Friday, March 29, 2019

Don't kid yourselves, Queens Chronicle editorial staff, there's no stopping leftists on a holy crusade

From: The Queens Chronicle Editorial, March 14, 2019

Where’s the beef? Gone.

"Oh, no! It appears conservative commentator Sebastian Gorka was right. Liberals really are coming to take away our hamburgers! The proof’s right here in New York City.
Gorka made the comments at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference. Environmentalists have long lamented the methane that cattle emit into the air, saying it contributes to global warming, and he was alluding to this line from the original FAQ sheet on the Green New Deal touted by our own Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast ...”
Now Mayor de Blasio is helping the cause, declaring “Meatless Monday” at all city schools. No beef, no chicken, no ham; it’ll be vegetarian food only once a week except for kids who bring in their own. It’s clearly a socialist plot to destroy America.
We kid. All jokes aside, we do hope Meatless Monday doesn’t get extended to other days. Children need their protein, and meat provides a lot of it. It’s one thing when kids want to go vegetarian — great! — but they shouldn’t be forced to. If we didn’t evolve to eat both plants and animals, we wouldn’t have canine teeth.
We bet that attack dog Gorka’s are extra sharp."

Meat is just one of those things that has made its way onto the left's list of devils and as such, a struggle is necessary to vanquish this evil. The official theology is that eating meat is not only wrong because....reasons... but that cows are causing global warming by farting the other sky dragon gas, methane and are responsible for the spread of racism, fascism and white Christian male patriarchy among other unspeakably naughty things. Can't you see? This must absolutely be stopped or the earth will explode in 12 years!
Just think about all those corporate factories where cows are manufactured by exploited slave labor under the watchful sneer of some evil avatar of Mr. Monopoly, who wickedly giggles at the thought of destroying the earth and poisoning everyone with meat eating. Hence, a program of small incremental compromises and minor changes takes place over time until the cow factories are finally closed down for good. Because, you know all the rest of us simply have no idea what is best for us and would probably all be dead inside of a week if it were not for the guidance of our "woke" demigod betters.
I'm exaggerating here, but only a little bit. These are the sort of people who are not into rational, logical thought, they're emoters on a mission, and as such they are inclined to believe with  religious-like fervor in what they're promulgating without considering whether it's based in reality or not. Even the term "woke" is used in a quasi-religious context much like being "born again" or in this case, it would beg the question if we have accepted the prophet Marx as our personal savior. Worse even is that these people will not go away and will not accept compromises in the long run any more than a Puritan would compromise with witches.

They'll start with wheedling for small compromises couched in weaponized sob stories, just a meatless Monday, and as they get this then more compromises, the wheedling will gradually fall away in the face of more strident demands and shrill threats. It will start with meatless Monday and won't end until all demon meat is banned from NYC public schools. You will obey us, the social justice warriors of the one true and inevitable political religion that shall usher in an equalitarian utopia. Resistance is futile!

The Queens Chronicle editorial board takes the usual moderate liberal attitude of being above the fray while portraying themselves as the voices of reason in the face of those silly conservative attack dogs. Liberals and moderates almost always dismiss anyone who warns of the seriousness of the left in aggressively pursuing their agenda in a most smug and supercilious way. Even the weak, watery criticisms of some factotum of Conservative Inc. (who couldn't even conserve the women's bathroom) elicits a superior chuckle of Olympian mirth from them. Talk about punching down.

 I have heard it said that to liberals, communists are really noble fellows who deserve special consideration in a harsh and reactionary world. So of course, the Queens Chronicle editorial board would say nothing too critical (except to Gorka) of leftists or meatless Monday otherwise they would lose their goodthinker street cred and be cast down from their Ivory Tower into the void. And that would be positively mortifying, daahlink!

Cows and other methane farting bovines would exist naturally large herds whether people eat meat or not. That is unless vegans and environmentalists plan on a mass cow genocide program to follow. So how would vegetarianism reduce reduce bovine flatulence? The short answer is that it won't. This is nothing more than a political and social agenda being promoted under the camouflage of an alleged climate emergency. It's a solution in search of a problem.

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, March 28, 2019

The consequences of cutting high ranking bureaucrats out of chain of command or information loop.

The managerial state has its rules and penalties for violating them. One of the most important is that the bureaucratic chain of command is inviolate no matter how slow and inefficient it is even to the point where it causes failure. Circumventing the chain of command especially if it brings success makes this managerial crime far worse because it reveals the inherent flaws of the system and shows how unnecessary many of the ranking apparatchiks in it are. This must never be permitted and miscreants must be harshly punished otherwise the plebs will catch on to what an overgrown, inefficient and unnecessary failure the managerial state really is. People in power usually will not give it up of their own volition and the greater their power, the more they will fight tooth and nail to keep it. Therefore any threat to that power must be ruthlessly dispatched at once.

