Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and best wishes to all in the upcoming year.

Donald Cavaioli

Monday, December 30, 2019

Immigration Laws In New York Nullified: Laws Are Only Obeyed if it Suits Our Political Ruling Class' Interests

So here in The People's Banana Empire of New York even illegal immigrants (note here how I did not use the more offensive term "illegal aliens") can get a New York State driver's license. This is of course only for the most loving and benevolent reasons so that illegals who drive anyway will get insurance for their cars and to "bring them out of the shadows".

Indeed, for the groups of men of dubious immigration status waiting for day labor jobs on street corners all along Liberty Avenue, it is somewhat in the shadows of the A train El overhead. As well for the others of similarly dubious immigration status in large groups, carrying certain central American national flags, protesting their right to just walk into the U.S. as they please, those tall buildings in Manhattan cast their shade over the street. Just as gay rights activism is about the love that dares not speak its own name but won't shut the fuck up about it, the illegal immigrants are the people who in the shadows are everywhere you look, make very loud, angry demands in public and won't get the hell out of our sight.

So here is this from QNS: Huge numbers of people line up outside Whitestone DMV as Green Light Law is implemented by Bill Parry, published December 16, 2019

In this article are the usual lies that without a driver's license, police will "rip" the illegal away from his family as by Mayoral Executive Directive to the NYPD forbids the police from asking immigration status and absolutely forbids police from notifying ICE even if an illegal commits a serious felony crime. But why let the facts get in the way of a good heartstring-tugging sob story as a cover for tacit approval of human trafficking, evading minimum wage laws and tax evasion. The elite vassals of the realm pay good money to the political ruling class for the privilege of having these people to exploit, you know. And it would be inexcusably unethical for our elected politicians not to deliver for their donors.

Not to mention that if the illegal immigrant is handed a voter registration card as DMV does for all transactions, what's to stop them from filling it out and later voting in our elections? Will the NY Board of Elections check the citizenship status of each and every application? Uh...Yeah, sure.

But really, the people who should be most outraged by all the freestuff and special privileges given to illegals in whose own countries they would never countenance illegals taking such liberties nor give their citizen's tax money to them in welfare are those who obtained their U.S. citizenship legally. That's because they come from countries that value their citizens and stand up for their own people's best interests unlike our thoroughly cucked state.

Yes, you naturalized citizens who patiently waited their turn, paid all the fees, waited on lines to be fingerprinted and photographed, or to see the INS inspector and taking days off work to do so and now pay your taxes ought to be outraged by this because you have been made complete fools of.

Punks like Andy Cuomo and Bill de Blasio and all the rest of the elected peanut gallery are laughing at you for being suckers and chumps for jumping through all those hoops for a piece of paper saying you are now a U.S. citizen. Everything that is the rights of citizens, privilege of driving and franchise of voting they now give away to illegals for free and easy just for the asking. Further adding insult to injury by using your tax dollars to pay for the free medical care and other freestuff their illegal pets receive. The New York State elected political class have just shit all over you from head to toe.

But don't feel too bad, our political overlords have just cheapened the value of all our citizenship and just shit on those of us who were born citizens too.

Donald Cavaioli

Sunday, December 29, 2019

People in color in a black and white world.

For the 101st post which since November 20, 2918.

A partial colorized photo that looks a bit weird at first with only the people colorized. The location is the corner of 17th Street looking north on 5th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn ca 1950.
Below is a clip from Google maps streetview cropped as close as I could get it to match. The Prospect Parkway now cuts through in the background taking out through eminent domain some of the rowhouses on the right. The black and white photo I got from NYC Subway.org with colorized people by yours truly.

This makes and average of 1 post about every 4 days which for Custodia Sepulchrum's New Year's Resolution is post more often- every day if all goes well. A resolution that departs from my usual resolutions where I promise not to do things that I already do not do like getting flying WW1 biplanes into dogfights with enemy biplanes, launching a full-sized Titan-Gemini rocket from my backyard and such. Much easier to resolve not to do things you already never did nor will ever do but this time rather than not do something, I'll do something like blog regularly. Been doing good so far...

Donald Cavaioli

Saturday, December 28, 2019

A Critique of the American Right Strategy (or Lack Thereof): The Problem

A more a general critique on ideas expressed by other folks on the dissident right not any particular blogger, pundit or commenter. I began writing this post last April and over time added to or subtracted from it as I did more research, listened to videos or read various sites trying to find who on the right was actually proposing real world solutions to our current problems we have here in the U.S.
What I found was outside the groypers who represent only a first step in the right direction or Patriot Prayer confronting Antifa which I'm not yet sure if it's worth it or not (but least it's something), there were no other voices who had much more than talk. And the further to the right, the more the talk may have been "don't punch to the right", but they certainly have no compunctions about punching the hell out of anyone to the left of them who are still very much on the right of the spectrum.

Just as predicted that the further to the right one is on the spectrum, the more they mimic the positions of their opposite number on the left, sometimes to the detriment to other factions or individuals not as far right, albeit for the opposite of reasons. Aiding and abetting the left on any topic or issue for any reason is not only wrong, but completely stupid. Never give aid and comfort to the enemy. Especially an enemy who not only will not appreciate it but will not hesitate to destroy you at the first opportunity.

So we are not only ineffective but worse, counterproductive

In short, the problem faced by the American right is twofold: The current American culture and that the American right spends more time attacking each other to the point where most forget about the left, if not tacitly supporting the left by adopting the same positions, albeit for diametrically opposite reasons.

Our current government is in fact a reflection of American culture and the expectations of the American people as much as the United States federal government since the 1930's gradually began to shape the American people. Over time, it becomes a feedback loop without a governor or limiting mechanism which inevitably leads to the system tearing itself apart from its own ever increasing momentum.

One of the greatest flaws of the left is when advocating change is saying we can do something and never considering the question of should we do something. This, in addition to post-modern demolition of any concept of right or wrong and concept of transcendent morality removed any limiting mechanism in progressive lust for change. In doing so, progressive society's changes, based on  vague and amorphous  concepts "fairness" and "justice"begin to cater to more and more extreme fringes, becoming a machine without a governor, spinning ever faster until it flies apart.

