Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The Magnificent and Essential Work of Raising Awareness and Profiting from Taxpayer Money in the Process. Results not Necessary!

Here's what Our Glorious Leaders of the People's Banana Empire of New York latest Grand Strategy for combatting Climate Change™ and save us from the new Noah's flood that will engulf us in 20 years: 

Waterfront Alliance secures federal funding for climate resilience plan for Flushing Meadows Corona Park By Bill Parry, QNS, April 1, 2022

They will spread the word to raise public consciousness about the immanent dangers of climate change and we'll pay for the honor and privilege of it. The danger of climate change and we're at the tipping point of doom only 10 or 20 years away since 1988 and this weird little doomsday cult will pocket our tax dollars to tell you all about it. Yeah, okay. 

What does "climate resilience" actually mean especially if we're all doomed anyway? Like all leftist terms, it doesn't really have a meaning, only some emotional connotation of good feels or bad feels. But if it rakes in those sweet bucks, then hell yeah! The best good feels money can buy!

So it can be nothing but the spectral threat of climate change/global warming or whatever the marketing department thinks will sell today. There can be no other explanation.

Nobody will ever consider ground subsidence in the area around Meadow Lake as one reason for flooding.

The bumps in the pathways are the remains of the monorail stanchion foundations that were cut about a foot or so below ground level after the 1964-65 World's Fair. Prior to the recent repaving and further grinding down of the monorail footings which took place after the Aquacade was demolished in 1996, those bumps were much higher. Sorry, can't find my old photos of this.

So the ground has subsided quite a bit since the Fair which is not surprising as the area was a marshland. A high water table tends to turn soil into mud which can be washed away. Have our eco-heroes of the Waterfront Alliance considered this? Have any of these parasitical NGO assholes ever actually visited the park and saw the area in question themselves let alone be able to find it without directions from google maps? Nope, it would ruin their business and probably a majority of them are out-of-towners who never even heard of the park until it became profitable for them.

Or how about dredging the Flushing River and lake to clear out sediment buildup, which raises the water level. Sediments from the tides from Long Island Sound as two other now underground streams- Ireland Mill Creek which flows down from Kissena Lake alongside Booth Memorial Avenue, emptying at the Pool of Industry and Horse Brook which flows from Kneeland Avenue in Elmhurst and empties into Flushing River near where Willow Lake is today. Again, that's a big NO. Who ever heard of such rubbish as tributary streams carrying sediments. It's all about global warming 'cause that's where the money is. 

The creek and the lake haven't been dredged in decades, for what it's worth.

And did anyone do any maintenance on the tide gate below the Bridge of Flags on Meridian Road from the entrance of the Flushing River into the park? Did our esteemed experts on distant future weather ever think that high tides may lead to a high water table? Oh really! The Experts have read the auspices of their computer models which show that the area will be underwater in about 20 years. The Science! has spoken and those who lack the proper credentials of priestly office may not interject their feeble opinions to their betters. Science! is to be obeyed and followed without question. Pay no attention to the utterly useless non-profit mutants who are lining their pockets with public money behind the curtain.

No need to trifle with such nonsense as ground subsidence and silt build-up because nobody makes money in the long term that way. I mean if you send in a contractor to do the dredging and/or raise the ground level around the lake and sure they make some money, but it's only a one time deal payday and then nothing more. Global warming is the gift that keeps on giving for many years to come (at least for non-profits) if you don't do anything but tell people that global warming is worse than we thought and send them more money.

Donald Cavaioli

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