Wednesday, July 31, 2019

More Multicultural Activist Obscurantist Nonsense

From QNS article: ‘It’s all just confused people’: Lack of proper interpretation at Queens Housing Court denies equal justice, advocates say, by Max Parrott, July 5, 2019

First of all, if someone is here illegally, they have no right to be here let alone take up apartments that should be for citizens, driving up the rents in the process and should return to their own countries. Secondly, a naturalized citizen or permanent resident should be proficient in the national language and fully assimilate to the local culture otherwise they have no place here. They may speak their native language in their own country and there celebrate their culture to their heart's content. Nobody asked these people to come here in the first place. The immigrants chose to come here and therefore it is incumbent upon them to learn our language so translators are an unnecessary waste of time and tax payer money. They deserve no sympathy in this case.

Secondly, never trust or believe a social justice warrior activist as they are invariably liars. All activists care about is eternally promoting their cause which is to them, the goals of which are never achieved, and winning any fight they get into by any means necessary. They are deluded enough with their cult-like fervor to believe lying in the name of their cause is a higher morality. It isn't. This is simply noble cause corruption and nothing corrupt can ever be good or moral. So these people deep down do not care about those whose cause they claim to champion. The SJW is a nihilist who only lives to vent his anger upon the world and uses the noble cause as camouflage for both as an excuse for conflict and to signal virtues to the world he really does not have.

Let's now look at the article:

"Queens has the highest number of non-English speakers in the five boroughs, with 26% of its residents deemed by the census to have Limited English Proficiency."

Welcome to Hotel Queens. We are not a community in any rational sense of the word but rather a borough of atomized ethnic and sundry identity groups none of whom have any commonality with the other. It is, in fact, a collection of competing groups advancing their own group interests at the expense of others. It was created as a concept by the city ruling class as a divide and conquer tactic to ensure their continuing unopposed rule and gleefully supported by self-destructive native fools. Not only does the insipid "World's Borough" meme destroy community cohesion by destroying our identity and obliterating the towns from which we hail but it cheapens residency by making it open to all, free and without condition or obligation. That 26% of the "residents" have limited (or no) English proficiency simply paints this borough as some kind of weird 21st century 'Tower of Babel'. Only the most demented of cosmopolitan wretches take any sick, twisted pride in this.

"Susan Vaca, an immigration advocate with QLA Outreach Center, came to Queens Civil Court in Jamaica on June 11 with a modest goal: to advise a non-English speaking client who was scheduled to meet with a clerk that morning to talk about a pending housing dispute.

Shortly after entering the court chamber, Vaca realized that her conscience was going make this task harder than she anticipated."

Advocate = activist = social justice warrior.
But oh, the crisis of Susan's poor conscience! She must act or else the cause of social justice will suffer irreparable harm! One has a hard time not vomiting when reading this sanctimonious drivel.

"In helping her client, she noticed another non-English speaker who had no idea when to approach the clerk. Then another, and another. Before long she was helping four Spanish-speaking clients navigate to their scheduled meeting."

It's as once said by C.S. Lewis:

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be "cured" against one's will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”

Here Vaca treats these Spanish speaking people as if they were stray cats she simply had to compulsively mother. The Spanish speaking people in question are portrayed as if they were lost, child-like simpletons, not the competent, reasonable adults they likely are. However, in her opinion, they would probably be standing around staring blankly at a wall for the rest of their lives if it were not for this demigod SJW's intervention. Nobody would ever think of asking a couple of questions to figure out what steps to take or line to stand in without the divine Advocate's intervention. Almost anyone standing on a line will at least answer a question of what the line is for and a few more questions which somebody will answer gets one to the right place. Something adults can handle all by themselves.

Vaca said the main concern was helping direct clients around the chamber, but once they got to the appointment, she stuck around for their meetings because she was concerned the interpreter was not doing enough to make sure the clients understood her."