In order for the right to make some inroads in pushing back the left, Joe and Jane Normie, white middle Americans who may comprise some 30% to 40% of the population must be convinced not only does the left want them at best gelded drones working and paying for their replacement foreigners' swag or at worst, dead. So we must have the normies swayed over to our side as simply the better heuristically working model. It is important to understand that no model is perfect as no human being is perfect and we should not blithely throw out previously working models in favor of either past failed models or untested new ones. Even if the country cannot be restored to the original founder's ideals, then something that more closely approximates it and that has to be an improvement.

So the concept of transcendent morality found in religion must regain a strong and respected position in society and as well, a stronger sense of settled community. We've become far too transient as a people, moving back and forth for work, younger generations moving far away for college and work to lay down and keep roots in one place.

One of the first issues to tackle is that contrary to the post-war European left's smear propaganda, that nationalism can be a good thing when it opposes imperialism, has respect for other nationalities in their own homelands and understands some nationalities cannot be mixed together without causing conflict. It's OK to be an American and have a real physical definition of who is an American.

This leads to opposing the prevailing "Nation of Immigrants" civic nationalism fallacy. Good borders make for good neighbors and immigration should not only be limited in numbers, but allowed for only for the good of the nation, carefully choosing who to allow in and insist on strict compliance with assimilation or out they go. Eventually, middle America should be shown that it is not at all evil or improper that the U.S. can say no more immigration at all for the time being. It's okay for Americans to think of the U.S. as our country and the government should act in our best interests, not the interests or to the benefit of other people who have their own governments to look after their interests. But this is only the first step. Normie needs to understand that if just anyone can be an "American" just because they drop their bags here then nobody is really an American as the concept no longer has a real definition. Then the new Americans will often be "American" when it's advantageous and then identify as their own nationality when it's convenient. The U.S. becomes nothing more than a giant hotel where the guests look down upon and despise the hotel staff.

Some inroads have been made, the Overton Window has been pushed right but the gains made are shaky and must not simply be preserved but pushed further. Middle America realizes the government and mainstream media has been lying to them and acting contrary to their interests. Nice middle American white people are genuinely dismayed at the incessant trashing they receive as the cause of all non-white woes. Scowling white leftists snarling about the duty of white people to kowtow to and make amends to non-whites for the alleged crimes of the long, dead past and being always told that they are fatally infected with racism and ever worthy of censure. Mr and Mrs Normie deserve the third worldification of the their communities and attendant increase in crime with open immigration and "refugee" resettlement. The karmic scales of justice must be balanced honks the social justice warrior and you'll pay for those crimes you didn't commit and the beatings of normies will continue until their moral improves.

What makes matters worse is a sort of collective "battered wife" syndrome develops where normie, in fear of another beating, tries ever harder to conform to and appease the prevailing progressive identity leftist cultural overlords. There is also Stockholm syndrome playing a part here as well. Overall, traditional or heritage American culture including its religion has been pretty well battered and will be difficult to restore to even a semblance of its former, more functional and successful self. This will take a long time to accomplish and will not be easy but it must be done.

Middle America knows things are going wrong but aren't sure what to do. They wonder how they could be held responsible for past events over which they neither played any part on nor had any control over but they can't articulate why or are too afraid to. The American right must provide not only sound reasons to oppose the left but to lead by example in publicly opposing the left by word and deed. We must recall that the left's primary weapon is their whiny voice and heartstring tugging sob stories often without basis in fact.

The problem with normie middle America is that we must de-program them after decades of managerial/nanny state and progressive cult brainwashing. This will take time, patience and careful administration of the red pill in dosages nice Mr and Mrs Normie can take. It may not be possible to fully restore American culture to its traditional individually self-sufficient and minarchist self where success and achievement was rewarded but should be possible to make it closer to this condition and more functional.

Is the dissident and alt right or conservatism doing this? For all the dissident/alt right and the libertarian trashing of conservatism when they're all not trashing each other. I might add that the failures of mainstream conservatism are all true but what successes can these other sects of the right point to that makes them any better? Or that they simply aren't making the same mistakes conservatism inc. made in reading out other factions from the middle right of the spectrum on or engaging in endless, pointless discussions only among themselves. The conservatives at least have the groypers and although it isn't much, it is a start.

All normies need is someone they can trust tell them it's OK to say "America first" and really mean it, we don't need immigration to provide cheap labor for corporations, we have the right to choose who we let immigrate into our country and on this do not need to explain ourselves to anyone and even to say we do not want any immigration at all.

There are many problems to be solved but the first must be those of the American right.

Next: A Critique of the American Right Strategy (or Lack Thereof) Part 2: Cranks and Bad Ideas

Donald Cavaioli

Friday, December 27, 2019

Idiocracy Ascendant

What could possibly go wrong when crony-capitalist grifters, socialist parasites looking for more free stuff, Dunning-Kruger addled idiots who want to run the world and a grocer get together and plan a new way of providing electricity for a major city. Without coal or gas fired or nuclear power plants? Sounds like the start of a joke and it sort of is except we the people will be the butt of this jocularity.

But it gets even better, a utility run by government bureaucrats, you know, just like the bureaucrats who do such an fantastic job operating our public transportation system. Should we be relieved that our progressive leftist overlords have seemingly discarded Orwell's '1984' as an operations manual and have instead embraced Mike Judge's 2006 movie Idiocracy as their guide to creating a low-tech, socialist version of the Shire instead?

Or more likely would we fondly reminisce about the good old days of Soviet Stalinism and how much better we would have had it if we stayed the course in becoming a Soviet State? At least Soviet citizens had reliable power even with a nuclear power plant disaster and their public transportation system worked.

What could possibly go wrong indeed.
From: QNS article "Astoria testimony against Con Edison's rate hike argues that New York City needs a public utilities provider" by Max Parrott, July 24, 2019

Because New York bureaucrats and politicians are scrupulously honest and amazingly competent and electricity rates will be lowered with improved service? Uh, no, they're corrupt morons who could mismanage pouring piss out of a boot with the instructions printed on the heel while over-running the cost to double or triple the original estimate and then taking anywhere over 5 years to complete the task they said would only take 1 to 2 years to complete. Just like every other municipal project.

This would be a bigger fiasco than when the two privately operated mass transit companies were taken over and run by city (then in 1940, now NY state) functionaries as is now our MTA subway system. So much for the 5 cent fare that would never go up and $2.75 today simply is not enough.

