Friday, December 27, 2019

Idiocracy Ascendant

What could possibly go wrong when crony-capitalist grifters, socialist parasites looking for more free stuff, Dunning-Kruger addled idiots who want to run the world and a grocer get together and plan a new way of providing electricity for a major city. Without coal or gas fired or nuclear power plants? Sounds like the start of a joke and it sort of is except we the people will be the butt of this jocularity.

But it gets even better, a utility run by government bureaucrats, you know, just like the bureaucrats who do such an fantastic job operating our public transportation system. Should we be relieved that our progressive leftist overlords have seemingly discarded Orwell's '1984' as an operations manual and have instead embraced Mike Judge's 2006 movie Idiocracy as their guide to creating a low-tech, socialist version of the Shire instead?

Or more likely would we fondly reminisce about the good old days of Soviet Stalinism and how much better we would have had it if we stayed the course in becoming a Soviet State? At least Soviet citizens had reliable power even with a nuclear power plant disaster and their public transportation system worked.

What could possibly go wrong indeed.
From: QNS article "Astoria testimony against Con Edison's rate hike argues that New York City needs a public utilities provider" by Max Parrott, July 24, 2019

Because New York bureaucrats and politicians are scrupulously honest and amazingly competent and electricity rates will be lowered with improved service? Uh, no, they're corrupt morons who could mismanage pouring piss out of a boot with the instructions printed on the heel while over-running the cost to double or triple the original estimate and then taking anywhere over 5 years to complete the task they said would only take 1 to 2 years to complete. Just like every other municipal project.

This would be a bigger fiasco than when the two privately operated mass transit companies were taken over and run by city (then in 1940, now NY state) functionaries as is now our MTA subway system. So much for the 5 cent fare that would never go up and $2.75 today simply is not enough.

But of course, we have Costa Constantinides on the case because when you want to design a municipal power system for a city of 8 million people who wouldn't ask the advice of a grocer turned windbag politician? I mean, this is New York, we don't need some geek squad engineers when we got Costa, some project dwellers and environmental activist wackos.

So unless we want to lie to ourselves that generators powered by burning wood chips is somehow "carbon neutral". That natural gas (or liquid natural gas) fired generators are redefined by some slippery lawyerly legerdemain as not being "fossil fuel" therefore, ispo facto a form of renewable energy. Or that when the wind and sun aren't cooperating in meeting power demands which means buying energy from elsewhere causing the spot energy prices to skyrocket then get used to frequent blackouts, otherwise watch your electricity bill triple.

Well, since the great bureaucratic superbrains of New York will be large and in charge, get used to blackouts and skyrocketing energy prices all the while being hectored and lectured about how we use too much energy and don't pay enough for it.

The real joke of this is: There is no climate emergency, the world is not going to end in 12 years, there's really no excuse for this and we're going to get this bullshit rammed down our collective throats anyway. C'mon! Laugh, it's funny!

Donald Cavaioli

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