Submitted for your consideration this article from PJ Media: Make No Mistake: The Mueller Investigation Was All About Flynn (March 26, 2019)

Michael Ledeen makes the case that General Flynn's circumvention of bureaucrats in the Pentagon and Intel community to get intelligence out to soldiers in the fields of Iraq and Afghanistan as quickly as possible where it would do the most good. In our managerial bureaucracy, success is not an option and Flynn's marginalization of his ranking lieges (and making them look bad in the process) was an unforgivable crime requiring the Mueller probe to wreak vengeance.

I agree with Ledeen that Flynn was a marked man even before the Trump Presidential campaign and when Flynn joined Trump's campaign, the ruling class would see it as a veritable nest of vipers. But in the light of the Steele dossiers prominence in obtaining the FISA warrants, it would be more likely the ruling class saw it as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone that gives cover for the real reason Flynn was targeted. There are many reasons for the ruling class establishment to attack Trump and certainly the Flynn affair is one of them, perhaps a significant one, but arguably not the primary reason. Still in all, a good article and well worth the read.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The latest Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez histrionics: "People are dying", really, Sandy?

I make it a point not to talk about, let alone write about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because quite frankly, I find her to be a boring rehash of threadbare, antique socialist cliches. Another thing, and I can't blame Sandy for this, is the cringy way her local fanboys in Queens squeal about her like overheated teenyboppers at a boy band concert.  If I were to judge Sandy by her fans, being the dream queen of bugmen incels is a bad look and a real turn-off. I won't even get into the characters she surrounds herself with.  And 'The Justice Democrats'? The name is corny and sounds like a kid's superhero cartoon. Do the Justice Democrats run around in capes or something?

Then there are the policies she espouses like the Green New Deal. You want to ban air travel but rebuild airports? Huh? 100% renewable energy with no gas, coal, woodchips or sawgrass burning backup generators and we all have to add electric vehicles to the power grid as well? It looks suspiciously like a wild grab bag of a freestuff program for parasites, an illegal alien's bill of rights, a middleman crony capitalist feeding frenzy and a watermelon environmentalist's wet dream all rolled into one. However I digress.

In any event, I would have a hard time determining if she were in fact a sociopathic threat to modern civilization or an idealistic idiot. Maybe this is unfair as I do not know her personally and can't say anything about her character or intellect and she might really be a very nice person, intelligent and well-meaning after all. But if any of her ideas or policies from an alternate dimension were implemented here in the real world, it would make a full scale nuclear exchange with the Russians seem like a treat.

Whatever it is, after getting laughed off the stage with the inane hand waving claim that we only have 12 years to live (I've been hearing that since the late 80's) unless we immediately implement this bioleninist written Green New Deal, Sandy is back with more apocalypse porn.
From: Yahoo News: 'People are dying': Ocasio-Cortez defends Green New Deal from 'elitist' knock (March 27, 2019)

First of all, perhaps Sandy would be so kind as to provide the facts as to who is presently dying from global warming or climate change or whatever they're calling it today. Where can we find this dirty air and dirty water that's killing people. Where are the casualties? If herself wants to cite the Flint water crisis of 2014-2015 where 90 people were sickened and 12 people died from legionnaires disease, this was an isolated incident due to municipal incompetence. Then how does that justify spending tens of trillions of dollars to address an incident from about 5 years ago? Is there a provision for a time machine in that dog's breakfast of a GND?

Nobody is calling the victims here elitist, only calling bullshit on the Green New Deal and using the Flint victims as props in a supporting sob story. People are dying! Sniff, sniff, pauses to wipe away a tear. Now gimmie the money, dammit!

But there's more. So kids in the South Bronx are suffering from the highest rates of childhood asthma in the country. Funny, according to the website, New York's air is the cleanest since air pollution monitoring began. So about this dirty air thing, Sandy? The causes of asthma are not well understood and may be genetic among other things including possibly mom smoking during pregnancy. So this is another case of people being used as props again in Sandy's weaponized sob stories.

Really, this Green New Deal is all about power and money. Spare us the asinine climate change threats that the government has been trying to scare us with since the 1980's. Stop with the weaponized sob stories that are either taken out of context or are just outright lies.

Every climate model has failed to make an accurate prediction, every doomsday prediction from rising sea levels to moar super duper storms to it being 2 deg. C. hotter today than in 1990 (the temperature rise has been paused for about 20 years now) the arctic icecap melting 5 years ago has spectacularly flopped.

But like some kooky millenarian cult, when one predicted doomsday in 10 or 20 years comes and goes, they give us another 10 or 20 years to repent our sins and worship at the altar of Gaia with more of our money and an ever lowering standard of living.