But of course, we have Costa Constantinides on the case because when you want to design a municipal power system for a city of 8 million people who wouldn't ask the advice of a grocer turned windbag politician? I mean, this is New York, we don't need some geek squad engineers when we got Costa, some project dwellers and environmental activist wackos.

So unless we want to lie to ourselves that generators powered by burning wood chips is somehow "carbon neutral". That natural gas (or liquid natural gas) fired generators are redefined by some slippery lawyerly legerdemain as not being "fossil fuel" therefore, ispo facto a form of renewable energy. Or that when the wind and sun aren't cooperating in meeting power demands which means buying energy from elsewhere causing the spot energy prices to skyrocket then get used to frequent blackouts, otherwise watch your electricity bill triple.

Well, since the great bureaucratic superbrains of New York will be large and in charge, get used to blackouts and skyrocketing energy prices all the while being hectored and lectured about how we use too much energy and don't pay enough for it.

The real joke of this is: There is no climate emergency, the world is not going to end in 12 years, there's really no excuse for this and we're going to get this bullshit rammed down our collective throats anyway. C'mon! Laugh, it's funny!

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Capturing the past in all its worn and battered glory in color.

Another recolored trolley- a Brill center center door car on the Brooklyn side of the old Vernon Avenue bridge. These old trolleys were  not well maintained during the second world war and were slated to be replaced by buses soon afterwards. So the old Board of Transportation didn't see much sense in repairing these battered old war horses and this old girl shows the battle scars of decades of loyal service. She still wears her old BMT/B&QT red livery, not the bottle green and silver of the NYC Board of Transportation. Even the buildings in the background show the wear during the war years when workmen and building materials were in short supply.

The original black and white photo is from www.nycsubway.org and the colorize is my own work.

Donald Cavaioli

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas!

From the mausoleum the caretakers wishes one and all a Merry Christmas!

And from the world long dead in black and white, brought digitally back to a color semblance of life:

For those who think Tesla EVs are something new and exciting in transportation, think again.
An electric tour bus about to depart on a city sightseeing tour from Broadway and W 23rd Street in 1905. An earlier work of mine that I'd like to re-do, but still acceptable.

Donald Cavaioli

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Some thoughts on the Z Man "The Value of Dumb Ideas" posted December 23, 2019

I happen to like the Z man blog, especially his Friday podcast which I highly recommend, and usually his posts are insightful, witty and thought provoking. And he has one of the most simple, yet coolest logos.

 But sometimes I happen to disagree with reasons to do so or feel he doesn't connect all the dots he sets out and follow it through to its logical conclusion. And sometimes he writes a post that I think to be a clunker- but not this particular one. After all, when blogging every day, it's just not possible to hit one out of the park each and every time. Once in a while, we all have bad days.
So as the Z man says: let's get started.

Let me just say from the outset that the problem with the right is the people of the right. That is as the right consists of people who tend away from a central ideology and more into individual positions, guiding philosophies and preferences there will never be a single set of principles upon which they all agree nor a single (or even a small group of) thought leader around which the masses or righists will coalesce.

This is the single greatest reason why all sects of the right from the just right of center mainstream conservatives all the way out to the extreme right of libertarian anarchists have been as ineffectual at combating the advance of the left for the last century. We can all agree with the problems of the left and the wider trouble they've caused for society but we can't agree on a coherent strategy, let alone propose a solution, to counter it. Instead, when not debating how many social justice warriors can dance on the head of a pin in our respective monasteries, we attack anyone except our own group for their failures and ineffectiveness. Clearly counterproductive, but hey, we're the American Right. We live for this.

Worse, we take to moaning about how things are so out of control we cannot vote our way out of it and how it's all the fault of democracy, the constitution, the Jews, big corporations/banks, big this or that, big anything, yada, yada, yada. Big is bad because... reasons. Peddling despair porn and crank conspiracy theories isn't going to change a damn thing. Besides, the dissident right can't or won't even try.

Many are all too ready to give up and run away to some mystical Galt's Gulch where we can create perfect small communities of like-minded folks. All too delusional to realize the religious zealot nature of leftist SJWs means they will ruthlessly hunt down and destroy any such enclaves for the heresy of opposing their one true political belief system and even more heinous in their eyes, creating a better society than theirs. Or that moderate urban liberals, escaping the negative consequences of their own voting and policy choices, seeing a better, culturally and economically functional community will enter it, forcing their way in if necessary, bringing the baggage of their liberal ideas and voting patterns with them. Infecting and destroying these communities like a virus and no matter how many places the liberal eventually burns to the ground, he'll never understand why nor will he stop. The liberal will simply look for the next place to infest just as the SJW will never stop hunting witches even if he must create them himself.

Those who favor Galt's Gulch or Galt's Abby, will never understand this. For though they may repudiate libertarianism now, they were obviously libertarians or Randian objectivists once before (or at least fellow travelers), and as apostates from those sects, still cling to a simplistic non-aggression principle as well as their hopeless quest for the Holy Grail of a utopia with a perfect political system.

Much the same regarding the other "we have to separate" "secession now" crowd like the neo-confederates who have a similar angels and devils viewpoint and utopianist outlook as the far left but for diametrically opposite reasons. When in doubt, retreat into a fantasy world and re-write history so great-great-great grandpa wasn't a racist (whether he was nor not, it doesn't matter, who cares anymore) and the civil war he fought wasn't mostly about slavery and the political and economic hegemony of the southern planter oligarchy. This and where to separate from what as there are not any clear lines of demarcation nor will the federal government allow it to happen as it is a sign of weakness on the international stage. And again the seperatistas cling to the non-aggression principle in thinking other world powers will quietly sit on the sidelines and passively watch which is completely delusional.

We moan about everything except our own inertia, refusing to actually confront the left for fear of legal trouble and bad optics, or how we make absolutely no inroads into influencing the wider culture around us because they won't join our exclusive libertarian apostate coffee klatches. Then can't understand why we fail, or would if most of us were introspective enough to recognize our own failings rather than blaming the "system".

This post from the Z man clearly illustrates this thesis. I'll cut to the chase: It ain't democracy at fault, it's the people.

