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The Ruling Class Political Theater of the High-Tech Witch Hunt.

On the U.S. House Judiciary Committee hearing on hate crimes and the rise of white nationalism, April 9, 2019.

If one were to look at the FBI statistics on hate crimes for specifically those crimes committed by white perpetrators, then by eyeballing the numbers from 2011 to 2017 (links included below), there does not seem to be any overall trend upward. It must be noted that it appears that white Hispanics are not listed as a separate column but are included in the "white" category and that falsely reported hate crimes are not removed so the numbers given are suspect. The falsely reported hate crime category is not even tracked by either the FBI or local police so any such numbers are anecdotal.
The Red Elephants has a video which explores this subject.

I suspect that the current witch hunt for "white nationalists" which is an ill-disguised euphemism for "white supremacists" or the ultimate evil force in the universe, "the nazis" is not personal for the old white leadership of the Democrat party. The ruling class is too socially and culturally isolated from the American white pleb masses that such people become mere abstractions to the beltway lords. This is simply another example of Democrats jumping out in front of the identity politics parade and attempting to lead it themselves to retain their control over the left. This way, people like Schumer, Pelosi, Shiff, Nadler et al, by railing against evil white people can appease and control the upstart people of color forces such as the insurgent Justice Democrats, by out flanking them on the left.

It cannot be overlooked that the managerial ruling class may simply be tired of operating behind their corporate sock puppets in suppressing opposition from the right or anyone who questions the ruling narrative. Although it would be wiser for them to do so, people in power still cannot help but wanting to display that power themselves and perhaps fear that their sock puppets, in doing the dirty work, may in some way be exercising power of their own. This would make the government managerial rulers feel threatened as power does not like to share. Power is not only the ability to force others to do whatever those in power want but power must be publicly demonstrated, exercised openly for all to see. The peasant subjects must not only know who specifically rules over them but must see the ruler openly wield power to show the peasantry that the ruling class' mastery is unchallengeable.

Also, the Z Man in this blog post make the case that these hearings stem from ruling class rage over middle America's opposition to their rule. This is most likely also be a significant factor as power not only does not like to share but demands absolute, unquestioning obedience and deeply resents not only opposition but even the mere questioning of its prerogatives.

For the political/bureaucratic caste, this may all be theater but for the rank and file leftist social justice warrior, for whom even the most trifling of disagreements with their cargo cult ideology merits a full-blown inquisition, this is serious business indeed. For in the clownworld of the SJW, racism and white nationalism are a sort of ghostly, demonic force that even if unseen or unfelt, still haunts the darkest corners of their minds. Even worse, this supernatural terror may at any time spring into the real world to cause their feelings to be hurt. For in the deranged minds of the SJWs, as their hurt feelings are tantamount to, if not worse than, physical violence or death, so the specter of white nationalism is a grave existential threat to their feelings that must be destroyed at once. By any means necessary be it lying, staging fake hate crimes or provocations. This diabolical force threatens not only leftist feelings but the canons of their religious cult that demand the devil must be fought to the death. And no devil, especially the racist white nationalist ghost devil can ever be dead enough.

That the ruling class and their media factotums are seriously overstating, if not outright lying about, the threat of radical white supremacists, makes no never mind to them. That it could easily turn into a witch hunt that will hurt innocent people is of no concern to them. For the Democrat lords who sat on the committee, the plebs are not really people, just abstractions that must be rigidly controlled not only for their own good but to maintain the rightful ruling continuum. Why should they care about any plebs who are used as symbols in their machinations and primarily exist only as stats?

For as far as our betters are concerned, abstractions and symbols aren't really alive, are they? And if they are truly alive, isn't the continuing power of the ruling class continuum more important than some proles they do not personally know? If violence does ensue, it will simply be another crisis the political/managerial class wouldn't let go to waste and use to their advantage. The managerial state will use this opportunity to take plenary power, of course, for our own good, as abstractions cannot think or make sensible decisions of their own. After all, the fault will lie not with the managers but with angry white proles who simply will not accept responsibility for historic racism or acknowledge that they are inherently and irredeemably racist and must be replaced by better people of color. The ruling managers are simply cleaning up the mess of historical and apocryphal racial violence created by all evil white people.

The tree of tyranny like the tree of freedom also needs to be sometimes watered with the blood of patriots or anyone else's blood for that matter.

However, there is a real danger here for the elderly, white ruling class aristocracy in trying to gin up hatred between the people of color and white middle Americans. At some point, the people of color forces will not want to be mere expendable shock troops or have the ceremonial position of chief peasants with extra rations and some extra privileges but will want to rule themselves. After all, haven't white liberals been telling them for generations now that their lack of success is the fault of racist white people holding them down? Is not a supernatural force called racism inherent to only white people the cause of all their problems, taking all their wealth when otherwise they would be rich and powerful? Is not equality of outcome as valid for equality with the ruling elite as it is with the white proles? As our ruling class has a tiger by the tail, it remains to be seen just how long they can hold on to it.

FBI Hate Crime stats from 2011 to 2017:








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