Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Deracination of Words

It's a prediction that George Orwell did not get completely right in his novel 1984. 

He did get a good deal right, give the man an 'A' for effort, including surprisingly, that bit about pop music for proles being composed by a machine called a 'versificator' or what we today call a computer AI program . But one of the major predictions, 'newspeak' didn't quite go the way he thought it would.

Orwell prognosticated that newspeak would reduce the ideas conveyed by language by limiting the number of words used and as a result, reducing the dictionary to only a few dozen pages. Wrongthink is eliminated by eliminating the vocabulary that could express it. The modern left, working towards the same glorious goal of eliminating wrongthink, went another route with spectacular results.

Perhaps because they did not want to be seen as dull, unimaginative Orwell copycats, or that their ripping off Orwell's act for most of what they use already was becoming too cliched. Nevertheless, they finally succeeded in only partially ripping off newspeak by giving it a new spin. The modern left retained the words but erased the definition and meaning of words and replaced it with a pure emotional connotation. Words in the leftist's lexicon, now only cause an emotional trigger of good feels or bad feels.

And here's where the left's twisted genius finally shines through. Not only do they eliminate wrongthink with meaningless, emotion laden, words, they also make doublethink a stunning reality by vaporizing thought itself. The goodthinker needn't bother to suppress the truth because lying requires using reason and understanding concepts first before one can mentally discard them and substitute the party approved narrative. An emotionalist language does not use reason and since the words no longer have any real meaning, one does not need to go through the mental gymnastics necessary of suppressing the truth and substituting the official narrative. Therefore it is impossible and even unnecessary to lie to oneself since there is no thought involved.

So one day soon, if all goes according to plan, all writing will consist of an ungracious crashing of words that will not be read for meaning or ideas as they will be little more than gibberish. No, writing will not be read in the currently accepted meaning but be skimmed over where the reader, lacking any critical thinking abilities, will be given emotional impressions.

Donald Cavaioli

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