Once again, for the 876th time, the Z man blames the concept of democracy for all our present woes and is singularly unable to understand that all models of governance are inherently flawed and have all failed at some time in the past. Z simply either refuses or cannot see the human element is the common denominator in all societal problems and failures of all systems of governance. It's the fault of the system, man, like what else could it be? Democracy sucks! Big is bad!

Even in a comment in a previous post of the Z blog where I specifically made this argument in brief, there was no response. Any more than in after acknowledging the failure of mainstream conservatism to conserve the women's bathroom (a favorite trope of the alt and dissident right) asking the Z man when was it that the dissident right restored the sanctity of the women's restroom from men in sundresses. And by the way, Z man, I got it that democracy sucks and conservatism failed (repeated for the 983rd time) the first time around. Got it, roger, wilco, dude.

However, the point of posting was not to be snarky or shitpost but in the former case, raise a legitimate point and in the latter make the point that criticism is fine where warranted but maybe the critic should in the very least have an actual, workable, plan to reverse the bathroom situation. People in glass houses and whatnot.

No answer because neither the Z man or the regular commenters have an answer. It's easy enough Monday morning quaterback, to criticize others for dropping the ball, but much harder to solve the problem which makes this attitude kind of lame. If the same criticism is repeated ad nauseam with out some success to show, or at least a proposed solution on the part of the critic, it becomes pathetic. However, I digress.

The chain of logic here is simple: People as a group form a culture from which the political model of governance is derived. Politics is downstream of culture. I'm pretty sure the Z man has mentioned this before.

I will give this concession to the Z man's basic point: Down the years, culture and politics may influence each other, at least in a democracy, which causes changes to both over time. This can be both good and bad: Good in that it allows the government to change along with the population over which it governs, staying in touch and relevant. Culture, even in a homogeneous society can change over time, faster in a civic nationalist model. Bad if native cultural institutions like the church and family are allowed to be systematically destroyed and the settled communities replaced with a more transient populations. Cultural institutions and settled communities form standards of acceptable behavior (which the Z man writes often about) which by providing moral guardrails outside government acts a governor on the cultural-political feedback loop and keep the machine of society from overspinning and flying apart.

Hint: We need the moral guardrails. Fat, fedora wearing neckbeards attached to our side, flogging their daddy issues through their militant atheism and jihad against all things Christian aren't helping.

Now the Z man does make mention of getting the culture right and politics being downstream of culture so he has all the points but somehow doesn't seem to connect all the dots nor does he propose any solution other than some references to how a hereditary aristocracy could be better than democracy or a constitutional republic. He sees the human element as the weak link in the chain but does not grasp the implications.

We get the form of government that we are able to live with. If not, ask hereditary aristocrats like Charles II, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and autocrats like Tsar Nicholas II what happens when the aristocracy becomes too isolated and alienated from their masses of subjects.

Now hereditary aristocracy would be a workable model if we consider that the waves of third-worlders, fleeing their own failed states and banging down the doors to get into this inherently unjust and racist country to be the future majority who are accustomed to and by nature prefer strongman dictatorships. This ignores the fact that we already have a de facto hereditary aristocracy in the political and upper bureaucratic managerial classes.

As an aside, this crop of wannabe aristocrats are essentially bureaucrats and elected functionaries, people of empty words and meaningless gestures, not leaders and certainly not strong people. Far too beholden to the rhetoric and dogma of their progressive liberal ideology not to embrace and lavish praise upon their third world and identity/grievance group pets to the detriment of their own people (whom they view as potential rivals and threats to their power). And are too arrogant to realize that as they promote their pets, said pets will want to take power for themselves. Our rulers will not have the strength or will to stop their third world/coalition of fringe freaks from overthrowing them instead of the one-eyed apparatchik being the king of the intellectually blind. If successful, the new ruling aristocracy of third world/identity grievance groups will create the same failed totalitarian state from which they fled and by nature, be unable to maintain. Hereditary aristocracy is as much a failure as democracy for the same reason.

Hereditary monarchies like dictatorships and other authoritarian/totalitarian systems of government based on a rigid, central ideology offer a static and predictable form of governance. If the political, economic or social situation becomes untenable, they cannot by nature and design change without complete overthrow of the leadership or the entire system itself. There is otherwise no hope of change. A situation usually leading to a civil war.

A democracy for all its flaws does have one thing monarchies, dictatorships or other totalitarian systems do not have: the ability to change for the better as much as for the worse, In that there is always hope that it can be saved.

A constitutional republic tempers the passionate and mercurial nature of the masses while still offering the opportunity to change. It offers a middle ground between the static nature of a monarchy or dictatorship and the gyrations of a democracy.  For it too, there's always hope that it can be saved but it would take longer.

If a system was previously successful as the U.S. was and later fails, it's the people that fail in that case. Not the system of governance, constitution or the laws which are just pieces of paper with words written on them. These are inanimate objects, they have no sentience, no agency or ability to compel people to follow them no matter what font or print size was used.

Ultimately, dumb ideas originate with the people, not the social or political system and are either stopped by people or allowed to go forward by people. Not an inanimate social/political convention.

So what needs to be done is to alter the culture to more resemble the past when this country had its greatest successes. Maybe an exact replica of pre-1913 America is not possible or even completely desirable, but some modified version may work. It's far better than the alternative of collapse and civil war and making the good faith effort establishes us on the moral high ground if the shit does hit the fan. To do so, we need to get middle America, Joe and Jane Normie on board with a strategy they can accept. To do this, the right must first learn how to cooperate and work together.

Donald Cavaioli

Monday, December 23, 2019

Queens, New York: "The World's Borough" A Balkanized Collection of Competing Colonies

The Powers that Be, Our Glorious Rulers, Those Wise and Benevolent Little Fathers, those great big warm hearted, cosmopolitan progressive liberals, ever generous to a fault with other people's money (never their own, oh no, dah-link) cuckishly call Queens, NY "the World's Borough".
Well, isn't that special!

Yes, The World's Borough, that belongs to the world, not the native population, not the Americans who live here. We're marginalized as "racists" and "white supremacists" if we dare to complain about the third worldification, the separate communities of composed of an ethnic group operating as virtual colonies that want nothing whatsoever to do with each other. Different ethnic groups that absolutely refuse to assimilate because the white liberal cucks that control the place absolutely refuse to insist on assimilation let alone to merely encourage it. Whatever happens here is strictly the fault of the native population.

