Saturday, January 4, 2020

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday might be early 1918 and the place is on Seneca Avenue near the corner of Dekalb Avenue Here we have a Taunton work car with the BRT, Brooklyn Rapid Transit logo on it which assuming the shop wasn't lazy about updating the logo would make this photo around 1918.  After this year, bankruptcy would  see the company reorganized into the BMT, Brooklyn Manhattan Transit of which their surface line would be renamed Brooklyn and Queens Transit, B&QT. For this time in this photo, this was the turn around for the Dekalb Ave line and the location of the BRT/B&QT Dekalb car repair shops which would be there until 1940.

Today the old two-story BRT/B&QT office building was long ago demolished and in its place a one story building housing an Associated Supermarket, the parking lot was where the loop track came through allowing the trolley to turn around to the track heading for Brooklyn. A school and large athletic field occupy the area on the left where once stood the shop yards and repair buildings.

The original B&W photo I got from NYC and in colorizing it must confess I have a hard time coloring flowers. Guess I don't know enough about flowers to figure out which species it is and what color they should be.

Donald Cavaioli

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