Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Passive-Aggressive Coup D' Eta

From Business Insider: Nancy Pelosi says House will move forward with articles of impeachment against Trump by Grace Panetta, December 5 2019

It makes perfect sense that a ruling class populated by people of empty words and meaningless gestures with not a single man of action among them, or woman of action for that matter, would attempt to overthrow a president with such a flimsy and contrived impeachment plot. Such people are only capable of the lamest intrigues, plots based on rumor and innuendo and charges stretched to such absurd lengths as to mock logic and  utterly beggar credulity. This is the world of the managerial apparatchik, the red/blue uniparty factotum, the closed circle of the ruling class. They neither know nor care for the opinions and wishes of the unwashed masses of proles and peasants over whom they rule. Nor do they even see us as their fellow countrymen, let alone as their equals.

That these managerial plodders would care if the peasantry notices that the base their articles of impeachment, these high crimes and misdemeanors are exaggerations of events based almost exclusively on hearsay bothers our rulers not in the least. This impeachment imbroglio is not meant to convince the average American that President Trump must be removed from office just under a year from elections based on an anonymous eavesdropping "whistle blower's" shouting "j'accuse!". This work of theater, especially in the face of the Inspector General's report detailing some FBI wrongdoing during the so-called Russian Collusion investigation is not meant to sway the peasants but to demonstrate the power of the ruling class. Of course a thin veneer of semantics- "monitoring" instead of "spying", softens the impact of wrongdoing for the appearance of upholding the law must be cynically maintained to make breaking the law even more insufferably arrogant.

To add insult to injury, this gives cover for ardent Democrat fanboys and girls to rebut the heretical non-believers and rub the government's intransigence and unwillingness to obey its own laws in our collective faces like the good little slaves that they are.

That this is little more than a point and shriek first and loudest diversion from the actions of corrupt Democrats in the Ukraine gets lost in endless investigations that go nowhere and "we got 'em now! Orange man bad go to jail!" soundbites that are inevitably nothing. Even if we are paying attention, so what? What are ya gonna do about it, proles?

But for anyone not blinded by ideology or fooled by verbal rope-a-dope, the message is clear: Our betters make the laws and thus are above all laws and so only little people are forced to obey them. When our betters' vice and iniquity come to light, they simply laugh at us as they very publicly sweep it away. They know we will not do a damn thing about it, not even vote incumbent politicians out of office.

The articles of impeachment are not likely to result in removal but it will still be a triumph of the picayune, the jejune, that which is the modus operandi of our managerial overlords. It is a grotesque demonstration of power in the end. After Trump leaves office, the bi-factional red/blue uniparty and managerial apparatchiks will erase any trace of Trump's policies and then take steps to ensure that no more outsiders and interlopers become candidates for public office again.

Donald Cavaioli

Friday, December 13, 2019

The Psychic Awesomeness of the NYPD

Just when you think things like outlawing saying "illegal alien" and reporting people here in the U.S. illegally to ICE, when red flag laws that can unmask white supremacist terrorists before they can commit acts speech or writing that causes bad feels, here comes latest and greatest thing in witch finding: The Racially and Ethnically Motivated Extremism squad, or REME.

It's the latest thing in force sensitive psychic policing that not only finds miscreants possessed by the daemon racism but uses spectral evidence to predict with 100% accuracy that they will commit future hate crimes- saying or writing stuff that causes progressives and social justice warriors PTSD and near-death experiences. Somebody's got to get those dangerous miscreants off the streets before they do...uh,...things and stuff.

We here in the People's Banana Empire of New York have become so advanced in high-tech sorcery that somebody can be arrested, tried and convicted of a crime they will commit before they commit it. But only of hate crimes perpetrated by not civil rights special category protected classes whose racism is encoded in their very DNA and certainly not shootings and homicides committed by people of color. Arresting people of color for shootings would be racist, y'know. Besides, cops just get water dumped on them in those neighborhoods if they try to enforce laws there. Best to just walk away from that.