To a helicopter mom on steroids SJW, these Spanish speaking people would never to be able to speak to the interpreters all by themselves or make themselves understood unless Susan swoops in to save the day by lecturing translators in the fine points of their duties as interpreters. The difference between being genuinely polite and helpful and being an insufferably patronizing busybody is a fine but distinctly sharp line over which the SJW cannot help but jump into the latter side when they are not too busy hunting witches and heretics. That is if there isn't some other ulterior motive lurking in the shadows. So Vaca's presence was absolutely essential to ensure that the lower order subspecies were properly seen to.

An interpreter's job is to translate what one person says to a language understood by the other person in a conversation. Not to treat the former or latter like an idiot by making "sure the clients understood her" by perhaps by speaking extra loud, using only very simple words, exaggerated facial expressions and hand gestures. Here the liberal's narcissism and innate racism reaches their apex in assuming people who speak foreign languages are naturally too stupid to ask follow up questions if they do not understand the laws or procedures.

However, liberals love the idea of "the White Man's Burden" because they need to feel superior to somebody after all and the latent condescension is truly revolting. Even worse are those who try to profit from it by advocating programs to make the white man's tax burden even heavier. A modicum of respect and compassion is a good thing but there can always be too much of a good thing that can become bad. That anyone can go through life demeaning other people by grabbing them by the hand and leading them about unasked, infantilizing them in the process isn't praiseworthy but pathetic. To not recognize their own boorish narcissism as maternal instinct gone horribly awry makes them an object of pity who needs to get a life. But if this is done for self-promotion with an eye towards using the plight of non-English speakers to dip their snouts into the public trough by creating "programs to help" from which they would collect a payout is one who should be shunned and relegated to the ignored fringes of society. 

Then enters Sateesh Nori attorney-in-charge of the Queens Neighborhood Office of the Legal Aid Society who chimes in on something she overheard a translator telling a respondent about them having no case. Naturally, Sateesh is outraged (as if a SJW is ever not outraged at something) that a non-lawyer is giving the client advice only a Legal Aid hack may dispense without first determining if the translator was simply repeating what the lawyers and judge in the courtroom had told them. But never let the facts get in the way of a good SJW tale of outrage or sob story.

The remaining paragraphs from "Ethics and salary questions" on down is all about the sordid topic of coin. Here Sateesh once again chimes in on the pay disparity between state court and federal court interpreters and that affects the quality of translation. So the lawyer who complains about non-lawyers who unbidden, tread upon the fields of counsel reserved only for those of the priesthood of attorneys is qualified to comment on the quality of translation skills of interpreters. Cognitive dissonance much, Sateesh? I guess that's why she's only a legal aid lawyer.

Then we come to Florie Ho and her complaints that are essentially a whine fest of "I want more money" to be a translator and "competition sucks for me". Find another job then, lady. Then she attempts to make a case for why an interpreter needs a legal briefing to understand the complex legal situation of somebody didn't pay their rent when all they have to do is translate beggars reason.

The final paragraphs under "A stacked deck" does not in any way, shape or form make a case that the deck is stacked against anyone except the taxpayers of New York City who get stuck for the bill for interpreters, legal aid lawyers and court delay costs. If respondents are late to court whatever excuse they have it's nobody's fault but their own. Get your shit together beforehand. Or next time pay your rent, don't do anything to anybody that'll get you sued or if you're the plaintiff, then it's your case and your responsibility to show up. It's not that hard to do otherwise then just deal with it.

But in conclusion, for those who come to this country and don't bother to learn our language and dealing with civil matters and translation are a hardship for them, then they should go back to their own countries. Nobody asked them to come here in the first place.

