Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Shadenfreude of Prophesy Come True

Old news now but still humorous. It's been sitting in the draft box for two years so maybe it's time to dust it off and shoo the moths away as it might still have some freshness to it.

There's nothing that can bring a smile to the face of the Caretaker better than to witness the tears and pathetic whining of an old, white Democrat machine politician. Nor can anything make him laugh all the harder than watching his prophesy of the white Dem machine's people of color pets turn on them. They deserve nothing less for their truly weapons-grade stupidity in believing a group of privileged, white progressive liberal politicians can jump out in front of the identity politics parade and lead it themselves. Sow the wind of the white man evil racist and reap the whirlwind of the people of color's revenge.

QNS: Progressive Jackson Heights councilman ‘miffed’ after Democratic Socialists rally at his home   by Bill Parry, posted June 19th, 2020

Snivel and whine you old fool then go through with defunding the police you still hide behind. And if the armed men trusted to guard and protect the local managerial elite some day finally decide not only do they not need those pathetic excuses for the local Ruling Class but they're a liability as well, then those weak and cowardly creatures are on their own and at the mercy of the citizens they so long abused. As well, those formerly seen as mere POC/identity/grievance group pets will also have their druthers. 

Do recall what Dante wrote in The Inferno that the inscription above the gates of hell reads "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here" and that the damned will be forced to enter those gates on their bellies. If this day of reckoning happens within our lifetimes, I won't have any part in this but our Betters and Masters will get the full technicolor Inferno experience and will have deserved it. 

However, If I'm still around, I'll be sure to smile and wave to all the heads of white liberals and SJW leftists/DSA freaks mounted on spikes as I walk by.

Donald Cavaioli

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