Here on full technicolor display is the Olympian-level genius of our Progressive Liberal overlords so try not to swoon in a progressive epiphany as you absorb every golden word:

New NYPD unit will target and prevent extremism By Rocco Parascandola New York Daily News, DEC 11, 2019

Yes, the denizens of the People's Banana Empire will sleep safer in their beds now that the NYPD has super awesome psychic detectives on the job! Can't wait until they master Jedi mind control, waving a hand and saying "don't be racist and these aren't the droids you're looking for". Or maybe they'll go full on Scanners and make badthinkers' heads explode.

Seriously, this takes anarcho-tyranny to a whole new revolting level and the thought police to hitherto unimagined twisted extremes that would have made Orwell himself puke. This is just a lame "look! squirrel!" diversion from the fact that shootings are on the rise. The serious crimes that progressive liberals and SJWs are incapable of addressing due to their head shoved firmly up their asses ideological dogma and mindless adherence to identity politics.

Besides, egregious displays of combating non-existent threats are a safer form of theater for the odious cretins who own and operate this city as they don't really attack their masters let alone throw water on their betters or cops and bounce the bucket off their heads.

Donald Cavaioli

Saturday, December 7, 2019

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle asks: What ever happened to the NYC gun buyback program?

It has been said that the only stupid question is the one that isn't asked. Well, the originator of that old saw was wrong: Some questions really are asinine or simply answer themselves and a truly sterling example of both cases simultaneously can be found here:

From The Brooklyn Daily Eagle: What happened to gun buybacks in New York City?                                                                           December 4, 2019 by Noah Goldberg

The very notion of offering a gun buyback program in the hopes of criminals being tempted to turn over their guns for $200, no questions asked, requires one to be clinically brain dead to actually believe that this program would work for the intended purpose. Would a plumber or mechanic turn over the tools of his trade to the city for $200 even if he in fact paid far less for them? Or would the plumber or mechanic reason that he could make more than $200 in a single day's work with his tools?

This questions answers itself and when we consider that a gun is the tool of a criminal's trade and even the dumbest criminal would realize he can make more in one "job" with the gun than a lousy $200. Nor would a criminal be inclined to believe the police or politicians about the "no questions asked" amnesty proviso. So why would any criminal participate in a gun buyback program even if he fully believed and trusted the authorities about the "no questions asked" amnesty policy and got the cash in hand as he walked out of the police precinct?

Now to be fair to Noah Goldberg, he did write that some experts- academics and former officials did view the program as a PR piece and he did give the believers in the gun buyback issue their say as well. All in all a balanced article even if the proponents could offer little more than some platitudes and unsubstantiated claims of lives saved. I do not take seriously the gun-grabbing, social justice  evangelicuck of the so-called "God Squad".

Maybe it could only be my own bias at work, but it did appear the author did lean more to the useless PR side of the issue the quote from Prof. Christopher Herman supports my earlier observation regarding the buyback. And Goldberg would be right to be suspicious of NYPD numbers especially after NYPD refused to allow an interview with a Chief who played a major role in the program, comment on it or provide the supporting stats. I know why.

The reader will have to take my word on this and it is a personal and anecdotal observation but the guns turned in were mostly the rusty, broken, old guns that grandpa bought back in the day and lay for years forgotten in the back of a closet after the old fellow passed away. It was a chance to clear an old piece of junk out of the closet and better than a yard or garage sale where you got a nice payday from it. The NYPD uses a very generous definition of "working" as "might work" as all the pieces are there if not exactly attached to the gun and if the shooter were not worried about the gun blowing up if he tried to fire it. The reason less guns were turned in then of course is because most people already cleared the junky, old guns out of their closets and garages.

So why, if it's even obvious to Goldberg that the gun buyback program is largely useless in the face of a recent increase in shootings, does he ask this question? The answer is to promote the darker program of "red flag" laws where psychics foresee the future and predict through spectral evidence who, usually some white guy, will commit a mass shooting crime. You know, like in Minority Report.

That is when city officials are not too busy persecuting and prosecuting someone for calling an illegal immigrant an "illegal alien", telling the illegal to "go back where they come from" and threatening to report the illegal to ICE. Unacceptable!

If the shootings are committed by "people of color", we are expected to only worry about the lack of nearby hospitals with trauma centers so gangbangers' lives can be saved and nursed back to health as quickly as possible so they can get back to work. No "red flag" laws invoked here, you racists.

