Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Liberal Emoter's Inconsistency and how He Squares that Circle

Ever have a debate with a liberal progressive and notice that whatever argument you present, no matter how well reasoned or proofs provided, their response is to ignore it and act as if you said something completely different? Or how they could argue against something in one case and situation and in another case, same situation, and either turn a blind eye to it or justify it contradicting their previously held position.

The reason why is simple. The progressive liberal did not actually read or listen to you in the normal sense of determining the main idea of the paragraph or follow the reasoning. No. They skimmed through and only picked out words and phrases that emotionally triggered them just as in any given situation, they only consider how they feel about it, not what they rationally think about it.

The liberal progressive does not think or reason, they emote, and their reactions and positions are based on a set flow chart of approval for who they feel is always good and disapproval for who they feel is always bad.

There are those whom the progs collectively view as good and support for whom demonstrates the liberal prog's virtue to his fellows and maintains their status in the liberal progressive herd cult. Those whom the progs collectively view as bad must be always condemned and castigated no matter the facts and circumstances, even if the bad guy does some good, also to maintain their status in the progressive group as a good person.

When the "bad guys" do something the progs collectively do not like and it is the worst evil ever perpetrated in human history and cannot be condemned harshly enough. But if the "good guys" do something bad, in fact the same action as would be in the "bad guy" case, then it must be good but only in the "good guy's" case.

It's all feels, image and keeping in the good graces of the progressive herd. Thought, reason, logic and intellectual consistency never enters the equation. The approval of the herd and the good feels of belonging to the herd cult in good standing and being seen as dedicated to an approved cause greater than the individual liberal progressive is all that matters.

So even if logically inconsistent to the point of mind destroying cognitive dissonance, the liberal progressive shifting positions and goal posts makes a weird sort of consistency when analyzed this way.

However, let's get back to the liberal progressive response to a reasoned argument not having any bearing or relationship to said argument.

When confronted on these non sequiter responses, the progressive liberal will hide behind a response of you using "dog whistles", saying one thing but secretly saying whatever the prog imagines you really mean, requiring an absurd, convoluted cryptography to discern. In fact, the prog has no acutal response and knows on some deep level his position or argument is patent nonsense. The "dog whistle" retort only makes for a puerile pseudo-intellectual cover for a flimsy, poorly thought out  position. 

What this really means is that on some level, the liberal progressive actually understood what you said and meant but his emotional programming overrode logic. He therefore uses the "dog whistle" dodge to square the circle between reason and emotion. After all, the liberal progressive ideology is perfect, the liberal prog is super smart (one gets a free 30 points added to one's IQ just for joining!) and thus is never wrong as well as always being on the right side of history- no matter what facts and reality itself says. How can they lose?

In the end, we must admit it is useless to argue from a position of fact and reason with an ontological emoter of the left and instead should concentrate on attacking the flaws of their ideological cult. Not to convince or convert the leftist/liberal/progressive which is near impossible and only rarely happens, but to sway the moderate normies away from supporting the goals and agenda of the prog cult.

Donald Cavaioli


JQ LLC said...

Pro Wrestling has subsumed our political consciousness. Which Trump has normalized being a WWE hall of famer.

Cav said...

True that politics has devolved into TV entertainment with Madison Avenue style marketing and packaging but that is a diversion used long before the bad Orange Man came on the scene. Presidents, senators and congressmen do not actually run the day to day operations of government which is why they have so much free time for various intrigues and theatrics. The government is really run by the tenured bureaucracy and high level advisors- the managerial or deep state if you will. Wanna see something more scary than Trump? Check out the Dodd report to the Reece Commission:

D Cav

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