But who would want to assimilate into such a flaccid, unctuous native culture that not only allows itself to be used as a toilet for any and all foreigners but spends all its time trashing itself. If a culture has no pride in itself, refuses to assert itself in its own homeland, then it deserves to be treated like a toilet or a nickle whore. So I do not blame any immigrant group for their behavior as they are acting as normal people do, treating such nauseating obsequiousness as multiculturalism and the "World's Borough" with the contempt it deserves.

I will say this however: If multiculturalism, this citizen of the world cosmopolitanism, were accepted the same all over the world, I would have no problem with it as long as everyone else in the world gives reciprocity in it. It would be nice. However, the world is as it is, not how fantasy or conceit would imagine it.

Because that's not how we human beings are. Like it or not, we evolved from social animals living in tribes and so tribalism is written into our DNA and hardwired into our brains. We on average naturally prefer the company of others that share their race, language culture and religion and as it is natural to us, there is nothing morally wrong with it. There are exceptions to this of course but these are a very small minority that does not change the general rule. We belong to our respective tribes or nations and no other and have not the ability to change this by will alone.

These immigrant groups would never in their own homeland tolerate foreigners refusing to assimilate, acting as if they should be accepted as "natives" just because they dropped their bags there, giving the foreigners the money and resources of their people. Nor would they accept foreigners being elected to public office in their own countries as they're not so stupid as not to realize the foreigner would pass legislation that would benefit the foreign people's interests to the detriment of their own people.

Outside of Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, nobody else accepts this sort of nonsense. A people's country is their homeland and their governments look after the interests of its people at home and abroad as it should be.

So there is no multicultural nirvana of people from all over the globe coming together to mix and mingle forming only one race- the human race, happily singing kumbaya together here in this whimsically imaginary World's Borough.

To illustrate the point of people looking out for the interests of their fellow ethnics, here is an article
from the Times Ledger/QNS: Queens lawmakers visit South Asian Food Pantry in Flushing by Carlotta Mohamed, December 18, 2019

The south Asian community is acting in the best interests of the south Asian people. It is highly doubtful the south Asian countries would give this in reciprocity to any Americans living there especially if it came out of the native people's own tax money. Nor would any self-respecting politician there rush over to symbolically give a photo-op fellatio to the Americans when convenient in residence in a sickening display of twats pandering for votes.

Once again, I cannot blame the south Asian community for supporting the interests of their own people because to do so is natural and normal. Blame lies squarely with the local Americans, the dysgenic, spiteful mutant  natives, who are weak and decadent enough to extol betraying their own people's interests, let alone to tolerate it without a murmur of dissent. Rather, they wear their decadence, weakness and cowardice as a badge of pride euphemistically called "tolerance".

So it would be good to ask why do local politicians insist on this obvious failure of the promises of multiculturalism, ignoring how the balkanized ethnic colonies that have atomized the people of Queens into competing sub-groups all the while braying about being the "World's Borough".

The answer is simple: Divide and conquer. A borough or an entire city for that matter divided and sub-divided into a vast and dizzying array of identity, ethnic and special interest groups all competing for influence in the halls of power and as much public money or resources as they can get is in the best interests of our ruling class.

So this mass of groups will never be able to unite against the city power structure as they have no common bond of community, history or culture and thus no common interest. Instead they will all behave like a bucket of crabs simply pulling each other down pursuing their own interests while the political and bureaucratic elite does as they please virtually without opposition. Welcome to Hotel Queens, the World's Borough that if it belongs to the world, it belongs really to nobody. Least of all the native people of Queens.

Donald Cavaioli

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Reflections on the Newtown Pentacle post "agriculturally challenged" 12/03/2019

From: "agriculturally challenged" posted on the Newtown Pentacle 12/03/2019

Let's cut to the chase: No matter how loud anyone yells about the Sunnyside yards project, no matter what rinky-dink cabal of local...uh make that midwestern soy-fed imported fake-local asshole leftist group holds yet another dreary meeting to honk and quack about it, this project will happen come hell or high water. This leviathan was ordained by ruling class powers far higher on a national level than the local yokel minor gentry tasked with its construction. Even up as high as the new emerging trans-national ruling class collective with the full throated approval of our own rulers. So as far as our masters and betters are concerned, we can shove our objections up our collective asses sideways. It's Agenda 21 uber alles, my boy.

Whatever drama opposition groups manages to drum up remains only that- drama, strum und drang, sound and fury signifying nothing. I happen to oppose this Sunnyside Yard project myself but I'm realist enough to understand it will happen because our ruling class wants it to happen and those rulers and their vassal elites neither like us nor care how it affects us. The building rampage throughout this city will continue unabated as it is one of the few industries left that isn't fully tax dollar funded. Without it, our economy will be in hurting shape.

If you don't like it, Mitch, maybe you shouldn't have supported the progressive liberal program and the politicians who planned and will implement this behemoth. Because it is they who screwed you just as I said they would. Just saying.

Donald Cavaioli

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Albee Square, Brooklyn June 1941 in color

This is Albee Square Dekalb Avenue and Fulton Street in June of 1941

Actually, it was a black and white photo I found over on www.nycsubway.org that I recolored. Aside from the City Hall subway station photo and Meeker Avenue at the old Penny Bridge, I consider this one of the best examples of colorized B&W photos I've yet done. NYC Subway.org is a good source for decent sized scans (for colorizing purposes) of vintage subway and trolley photos.

The trolley is a B&QT Peter Witt car and the Albee movie theater just behind it and old Paramount Theater can be seen in the background.

For those who like old vintage photos and trolleys, especially if you want to see a long ago world as the people of the time saw it, enjoy.

Donald Cavaioli

Friday, December 20, 2019

Queenscrap turns 13 years old, 12/13/2019

From time to time I comment on local blogs or about them, most notably the Newtown Pentacle not simply because its proprietor is a personal friend but because he is an intelligent and articulate writer who writes something worth reading. I may rip on Mitch a bit, a once in a while a shitpost in the comments but it's all in fun and I still respect him.

Then there's what may be our most famous local blog for reasons that hardly cover the residents of the borough with glory, Queenscrap.

