Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Covering One's Ass with Legislation

From The Times Ledger (QNS):  In wake of Amazon collapse, Kim announces legislation to end company-specific subsidies

What is truly puzzling is if you really didn't want them here in the first place, why the continuous sniveling about it? You won so "Victory is ours! Strike the tents and let's go home!" End of story. Well, no. There's probably more here than meets the eye and I have an idea of what it might be.

In Summary:
Really, who knows. Maybe Amazon HQ2 would have been more trouble than they're worth and their job creation claims would have been grossly over-exaggerated, had been mostly Team Jeff transplants or H1-B imports. So good riddance. Lessons learned by all. Then there is elected accountability. If Governor Cuomo's actions really did piss off the voters, then they will vote him out next election cycle. No need for this legislative assholery. Just let it go.

On the other hand, some other state will see some jobs created and their coffers richer by more than $1 billion per year. So did we really win or lose? We'll never know for sure but if some feel we've lost, if there is legitimate polling data that supported Amazon HQ2,  then this piece of legislative grandstanding serves to cover certain politicians' asses and get other states to agree to a non-aggression pact as to not take jobs away from hapless, tax crazy, New York.

The details
Let's unpack some of this (if your stomach is up to it):

“When municipalities and states bend over backwards for the chance to give billions to mega-companies, we all lose,” Kim said. “It is time to end the practice of subsidizing multinational corporations without transparency, accountability, or results under the guise of economic development, and to start investing in the working families and small businesses that represent the lifeblood of our country.”

No Ron, anybody with an IQ above room temperature can see a butthurt gamma male who either can't handle rejection or is just running scared. A schemer who overplayed his hand and got beat at his own game. Someone who is as clumsy as he is stupid. He trips over his own two feet as his pants drop around his ankles then falls face first into a large cake. Who then gets up, cake dripping from his face, to give an hour long dramatic oration about how great he really is. And further how he meant to trip like that in the name of some half-assed noble cause like saving some orphans from killer unicorns.
Yeah, it's that obvious.

By the way, what exactly does this practice of subsidizing multinational corporations and the rest of that blah, blah really mean? What is this subsidy thing or are you just mouthing word salad platitudes as feelz triggers for the benefit of liberal emoters?

"Kim and Brooklyn state Senator Julia Salazar have been communicating with state legislators across the country on ways to end the practice of offering company-specific subsidies, especially given that no studies have shown a correlation between such “economic development” programs and meaningful economic growth.
The bill would enact a collective agreement between all states that join, an interstate compact, to end the costly Race to the Bottom between different cities and states, which has cost many of them billions annually in taxpayers’ money for several decades."  
[other states: *chuckle* yeah, sure NY, we'll join you in your little suicide pact. Go on and pass that legislation, pull the trigger, we'll be right behind you ! Hehehe]

Once again more questions than answers in this trigger laden diatribe. How does offering a tax break cost the taxpayers anything? How does paying some taxes equal a negative cash flow? Cover up your failures with lies, you sorry excuse for a bullshit artist.

So are you going to offer small businesses tax breaks and lift some of the regulatory burdens off them? Or will you just keep skinning them to pay off your crony capitalist pals, client voter blocks and favored pet identity groups with moar freestuff? My bet is on the latter. Progs never learn.

But there's more to this absurd piece of legislation, isn't there. A New York whose political and bureaucratic establishment is so bad controlling spending, at reducing taxes, fees and whatnot enough to where businesses can just survive let alone flourish. You're all nothing more than parasites who can't keep their collective paws out of other people's pockets. What business owner in his right mind would move into New York without any incentives offered if only in the form of ripping them off in taxes less than usual?

So, let's get other states to be as short-sighted and imbecilic with their economic policies as we are so we don't look so bad after all in comparison. Then also, maybe the voters will forgive us for this Amazon debacle because they'd be so stupid to as to be beguiled by all that insipid, boilerplate marxian rubbish. They'll be fooled into thinking that we did it for the voter's own good.

"...to end the costly Race to the Bottom..."
Yeah and New York is only going to race to the bottom of failed third world nation-states if we keep listening to progressive leftists.

Donald Cavaioli

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