Thursday, February 7, 2019

New York City Magic Dirt Failure

I had previously written about the fallacy of civic nationalism and the propositional nation of immigrants here. In short there is no such thing as a melting pot in a multicultural society and never really was. There's no magic dirt here to make this happen. And I touched on the topic of politicians who, in this situation, would attempt to jump out in front of the multicult parade and try to lead it here.

Well, here's this article in the Times Ledger and gosh, I think I might be a psychic with a HD crystal ball running on 5G or something! Hogwarts should be dropping me an acceptance letter any minute now.

Alas, I have no psychic powers otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time writing here when I could be breaking the bank at Monte Carlo, cleaning up at the track, making football picks and hitting the lottery. Really, it's all down to determining true basic premises, recognizing patterns and correctly predicting the proceeding steps. It doesn't always work perfectly but if I can average 75% or better then I'm doing well enough to lay money on.

Back to the Times Ledger article. First of all, how is the Korean community being held down or held back from assimilating? It's contradictory to intimate that the Korean community is isolated and hint at it being somehow marginalized then to talk about how they "make incredible contributions to our city both economically and culturally". Two opposites cannot be true at the same time. What exactly are these contributions and what makes Korean culture so indispensable to this city? What's wrong with our own homegrown culture and are we so economically inept that we must have these people otherwise this city would whither and die?

From my own observations, the Korean community appears to keep to themselves both economically and culturally in what could be best described as a self-contained colony with apparently little or no use for outsiders. And from the statements made by Councilman Paul Vallone and Council Speaker Corey Johnson would confirm this observation with no mention of integrating them into the native city culture.

Really, how stupid does Vallone and Johnson think we are as to not recognize the verbal fellatio they gave the Korean community as mere, pandering for votes and the $11.5 million as a vulgar bribe It's all pretty lies as a thin veneer over shabby political machination and gross troughing.

I don't blame the Korean community for any of this as it's human nature to prefer the company of your own people when living among people foreign to yourselves. Nor do I blame the Korean community for acting in their own best, self interests as again, it's human nature to do so. Past generations of immigrants from various European countries have done, and their descendants still do, the exact same thing. I have no quarrel with any immigrant group past or present as none of our policies are their fault. It is our collective fault as Americans for allowing these policies.  I do not blame any ethnic or racial group for gaming a system intentionally set up by the powers that be to be gamed as bribery for their support. I blame us for not putting a stop to it. My quarrel is with the ruling class and their self-centered, misguided and short-sighted policies that may end badly for all of us and the mainstream media people who will lie or unthinkingly write political nonsense to carry the water for the ruling class for their own benefit. But if we take no action, if we do not even try, we, ultimately, are to blame.

Now I shall gaze back into my HD crystal ball to see the future for Paul Vallone. Fear not, Paul, I shan't ask you to cross my palm with silver first as there isn't enough bleach on the planet to clean off the political sliminess. Dark clouds in the future and I foresee that sometime in the near future, the Korean community reaching a critical mass will run their own people for elected offices. As it's human nature to prefer their own people and culture who will better look after the interests of their colony than some white guy and secure for themselves more than a paltry $11.5 million from the public trough for their own benefit. People dislike being ruled over by foreigners and they shall one day succeed. Tis the way of identity politics and pretty lies and bribes change not your race or ethnicity. Do not count on the continued support of the white millennials or gen Z as they have a pronounced generational dislike of boomers and shall support people of color for goodthinker brownie points or one their own age group candidates. Don't get too comfortable in that council seat or suffer the fate of Joe Crowley you will.
And to Jenna Bagcal who wrote this piece, learn to code.

Donald Cavaioli

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