No, the global cooling, global warming, climate change or whatever it'll be called next year simply proves H.L. Mencken's quote about politics being about scaring us so government can save us (paraphrasing) is still as true today as when he said it almost a century ago.

Yeah, I didn't want to write about Sandy but she's everywhere on the news and not always in the most flattering light. Like an old piece of sticky gum stuck to the sole of your shoe, the news media just can't seem to pry itself free of Sandy. For the present, at least, omnipresent Sandy is ratings gold. And I hope this should be the one and only time I bother to write about her.

But why did I write this post?
I don't consider other people embarrassing themselves with seriously cringe-inducing hyperbolic nonsense rhetoric entertaining but after a while of unavoidably seeing it again and again, a morbid curiosity like that about a messy car accident develops. One just can't help looking.

Donald Cavaioli

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

If Democrats and SJWs say "That's not who we are", they never actually say who we are. So who are we?

Every time someone questions, criticizes or opposes the latest official Democrat cause du jour or social justice warrior activist talking point, the response is always "that's not who we are".
By what right do any of these people define who we are? Well, nobody gave them the right, they simply took it.

So who are we then?
That is never really articulated because it is either used by managerial state politicians to deflect away from their true objective and silence the interlocutor or it is the emotionalist nihilism of rank and file activists. 'That's not who we are' is the go to NPC response for SJW's  because they can't articulate a logical reason for their position nor do they have any real idea of who they or we are. In their own demented way, the SJW activists are actually being honest.

That's not who we are!
Is fundamentally to control the narrative and stifle opposition. The ruling class or their factotums will either not tell you who we (by that our betters mean we plebs) are or our betters will change the definition at their whim. Hence, this weaponized obscurantism is designed to hide the ruling class' true agenda while promoting some official lie, euphemistically called a narrative, and silencing heretical opposition by threatening to outgroup them. To the infidels who question the official narrative of the managerial state: That's not who we are so if you do not kowtow to our policy this instant, you are not one of us. Into the void with you, wicked miscreant!

 However, in the process, our identity as individuals or as people of a nation is disintegrated through this ever shifting, phantom goal post set by the changing narratives of who we are (or are not).

So it can be said this "that's not who we are" slogan also serves a more globalist agenda. It is intended to destroy any identity we have as one of the means of creating a gray, generic humanoid creature to suit the purposes of  the various international ruling classes and their transnational corporate vassals. Gray generic humanoids, each indistinguishable from the other and that may be moved about or interchanged like parts in a machine as needed by our betters. For as far as our betters are concerned, we non-ruling class or not-elite are nobodies anyway. A nobody is nothing and nothing has no definable qualities. Therefore, as far as our betters are concerned, we can never be who we are.

Donald Cavaioli

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Mueller Probe: A Demonstration of the Managerial/Deep State's Power

The Special Counsel Investigation commonly known as the Mueller probe is over. Charged ostensibly with the investigation of allegations of Russian interference with the 2016 Presidential election, it in fact had no clearly defined limits as to what the probe could investigate. It was a blank check issued to Mueller that he filled out to the max.

The result was a handful of unrelated process crimes, lying to the FBI, or unrelated crimes that occurred about 10 years ago. Absolutely no evidence of  Trump or any of his campaign or Whitehouse staff soliciting or accepting Russian government assistance in stealing the election from Hilary Clinton. It was all bullshit from the start, originating from the Clinton campaign as opposition research and all the participants knew it.

This should not only put an end to these scurrilous Russian collusion charges but shine a spotlight on the questionable if not illegal actions of the  FBI and Justice Department. But it doesn't and it won't either. They knowingly used outright fabrications in documents supplied by Christopher Steele to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on one Presidential candidate to benefit the opposing candidate. This is the same FBI and Justice Department who when investigating classified State department documents on Hilary Clinton's own personal server found that laws were indeed broken but no evidence of criminality found. Here with Trump, the opposite is true: No laws were broken but evidence of criminality was found.

That the FISA warrant was based on Steele's lies was memory holed. That there was an incestuous relationship between the Justice Department and Fusion GPS through Bruce and Nelly Orr was politely ignored. That an FBI lawyer and FBI Special Agent, both of whom were avowed Clinton partisans, sought ways to help derail his campaign or get him impeached, clearly abuse of authority, was quietly swept under the rug with their firings. An entire book can be written detailing all the dirty tricks the managerial state apparatchiks utilized in this obvious hit job on Trump. The ruling class was reacting to what they perceived as a threat to their power and interests and are still openly using their power to neutralize all threats.

What should be an exoneration of the charges that Boris and Natasha colluded with the bad Orange Man to steal the election from the rightful heir to the monarchy is being spun as it's not over yet.
This is simply a sop thrown to the faithful cultists of the Democrat party to keep up their morale.