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Interesting Times in Hong Kong

Recently, there have been a series of on going protests in Hong Kong over a recent law of extradition that would allow the government in Beijing to extradite people from Hong Kong accused of a crime to be tried in Beijing. On the face of it, just acts of civil disobedience by people in protest over a proposed law. Happens in practically any country. This series of protests started March 31, 2019 with protesters on different days numbering anywhere from a few thousand, often in the hundreds of thousands and reportedly as many as one million people according to organizers on June 9 and have been continuing even after the July 9th announcement by Chief Executive Carrier Lam that the bill is dead. It may well be that the energy behind this current round of protests will be eventually spent or that the government in Beijing will take more forceful steps to quell the public disorder. It is to be hoped that some peaceful solution be found but we shall see.

But there is perhaps reason to suggest that something else may be lurking beneath the surface.

Things got interesting or provocative depending on one's point of view. On July 1, 2019, the 22nd anniversary of the British handover of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China, the protesters broke into the Legislative Council building and [from Wikipedia] "... hundreds of protesters stormed the legislature after breaking through the glass walls and metal doors of the building.[148] Protesters damaged portraits of former pro-Beijing presidents of the Legislative Council, spray-painted slogans such as "It was you who taught me peaceful marches did not work," and "There are no rioters, only tyrannical rule,"[149][150][151] smashed furniture, defaced the Hong Kong emblem, waved the Union Flag and displayed the colonial Hong Kong flag on the podium.[152][153] At the same time, protesters hung up signs and installed barricades, warning others to protect cultural objects and to do no damage to books in the library while protesting.[154] The police started using tear gas to disperse protesters around the LegCo at 12:05 am and reached the building 15 minutes later."

Interesting as there may perhaps be more here than meets the eye. It does appear to me that the defacement of the present PRC Hong Kong flag and the display of the old British Colonial Hong Kong flag may be a sign that some of the protesters may be beginning to develop their own national identity as Hongkongers. I have heard one report that the display of the British Colonial flag was an appeal to the U.K. for support, not a desire to return to British colonial rule. Here maybe I am reading too much into this as being a nascent nationalist sentiment, I could be wrong but a group of protesters engaging in an act of civil disobedience in protest of a law passed at the behest of a far-off government with no input from the local citizenry does have a parallel in U.S. history: the Boston Tea Party.

This isn't the first of such protests as the 2014 Umbrella Movement comes to mind and this present set of demonstrations may well end but I suspect it may not be the last. Again, I may be wrong but there is a possibility of a future Boston Massacre type of situation followed by another shot heard 'round the world. I still could be reading more into this situation than it is and most likely this will not happen but it's still a non-zero probability.

Interesting times in Hong Kong.

Donald Cavaioli

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Twisted Irony of the White Supremacist Witch Hunt: Suppressing Free Speech and Destroying Democracy to Save Free Speech and Democracy

From: QNS May 8, 2019 Nonprofit justice group say prominent alt-right who marched in Charlottesville has Flushing roots. by Carlotta Mohamed

By far more odious than anyone who genuinely espouses the tenets of nazism are the self-appointed progressive leftist Pharisees of the mainstream media and the vile Puritan witch hunters of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). As long as any individual or group does not commit an actual crime, the first amendment guarantees all Americans freedom of speech no matter how shocking or offensive to the general public whose civilized response would be to ignore it. How ironic that now the same leftists, who in the 1970's and 1980's used to say 'turn the channel' in response to Evangelical Christians' criticisms of liberal shenanigans have now taken the mantle of even greater sanctimonious hypocrisy as the neo-gestapo of all good thought.

A Flushing man was doxxed and will now be burnt at the cyber stake for the crime of demonstrating against the removal of a statue. But not just any statue, you see. An evil statue, the statue of former Army of Virginia general Robert E. Lee. A statue that if the SPLC, social justice warriors and such like is to be believed apparently has some form of sentience and supernatural powers insofar as it can influence people to own slaves, be racist, hurt leftists' feelings and do many other rotten things. Therefore it must be removed and anyone who opposes this must be completely evil. The statue might suddenly come to life and even try to enslave people too unless action is forthwith taken!

Notice too how in the file photo shows people carrying confederate battle flags and one man with a nazi swastika in order to make it appear that the man they are castigating is in fact holding the swastika flag.

