Sunday, December 15, 2019

Beware of the Democratic Socialists of America- You don't want this party of psychologically dysfunctional lunatics anywhere near positions of power.

The Democratic Socialists of America have big plans and like a virus are trying to infect the body politic. The trouble is that the people who populate this party are a hot mess of psychological problems who probably pop psych meds from a Pez dispenser and have more issues than Time magazine. Just watch this YouTube video highlights of the Democratic Socialists of America convention (see here for the Revenge of the Cis take on it) and decide if letting this demented freak show control any part of government would make World War III with a full scale nuclear exchange seem like a much better option.

No wonder these people are socialists, they are so dysfunctional that there is no way they can ever hold even a menial job assuming they ever get hired in the first place. Without the twisted ethics of socialism, social rejects like these could never hope to even artificially achieve the levels of status, power and success that they truly do believe they deserve. This pretty much describes that old windbag, Bernie Sanders, a man who could never hold a menial job and did not become successful until he became a bloviating politician. Comrade Santa promising free stuff for all, money for nothing and your chicks for free. But the kids loved it. Yeah.

Imagine having society being run by people who cannot even run their own lives. It makes one reconsider if the old 19th century practice of confining the hopelessly damaged wreckage of humanity like the DSA delegates into "disappointment rooms" made good sense after all.

So why would anyone worry about this DSA circus of assclowns with such cringe-inducing antics such as addressing each other as "comrade" convincing anyone even borderline legally competent to elect any of their candidates? Who could ever take these spiteful mutants seriously or vote for any candidate they endorse?

The DSA should be taken very seriously because there is a dark side of the biolenninist coin. These are the grifters and worse, the grievance/identity rageheads because these two types are better at covering up their true plans and motivations behind a wall of "fairness", "justice" and "free stuff for all" backed up with heart-string tugging sob stories. Both types are only interested in pillage and the latter avenging some ancient, perceived wrongs and blaming another group for their own failures.

Of the two, the identity/grievance ragehead with justifications for their anger issues from their [fill-in-the-blank] studies education and the pseudo-intellectual psychobabble of intersectionality would make for the more fearsome master. Whereas the grifter's cupidity will eventually be sated, for the identity ragehead, those whom they consider the devils guilty of past collective sins against their identity group should expect absolutely no mercy. They will be persecuted to the grave and beyond if possible. Even those of the devil group who wholeheartedly support and happily betray their own group for the identity ragehead will earn no points nor will ever be forgiven. The crocodile will still eat them last.

So when reading this article from The City: DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS LOOK TO BRONX U.S. HOUSE RACE FOR NEXT VICTORY By Ese Olumhense, Dec 12, 2019

One should carefully consider if it's really a good idea to vote for Samelys (is it pronounced like Same-Lies?) Lopez, a woman who couldn't find a job outside of an activist non-profit, endorsed by the DSA freak show after competing with other worthies (need I add sarc?) like Melissa Mark-Viverito. Saying such really commie-cool things like "[t]he South Bronx is overwhelmingly revolutionary,” said a “super excited”  Lopez and “[t]here is a thirst for revolutionary, transformative leadership.”  Yeah a revolution maybe like Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge! I mean what could possibly go wrong?

I mean, like dude, she's like so totally super excited! And with all her promises of moar free stuff for hungry parasites, she's like the Chosen One! This and “[b]asically, like, I was part of the Jedi forces in New York City politics last year.”

So she's a fucking Jedi too? Seriously, what is she like 12 years old or something?

God help us if there are really enough parasites and idiots to elect Same-Lies and other idiots like her. It would make a pandemic outbreak of antibiotic resistant bubonic plague a more merciful and pleasant fate. Beware the demented freaks and spiteful mutants (video here) of the DSA.

Donald Cavaioli

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