Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Travesty of Hotel Queens

From: QNS - All the World's a Fare: NYC's largest and most diverse food festival comes to Queens

If I had a drinking game where I had to take a shot of whiskey every time I see the word "diversity" in any article written by some party-lining, liberal hack, or any other generic out-of-towner hipster, I'd have alcohol poisoning after the second paragraph. This article by Joe DiStefano didn't let me down.

Besides the usual out-of-towner squeeing like a giddy schoolgirl over the ethnic food and diversity which suburbanites love seeing in my hometown but never in theirs, Joe manages to eliminate our native identity while re-writing our history. First of all, "the world's borough"? Another word for the drinking game. We, those of us who were born here and even have generations of our ancestors buried here no longer have an identity of our own nor any claim on our home. We belong to the world now, occupied territory, whored out by our Manhattan-centric political establishment to anyone from the far flung reaches of the planet who wants to plant their own national flag in us. We don't even have our town names from which we identify ourselves anymore but we're just Queens.

Yes we belong to the world now as a series of unassimilated colonies waving their own national flags. For the white out-of-towners, it's like a third world theme park where they can come and gawk at the various exotic colonists. Ethnic cleansing of the local people and culture never sounded so cool and twee and the food? Oh, the food is just to die for! Fuck the people whose ancestors actually built the place and made it their home.

Then there is the World's Fair grounds. And no, Joe, the neither the Unisphere nor the 1964-1965 World's Fair, something we locals are proud of, was never about "diversity". You made that bit of nonsense up. Besides, the colonists neither know nor care about either the 1939-40 or 1964-65 Fairs. Read one of the plaques around the Unisphere sometimes if you're really interested in what it symbolizes.

Now there's the theme of the article itself: The World's Fare, an unoriginal title as this is what the food court in the Queens Center mall has been called since it opened in 1973, however I digress. What strikes me about this article is that if this is such a quintessential Queens event, why are there so few born and bred locals featured in it? Since looks like practically everybody is from somewhere else, how does this say anything about Queens other than muh diversity and muh ethnic food?

Overall, this is just more hyperventilated civic nationalist rubbish as detailed in previous posts here (specifically the last two paragraphs) and here.

Yes, welcome to Hotel Queens with guests from around the country and around the world having nothing more in common with each other than we are all staying in the same hotel. The guests are here for their own reasons, do not care about the concerns or problems of the other guests and generally treat the Hotel Queens and its employees, the native residents, with ill-disguised contempt.

Donald Cavaioli

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