The problem with these SJW guardians of pure goodness is they are emoters, not thinkers and most susceptible to noble cause corruption. They inevitably become worse than the monsters they claim to fight because such fanatics, utterly convinced of the absolute righteousness of their cause, can justify any atrocity in the name of that cause. They do not have the ability to think ahead of their own narcissistic drive for the instant emotional gratification and from the grotesque display of their virtue in the vain hope of convincing themselves they actually have any virtues. These creatures cannot be shamed as they have no shame.

Even if the man they are doxxing is in fact a card carrying nazi and Hitler's biggest fanboy, so what? He has a right to his opinions no matter whether I or anyone else likes them or not. If he commits a an actual crime other than hurting some SJWs fee-fees then that is what the police and courts are for. Otherwise, he won't be getting any Christmas cards from me.

Of course, this assumes our glorious SJW witch hunters do not actually succeed in inadvertently creating the monsters of their collective nightmares by their incessant deplatforming, getting people fired from their jobs or having their credit cards and bank accounts shut down by saying anything that would gainsay their mad dogma or just for being born white with the indelible original sin of racism and white privilege branded on them like the mark of Cain. Cornering people who have often done no more wrong than express opinions progs do not like and taking everything they have away from them gives them nothing left to lose. Cornered animals with nothing left to lose can become dangerous nor can they be blamed for striking back against their persecutors so any blood spilled will be solely on the hands of the leftists.

The most important thing for the reader to take away from this post is to understand is that virtue signalling liberals, progressive leftists and SJWs are liars and should not be paid any attention to. The phone call by a SJW talking bad about an employee for wrongthink and demanding said employee be fired should have the phone slammed down in response. Nobody should take seriously any SJW assclown screeching about someone being "alt-right" as it is just a silly pejorative euphemism for badthinking non-believer in the leftist's asinine religion. The SJWs should instead be mocked and ridiculed as the cretins that they are. I hope the man named in this disgusting article successfully sues QNS for this obvious slander.

Donald Cavaioli

Sunday, July 14, 2019

New York State Cares More About Illegal Aliens Than It's Own Citizens.

From The City: MIXED SIGNALS ON GUARDING UNDOCUMENTED DRIVER'S LICENSE INFO [all caps as published] article by Josefa Velasquez, date published not specified.

[Related previous post: NYC's Managerial Kleptocrats Plan to Game the 2020 Census]

It seems that there is great concern among our state ruling class that ICE may gain access to New York State driver's license photo for use facial recognition technology against those whom our rulers are pleased to call "undocumented immigrants" and we citizens should horrified and outraged at this Federal deprecation against "immigrant's" rights.

One must note the insipid euphemism "undocumented immigrant" instead of the more accurate illegal alien. Smarmy verbal legerdemain to cover the decadent stench of a pretty lie. One could apply this to criminals as "honesty challenged", drug dealers as being "undocumented pharmacists", murderers as "undocumented euthanasia administrators" or robbers being "unorthodox grant seekers". As with all things of the modern progressive left, there are no limiting mechanisms or principles in the minting of new rights or shifting definitions to benefit their victim/grievance identity group angels so this may not be as far fetched as it would seem.

So why is it that illegal aliens have any rights in this country at all? Why are our masters so desirous of these interlopers and insistent that they be granted the same accommodations and privileges as citizens? By pedestalizing illegal aliens in this way they degrade our citizenship to the point of irrelevancy and cheapen it to where it is of no value whatsoever.

The illegals themselves would not want to be Americans if the title were given away so easily and the resources of the citizenry given to interlopers more generously than would be given the citizens. Anyone who has even the slightest bit of pride in their own nationality would look upon such pandering as demeaning and beneath contempt. They would never dream of such treachery as betraying the best interests of their own people to benefit foreigners. Immigrants do not respect us and foreigners who cross our borders uninvited and illegally respect us less so. And they are all correct in holding Americans in such low regard as we do not earn any respect for our shameless unctuousness.

