Friday, February 7, 2020

The Psychic Inquisitors Know You Are a Racist Thought Criminal Even If You Don't Say or do Anything Racist

It seems the White Supremacist Satan has been abroad throughout the land seducing presumably white proles to release their inner racist demon and go on a frenzied black mass of hanging banners that cause white liberal progressive soyflakes unspeakable levels of butthurt and badfeelz. But fear not, gentle readers, for the Psychic Inquisitors are on the case.

From the 'I don't know how I missed this gem of assholery' files and recorded for all prosperity to be gawped at by the masses by our glorious people's heroes of journalistic labor of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle:

Bay Ridge unites against white nationalist recruitment written by staff, January 6, 2020

Indeed, a highly diverse group of white people transplanted to Brooklyn from around the United States gathered to gasp in horror before falling into an exaggerated swoon and make angry NPC noises at the display of a banner hung by what they describe as "nazis" with allusions to World War II. It were as if this group, identified as Patriot Front, were capable of time travel, resurrecting a German alt-left socialist party that has been defunct for nearly 75 years and maybe even clone Hitler too! All by the devilish witchcraft of hanging banners. Feel the power of hate, man! Like with the Dark Side of the Force, anything is possible.

As an aside, the rally was organized by Fight Back Bay Ridge with help from the Bay Ridge for Social Justice and, drumroll please....The Democratic Socialists of America, The Arab Association of NY, and The Arab Women's Voice . A strange combination of the first two being white Midwestern regional and ethnic chameleons who usually support illegal immigrant causes because of their phobia of being "othered" and pathological need to be accepted by foreigners. This possibly due to traumatic school experiences of being social rejects and their inability to understand that nobody liked them because they're detestable people. Then the DSA, a veritable circus of degenerate assclowns whose collective psychological abnormalities would fill volumes of the DSM. But the last two? The Arab American Association of NY which had or has Linda Sarsour as a member, which was founded by her father's cousin, Basemah Atweh and seems comfortable with Linda's more colorful comments towards whites, Jews and anyone who asks about Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood or if any politician tries to take away its tax dollar funding. And then The Arab Women's Voice, a political consultant firm. Definitely some big money and political influence backing this little hipster honkfest as AANY not only receives public money from NY but also has the North Star fund which gets funding from old daddy moneybags, Soros.

Strange bedfellows if one were to consider that Muslims tend to view most progressive liberal positions with a jaundiced eye such as gay rights and women's rights. So to find white progressive liberals allied with Muslim groups one must wonder if the progs are simply sanctimonious hypocrites who only seek to destroy their own country and fellow citizens, weapons-grade stupid or some combination of both. End aside.

So in this article we come to find the offending banner had written upon it "Support American workers". The unspired, un-woke dullard might look at this and say "so what?" why should we be against American workers? Isn't the left all about the workers, even the American ones? On the surface, this and the other banners seem like innocuous patriotic platitudes. Just as the Patriot Front website doesn't seem to mention anything about race at all unless I missed the time when 'American' was designated as a race and which I am informed by leftists that race does not exist. A contradiction which only progressive liberals with their highly advanced emotional intelligence can puzzle out. There's not even a mention of the infamous "Jewish Question" or JQ to the cognoscenti. Proof that PF is a racist front?! They don't need no stinking proof!

On the question of Patriot Front being a coven of hateful white supremacists haters there can be no doubt as the Psychic Inquisitors of the ADL and the SPLC were not fooled by the lack of Ku Klux Klan regalia or overt panegyrics to Hitler and Nazism. No sir! Both the ADL and the SPLC had already placed this heinous group of thought criminals in double secret probation.

The Witch Sniffers immediately detected the effluence of hellish sulfur wafting from PF's website, expert cryptographers using special secret decoder rings broke the codes used to disguise their evil plot to do....uh...bad stuff... and the psychic detectives read every member's mind and found them all to be possessed by the daemon Racism.  Furthermore, any lack of racism or denial of racism is proof positive of racism. Elementary. Case closed, QED.

In the end, this demonstration was a complete success as a group of white progressive left people honked and quacked in consternation like a flock of angry geese and ducks, tore down the offending banner and thus prevented white non-Jewish proles from seeing it and magically triggering them to join White Supremacist Satan's unholy legions. Civilization was saved. Forward, comrades, forward!

Donald Cavaioli

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