Saturday, December 21, 2019

Albee Square, Brooklyn June 1941 in color

This is Albee Square Dekalb Avenue and Fulton Street in June of 1941

Actually, it was a black and white photo I found over on that I recolored. Aside from the City Hall subway station photo and Meeker Avenue at the old Penny Bridge, I consider this one of the best examples of colorized B&W photos I've yet done. NYC is a good source for decent sized scans (for colorizing purposes) of vintage subway and trolley photos.

The trolley is a B&QT Peter Witt car and the Albee movie theater just behind it and old Paramount Theater can be seen in the background.

For those who like old vintage photos and trolleys, especially if you want to see a long ago world as the people of the time saw it, enjoy.

Donald Cavaioli

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