Friday, September 27, 2019

The Red/Blue Uniparty Opposes Foreign Aid Cuts

This has been sitting in draft for quite a while. It's an oldie but a goodie.

From: Yahoo News- Senators blast 'insane' Trump plan for aid cuts, seek Venezuela plan

Yet another dreary article about the bad Orange man and his latest outrage against the prerogatives established ruling order with the usual comments by the rabbity NPCs of their incessant bleats of "Orange Man bad" and "you is a Russian agent" to those who challenge them.

The ruling class of the supranational body that calls itself "the United States of America" now does not even bother to hide its contempt, if not outright hatred, for the loyal heritage and stock Americans whose labor provides the tax monies upon which these managerial parasites subsist.

It's bad enough that our betters view the money we earn not as our money, but the government's money that they grudgingly allow us to keep a portion of. Worse that politicians and bureaucrats get angry at us for not appreciating this but an intolerable hubris that these managerial creatures feel spending our money on foreign countries is of greater importance than either spending it on ourselves or saving the money. Gaia forbid that the government let us uppity peasants forget our lowly station and attempt to tell our betters what to do.

Besides, it would anger the lobbyists for foreign governments and the donors that our political class depend on for campaign cash, free trips and other goodies. Never let it be said that when you bribe an American politician that he does not come through on his end of the quid pro quo because that would be unethical.

Seriously though, since the end of world war 2, U.S. cold war foreign policy was predicated on what can only be called bribery to make friends and allies around the world. Giving other countries sweetheart trade deals and cold cash in foreign aid was how the U.S. kept those countries out of the Soviet sphere. But with managerial bureaucracy as large as the federal government, it develops a certain momentum from its tremendous mass that makes it next to impossible for the bureaucracy change direction as the situation changes. As there is no more Soviet Union to compete against in the world arena it should cause the State Department to re-asses its positions on trade policies and foreign aid grants but it doesn't. After more than three generations of older permanent bureaucrats telling the new, incoming bureaucrats how foreign policy is done, the reasoning behind the policies becomes lost in the mists of time. The policies are the way they are because that's how it was always done. It is time for the State Department to finally realize that the cold war is over and that in the new globalist order, the U.S. government must do the job it was hired by the people to do which is representing our best interests over the interests of foreign governments and foreign peoples.

One can only hope President Trump will be more resolute in addressing this matter.

Donald Cavaioli

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