Thursday, October 17, 2019

Those Darned Trump Supporters Can't Accept That Orange Man Bad!

To a progressive liberal, the concept of truth doesn't necessarily mean real world, empirical fact any more than a word must be strictly defined by some bourgeoisie dictionary. Just as gender is fluid and can have more than 57 definitions, so are words, phrases and concepts. This allows the leftist to always remain on the right side of history by constantly shifting definitions and goalposts. There is a higher truth in leftist clown world  that serves the greater good of promoting the 'One True Political and Social Belief System' that will lead us into the equalitarian consumer globalist utopia. Outside, in the desolation of the mundane real world where normal human beings live, we call it lying and noble cause corruption. But what do we know when our betters have a superior grasp of the situation and more importantly, complete control of society.

As liberals and leftists like to constantly tell us, they're just more totally super smarter than us on the right because only liberals and leftists are smart enough to declare themselves as super smart. Q.E.D.

It's "truth" that needs not only quotation marks but an asterick next to it as to distinguish it from the factual truth pedantic troglodytes of the right bitterly cling to rather than Sandy the Barmaid Ocasio-Cortez's higher "moral truth" that just happens to agree with and serve the current socialist identity cult. It's not truth as defined by a dictionary but a truth by-product, plastic enough to serve the cause. Trump supporters are just too closed minded and hermetically sealed within their white privilege bubble to grasp the amorphous and as leftist like to euphemistically say "nuance" of liberal emoter newspeak to grasp the epiphany of "Orange Man Bad!".

 So here we come to this article on Yahoo News where "News" is defined the same as Soviet Realism linked to HuffPost, that bastion of clown world "truth" that would make the editors of the old, Soviet era Pravda blush. The higher than reality "Truth" that our masters command us to accept as the "truth"* and facts be damned.

From Yahoo News linked to HuffPost: Ex-Bush Aide Has Damning Theory For Why Trump Supporters Won't Turn On Him by Ed Mazza, Huffington Post on October 14, 2019

So this article which states in sum and substance that supporters of Orange Man Bad are locked into their own hermetically sealed world and their defense of Trump is a defense of their defense of Trump because deep down they know "Orange Man Bad!". But they just can't bring themselves to admit it that they made a horrible mistake, the poor benighted plebs. Really, this was said by GOPe cuck, courtier and loyal acolyte of the New World Order Peter Wehner. A Bush the Elder man and adviser of the ruling class who served in the Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush administrations.

A shameful reminder of how Reagan sold his soul to the ruling class and their agenda against his own version of draining the swamp and making America great agenda to become president. It's why Reagan didn't get done much of the dismantling the managerial state agenda he promised in the 1970's as the ruling class kept him on a short leash. With having the liberal George H.W. as his running mate and heir apparent, the rulers could be sure to later erase any changes Reagan did make. Let the proles who are still patriotic and believe in government as envisioned by the founders have their fun for 8 years. We can wait.

Here Wehner is trotted out as the official Republican who denounces the Orange Man bad to lend the narrative some kind of credibility. See, even the "right-wing Republican"* realizes what a terrible mistake was made in electing Trump despite the never-Trumper's (the good Republicans of the GOPe) incessant dire warnings.This shows Orange Man really, really bad!

It also helps to keep up the morale of the rank and file progressive leftists and liberals by reassuring them how smart they are in accepting the official higher moral "truth"* and rejecting bourgeoisie real world based factual truth. Fear not super smart comrades, war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength! We are working night and day to rid the White House of this orange miscreant and hero of racist middle American dullards! All those unwashed masses of mundanes, the jocks, cool kids and love interests who rejected you in middle school will suffer for not acclaiming you and recognizing your genius.

But now comes Trump who bucks the ruling class and does an end run around the official government operated media and talks directly to the American people through social media! How gauche! Trump who was not properly vetted and trained in the globalist agenda and who won the presidency against all the wonk's predictions! Why, the proles might start forgetting their lowly station and have the temerity to believe that it is they, we the people, who run this empire.

However, the "facts"* of the approved narrative are not being accepted by the proles and the proles are gradually pushing back against the lies they are forced to repeat as true to humiliate them. The rulers are genuinely shocked when normally servile plebs won't swallow the narrative or at least pretend to. Why the unwashed masses are now so headstrong that firing the officially approved version of reality at them is like shooting BBs at a brick wall. What if middle America rejects all the other narratives and attempts to elect other candidates like Trump or realize that casting a vote is meaningless and instead cast stones and Molotov cocktails like what's happening in Hong Kong today!

So this is not only about Trump but about his supporters. Destroying the reputation and impugning  the man himself and using bogus Russian collusion allegations and the impeachment dog and pony show to make Orange Man bad go away is a demonstration of ruling class power to the plebs of middle America. Behold how we cast ordure upon your Orange champion and break him and his agenda that you so desperately wanted, foolish little people. Resistance is futile!

We rule you and you will accept whatever we tell you and you will obey your masters is the underlying message of all mainstream media narratives.

Donald Cavaioli

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