But the ruling class also saw Trump's election as a servile insurrection and moved quickly to discredit Trump in both the Mueller probe and the incessant negative reporting in the mainstream media. It further served to demonstrate to the insubordinate MAGA plebs that the power of the ruling class cannot be defied by voting into office people from outside the accepted ruling class stable. Our votes no longer count for anything as the apparatchiks will either destroy or neutralize rebel electeds assuming they make it past the party gatekeepers to be nominated.

Although Trump was personally targeted by the managerial state for his refusal to go along with their agenda, the other target was the American people themselves. Especially those middle Americans who voted for Trump in the hopes of effecting real change in they way government is run and regaining citizen control of government policies.

So the purpose of this exercise was not only to politically damage President Trump but when juxtaposed to the Soviet style tactics of the Justice Department and the FBI and outcome of Clinton server scandal, it was to humiliate Trump supporters.  Because as Theodore Dalrymple noted: “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

So this is where we are at now- A blatant display of the unquestionable and unstoppable exercise of the power of our ruling class through the apparatus of the managerial state and mainstream media.

And how will Joe and Jane Normie react to this?
The peasantry at large may or may not notice. They might or might not believe what they see on the T.V. news but that does not matter. The peasantry, aside from their natural instincts of obedience  to their betters, would otherwise be too engrossed in the big sportsball game or the latest hit reality T.V. show. As long as their bellies are full or at least not growling too much, or their iron rice bowl appears secure at least for the present, the peasantry will do nothing to rock the boat. They will chant "Orange Man bad" on cue to prove their loyalty when their betters are looking and some who know better will grumble amongst themselves out of earshot of their betters. Yet no matter how corrupt the system is or how blatant the lies they are told, for the foreseeable future the peasant will go along to get along while life is somewhat tolerable.

Donald Cavaioli

Sunday, March 24, 2019

More Emotionalist Propaganda: Waving the Bloody Shirt in the Service of Bicycle Lanes and Anarcho-Tyranny

From the Queens Chronicle: Cyclist killed in Long Island City crash with car

This is an accident that will be exploited by ghouls in elected office and advocacy groups in a grotesque effort to promote their propaganda and to advance their agenda. It is, as usual, another dreary attempt by liberals to gain a privilege in the form of dedicated bicycle lanes for little more than their desire to consume yet another status symbol in their drive for virtue signalling. The set up here is the usual morality tale of leftist angels versus the devils where the angels in this case are the bicyclists who can do no wrong in battling against evil cars. To remedy this horrific miscarriage of justice, more protected bicycle lanes are needed and automotive traffic euphemistically "calmed" in gridlock. Yet, despite any sense of decency, these people will see the personal tragedy of the victim, Mr. Spencer, as an opportunity to wave the bloody shirt with vulture-like glee to advance their agenda. Really, how low can you go exploiting a man's death for the privileges of special interest groups.

That all the existent bicycle lanes are seriously under utilized, that bicycles, fun for recreational or exercise purposes but cannot serve as a viable replacement for the automobile makes no nevermind to these fanatical cultist advocacy groups. Like spoiled children, they will continue to make demands. Worse even with these types of creatures, even when their current demands are met, they will cry for ever more concessions. A social justice warrior activist is a liar and lives only for conflict so a wise policy would be never to believe any of their claims and never make even the least concession to them.

Let's see from the article what happened:
"The operator of the vehicles was traveling southbound on 2nd Street, in the right of two travel lanes, approached the intersection at Borden Avenue.  The vehicle entered the intersection with the green traffic signal.  The bicyclist was traveling westbound on Borden Avenue, approaching 2nd Street, and apparently disobeyes a steady red traffic signal.  The bicyclist continues into the intersection and was struck by the southbound vehicle.  The bicyclist was removed to Mount Sinai Hospital of Astoria and subsequently pronounced deceased.  The operator of the involved vehicle remain on the scene.  The investigation remains on going and there are no arrests at this time.

Although bicyclists and pedestrians always have the right of way, that does not protect them from the consequences of unsafe actions or bad decisions. Right of way does not protect one from the physics of momentum and kinetic energy from impact with a car. This accident should serve as a cautionary tale to bicyclists that for their own safety they must obey all traffic laws. No amount of protected bicycle lanes can protect a rider from their own bad decisions. Further, bicyclists should understand that a motorist may not always see them and may not be able to react in time to avoid hitting them. Always be aware of and respectful of traffic around you. In any confrontation between a motor vehicle and a bicyclist (or a pedestrian), the motor vehicle will win every time. Otherwise, a white painted "ghost bicycle" becomes little more than a Darwin Award.

Nobody sane who drives any motor vehicle wants the problems of an accident on their insurance and driving record or an injury or death on their conscience. Yes there are plenty of assholes out there behind the wheel as in the bike saddle or walking along and they should be given a wide berth.

"Several cycling advocates disputed the findings on social media, pointing out that the report is based on what the driver told police."