I was never a consistent reader of Queenscrap and for the last year or so, looked at it even less but this popped up on the Twitter 'look at this stuff' e-mail the other day and that old morbid sense of curiosity reared its ugly head. That WTF sort of reaction and you just can't help but looking even knowing you'll regret it later. Yep.

At least it isn't about the Queen of Cringe, Sandy the Barmaid again. I'm trying to better myself.

Queenscrap, the blog for lefty rageheads to rant and disgruntled plebes to moan about their masters and rattle their chains in the comments section had its 13th anniversary on 12/13/2019. Huzzah!

Yes, 13 long years of ineffectual railing against the city powers that be, pathetic excuses about how the city does not have "muh real progresive liberals" who would set everything right and recently being the most shameless Sandy Ocasio-Cortez lickspittles, thank heavens, soldiers on.

And for the anniversary post, what does its current proprietor, that ragehead extraordinaire who goes by the handle of JQ LLC post? A paragraph or two about the blog's theme and goals with some thanks to the readers for their support? A blurb about how the comments section is a vital community forum where locals can bitch and complain about their elected politicians? Mostly to vent and feel better before crawling off to the pols on their bellies like the worms that they are to vote again for the same politicians. Well...no...instead we have:

A cake with shit on it, man! Like Queens-crap, get it? CRAP? Hurr Durr!

This work of scatalogical ingenuity is the product of a debased sense of humor with the punchline liberally applied with a sledgehammer. Proof positive that social justice warriors/leftists/liberals cannot meme or make a coherent joke to save their lives. Indeed, it has the intended visual and visceral impact of a kick in the groin with the intelligent and subtle wit of the cake topping. Such is the level of discourse in the salons of Queenscrap . This is because progressive liberals, as neo-Puritans, are utterly boorish, humorless twats.

Your birthday cake is missing the candles, by the way. Just saying. Or was that intentional as the candles would that have obscured the view of the feces?

Then next up

Yeah Frosty!

Is the average age of Queenscrap readers 7 years old or is that the average mental acuity of the readership or the blogkeeper? It's difficult to tell when reading the comments section.

If it was only this in the post, it could be overlooked as just goofy fun, something a chick would think up, but following the first excretion, it just seems to suggest a really weird kind of guy trying (and epically failing) to be twee and pull off a smooth recovery from the cake photo. Yeah, keep it lighthearted, man and nobody will mind the opening shot of grotesque vulgarity!

And finally:

YES! The Man in Black!

So let's end this little rebus soiree on a high note, shall we? Y'know, just to let the readers know that  Queenscrap's got some couth for those who consider Johnny Cash a more highbrow form of entertainment. Like the country and western equivalent of Mozart or one of them other classical guys.
But if one reads the comments, except for a few, old regulars who have something intelligent to say, then Johnny Cash would be more fathomable than Mozart as 'Dick and Jane' books would be than Dickens or Tolstoy.

Be that as it may, the other problem with this post aside from its rude vulgarity is about how the post is only a big "happy birthday to me" with nothing else to say. This would otherwise be fine except that maybe say thanks to the readers who have made Queenscrap a popular and noted blog for the past 13 years. This is not a good look.

Nice post, JQ, Happy Birthday Queenscrap and keep it classy.

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Nancy Pelosi hates Trump? No! And ask her that again and she'll kick your ass for it- out of love dammit!

From Business Insider: Nancy Pelosi lambasted a reporter for asking if she hated the president, then stormed offstage: 'Don't mess with me when it comes to words like that'

Oh how bitter such words as "love", "the constitution", "democracy" and references to being Catholic must taste on Nancy Pelosi's lips. Just press ever so slightly against her narrative and watch how the mask slips off to reveal the face of the arrogant ruling class beast behind it. Just ask her if she hates Trump and she simply cannot conceal her hatred of that bad Orange Man and the havoc he wreaked on her by goading the extreme leftists idiots in her party into an impeachment frenzy. Things not going according to plan, Nancy? Feel tempted to shout "and we would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for that meddling Orange Man bad!" Maybe that and another nip of scotch and you'll feel better.

With demonstrations against the powers that be are taking place now almost all over the world- Santiago Chile, Baghdad Iraq, the continuing protests in Paris, France, Hong Kong, with the recent Brexit fueled Conservative party electoral romp in the U.K., it is clear that a growing number of people are getting wise to the bullshit of the trans-national ruling class, their corporate vassals and aren't having any of it. And that includes your open borders cheap slave labor/human sex toy racket, global warming apocalypse porn and green energy scam. Now it's all starting to come apart, all those wonderful globalist plans. No wonder our Nancy is a trifle bit grouchy. Wouldn't you be in a, shall we say, less than charitable mood if you were her?

Poor Nancy, she forgets that if the working and middle classes, the despised plebe masses can't cast a vote that alters the managerial state's plots, they sure as hell can still cast a stone or petrol bomb. It's not happened here in the U.S. yet but the international news must be making our masters more than a bit nervous. The U.K. elections may well be pointing to a similar romp by Trump and the rebel Republicans that the Democrats will cause by overplaying their hand and abandoning their core constituency in favor of fringe identity politics and immigrant rights. Just like Labour did.

Really, that would be the lesser of two evils, Trump winning bigly. Just think what would happen if you succeed in removing Orange Man bad from office on the trumped up bullshit your boy Schiff concocted. Now that might be a bit of a  faux pas. By the way, look at the hell he got for it from the proles at that Armenian Genocide Town Hall. The natives are getting restless so yeah, removal would really be a serious faux pas.

Best to grow a spine and tell the DSA cretins to shut the hell up and bow out of the impeachment imbroglio as gracefully as possible with what's left of your shredded dignity.
All the best laid plans, eh Nancy...

Donald Cavaioli

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Hong Kong Democracy Movement: What is the end-game after the 5 demands are met?

I have been following these demonstrations since they started but really don't know Hongkongers or mainland Chinese, the language, culture and history, well enough to get a complete understanding of the situation and people involved. I have some personal familiarity with Hongkongers and mainland Chinese but cannot and do not claim to any sort of expert. But I do have enough information to form my own views that should be at least passably cogent and what follows are the opinions and observation of someone from the outside looking in.

