Sunday, June 25, 2023

We're all Americans Except When We're Not.

Our Glorious Managerial Overlords never tire of telling us that from whatever corner of the world one comes from and as soon as they step off the plane or boat or what have you, they are just as American as any person of European Christian descent whose ancestry goes back to the colonial era. Or any similar whose ancestors immigrated and assimilated since. In fact, to disagree with a white progressive liberal on this is blasphemy and punishable as a hate crime. 

And as such the newcomer, whatever his race or religion must be accorded all the respect and hailed as a fellow American especially if he steadfastly refuses to assimilate to the local American culture as soon as his foot touches US soil. The newcomers, as the progressive liberal religion permits, is only an honest-to-goodness, mom, Chevrolet and apple pie American when it's convenient for them and may retain their own ethnicity when it's advantageous. And thus, they demand respect as both at the same time. A cynic would accuse such newcomers of gaming the system to their advantage while thoroughly fucking over their "fellow Americans" and openly laughing at us as they do so. 

But this isn't the fault of the newcomers but the fault of the native born Americans who allow themselves to be taken advantage of. The Joe and Jane Normies who believed all the pretty lies of liberals and allowed themselves to be led around by the nose by SJW and woke oikophobic mutants. The peasants who vote Democrat because "dere for da woikin' guy". Then too, out of fond memories of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, our very own Dark Lord, Darth Decrepit, and stupid enough to believe FDR was their friend. Keep voting Democrat and some day, the Democrats will come back to them but in the mean time, they'll cry and complain about it in the comments section on such local sites as Queenscrap, under anonymous, of course. But come election time, they will crawl off on their bellies and vote back in the same politicians they were bitching about the day before because he's really a great guy and everyone else is an idiot for voting for their corrupt, douchebag politician. It's not their fault, it's the other guy! The punchline is that nobody can ever figure out why things keep getting worse or in the best case, never change. Welcome to Hotel Queens.

Here is a cute little article from Gotham Gazette that illustrates this "I demand to be accepted and respected as an American and I'm still my own ethnicity, demand special privileges and must be respected even more for that" mentality:

Party Primaries in Brooklyn Race for New City Council 'Asian Opportunity District' Come Down to the Wire, June 22, 2023 by Samar Khurshid and Julia Goldberg

So we're all good Americans except when we're not and we must only be represented by our own people as the newcomers, who have formed their own exclusive ethnic colonies and cannot be represented anyone else. Gerrymandering is needed to assure the political integrity of the colony and that the colonists need not have to endure an outsider elected doling out the largess but one of their own to properly loot the public treasury. Not to dunk only on the Asians here, and again, I'm not dunking on any immigrants for playing by our rules, but all the other ethnic colonies are doing it so why not this group as well? If we the people are stupid enough to let them do it, then we deserve to be looted and even worse.

 Of course, for white Americans of the sort who were born and raised here, we must accept having elected politicians of any other race or ethnicity rule over them and like it as second class citizens in their own country. If we don't respect ourselves enough to reject this, silence and send the liberal and other leftist mutants back to the fringes of society where they belong, then we deserve nothing but contempt from the immigrants. Freedom of association and freedom of opinions or choice are strictly forbidden by the woke puritans and we obey and listen to their insipid prattle and lies. This isn't simply hypocrisy, as blatant as it is, but grotesque colonialism and imperialism on such a level that doublethink alone cannot assimilate it, but a full frontal lobotomy followed by enough electroshock treatments to fry whatever neurons one has left is needed.

If we are all Americans, then we are all in playing for the team without hyphens, leaving the old country behind, or not make demands to all to bow to our original ethnicity, accommodate our unique ethnic needs or demands to be only represented by our own race or ethnicity. This is not a betrayal of the old country but acceptance of the new country as befitting a worthy adopted son or daughter. Still, the newcomers will have to work to earn the respect and acceptance of the natives, but anything one works hard for is something one truly wants and will cherish when it is achieved. Something they will proudly pass on to their descendants. For those who can accept this, I would welcome you.

Donald Cavaioli

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