Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Dangerous Words Incubus

Of all the boogeymen that bedevil the left, and they are legion, maybe none are so terrifying as words that hurt liberal feelings. Inanimate objects are scary to progressives as they believe these things possess some kind of sentience and will and are able influence people to take actions they otherwise wouldn't do. Inanimate objects can be banned or torn down thus neutralizing the threat but words that emanate from the minds of the badthinker devils are demonic miasmas that like an incubus or succubus can drift into the minds of others, seduce them into heresies against the holy scriptures of Marx and Gramsci and cause progs who are exposed to wrongspeech much butthurt and badfeels. A recent example of a daemonic words is the term "illegal alien" which is now illegal in the People's Banana Empire of New York and is forbidden to be spelled or spoken lest evil spirits attack us.

Something must be done otherwise the unwashed masses will run around thinking and saying whatever they please without the imprimatur of their betters and dare disturb the angels of fragile sensitivity! To the rescue of delicate snowflake feelings and bumptious liberal sensibilities come the proposed red flag laws.

These red flag proposals are ostensibly to curb this alleged meteoric rise in "white nationalist" or "white supremacist" shootings of which the bad thoughts incubus can be blamed for awakening the innate racism, unspecified hatreds and delusions of white supremacy that lie dormant in the dark recesses of every white person's mind.

Much of the red flags will be based on psychic evidence of the culprit's future criminal actions but our elites and ruling class lords will be declaring any dissident from the correct and proper way of thought and action as prescribed by our progressive liberal betters as a mad man. After all, who could be against the future just and equalitarian, centrally planned and managed utopia our rulers are busy bringing to completion? Any such dissident must therefore be completely insane. It just stands to reason, doesn't it.

People afflicted with schizophrenia who lack the ability or the help of family or friends to care for them are allowed to live on and wander the streets because it's justice, somehow. It is further assumed by the Great Liberal Minds of Social Justice that schizophrenics and others with psychological disabilities will never attempt to obtain a firearm as that would just be crazy. That they might use a knife is considered irrelevant as a knife would not kill the victim as dead as a gun would.

However those insane badthinkers who once would have been considered normal, law abiding citizens, will be relieved of any firearms they might own and remanded to the care of psychiatrists who will dose them with all sorts of miracle psychtropic drugs until the dangerous lunatic is catatonic and thus neutralized. No more edgy internet posts and humorous memes poking fun at social justice warriors to dare disturb the precious angels of the left.

Donald Cavaioli

It should be noted by all readers that this writer did not use the term "illegal alien" to deride or impugn the honor an integrity of any people of any race, creed or national origin who against federal immigration laws have entered the United States. This writer does not intend to violate any laws of New York and if the term "illegal alien" is illegal, then I shall not use it in any way other than to illustrate how wrong it is to use such a nasty, hurtful term as "illegal alien".

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