As an aside:

It must be noted that Hongkongers were not given a referendum so they could have a say in their own fate at the end of the British lease and colonial rule was wrong. Had the majority wanted repatriation with the PRC, then the current pro-democracy demonstrations would be invalid. You guys signed on for this and it's too late for buyer's remorse. Had they wanted independence or continue with the U.K. in some capacity or another, then there may have been a chance of getting U.N. recognition under the rights of people to self-determination or negotiation of a better deal with strict provisions with the PRC. In the least, maybe one country, two systems would have been permanent with some kind of real international enforcement mechanism. Maybe I'm just dreaming here.

As it was, Hong Kong was transferred over to PRC ownership as if one were selling a house and Hongkongers were treated as if they were nothing more than the furniture sold with the house.

Now to the point of this post.

One might view my question of what is the end-game after the Democracy movement's 5 demands would be hypothetically met with some curiosity. Would not the 5 demands be the end-game?

I don't think so. As I see it with the current one country two systems paradigm set to expire on July 1, 2047, the 5 demands if met would constitute a sort of Faustian bargain where Hongkongers would enjoy a liberal democratic society for just over the next 28 years before Mephistopheles comes to collect Hong Kong's soul in the bargain.

I don't know where Hongkongers' minds are on this whether 28 years of freedom would be just fine before being absorbed into the People's Republic of China collective and that they only want the PRC to live up to it's end of the Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984. Would they be perhaps rolling the dice, reasoning that if 24 hours is a long time in politics then 28 years would be a geological epoch during which the Chinese Communist Party would meet the same fate as all the other dinosaurs and they could keep their democracy. Or do they think it possible to either extend the one country two systems thing indefinitely or perhaps try for independence.

The first possibility to me would make no sense as it would be very naive. Communists, like organized crime families, when crossed, never forgive and never forget. After it became evident through one and two million Hongkongers taking to the streets in marches and the recent council election blow-out, the CCP will view all Hongkongers as guilty and will be sure to punish the city at their earliest convenience. Hopefully the leaders and the more radical protesters will be able to emigrate before 2047 otherwise the odds are good they will be dissappeared all legal and above board unlike the Causeway Bay bookstore guys.

The communists are the sort of people who will get an enemy even if he's 95 years old, on his deathbed and minutes from a natural death. Then the commie will put a pillow over his face just to make it personal. Don't underestimate vindictiveness of leftists or how seriously communists take any challenges to their power, real or perceived.

There might be some who would claim "socialism with Chinese characteristics" would be a different sort of commie with a different outcome. I disagree as the mechanics of power and control in an authoritarian/totalitarian system are more universal. Also the socialist/communist system attracts the sort of person Spandrell at the Bloody Shovel blog refers to as biolenninists. Maybe they differ in culture but in psychological defects and immoral motivations, they are brothers under the skin. The cultural differences in this case would simply be overtones. As another aside: The Spandrell and Bloody Shovel blog reference is ironic in this case as a post he wrote about Hong Kong, well...let's just say he doesn't like Hongkongers very much. No, he really hates Hongkongers and it seems personal. Besides, it would seem that "Socialism with Chinese characteristics" is really simply "Socialism with Communist characteristics". End aside.

The second, wait 'em out possibility would be a Hail Mary pass to cheat Mephistopheles of his prize. A long shot at best but possible. This idea does have a potential and serious drawback.

In the mean time until 2047, civil unrest and demonstrations will continue as the situation becomes a stalemate or the PRC does something to definitively end it. One possibility of ending the pro-democracy movement is by relocating a significant percentage of the population of Hong Kong and spreading them throughout the mainland. For those dissidents who remain: A seat in the tiger chair and chat with the boys from the Ministry of State Security or Ministry of Public Security might be enough to convince some but for the stubborn and recalcitrant, there's always room for one more in one of the concentration camps re-education centers for naughty malcontents.

Those Hongkongers scattered throughout the empire will be replaced by more loyal mainlanders which will fundamentally change the culture of the city and also make Mandarin Chinese the primary language of the city. It's an old tried and true tactic used by the Soviets. If the reader has seen my previous posts on the civic nationalism/magic dirt fallacy/Hotel Queens, native population ethnic dilution or replacement works by atomizing the community into a series of small, competing groups. Who says Marxism isn't scientific? They just test their theories out on human beings instead of lab rats.

For the remaining malcontents who can't see the wisdom of being a slave of the State, among the loyalists will be informers working for pay or extra "good citizen" social credit points so people will either be found dead from "suicide" or mysteriously vanish into a Bermuda Triangle type thing that exists near Causeway Books.

As to independence, maybe it would be the best solution as things stand now with Hong Kong and China not seeing eye to eye but as of now that is really a long shot with an incredibly small chance of success. The CCP is not going to let go of its "all your Chinese people, anywhere on Earth, are belong to us!" over-the-top, rapaciousness and racial/ethnic chauvinist attitude. This is problematic because with a pro-democracy movement up against a totalitarian communist regime, said protesters are viewed by CCP authorities as what they're pleased to call a "color revolution". And there can be no half-measures as a revolutionary.

Donald Cavaioli

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Comments on the Hong Kong Free Press Article Comparing Hong Kong to Northern Ireland

From the Hong Kong Free Press: What Hong Kong can learn from Northern Ireland: three steps to avoid 30 years of tragedy By Brian Dooley, 15 December 2019

There is at least a very superficial similarity in the broad fundamental concept of one nation annexing another people who have their own separate ethnic or even national identity but the analogies really end there. I can agree with the author that the pro-democracy demonstrations will most likely continue for many years to come but I should add only absent Beijing not taking any different actions or utilizing new tactics other than those that they already employ. Further, Dooley's description of the situation in Ireland was very superficial, almost specious, in leaving out population demographics and the history and more controversial aspects of the IRA.

It must be noted that the IRA was or still is an armed militia that can construct its own explosives with deadly results and that received funding and weapons from Irish supporters in other countries. Judging from the makeshift nature of their signs and and protective gear, the pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong have no apparent foreign funding and are not so well funded, only what they themselves can scrounge up or given by local supporters. Moreover, they have no firearms or explosives larger than a firework (assuming that was not a PRC false flag). Even the molotov cocktails (petrol bombs) are makeshift with whatever flammables are near to hand.

