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The Moral and Intellectual Cowardice of Moderates and Liberals

 In reference to an article posted in PoliticsNY titled-  

At Witts End: Citizen bounty hunters for parking infractions will sew discord

Written by Stephen Witt and posted October 14, 2022

Oh, Stephen, Stephen, to be at your Witt's end you would need to be more than a simple mid-wit which after sampling you columns, mid-wit may be a very generous compliment indeed.

First of all, to call Lincoln Restler an epic smooth brain moron would be grossly unfair and insulting to smooth brained morons everywhere. But surprisingly, to anyone who has the stomach to endure Restler's mind dwarfing verbal diarrhea and stoically endure the cacophony of brain cells screaming in agony as they die, they would be surprised to learn there are many more people more unspeakably vapid and more psychologically demented than Restler- his voters and the hybrid mutations of Transportation Alternatives.

Overall, this article simply highlights the fatuous posturing of moral superiority, of  taking the high road of "being above the fray" in pretending to take no sides all the while being sympathetic to the more radical leftist which illustrates why the moderate and liberal (1960's-70's mainstream variant) has failed. These sorts of weasels want to be seen as the good guys, the non-partisan, as if it would imbue them with some kind of magical intellectual and moral superiority. But in reality, they're sophists of the lowest order, desperate to be liked by both sides in a debate. Never once will a moderate or liberal put his foot down and say "this is right and that is wrong". Instead, this species of worm will answer the question of what do you think? with an "I think what you think but the other guy sorta has a point too". The last part of the other guy sorta has a point too is conditional on if the liberal or moderate thinks no one will so much as look at them with even a small trace of consternation for saying it. 

"In American politics we seem to be moving further to the extremes. Trying to reach the center and compromise is all too often shunned. It’s seen as somehow selling out. In truth, American politics at its best has always been about consensus building to make for the art of the possible."

That is, if the art of the possible is giving leftists only most of what they want for now and the rest of it later as the moderates and liberals that infest this city have proven wont to do over many years. If Rome wasn't built in a day, then this SDA wet dream of a mess made in this city took many years to get to- all with nice, well meaning, liberals and moderates finding this consensus and middle ground which always seemed to lurch slightly left. More important than asking what is possible is asking is this necessary or needed, should we do this and what are the consequences for doing so. And this is the reason why liberalism and moderation has failed in modern politics as they never ask those questions and offer nothing but banal platitudes that makes them useless at best. But when they either go along with the more radical leftist policies or refuse to oppose them with more than tepid objections, they become radical enablers and are worse than useless. Because of this, these are the people who are the most responsible for the asinine progressive leftist policies destroying New York offering only their incessant whining about the growing left-right political divide and all because they'd be mortified to really oppose or stop the Democratic Socialists of America or other leftists lest they be called racists or Trump supporters. In this, liberals and moderates sell out all the time.

"But their [the progressive bike lobby] often heavy-handedness on issues and mob-like tactics on social media can be viewed as a microcosm of what is wrong with American politics today. Too often we get activists and elected leadership from both the right and the left thinking it’s all their way or the highway. The palette is all black and white with no colors in the middle."

They will inevitably damn the right with faint praise and make the mildest criticism against the left for which they will do so either with conditional weasel words or find a flimsy excuse for the damage the left has caused. But still trying to be that "I'm above it all" galaxy brain, Olympian cool poser with a pox on both your houses sneer which is their epic failure at trying to look intelligent and showing some backbone. Sometimes, even many times, there is a real good and bad/right and wrong/smart or stupid idea when we must have the courage to take that black and white response and get some idiot upset. This is where real courage, common sense and intelligence come in and a position in which liberals and moderates are never found.

"While critical, this column is not a put down per se of the progressive bike lobby. They have accomplished many good things for the city. Protected bike lanes and other changes that make streets more equitably utilized are generally very positive improvements."

Then too, the moderate or liberal when ever so gently criticizing the more radical left will offer some apology for that criticism or the sheepish "I kind of agree with the leftist but personally I'm not that radical and wouldn't go with that myself" all the while doing nothing to stop it. For no matter how "not that radical" the liberal and moderate may be, they never find the courage to actually oppose it with more than oleaginous milquetoast words.

In the end this is because, to paraphrase Wittaker Chambers that the liberal thinks the communist is really a rather noble fellow who deserves special consideration in a harsh and reactionary world. Then as the slimy poltroons pretending not to be the co-conspirator of the communists, moderates and liberals are worse than the most woke or SJW twats and so deserve the harshest condemnation and censure.

In regards to the Bike Karen bounty bill that greasy asshole Restler introduced, it died a well deserved death in the city council. Even that collection of leftist dementrons in the city council still had enough functioning cells in those neural junkyards that serve as their head filler to dimly realize just how idiotic that bill was. An accident in our favor for once.

Donald Cavaioli

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