Governor Cuomo and his Democrats (with the tacit approval of Republicans) have turned New York State into the girl who not only can't say 'no' but who has absolutely no standards at all and will let herself be used by even the most foul and leprous wretch who simply looks at her. Why should any immigrant legal or not want to figuratively marry this sort of girl nor how could he resist the temptation to use and abuse her to his heart's content with her cheering approval.

NYS is now the lowest of all whores who is so stupid that she actually pays the johns to fornicate with her. Not that our rulers care about this as it is we the people who pay the price.

It could be easily seen that our managerial rulers desperately want an average lower IQ population of client voters, almost all of whom originate from third world authoritarian/totalitarian regimes. A population accustomed to a tyrannical one party government which would suit the delusional dreams of unlimited power harbored by our political overlords and managerial apparatchiks to be worshiped as little tin gods. A population mostly dependent on the largess of the public purse to any degree may be a more docile population of serfs and their lower average IQ would flatter the egos of the hopeless mediocrities that currently lord over us that they are the smartest people in the world and deserve to sit upon the throne. Then there are the business interests big and small who desire a never ending supply of cheap labor to do the jobs they refuse to pay Americans a fair wage to do. It's a win-win situation if only to the ruling class and the elite, screw the proles.

That Hispanic immigration activists would enthusiastically support the interests of Hispanic illegal aliens is understandable as they are promoting the interests of their own people as any sensible people would do. I can't blame them for taking advantage of a dysfunctional government that literally begs to be taken advantage of. The blame lies squarely with us, the citizens of the state of New York who re-elect the politicians who advocate for best interests of strangers over their own people. The American people have sadly fallen into foolishness and decadence and replacement will be their reward.

We as a country have every right to decide who we will allow to immigrate here or not, to not allow any further immigration if we want to and do not owe any explanation or apology to anyone for it. This is the right of any people of any nation in the world as it is their right to their country and homeland of their people and to run it as they see fit. So let the globalists be damned.

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Styxhexenhammer666: A good content creator who sometimes gets confused in putting the economic cart before the sociopolitical horse.

From Styxhexenhammer666 Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Celebrates Corporate Censorship In Newspeaky Tweet, posted on youtube 06/04/2019

Tarl Warwick the author, editor and youtuber who posts under the handle Styxhexenhammer666 is a good content creator whom I watch regularly and have even purchased some of his books. Styx presents common sense analysis in a straightforward manner that talks directly to his audience, not down to them and as such has amassed a sizable following. He's a bright guy who is fluent in normie and I can easily find myself agreeing with him up to 90% of the time. I have just a couple of points of disagreement too long to post in a comment.

As to the title and main idea of this post, Styx describes himself as a libertarian and this is why he does not grasp the fundamental concept that economics is downstream of politics as politics is downstream of culture. He therefore overlooks the cognitive dissonance created by claiming big tech businesses deplatform or censor content creators with whom the tech businesses make money and then acknowledges that the so-called "woke" capital always loses money. But why? Because they're either threatened by these youtube content creators because...reasons or some other big media business with tens of millions of viewers per program fears competition from youtubers with several thousand to hundreds of thousands or around a million viewers per upload. He likewise acknowledges that it is mostly perceived "right wingers" that are subjected to censorship and de-platforming on social media but then to deny the obvious political motivation and bolster that characteristic libertarian "man as a rational economic actor" nostrum he talks on about the few outlier leftists who are given the same treatment.

