Thursday, July 6, 2023

The Magic King


What seems to be driving much of the dissident right movement is a belief that democracy has failed, the U.S. constitution has failed. We cannot vote our way out of our current problems as the uniparty puts forward all the candidates and will somehow stop insurgents from running or that we shouldn't even bother to try. Vote harder is used as a mocking sneer against anyone who would try from the passivists wallowing in their own sense of helplessness.

So the best thing to do is nothing, except perhaps form some kind of monastic alternative institutions to await the arrival of a messianic figure, the Great Man. He will then be crowned as an absolute monarch, the Magic King, God's very own hand picked monarch who rules by divine right and will act in his people's best interest because he's that kind of a great guy. Then the Magic King will defeat the leftist globalists and globohomo of the evil American Empire and fix everything for us just the way the neo/reactionary dissidents would like it because the King and all his descendants can do nothing other than care for his people and nation. I mean, he just has to do these things and be a great guy 'cause it's some kind of law of the universe! 

This is the sort of thinking is characteristic of peasants dreaming of ideal, strongman kings, looking uber cool riding horses while wearing spiffy uniforms. Middle class strivers who having never broken into the ranks of the current ruling class, yet still view themselves as undervalued '10's'. The sort of strivers who dream of being proclaimed kings and ruling class aristocrats because they're so awesome even if no one else notices how awesome they are. Or perhaps latent homosexuals or submissive women with a BDSM fetish for being dominated by powerful alpha males. No judgements here, to each his own, you do you, etc. but outrè or kinky fantasies are no basis for a form of government.  

This belief in a benevolent monarch is pure magical thinking, a child-like belief in a Utopia. Magic King supporters believe absolute monarchy was destroyed by the evil forces of the Enlightenment. Some devil came along and seduced the peasants with the rights of man and self-governance causing them to be expelled from the feudal Eden. A similar line of thinking to neo-confederates who believe in a utopian antebellum America in general and the south in particular which became a paradise lost when the serpent, Abraham Lincoln, entered the garden and seduced the innocents into eating the forbidden fruit of abolition. But, the Magic King, like a messiah, will return during the apocalyptic collapse of liberal democracy and lead us back to Utopia. So who says you shouldn't immanentize the eschaton?

The fallacy in this 'absolute monarch is good' reasoning is how will this king's actions be constrained? How will God intercede if the king who rules by divine right does not rule according to God's laws or oppresses the people over which the monarch rules? How do we even know that the King rules by divine right unless God Himself appears and personally announces this to the masses. Must we take the Magic King's word for it because he wouldn't lie about something as serious as divine right? God's appearance and declaration to the people that this king is God's personally chosen monarch has never been recorded in history so all we ever have had was the king's word on this or the headsman, also chosen by divine right it seems, for those who disagreed. 

Usually throughout history, the man who becomes the king does so because he leads a large and powerful enough army to seize power at the point of a sword and declares himself a monarch by divine right because the king and his army said so. And for anyone who questions this divine right, there's a group of very angry looking soldiers at the front door whose swords would like a word with you, unarmed and outnumbered peasant. Men who are ambitious and want power usually don't fall into the real nice guy camp and whatever benevolence they have is used sparingly and tactically to maintain control but only if necessary. But that benevolence towards the peasantry at least, can always be rescinded at the whim of the king and he answers to no one in this. The armed aristocracy of lords with their own armies, if there are any in the realm, is another matter. Power flows from the barrel of a gun and from nowhere else.

If it is in the king's best interests to rule justly and benevolently over his subjects whom he will treat as his own children, then what stops the king from conflating his own greed or avarice with the best interests of his kingdom and treating his subjects like his livestock. How many peasants were annihilated by machinegun fire as they went over the top of the trenches in WWI for King and Country and how many times were these massacres repeated?  

Even if the first king of the dynasty is a wise and benevolent ruler, what guarantee is there that his descendants would be the same? The answer to this is there is no guarantee and worse, as long as a large enough army supports the king against all other pretenders to the throne, he will stay in power no matter how bad he is. If in the event he is ousted, then what guarantee is there that his successor will be any better? There are none. Which is why this support for an absolute monarch is based on nostalgic fantasies, wishful thinking and an emotional desire for an earthly messianic savior to guide those helpless and hapless peasants to an imaginary utopia.

Finally, the main thing the absolute monarch/Magic King fans miss is that the problem with any previously functional society does not stem from the flaws in the organizational principles of the society but the flaws in all human beings who make up that society. If Man, unconstrained by some power higher than himself even if it's his fellow Man, is given unconstrained, absolute power, then nothing prevents him from being corrupted by or abusing that power. We can place the Magic King in the same category as the new socialist man. Neither model fits within normal human behavior and so both are impossible.

For those who might find this post upsetting, this is not "punching to the right". This Magic King is very much on the political left as it advocates for a strong, authoritarian, top down centrally managed government based around an ideology- rule by divine right usually in Christendom. This makes reactionaries/neo-reactionaries, et al, who claim the mantle of the right, the very model of the political dysphoria of leftists in right wing drag. Words have a definition, concepts based on logic and reason and this includes the definition of the political/economic left and the right. The political spectrum is a straight line with increasing shading of left and right emanating from the center. Any other shape with conventions arbitrarily placed on it is simply nonsense used by post modernists and closeted leftists to hide themselves under whatever side or label they like.

Donald Cavaioli

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