First of all, none of us should doubt the NYPD's findings in this accident. The police have no dog in this fight, no cause to promote nor axe to grind. The police investigator's findings will have to stand up in either criminal or civil court. Determining the cause and if any criminality is involved is all that matters. The physical evidence of skid marks, location of damage on both the car and bicycle alone tells the story.

If these advocates are right, then why don't they produce evidence to prove it instead of an assertion and innuendo. Obviously, they have nothing really to say outside of inane conspiracy theories and should be ignored.

And the political vulture, NYC Councilman Van Bramer, weighs in with an insipid statement of fact free histrionics:

“This morning, a cyclist was killed in LIC,” Van Bramer said. “Another awful tragedy. Another life lost. Another family shattered. We cannot normalize traffic violence and deaths. They cannot be a forgone conclusion. Cyclists deserve safety on our city’s roads like everyone else. It’s long past time to hold reckless drivers accountable and to invest in sustainable transportation infrastructure like protected bike lanes to better ensure the safety of all New Yorkers and to prevent any more needless loss of life.”

I do not personally know Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer so I can't say for sure whether if he is in fact an odious cretin, a ghoulish ambulance chaser, or just a plain slimy liar of a politician or any combination thereof. It doesn't matter as this statement stands as an asinine, one sided sermon of unctuous pandering to the bicyclist lobby. Really, a cringe-worthy effort overall that reflects most poorly on his constituents who keep electing him to office.

First off, see the police statement and understand that mistakes or bad riding habits can have terrible consequences. There must be some personal responsibility involved here. Next, who in the hell is "normalizing traffic violence" and death? Violence? Seriously? Right, Jimmy, gilding the lily a bit too much there but set that strawman up and knock him down.

Hold reckless drivers accountable, great idea, Jimmy. If only we had something like a police department that investigates accidents and who issue summonses for traffic violations or make arrests in cases of motorist criminality, that just might work. Oh, wait, just more Van Bramer verbal spew.

So yes, cyclists do deserve safety but once again, personal responsibility and obeying traffic laws should play a major part in safety. To try and make this all about all motorists being reckless is a disingenuous genetic fallacy. Being an assclown of a snowflake is a quality that cuts across all demographics (including politicians and bureaucrats too) so why get so sanctimonious about motorists only. Liberals are just not bright enough to think outside of simplistic, binary dichotomies.
And finally, how is moar money spent and moar protected bike lanes going to address accidents that happen at intersections? The sustainable transportation infrastructure thing is just an emotional throwaway term to trigger goodfeelz in liberal emoters. Otherwise it is completely meaningless nonsense.

But in all of this, are bicyclists going to pay registration fees to help defray the costs of dedicated bicycle lanes or are they going to be held accountable for violations of traffic laws by being issued summonses by the police? No, the SJW snowflakes want special privileges and freestuff in the form of bike lanes.

Well, maybe I shouldn't be so hard on old Jimmy. After all, being a liar and pandering to the interests of favored vassal special interest groups is in the modern politician's job description. No, really the blame lies with we the people who have been asleep at the switch for generations and have allowed many bona fide creeps to be elected to office and the managerial/custodial state to run wild. Worse yet for us is that there is no widespread public will to elect better people or demand the excesses government and their vassals be reigned in.

In conclusion:
It's a sad and tragic thing when someone is killed in an accident.Something no normal human being wants to happen (progressive leftists excepted) but any reasonable person understands that we are not perfect and accidents happen. We can take reasonable steps to significantly reduce the odds of accidents which first and foremost must be exercise of common sense and adherence to the rules but must realize that no system can ever be completely foolproof. Motorists, pedestrians or bicyclists disregard traffic laws, and yes, no one is blameless here. This is not in any way "normalizing" accidents but recognizing a fact. So no new sets of laws or unnecessary bicycle lanes, etc, will address the assholery of pompous, entitled douchebags that too often run amok here. Only by encouraging people to respect the rules of the road as created for their safety, promote use of common sense and respecting each other can we reasonably reduce accidents.

We must strive for the heuristic and not allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good. All of us, as human beings, must ultimately take responsibility for our actions and accept the consequences like rational adults.

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, March 21, 2019

A brief hiatus

I don't usually post every day but as I've been busy with some other things, I don't expect to post anything until next week.
But stay tuned, I have some more things to write about.
I'm not finished here yet.

Donald Cavaioli

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Deracination of Words

It's a prediction that George Orwell did not get completely right in his novel 1984. 

He did get a good deal right, give the man an 'A' for effort, including surprisingly, that bit about pop music for proles being composed by a machine called a 'versificator' or what we today call a computer AI program . But one of the major predictions, 'newspeak' didn't quite go the way he thought it would.