No businessman or CEO in his right mind or absent compulsion by forces greater than himself would willingly deplatform successful content creators as to in effect kick money out of bed. Not to mention that in doing so, big tech alienates the fans of said content creator, customers and with draconian censorship discourages new customers and content creators with whom they make more money. To claim big media somehow would be willing to spend more money, without any reasonable way to profit from it to "bribe" social media tech firms to do the dirty work of deplatforming much smaller potential competitors is ludicrous. Big mainstream media makes its money selling advertising spots, not by posting content on youtube or other social media. Television and cable news were always operated at a loss for the corporate owners which was offset by their other, more popular and profitable offerings. It's not about the number of views on youtube but the Nielsen ratings that the TV people care about. To have these industries act in such close concert and often within 24 hours of each other in a way that harms their economic interests clearly demonstrates a higher coordinating power with a clear agenda at work than the libertarian's usual "muh money" thinking. Also consider how in the recent congressional hearings on the rise of white nationalism/white supremacy the big Silicon Valley CEOs were hauled in and berated for not censoring badthinkers on their platforms enough. If that was all some kind of act, it sure looked very convincing.
So it IS a political and social agenda at work here, Styx, your money is the root of all evil thesis not withstanding.

Sometimes the rational economic actor motive can be true but when all you have is the economic materialist man hammer then everything looks like a rich man bad/muh money nail. Any analysis that cannot fully explain all observed facts and yields a contradictory result must be assumed to be incorrect and re-examined.
Styx should really add a few more tools besides that one hammer to his kit.

So here is the crux of the problem. Styx, like any libertarian, does not understand the left (or real human nature for that matter) at all.

Whereas human beings have moral agency and will act in their own best self interest even if it is in an irrational and/or immoral manner, libertarians are stuck on the flawed premise that all human interactions are rational and economic. The libertarian is too much a pure materialist with a minimalist philosophy to comprehend the irrational, emotionally based thinking of fanatical leftists (explained further in my previous posts here, here and here). To a person with a rigid adherence to the few strictly materialistic philosophic principles libertarianism has, the concept of an immoral and irrational leftist who cares only about winning, carrying out their agenda, at any and all cost, even if it causes the bankruptcy of a business is, to the libertarian, inconceivable. That the left will ruthlessly pursue anyone who either disagrees with them, the heretics and unbelievers, or those whom they view as a devil for no other reason than blind hatred completely flummoxes the libertarian. They struggle to explain this phenomena through the gnosticism of the non-aggression principle and secular materialism with no success. That the left has no limiting principles in pursuing their agenda and in persecuting their enemies is such a violation of the non-aggression principle and rational man that they are left speechless. In this situation and left with no other means of explaining it, Styx inevitably falls back on a simplistic "it's big corporations picking on us" explanation no matter how contradictory it is.

Further, libertarians are unable to grasp the difference between the concepts of influence and of power erroneously conflating simple possession of wealth with power. Wealth without real power can only buy influence and privileges (a previous post on the difference between power and influence here). It must be noted that there are limits placed on the actions, public positions and policies of all private businesses by both government laws and regulations and public opinion which influences sales and stock prices. Big corporations and billionaires may buy influence but absent possession of a large standing army, do not have any real power. Rich people may have privileges the rest of us do not have, but the rich pay those in government with real power for those privileges. It's a feudal system where the tithe paying vassal is permitted a certain amount of latitude within his fiefdom but within limits set by his liege lord.

Finally, libertarians like Styx do not even recognize that they themselves are actually part of the right but erroneously think themselves as somehow above the whole left-right thing because they sometimes find themselves on the same side of an issue as the left. (my earlier post on left and right is here) Again the libertarian does not understand the left at all. Whereas a libertarian like Styx might support such issues as homosexual marriage and legalizing some drugs consistent with their individualistic philosophy, the leftist weaponizes these issues to attack and destroy society. It's OK to be on the right, Styx.

In conclusion, I have posted very two abbreviated versions of this post in the comments section of Styx's videos. It's not surprising he did not engage me because he uploads four videos a day and receives hundreds of comments per upload. I don't expect he reads every single comment as that would be impossible. Styx certainly has other necessary things to do during the day than to personally respond to each and every comment or engage in lengthy debates. I don't think he's scared and hiding from me as another notable local blogger who shall remain nameless does so no offense is taken or offense meant with this post. If Tarl Warwick were to run for an elected office in which I could vote, he would have my vote, minor differences aside.