This is also the city that is extremely concerned about drug addicts overdosing, having access to clean needles and a city-operated safe space where they can shoot up with free smack under proper medical supervision. Where would modern society be without drug addicts?

Fair is foul and foul is fair in this sick, twisted liberal city where the dregs of society are extolled, cherished and adored and working people are expected to toe their master's line and pay for it- or else. And we're most worried about other than people of color with guns or someone vaping or smoking a cigarette. Long live anarcho-tyranny!

Donald Cavaioli

Friday, December 6, 2019

A Chorus of Liars: The Progressive Inquisition Finds More Heretics and Witches in The White House.

Imagine the social justice warrior shrieks of reeeeeeee!

The sleepless guardians of social justice, the Most Holy Inquisition and Defenders of the Faith of  the One True Political Religion, our glorious witch-finder heroes of the SPLC, have yet unmasked another naughty white soo-preamist badthinker in the person of White House aid, Stephen Miller. He's probably in some darkened room with the Evil One, Trump himself drawing up the plans for concentration camps while flashing the okay hand gesture, wickedly smirking and giggling at the thought of mass genocide, drinking milk and stuff. You know, those heinous things White Satan and his minions do to cause goodwhites and people of color bad feelz by blasphemously questioning the Holy Gospels of Marx and Gramsci.

And what a massive to-do it is! A fate worse than death, even death caused by gunshots which is way worse than any other form of death. It might even be worse than global warming, climate change, climate emergency or whatever it is called this week. This must be because Orange man bad. All bad things are because Orange man bad. So this is super-bad!

Amazing as how the racist devil and the insidious miasma of white privilege can not only posses a Jewish man or a black woman but to transform them into bona fide whites and supremacists and in the case of a Jewish Mr. Miller, Christians. Equal Opportunity Racism means"Whites" as strictly defined as European/descent caucasian gentiles let anyone in these days. It would, of course be inexcusably gauche and racist to not allow non-whites to join white nationalism and white supremacism. That would be racist.

Well, not surprising as with the identity left's doctrine of otherkin, you can be whatever you imagine yourself to be. Just ask Rachael Dolezal.

As the Identity Marx god as their witness, something must be done else some fate worse than universal Armageddon will befall us. Would the SPLC lie to us?

Seriously though, if white nationalists, supremacists and alt-right nazis didn't exist, then the left would have to invent them. Wait a minute...

Donald Cavaioli

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

An Excellent YouTube Video on the Origins of Communism

Joshua Philipp, senior investigative reporter at The Epoch Times on the China Unscripted podcast #31 gives an interesting history of communism and its historical relationship with occultists. Just over 1 hour and 55 minutes long but well worth the time. 

Donald Cavaioli

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Waiting for The Real Progressive Liberals or Godot

It's a common complaint here in The People's Banana Empire of New York that city services suck, the cost of living grows ever higher, the trains are running worse and some categories of crime are rising. There are some local luminaries who deny the reasons why are not because we are a severely over-taxed, over regulated, balkanized, mutlicult empire run by demented progressive leftists who prize ideological purity and identity over competence. But, no, dear reader! It is that our current leadership is in fact not real progressive liberals. Yes, according to these our local pundit bloggers, the astounding wits they are, our Dear Leader, Bill de Blasio and his cadres are not in fact true, genuine, bonafide progressives but dastardly REBNY owned impostors! Impostors, frauds and imperfect implementation explains all of the past and present failures of progressivism and socialism. Not that mental giant proponents of it are delusional cargo cultists pushing a fatally flawed ideology.

Indeed, according to the mastermind proponents of the "muh real progressive liberal" cause had "muh real progressive liberals" been here, we would have achieved the promised Utopia of perfect equality in all things material, intellectual and spiritual. Choruses of Kumbaya would ring throughout the empire, white liberal "foodies" would squee like giddy school girls over the variety of wonderful ethnic foods and the trains would run on time too! For the white liberal, it would be the 1967 Summer of Love all over again but without the overdosed drug addicts and autistic hippies with weapons grade body odor, wallowing in feces and urine soaked mud. A perfect, permanent Burning Man festival without any of the downsides and in a consequence free environment. For the poorer ones- whites, non-whites and other odds and ends, it would be living in material wealth the same as the rich, white liberal, a higher status in society simply given as right and all the freestuff they can lay hands on but without having to earn any of it for themselves. Godot is more likely to arrive first.