Orwell prognosticated that newspeak would reduce the ideas conveyed by language by limiting the number of words used and as a result, reducing the dictionary to only a few dozen pages. Wrongthink is eliminated by eliminating the vocabulary that could express it. The modern left, working towards the same glorious goal of eliminating wrongthink, went another route with spectacular results.

Perhaps because they did not want to be seen as dull, unimaginative Orwell copycats, or that their ripping off Orwell's act for most of what they use already was becoming too cliched. Nevertheless, they finally succeeded in only partially ripping off newspeak by giving it a new spin. The modern left retained the words but erased the definition and meaning of words and replaced it with a pure emotional connotation. Words in the leftist's lexicon, now only cause an emotional trigger of good feels or bad feels.

And here's where the left's twisted genius finally shines through. Not only do they eliminate wrongthink with meaningless, emotion laden, words, they also make doublethink a stunning reality by vaporizing thought itself. The goodthinker needn't bother to suppress the truth because lying requires using reason and understanding concepts first before one can mentally discard them and substitute the party approved narrative. An emotionalist language does not use reason and since the words no longer have any real meaning, one does not need to go through the mental gymnastics necessary of suppressing the truth and substituting the official narrative. Therefore it is impossible and even unnecessary to lie to oneself since there is no thought involved.

So one day soon, if all goes according to plan, all writing will consist of an ungracious crashing of words that will not be read for meaning or ideas as they will be little more than gibberish. No, writing will not be read in the currently accepted meaning but be skimmed over where the reader, lacking any critical thinking abilities, will be given emotional impressions.

Donald Cavaioli

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Apocalypse Con

Thinking back over the course of my life, if I were to have started to dig my own grave every time officialdom told me we were all doomed because of some predicted cataclysm, I'd be in fucking China by now. Be it DDT, acid rain, global cooling, the ozone hole, global warming, climate change, we had only 10 to 20 years left. When the doomsday clock ran out, and they all have, we were either given another 10 to 20 years or a new end of the world scenario was cooked up. The only thing that changed was environmental groups became richer and more influential, certain corporations made money and better paid bureaucrats became more numerous. And to the best of my knowledge, the world didn't end yet and we're all still alive. It would appear that we were lied to for the gain of others.

However, according to our betters, not being put in a car seat until I was 10 years old, having played in a park not encased in bubble wrap or riding my bicycle without a helmet, I should never have lived past childhood. There should only be a mere handful of my age group left alive today. But there are many of us still here. There were a few who did tragically die in childhood due to accidents, but they were really a tiny minority of us. As it is impossible to make the world absolutely risk free and safe, the hyperbolic appeals to the precautionary principle to justify new laws, rules and regulations were at best exaggerated and at worst simply lies.

No matter whether it is "for the children" or "we must save the earth", "banks (or other corporations) are too big to fail" (or we're all gonna die, the world economy will explode, etc.) there was a corporation there either to sell us government mandated good and services that will somehow save us or receiving a tax payer funded bailout. A warning sign that should make one suspicious is how shrill and extreme the threats are and how little time we have left to act before it's too late. So little time, there can be no debate and skeptics, let alone anyone who asks a question, are smeared as deniers or other weaponized terms. Deniers, who for some unfathomable reason, want the whole world to die as if they were themselves immortal and unaffected by global armageddon or were mindlessly suicidal.
But most suspicious of all is how much this is going to cost us.

Always ask questions of the apocalypse porn peddlers. The more urgent the call to action freighted with the most heart rending of sob stories, the more they should be questioned. Be the tenth man, not the gullible fool and look at the data carefully with a skeptical eye. If it's outside you area, look at what other experts say who are skeptical of what the apocalypse sellers are pushing. Evaluate the arguments, not the ad hominem attacks on the skeptics. Do not fall for the appeal to authority fallacy as even scientists can either get things wrong or being human, will be devotees of a political cult pushing an agenda or saying things the powers that be want to hear just to get grant money. Never believe anything based solely on the output of a computer model as computers are not magical fortune telling oracle boxes but know only what the programmer tells them. Most of all, don't be afraid of the name calling blowback from questioning the official "you're all gonna die" craze.

There is a saying from World War II that when you're taking the heaviest flak, that means you're directly over the target. The more smears you get for asking questions, the more shaming language or weaponized words are used by the doomsayers to silence you, the more certain it is that they are lying.

Don't fall for the apocalypse con game.

Donald Cavaioli

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The GOP: Part of the ruling class clique or just hapless cucks

I've made mention before of the Republican party being part of a bi-factional ruling class party with the Democrat party. I still stand by this insofar as the leadership and upper ranks of the GOPe (Grand Old Party establishment) are concerned. There is plenty of admittedly circumstantial evidence to support this thesis; the higher ranking members of both parties attended the same Ivies, were in some cases members of the same frats, and studied under many of the same professors. Members of both parties have advisors that likewise were educated at the same Ivies, ran in the same frat circles and worked on and off at the same tax-exempt non-profit foundations and think tanks. This alone makes it reasonable to assume that members of both parties would naturally tend to think alike, agree on certain fundamental concepts of government and would likely cooperate on advancing an overall agenda and policies.

