subject, the Bloody Shovel blog has a post with more details on the socialist personality type called Biological Leninism found here. It's a long read but very insightful and worth the time.

Modern progressive leftists have abandoned the old orthodox Marxist concept of proletarian worker good guys (regardless of race or ethnicity) antithesis versus bourgeoisie capitalist oppressor bad guys (again regardless of race or ethnicity) thesis for identity grievance/victim group good guys antithesis versus white Christian heterosexual men oppressor bad guys thesis. The group lack of moral agency, immutable good or evil based on group membership still holds true. Forget the old left-right socio-economic politics, it's all identity interest politics now.

In the old orthodox Marxism, there was only one angel group and one devil group but identity politics have now complicated the angel group with a plethora of  identity victim/grievance group angels. Therefore, rather than debate how many victim angels can dance on the head of an oppressed group pin, the angels have been stratified into an ever shifting caste hierarchy as different groups jockey for the position of more victim than thou.
So just as in Orwell's Animal Farm, all animals are created equal but some animals are more equal than others.

Going Forward:
Then where does this leave white European descended liberals and progressives? Nominally in charge as they usually were, at least for the present, as this identity devil was created by progressive ruling class types to hamstring potential opposition by building a coalition of identity grievance groups they believed were easier to manipulate and control. But the white prog rulers have overestimated the power of their unfulfilled promises of Equality Utopia and the ambitions and tribalism of the victim identity grievance groups. So that is now changing with the recent elections of identity group politicians who appeal to, and support the interests of, only their own identity groups such as Michigan Democrats Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar and New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Eventually, the old white liberal progressive leadership will be replaced by new identity groups at first in coalitions but later to fragment in victimhood status mongering, ideological purity spirals and tribalism until one group emerges to rule supreme.

The Old Ruling Left's Downfall:
It is interesting to note the level of obsequious virtue signalling among white liberals and progressives and in voting for identity grievance group candidates as if it will magically check their white privilege and innate racism and earn brownie points as "woke" goodwhites with the other identity groups that they hope will favor them accordingly. This was a factor in Ocasio-Cortez's election with white millennial residents of Sunnyside and Astoria engaging in just such obsequious virtue signalling in addition to a generational distaste for "boomers" such as incumbent Joe Crowley. It's a purely emotional choice for the rank and file progressives.

But what the white liberals and progressives forget is that having designated white Christians of European descent as the devils responsible for all evil, that for all their most unctuous virtue signalling and repudiations of Christianity, they are still white and in the eyes of the Identity Marx god, still permanently stained with the original sins of white privilege and racism. Thus they are innately and irredeemably evil. In the end, nothing will save them and even if they subscribe to the notion of feeding others to the identity politics crocodile when eventually the croc will get around to eating them too. This also applies to Jewish liberal progressives as they appear as white and therefore just as guilty of the sin of whiteness as any Christian. Negative, antisemetic stereotypes in common culture would just add more fuel to the fire. So despite some protestations as being somehow "people of color", actual people of color will not accept them as such, not even as honorary people of color, as skin pigmentation is inescapable.
So for what started for the old white rulers of the progressive left as a vehicle for permanent power will eventually be the engine of their own downfall.

The leftist always emotes and will use what intellect they have to justify irrational or contradictory positions and always needs an enemy against which to define themselves. However, it's more than just the dopamine rush of good feels, these people in fact need an enemy to struggle against. Otherwise they cannot define themselves as a thesis with a messianic mission to save the world and suffer an existential meltdown in realizing what purposeless nobodies they are. Thus the lost, broken soul is perpetually at war with anyone and any cause will do. But what the leftist themselves never realize is that after destroying all other enemies, the movement, still needing enemies, will turn in on itself in a cannibalistic frenzy of purity spirals. The goodthinker and good follower of today will be the cast out of heaven for whatever new sin du jour to become the devil of tomorrow. The leftist never seems to grasp from history that he is more likely to become the zek in the camp or the body in the ditch rather the commissar or apparatchik living it up in the socialist paradise. Especially after whatever part the leftist played in the revolution is no longer needed and will be disposed of.

To my fellow New Yorkers and neighbors in the borough of Queens, bear all this in mind and be careful what you choose. In Progressivism, position and leadership is given, not earned, based on ideological purity, identity and personal loyalty to party leadership. Competence and ability do not even come into play with all that entails in the operation of the city which is something you can all see for yourselves as we slouch towards Idiocracy. The party leaders, electeds and bureaucratic apparatchiks view themselves as the high priests and warlords of this holy progressive crusade. In following the managerial state model, they become socially and culturally isolated from the people over whom they govern so whatever programs or plans they implement, it is for the benefit of themselves or their chosen vassals, not us. If the city's programs go against you in some way, understand that this is either a feature of the program and not a bug or it's callous indifference to the unintended consequences because "the cause" is more important than any mere pleb and his problems. This is why I say Mayor de Blasio is in fact a true man of the left as he fits this pattern. To all those  who whine how he is not "muh real progressive", remember what I've just written about the cause being more important than individual plebs and their problems. To those of you who harken back to the progressivism of Teddy Roosevelt, get over it. The Marxist and Marxian leftists have co-opted the term and wear it and the term liberalism like a skin suit. It's not your grandpa's progressivism or liberalism, it's their terms now.

It's time to think heuristically, jettison modern liberalism and progressivism and go back to a smaller, less powerful central government model.

Donald Cavaioli

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