Donald Cavaioli

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

College Point Residents Coalition Homeless Shelter Protesters Sort Of Take a Step in the Right Direction or Did They?

From QNC article June 4, 2019They say it’s time for him to go: At latest rally, College Point residents call for mayor to quit over shelter plan

To use as the slogan "solutions not shelters" and calling for Mayor De blasio to resign is a step in the right direction. Force De blasio to explain his homeless shelter policy even better would be to make De blasio explain the failure of his policy in an ever expanding mass of homeless people coming into the city and ever increasing cost of housing.

But unfortunately, one step in the right direction is followed by cucks of the CPRC not taking a firm stand but making a scampering retreat for the tall grass of progressive "nice moderate people who care about the homeless too" with a vague, unspecified something policy "solution" but really think the shelters are necessary but ought to go somewhere else. That shelter would be a disaster for College Point real estate values, you know! Once the predators of city government and other neighborhood activist groups pick up the scent of NIMBY and moderate liberal cowardice, really wanting the shelters in someone else's backyard instead, forget about forming any cartel with the other activists despite their reassurances of solidarity or bluffing the city. You're on a solo suicide mission. Big mistake.

Then there is the multicultural problem that leads to the Byzantine General's problem where different groups involved in a common cause may have their own interests and agendas and will likely betray each other. This is, for the city, an easily exploitable weakness as one ethnic or identity group may be quietly approached and a separate deal made in return for that group's cooperation. This is the very reason for the city's love of multiculturalism and seeding homeless shelters throughout the lesser outer boroughs- there cannot be any cultural commonality, no deeper ancestral roots in the community to really care about it, differences in mixing high trust/low trust cultures, etc. and therefore no complete agreement on principles or ability to form unified opposition. Notice how the Asians pictured carry banners written in Chinese characters and ask if this demonstrates any solidarity with the non-Asian groups involved. In the end, it's every man for himself and devil take the hindmost.

The next mistake is they stop short of asking why should working class and middle class people who work hard and barely make ends meet in a high cost of living city be expected to subsidize a free living for ever more imported Democrat voters, citizens or not. This would be the only line of attack that has any chance of crossing racial/ethnic/identity or neighborhood lines and providing any solidarity. Unfortunately, this is not for all too faint of heart, overly image conscious moderate liberals. They are sadly too afraid of insipid retorts of being called "mean spirited" or "racist" and not at all cognizant of the fact that they will face these and other puerile epithets even with the meekest protest. The pharisaical cargo cult that is the progressive left will not tolerate even the least whimpered questioning of their holy scriptures without burning these heretics at the stake.

Instead the CPRC uses that threadbare old "but it's for the children!" thing which is just too old and overused a cliche to be of any effect here. This a sure sign of a group that either has nothing of any substance to say or is too frightened of criticism to talk about serious issues. As the progressive rulers of this city invented and cynically use this same "but it's for the children" ploy themselves, the old saying "don't bullshit the bullshitter" comes to mind. Besides, it's pathetic, really, hiding behind children.

So in the end, these calls for De blasio to step down come off as hollow and flimsy bluff and the protests will continue to fail. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, the CPRC knows neither their enemy nor themselves and are doomed to defeat. The best CPRC can hope for is the shelter be moved several blocks away and with fewer homeless housed there, assuming the city fully keeps to this agreement. To call this a victory is to delude oneself.

The effectiveness of the politicos named as allies in the article will depend on how the CPRC approaches them. If as the CPRC being in charge of the situation in as such that these three men will be voted out of office if they fail, the electeds will honestly work to keep their jobs. Or if the CPRC approaches the electeds as supplicants begging a favor of their acknowledged masters, then said electeds will cut a deal with the city that will primarily benefit their own interests and will throw only a sop to the CPRC.

Donald Cavaioli

Fear Response

On the internet, there is no end to conspiracy theories on any topic imaginable and there is no serious or concerted attempt made to censor ...