Monday, July 3, 2023

The Political Dysphoria of the Trans-Right

 Over the 20th century, Marxists have been successful in establishing themselves as not only the standard bearer of the left, but the very definition of the left itself. Then most other non-Marxist leftists, having accepted the supremacy of Marxism found themselves politically homeless. Many of them being fundamentally post-modernist relied on their tried and true gnostic belief in unknowable truths to redefine themselves as the right. Because after all, in these modern times, the old definition of right and left no longer applies as they argue. There is no right or left as it's now us guys over here on our side of the great debate who think this and those other guys over there who think something else. So if we disagree with the other guys who say they are the left as they understand the term through the personal epiphany of gnosis, then we who disagree with the leftist must be on the right in this exercise. If a group can't define themselves logically and rationally, then that group can fancy themselves to be anything they want but they are really nothing at all. 

And so we have the essence of the trans-right of non-Marxian leftists parading about in right-wing drag. They are easily spotted as they usually spend most of their time bashing conservatives and others on the right and refuse to do anything to really oppose the left other than mildly complain about them. 

And in this, all the trans-right needs to add is using nationalism as a sort of boob job to complete the ensemble. Because, if the Marxian leftist is an internationalist, the those on the right must be nationalist as the right is the opposite of the left.

Further, where the officially recognized leftist is the "I support the current thing" NPC, those who identify as being on the right become a counter-programmed "I'm against the current thing" NPC. Even if there's no such thing as the political left and the right there must be some kind of opposition to those guys over there who think something different from what we think. 

Strictly following either the precepts of a central ideological authority or opposing those who espouse heretical or blasphemous positions for no other reason than it's the views that come from those guys who think different over there is the hallmark of the leftist even if he hates Marx and identifies as a nationalist.

It's all really just pure emoting over words and phrases. Squaring the circle by taking positions based on emotion is exactly what any leftist worth his salt does.

Whereas the leftist current thing is usually based on lies used to promote their agenda, we must still be careful to consider the current thing in context and whether it should be opposed or not based on the facts. Maybe this time the left stumbled onto something that is right because even a broken clock is right twice a day and it would be necessary to deny the left any victory. But not just to deny the left a victory in an issue that is morally and intellectually correct but to expose the left's subterfuge in using the issue to promote their agenda or expand their power. There is more persuasive power in an argument that is true to convince the majority centrist, non-political Joe and Jane Normie to support your cause than a lie hiding the nasty agenda even the normies can see. 

And mostly what the normies need to take a stand, to take action, is to feel that not only are they supporting a position that is justified and true and aligned with their values, but that there are many others out there who also support it. There is strength in numbers.

It's important to for anyone right of center to know who is really on their side and be able to spot and reject the trans-right infiltrator who wears the political right and nationalism like a skin suit to promote their non-Marxian leftist agendas. Just as the Marxian leftists did with liberalism and the Democratic party. Seeing a trend here? More on that in the next post. 

If the right is to have any hope of winning the political and cultural wars, then the non-Marxian leftists, like the left of center moderates and neo-cons must be, disavowed, rejected and expelled from the right. For as they are just as much the enemy as the Marxian leftists.

Donald Cavaioli

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