Friday, January 3, 2020

The Problem With the Sentimentalism of Conservative Inc's Neo-Liberals

To start off with, it should be noted that those worthies of Conservatism Inc. are open-borders immigration, globalist neo-liberal wolves in conservative sheep's clothing. Kudos to the America First Groypers for calling out and exposing these frauds at Turning Point USA. Conservatism can still be a recognizable and safe for normie brand as well as useful allies in combating the left in the culure wars and breaking the power of the managerial/deep state. Provided it first is purged of the liberals and grifters that have infested it since the 1980's.

That being said, there is another type of neo-liberal globalist that perhaps manages to delude himself that he is in fact a bona fide "conservative". This would be the white glove academic who dwells in the ivory tower and so securely isolated in an academic bubble universe where anyone to the right of Leon Trotsky or Mao Zedong is seen as a hard-right-wing conservative in the faculty lounge. These neo-liberal poseurs are part of what the Z Man refers to as the cloud people. A very insightful and metaphorically precise term.

This sort of pseudonymous academic conservative, in a spirit of collegiality, will studiously refrain from attacking his more far left colleagues or if he does, then as a matter of honor and sense of fair play will attack anyone on the right with even more vigor. Must keep up appearances: High standard of honor, dedicated to principles, being "fair and balanced" and a really spiffing chap, you know. 

The academic neo-liberal like all other species of liberal, views communists and socialists as really rather noble fellows who deserve special consideration in a harsh and reactionary world. Moreover, the leftists especially deserve greater deference in regards to free speech that those unwashed (and perceived as uneducated and unintelligent) plebeian troglodytes of the right who cause eggheads in their cloud citadels to clutch their pearls and hyperventilate.

So as exhibit 'A' in our exploration of the liberal with an identity crisis and enemy identification problems we have this article from FEE, Foundation for Economic Education written by Lawrence W. Reed entitled "The Palmer Raids: America’s Forgotten Reign of Terror", January 3, 2020

As previously noted, Reed pedantically clings to a sense of honor and fair play with an adversary who was, and whose ideological descendants still are, the sworn enemies of our nation and constitutional republic. Must keep up appearances, you know, granting leftist enemies carte blanche with the first amendment of a constitution they will shred if they get the chance and who never miss an opportunity to deny the hopelessly idealistic Reed, his neo-liberal cohorts and all to their right the same freedom of speech. Labeling anything, anybody to the right of Joseph Stalin says as "hate speech" and demanding their firing from their jobs, de-platforming and censoring.

Moderation in the protection of liberty is no virtue and only a fool fights an opponent according to rules and restrictions that the opponent, who fights to win at any cost, will ignore or break at every turn. Worse, the leftist will not only hide behind our bill of rights while plotting their revolution, but will turn it around to attack us. The first amendment may protect our freedom of speech but it does not protect the enemies of this country who wish to overthrow it the freedom to pursue this goal unhindered. In the end, there is no nobility or honor in losing while misguidedly clinging to idealistic principles. Reed may not believe real the threat posed by the American leftist devil, but the devil believes in him.

Reed goes on about how the leftists in the 1910's were mistreated and arrested for no good reason. So even if anarchists, communists and socialists did a few bombings, just a few, mind you, and not mentioned by Reed for some strange reason, riots, vandalism and murders, well dash it all, man! That's no excuse to violate the sanctity of our constitution! Just because our sworn enemies are trying to instigate a violent revolution that would kill untold numbers of innocent people to usher in a blood thirsty dictatorship of the proletariat is no excuse for us to abandon the moral high road of doing nothing to protect our republic and her people. So we must make doubly sure we rigorously and scrupulously follow the bill of rights and all laws our leftist brethren spit on! Our very honor and virtue depend upon this!

But let's make no mistake here. Wilson did not implement this so-called "red scare" (leftists always love to play the victim when they get caught) out of a love of country and constitution. No, he only wanted to push the foreign immigrant leftist rageheads out of the way so he could more gradually institute his own more gentlemanly progressive dictatorship led by his fellow eggheads. That he would have been doing his country a long-term service in trying to crush the American left was simply an unintended side effect.

Finally, Reed ends his essay with the rather risible observation that "[i]t’s hard to find any lingering trace of the “subversive” work the Palmer Raids were ostensibly intended to combat." (my emphasis)

I suppose communist created labor unions like the AFL-CIO, aren't around anymore and the early 20th century communists' "red diaper babies" all gave up mommy and daddy's dream of revolution as a bad job. Concepts like "free love" pushed by leftists of the late 19th century which led to modern teen pregnancy and single mother families and that also was used by 60's New Left to systematically destroy institutions like the nuclear family and the church leave any discernible trace or harm to our culture or society. Or could their ideological and/or literal blood descendants like Saul Alinsky, among others, cause any damage to society today. Nor the incessant haranguing of early 20th century leftists against free enterprise and private property, cloaked in the mythomania of "worker's rights", "fairness" "justice" make socialism popular with today's youth can't be seen from the windows of academia's and think tank's ivory towers in the clouds. Nope, Lawrence, nothing to see here.

Woodrow Wilson certainly was a progressive twat who began the process of demolishing the constitution and ushering in the managerial state but it's highly debatable whether it was worse than the damage done to American society and culture by the American Communist Party, self-proclaimed anarchists like Antifa and the demented leftist radicals of the Democratic Socialists of America- all the ideological grandchildren of those early 20th century communists and anarchists. As I see it, it's like debating whether being fatally poisoned from arsenic or cyanide is worse.

For in the rarefied atmosphere of think tanks and FEE, all that can be seen is open immigration, illegal immigration and H1-B visas provide cheap labor for American businesses accepting that the tabula rasa model of humans means identical, internationally interchangeable meat puppets. That free trade globalism leaves transnational corporations free to set up shop in countries with lax environmental laws and cheap local labor which translates to fatter dividends, increasing stock prices and a happier Wall Street.

To lads at FEE, this is all they can see and it's all good for them and their interests.

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