Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Another Propositional Nation/Nation of Immigrants Fail

From the Times Ledger

Meng reintroduces Lunar New Year resolution to be recognized in the House, Feb. 10 2019

There are certain common traits and behaviors that people from anywhere on earth will exhibit. Among these are tribalism, a preference to live among others who share a common bond of history and culture and a preference to live in a traditional social and political system like that they have lived in for generations that works best for them.

Man has a transcendent nature of sentience and moral agency but likewise, Man's physical nature shaped through millions of years of natural selection and adaptive evolution must also be acknowledged.

No narrative can alter the hard facts of physical reality nor make them disappear on command as much as we may wish it. Nature does not care what we think, feel or what we want it to be because nature cannot think or feel. Nature is what it is and what we lack the power to alter to our own design, we can only accept as it is.

That being said, I do not blame or even condemn Congresswoman Meng for advancing this Lunar New Year resolution in congress. Even though it is a conscious attempt by a group of unassimilated immigrants, who having reached a large enough population size, will attempt to alter the political and cultural landscape of their new country to better suit themselves as I have pointed out in a previous post. Congresswoman Meng is just doing her job by representing and advancing the interests of her constituents who are largely Asians even if it a display of colonialism and imperialism.

Neither Congresswoman Meng nor the Asian residents of Flushing can be blamed here as this is simply human nature at work. The fault can only be laid at the feet of our ruling class of elected politicians, their advisors and managerial bureaucrats who have embarked on this mad policy of multiculturalism in which American culture abdicates its position of primacy and leaves a cultural vacuum that another culture will inevitably rush in to fill. By extension, the blame must also be placed upon us today and past generations of Americans who have mistakenly bought into the notion that we are a nation of immigrants and the delusion that in a multicultural society, there will be some kind of egalitarian cooperation between the different cultures living within it. Let this Times Ledger article serve as proof of the lies of multiculturalism and civic nationalism. There is no magic dirt here in New York or anywhere else in the United States or the rest of the world for that matter.

We must reconsider our immigration policy and ensure new Americans will assimilate otherwise we no longer have a nation, but an empire. Recall what history teaches us about the fate of empires.

Donald Cavaioli

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