So how do these protean geniuses of the "muh real progressive liberal" thing define a real progressive liberal? How will we know this prodigy when he appears to lead us to the Elysian fields of perfect liberalism? What the hell is perfect liberalism anyway? How will the real, legitimate, true progressive liberal accomplish all this? As I have asked the proponents in the comments sections several times, I have not received a coherent answer except that the real progressive liberal is real, and bears a resemblance to Santa Claus. And he's making a list and checking it twice and will prefect socialism at last unlike every other past, miserable failure throughout history.

But fear not, dear reader! For the precocious good liberals who truly believe in the Real Progressive Liberal Eminence coming like the Great Pumpkin are still hard at work. Building the runways in their backyards complete with cardboard boxes for the control tower and hangers so that the Great Progressive Liberal messiah shall take notice and will land there and lead us to paradise. Courage comrades!

Donald Cavaioli

Friday, November 1, 2019

Strange Bedfellows

It's too often said the politics makes for strange bedfellows but what is left out is the question of who is on the top which is really the most important factor(s).

It's a seemingly strange thing how such groups as corporations, big government politicians and apparatchiks, NGOs and sundry activists can appear to advocate for their own unique and different interests, sometimes opposing each other and yet at the same time, mostly will cooperate with each other. It's a phenomena that causes some to focus on only the differences and to then resort to the most crude, reductionist caricatures to make their cherry-picked facts fit their single magic bullet theory such as big anything bad and it's all about money. To some extent these can be factors but when dealing with large groups, reasons can be more varied and nuanced between the groups and even individuals within groups. Deconstruction can be a useful tool for understanding complex systems but the difficult part is to reduce motivations and reasons to their most basic components and understanding how they interact with each other without becoming too reductionist. Many people seem most comfortable with simple, single bullet explanations and are too intellectually lazy to look deeper.

The best explanation for mutual cooperation between largely unrelated groups is the Pareto Optimum from game theory. It can be thought of as a group of cars driving together on a highway where each driver has their own reason for driving and their own destination but it is in the best interests of most drivers to cooperate by following the rules of the road in order to arrive at their destination. There will be some drivers who will speed faster than the others, cut each other off, or get into an accident with another car but for the most part, the majority can be sure of reaching their destination. If too many drivers refuse to follow the rules, the result is known to be a large multi-car accident that blocks the highway and nobody will be able to get where they're going.

We human beings, imperfect as we may be, are moral actors capable of acting in our own best self interests whether rational or not and for either material or transcendent goals. So to some extent, cooperating with others with whom ones disagrees or even hates, at least for the present, if it advances their own goals and is therefore in their best interests. We may not always be rational but on average, we're not completely stupid.

So it would not be unexpected to see chemical companies support nominally luddite and anti-capitalist environmentalists in combating the so-called "ozone hole" as they would profit by patenting new refrigerants that don't last as long as the old freon, whose patent had expired, and need to be replaced more often. It wouldn't be difficult to understand why large corporations would support the ever growing list of EPA regulations and more stringent requirements to count a few hundred molecules per cubic centimeter of air as navigating all the regulations and compliance costs prevent upstart competitors from entering the business field. And to make large donations to politicians of both parties to buy the favor of allowing corporate lobbyists write legislation to their own benefit.

It must be remembered that corporations, no matter how large, may have influence but lacking an army or the law enforcement power to compel a citizen to obey the corporation's diktats, the corporation can not have real power. That is strictly reserved for government which commands a military, courts and law enforcement. Power to take a citizen's freedom, possessions or even his life for breaking the laws set forth by government. As Chairman Mao rightly said "power flows from the barrel of a gun" so the man with the gun, who can kill the man with the gold and simply take it all for himself unless the man with the gold offers to share it, is invariably in charge of the situation. Those who wield power will also jealously guard that power and not let it slip into the hands of those who are subordinate to their power.

Therefore the relationship between managerial corporations and the managerial state is more one of the vassal to his liege lord. The vassal pays tribute and swears obedience to his liege and in return the vassal is permitted, within limits, a free hand within his fiefdom. So with these bedfellows, it is clear who is on top.