It would not be reasonable to assume that there would be a "smoking gun" in the form of a written conspiratorial manifesto, clandestinely passed around during meetings of the ruling class secret handshake society. If such an ill-advised document had existed, the law of averages would predict it would have come to light long ago as large groups of people are notoriously bad at keeping a secret over the long term.

No, it's more likely that these agreements in principle are verbal and take place at various cocktail parties, in clubs like the Harvard club and on sundry golf courses. Just as it is more likely to assume that this concord of the Red and Blue was not planned from the very formation of the parties but something that took place gradually over the course of the 20th century. The policies and agenda followed by the managerial state isn't any secret or conspiracy either. They can be found in the white papers at various think tanks and foundations, written by the people who become politician's advisors, upper level bureaucrats and cabinet secretaries.

But just to emphasize without putting too fine a point on it, the bi-factional uniparty is an agreement to cooperate on general principles as members in common of a self-aware, political/managerial social class. Not the product of a formal manifesto and accompanying ideology.
The only competition between the two factions is which gets to carry or whose turn it is to carry the presidential pennant, how fast to implement the agenda and the cost, and who gets the lion's share of the spoils. This can get nasty, at least outwardly, but in the end, these are not men of action but people who value status through empty words and gestures and consuming privilege.

This can be seen with presidents ultimately getting what they want from the opposition party with President Trump, the managerial state unapproved pleb hero excepted. The rhetoric one party hits the other party with, the promises made to their respective bases that are never delivered are just theater for the rubes.

But what of the commonly heard charge of the Republican GOPe being "the stupid party" and completely hapless cucks? They're just a bunch of idiots who can't do anything right?

To invoke the law of averages once again, not all of the GOPe can be completely stupid and hapless at the same time. Nor could all be cowardly cucks who prefer to foolishly lose all the time due to adhering to a set of rigid principles. Again, the law of averages. There must be some percentage of Republicans in the GOPe willing to fight and who want to win and do so. There must have been some occasions where they could have persuaded the cucks to stand up for themselves. But never in at least the eight years of President Obama? No. Neither possible nor probable.

Even an idiot will sometimes get something right or succeed at something if only by accident. For example, the Republicans who said they were against the Affordable Care Act and would repeal it (with the sneaky addition of replace added- a clue for you all) if only they could balked at the opportunity with majorities in the house and senate and Trump as a president willing to go along with it. Nobody could possibly be that stupid and incompetent to pass an opportunity like that. It was clear that the GOPe in fact had no real problem with the ACA other then they did not author it to their own specifications. In opposing Trump, they unmasked themselves as uniparty accessories after the fact. All the rhetoric to the contrary was simply Kabuki theater for the rank and file Republican faithful.

In conclusion, although castigating the GOPe as the stupid party of cucks who prefer to lose gracefully with their principles intact may be cathartic for some on the right but it is too facile and reductionist to pass a basic smell test. It then fails on closer inspection.

Donald Cavaioli

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Ruling Class Managerial Revolution: Overthrowing the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights

The Evolution of the Ruling Class Managerial State:
James Burnham in his book, The Managerial Revolution published in 1941, had as a central thesis that as the size of government increased, the bureaucracy would develop its own managerial class identity and work to promote its own class interests. Being that Burnham was formerly a marxist and friend of Trotsky, he used marxist class analysis to formulate this concept. However, even if other predictions made in the book did not come to pass, this managerial class theory proved prescient.

Burnham's later book, The Machiavellians, published in 1943, further argued that an elite class (including the managerial class) would form and further coalesce power with only the trappings of democracy remaining. One thing Burnham failed to notice or disregarded was the importance of the New Deal. This would not only form the basis of today's managerial state but as Garret Garrett points out in The Revolution Was it was in fact the start of the managerial state's overthrowing of the constitution and principles on which the U.S. was originally founded.

Burnham's work was later expanded on by Samuel Francis to include the concept of anarcho-tyranny and explored the concept of managerial capitalism. What Francis did not foresee was that managerial capitalism and the managerial state, rather than conflict, would form a mutually beneficial cooperative relationship similar to that of feudal lords and their vassals. This relationship is how the present defenestration of the constitution takes place.

