Friday, December 13, 2019

The Psychic Awesomeness of the NYPD

Just when you think things like outlawing saying "illegal alien" and reporting people here in the U.S. illegally to ICE, when red flag laws that can unmask white supremacist terrorists before they can commit acts speech or writing that causes bad feels, here comes latest and greatest thing in witch finding: The Racially and Ethnically Motivated Extremism squad, or REME.

It's the latest thing in force sensitive psychic policing that not only finds miscreants possessed by the daemon racism but uses spectral evidence to predict with 100% accuracy that they will commit future hate crimes- saying or writing stuff that causes progressives and social justice warriors PTSD and near-death experiences. Somebody's got to get those dangerous miscreants off the streets before they do...uh,...things and stuff.

We here in the People's Banana Empire of New York have become so advanced in high-tech sorcery that somebody can be arrested, tried and convicted of a crime they will commit before they commit it. But only of hate crimes perpetrated by not civil rights special category protected classes whose racism is encoded in their very DNA and certainly not shootings and homicides committed by people of color. Arresting people of color for shootings would be racist, y'know. Besides, cops just get water dumped on them in those neighborhoods if they try to enforce laws there. Best to just walk away from that.

Here on full technicolor display is the Olympian-level genius of our Progressive Liberal overlords so try not to swoon in a progressive epiphany as you absorb every golden word:

New NYPD unit will target and prevent extremism By Rocco Parascandola New York Daily News, DEC 11, 2019

Yes, the denizens of the People's Banana Empire will sleep safer in their beds now that the NYPD has super awesome psychic detectives on the job! Can't wait until they master Jedi mind control, waving a hand and saying "don't be racist and these aren't the droids you're looking for". Or maybe they'll go full on Scanners and make badthinkers' heads explode.

Seriously, this takes anarcho-tyranny to a whole new revolting level and the thought police to hitherto unimagined twisted extremes that would have made Orwell himself puke. This is just a lame "look! squirrel!" diversion from the fact that shootings are on the rise. The serious crimes that progressive liberals and SJWs are incapable of addressing due to their head shoved firmly up their asses ideological dogma and mindless adherence to identity politics.

Besides, egregious displays of combating non-existent threats are a safer form of theater for the odious cretins who own and operate this city as they don't really attack their masters let alone throw water on their betters or cops and bounce the bucket off their heads.

Donald Cavaioli

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