In return for their fealty, the large corporations seem fine with being used by their managerial government overlords as the sockpuppet villains, used to deplatform and censor dissidents to the government's globalist schemes and to take the flak from the dupes of both the left and the right for it. The protection from competition, the  privileges and profits they receive, the too big to fail bailouts for playing along make it well worth it.  And as the system of government becomes more authoritarian verging into totalitarianism, corporate expressions of support for government policies will become more ostentatious and unctuous.

This is in contrast to the idea that corporations and billionaires are in fact the puppet masters of the government which is a favorite trope among libertarians and libertarian apostates who refer to themselves as the alt-right or dissident right. Libertarians, their apostates and heretics are unable to get past the notion that 'money makes the world go 'round' as they believe that all the fabulous wealth and bling simply bedazzles the people of the government power structure and magically compels obedience. What they observe as rich people, the elite, exercising privileges not enjoyed by the plebeian masses are privileges the elite have paid to have, not given from a fawning ruling class who stand in open mouthed awe of their wealth.

This misunderstanding is due to first, they ignore or are blithely unaware of the fact that most power in government resides in the unelected bureaucracy as it is these managers who create laws and regulations and who actually operate government on a day-to-day basis. Tenured bureaucrats can find any number of ways to disobey the directives of the elected executive or legislative oversight with little fear of being fired. Corporate donations mean nothing to a bureaucrat who does not need it to keep his job.

Secondly, it is an obstinate refusal or failure to recognize the difference between models of power and models of influence. One can always refuse the requests or proposals of another who can only wield influence with money, goods or services as the lure. However, one cannot refuse the command of another who wields the power to forcibly take one's property, freedom or life by any means legal or illegal. Just as it is a failure of libertarians to understand the hierarchy of which the climate and environment of the country shapes the people which forms their culture. Then downstream of culture is formed their government and political system which in turn forms their economic system. The private business components formed within the economic system are therefore is no more capable of changing the the political system than it is in changing the physical nature or culture of the people who created it. The cart can never drive the horse.

However, to return to the topic at hand, it's to be expected that all large corporations would enthusiastically support the latest catastrophe du jour, global warming/climate change. It would not only usher in more new competition killing EPA regulations that might even knock off existent competitor corporations in the bargain. As well it would offer more crony capitalist grifter and middleman businesses opportunities to sell, by government mandate, more unneeded goods and services that are alleged to save the world from the weather. This also explains the recent "woke" capital mania as the vassal tries to emulate his lord's whims in social engineering and social justice to curry favor with his liege. It should also be added that ever image conscious corporations whose upper management tend to be as socially and culturally isolated from the average American as the political establishment. So the corporate heads might come to believe that progressivism is as popular with the majority of Americans as the mainstream media tells them. After all, the people voted Barack Obama president twice, didn't they? Going SJW "woke" would make for a kinder, gentler, corporate image and make the American people like them, wouldn't it?

However, following the progressive path of "woke" capital means not only talking the talk but walking the walk. So as corporations are obliged to create progressive positions within their company like expanded definition human resources, diversity coordinators, sensitivity trainers, etc., positions that cost the business money without adding any value to goods and services or improved productivity. To this end, they hire progressive leftist social justice warriors to occupy these positions as only such people would be interested in these tasks. What the corporate heads either failed to understand or whose new age CEO's would think is cool is that the SJW's they hired would in turn hire many more SJW's until the business that the corporation is engaged in would turn away from that business' function of providing goods and services people want or need and concentrate on social justice issues. The result is eventually a business that loses money. Marvel Comics, the latest Star Trek series and the Star Wars franchise are examples of this. The only businesses that can survive this SJW convergence are crony capitalist ventures with guaranteed government support, a multi-billionaire patron willing to throw good money after bad, the stock market with quantitative easing or as previously mentioned those which are deemed by government as "too big to fail". In effect, practically any large corporation, bank or brokerage.

It may be good to be the king but it certainly pays well to be the king's loyal lap dog.

Donald Cavaioli

The Passive-Aggressive Coup D' Eta

From Business Insider: Nancy Pelosi says House will move forward with articles of impeachment against Trump   by Grace Panetta, December 5 ...