The Problem of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights:
The present managers and planners of our government policy find the constitution to be too restrictive for them to implement their organizational blueprint for a top down centrally planned and managed society. They believe this system is best and tend to conflate what is best for them as a class, is best for the country. The plebs will be taken care of through the noblesse oblige of a vast welfare state, low level civil service jobs or what jobs are still allowed them through managerial capitalism. The outlines of this blueprint was first sketched in the early 20th century and fleshed out in the 1930's in the wake of the great depression. Under FDR the "brain trust" and their think-tanks fellows concluded that a government modeled on the Soviet system, adjusted and better scientifically planned and managed was the wave of the future. However, parts of the New Deal were found by the U.S. Supreme Court to be unconstitutional and were struck down while other policies of the Roosevelt administration that were arguably unconstitutional were unchallenged and remained in place. But that is a story for another day.

The constitution and the bill of rights was an impediment to the planners that had to be removed or worked around in such a way as not to be challenged in the courts or to arouse public opposition. But if it were done by banks and corporations, whose actions are not constrained by the U.S. constitution, not even the government's fingerprints would be found. Then through these private entities closing bank accounts, refusing credit or loans, and the deplatforming on social media of dissidents on the right, at the government's behest, then the constitution's bill of rights could be de facto overthrown and the plebs would be none the wiser.
It would be the perfect crime.

When one considers the bailouts of the American auto manufacturers and the banks, one must realize that this government largess was not given without certain strings attached. As well the same goes for the Silicon Valley tech giants who have received government contracts. Also there is the wall of costly regulations and fees that are in place which favor and protect big businesses with the necessary capital and army of lawyers and consultants to help navigate byzantine local, state and federal laws and regulations.

One may wonder why popular conservative and dissident right content creators be deplatformed, forced out of bank accounts or banks would refuse loans or credit to businesses like firearm dealers when these content creators and businesses make money for all these entities. What business person in their right mind would kick money out of bed?

It must be noted that the government, as a model of power, always has the upper hand over private industry, which is a productive model that only has influence or persuasion. But where too big to fail bailouts, lucrative state and federal contracts and regulatory walls are the carrot, there is always the stick of unevenly applied anti-trust legislation and governmental investigations (legislative and law enforcement) that can be brought to bear. To fuel any legal investigations, there is much information to be found in the NSA databases and failing that, petty process crimes will do. Even the big players on Wall Street who pay the political establishment very well are not immune from prosecution.
Power always rules over wealth and influence. And power never lets wealth and influence forget this.

Nevertheless, the carrot is generously given and the stick used sparingly in return for banks and corporations playing the puppet villains by doing the dirty work of suppressing political dissidents on the right. Beguiling the angry plebs and diverting them from seeing the sly hand of the managerial puppeteers is the price to pay for influence. Contrary to all commonly held beliefs, as vassals unswervingly loyal to their lords' agenda, it is a match made in heaven. And the result is our post-constitutional soft tyranny managerial oligarchy of today.

Donald Cavaioli

Monday, March 4, 2019

The Gulf Between the Political/Bureaucratic Class and the People They Govern

For all the Jane Jacobs style power to the people protesting done, for all the complaints about any given policies the New York City government institutes, or that the city will not administer basic services to our satisfaction, the city will not change its positions and bow to what we the people want.
It does not matter how you vote, protest or post rant porn on local blogs because the political and bureaucratic establishment in New York City is a ruling class unto themselves with their own agenda and class interests. The ruling class does not care what you want or think. They are in charge and will make those decisions for you. The citizens who disagree or actively dissent are viewed by the city ruling class as little more than noisome pests.

In more detail:
I've previously noted in two earlier posts, here and here, that no matter which party is in charge, public policy does not change. But it's worse than that. Our managerial government has evolved into its own class which promotes its own class interests and seeks to pass on individual member's power and influence on to their chosen heirs. The managerial class, at least in its upper reaches, becomes more of a closed circle, with few newcomers admitted, and is thus isolated socially and culturally from the people over which they govern, the plebs. Simply put, your city government will implement whatever policies they want whether you like it or not and they do not care what you think about it.

Part of the task of the managerial class is administrating the vast social welfare system along with endless rules and regulations designed to protect the plebs from all harm including the harm the plebs may do to themselves. Then the top of the managerial pyramid begins to take a dim view of the pleb masses over which they govern as being too incompetent to chart the course of their own lives and would be hopelessly lost without the intervention of their more intelligent managerial betters. Further, in time, the managerial elite begin to hold a view of the general ignorance of the masses due to not being as educated as their betters and having lesser cognitive abilities. This implies that the plebs are incapable of understanding the complexities of modern politics and economics and it is then therefore necessary to lie to the plebs to placate them as one would do with children. So when enacting policies the plebs may not approve of, the managers disregard plebeian protests as irrelevant and foolish obstructionism of the implementation of needed and necessary policies.

What the irksome pest plebs want or do not want is irrelevant as the managers are in power and will not tolerate interference with their plans.

For further reading, there are three posts from here, here and here, they are somewhat long but well worth the time. And one post from the Z man blog here.

Donald Cavaioli

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