Friday, December 6, 2019

A Chorus of Liars: The Progressive Inquisition Finds More Heretics and Witches in The White House.

Imagine the social justice warrior shrieks of reeeeeeee!

The sleepless guardians of social justice, the Most Holy Inquisition and Defenders of the Faith of  the One True Political Religion, our glorious witch-finder heroes of the SPLC, have yet unmasked another naughty white soo-preamist badthinker in the person of White House aid, Stephen Miller. He's probably in some darkened room with the Evil One, Trump himself drawing up the plans for concentration camps while flashing the okay hand gesture, wickedly smirking and giggling at the thought of mass genocide, drinking milk and stuff. You know, those heinous things White Satan and his minions do to cause goodwhites and people of color bad feelz by blasphemously questioning the Holy Gospels of Marx and Gramsci.

And what a massive to-do it is! A fate worse than death, even death caused by gunshots which is way worse than any other form of death. It might even be worse than global warming, climate change, climate emergency or whatever it is called this week. This must be because Orange man bad. All bad things are because Orange man bad. So this is super-bad!

Amazing as how the racist devil and the insidious miasma of white privilege can not only posses a Jewish man or a black woman but to transform them into bona fide whites and supremacists and in the case of a Jewish Mr. Miller, Christians. Equal Opportunity Racism means"Whites" as strictly defined as European/descent caucasian gentiles let anyone in these days. It would, of course be inexcusably gauche and racist to not allow non-whites to join white nationalism and white supremacism. That would be racist.

Well, not surprising as with the identity left's doctrine of otherkin, you can be whatever you imagine yourself to be. Just ask Rachael Dolezal.

As the Identity Marx god as their witness, something must be done else some fate worse than universal Armageddon will befall us. Would the SPLC lie to us?

Seriously though, if white nationalists, supremacists and alt-right nazis didn't exist, then the left would have to invent them. Wait a minute...

Donald Cavaioli

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