Comparing the pro-democracy and Demonsistos movement in Hong Kong to the IRA in Ireland may seem similar on the surface but in even a slightly closer look, it is an invalid comparison.

To break it down:
-The first point to note is that the United Kingdom is a democratic society with a free press that the government can be eventually embarrassed into conducting a legitimate investigation due to media and public pressure.

-The second point of note is that the U.K. as well as other western democracies will learn a lesson from the debacle and work to prevent it again in the future.

-The third point is that democracies are willing to negotiate and compromise with an aggrieved minority.

To compare with the People's Republic of China, on the first point, is a totalitarian government controlled by the Chinese Communist Party who refuses to admit any wrongdoing in the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstrations and in some quarters, whose supporters have even praised Zhao Ziyang for his admirable restraint. There will never be any honest accounting because the CCP has a sort of Papal infallibility and the same can be expected for Hong Kong. There is no free press in the PRC to question government actions, no democratic process to vote leaders out of office. The Hong Kong Police will investigate themselves and find they did nothing wrong.

As the CCP on so far only admitted making the mistake of the Cultural Revolution although more for Deng Xiaoping's political purposes, they are highly unlikely to admit any future mistakes and even if so, will not feel any shame or embarrassment over it. It's all politics and tactics.

On the second point, rule number 1: The Party and the people are one and the Party never makes mistakes, only individuals in the Party make mistakes. The CCP will either simply be more careful and handle the Hong Kong Pro Democracy demonstrations sub rosa- using informants and kidnapping people active in the movement to Beijing for trial as well as employing plants doing outrageous things to discredit the movement. Or failing that, what would stop the CCP from re-locating masses of Hongkongers throughout the mainland empire and replacing the population with loyalist mainland Chinese people. This would seem to me the most likely scenario.

Even if the PRC were to use more forceful methods, the main thing to remember is that in a one party dictatorship, the Party can do whatever it damn well pleases and doesn't give a shit what anyone or any other nation has to say about it. 1989 Tiananmen Square really didn't bother the international community all that much for all their words as they still all queued to do business with the PRC. There's no reason to believe it will be any different if the People's Liberation Army were to move in and crush the Hong Kong demonstrations.

If international economic sanctions as punishment for the PRC are what supporters want to hang their hat on, for the foreseeable future, too many western nations and corporations like PRC money way too much for any such sanctions to be anything more than symbolic gestures.

On the third point: We are not dealing with a western liberal democracy here. The CCP considers itself to be the people of China so enemies of the CCP are the enemies of the Chinese People. And enemies of the people deserve no mercy. There will be no negotiations, only submission to the will of the CCP.

In summary it would be naive and foolish to believe that the old PRC leopard has changed its spots, the "Socialism with Chinese characteristics" rhetoric as anything more than good ole "Socialism with Communist characteristics". Or rather communists taking one step backwards, allowing some semblance of state-controlled capitalism, to take two steps forward of obtaining money, technology and economic control of capitalist nations and keep the PRC from economic collapse. One would do well to recall the concept of "normalization" such as was done in Hungary in 1956. When the PRC's flirtation with "capitalism" has served its purpose, the situation will be normalized back to either direct state operated industry or a de-facto state ownership with high ranking party officials acting as CEOs of corporations. It's back to Papa Mao's old-school PRC.

A bit of a digression here but to better illustrate the nature of the PRC and that some aspects of comparison with past situations in western liberal democracies may be valid but one must avoid over-reliance on superficial comparisons as too reductionist to yield valid conclusions.

Donald Cavaioli

Monday, December 16, 2019

Civil War Era Recolor

And now for something completely different: A break from politics and news items.

Recoloring 1860's photographs are not easy. The flesh tone is the hardest to get right, something to do with they way the old photo emulsion reacted to blue. Yes the colors in visible light to have some effect on the black and white emulsion which is difficult to compensate for with a colorizing app.

The gent in the photo is James Mitchell Ashley, Republican congressman from Ohio during the Civil War. The sharpness, contrast and gray scale made it a good photo to otherwise recolor. I should work more with CODIJY Pro but I'm just too comfortable with Recolored.

Maybe for another break from the nuisance of current events I should post some stuff on some of the antique radios I'm restoring like the current RCA 9K3 from hell. It'll be beautiful when it's done but for now, one problem after the other after the next.

Donald Cavaioli

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Beware of the Democratic Socialists of America- You don't want this party of psychologically dysfunctional lunatics anywhere near positions of power.

The Democratic Socialists of America have big plans and like a virus are trying to infect the body politic. The trouble is that the people who populate this party are a hot mess of psychological problems who probably pop psych meds from a Pez dispenser and have more issues than Time magazine. Just watch this YouTube video highlights of the Democratic Socialists of America convention (see here for the Revenge of the Cis take on it) and decide if letting this demented freak show control any part of government would make World War III with a full scale nuclear exchange seem like a much better option.

No wonder these people are socialists, they are so dysfunctional that there is no way they can ever hold even a menial job assuming they ever get hired in the first place. Without the twisted ethics of socialism, social rejects like these could never hope to even artificially achieve the levels of status, power and success that they truly do believe they deserve. This pretty much describes that old windbag, Bernie Sanders, a man who could never hold a menial job and did not become successful until he became a bloviating politician. Comrade Santa promising free stuff for all, money for nothing and your chicks for free. But the kids loved it. Yeah.

Imagine having society being run by people who cannot even run their own lives. It makes one reconsider if the old 19th century practice of confining the hopelessly damaged wreckage of humanity like the DSA delegates into "disappointment rooms" made good sense after all.

So why would anyone worry about this DSA circus of assclowns with such cringe-inducing antics such as addressing each other as "comrade" convincing anyone even borderline legally competent to elect any of their candidates? Who could ever take these spiteful mutants seriously or vote for any candidate they endorse?

The DSA should be taken very seriously because there is a dark side of the biolenninist coin. These are the grifters and worse, the grievance/identity rageheads because these two types are better at covering up their true plans and motivations behind a wall of "fairness", "justice" and "free stuff for all" backed up with heart-string tugging sob stories. Both types are only interested in pillage and the latter avenging some ancient, perceived wrongs and blaming another group for their own failures.

Of the two, the identity/grievance ragehead with justifications for their anger issues from their [fill-in-the-blank] studies education and the pseudo-intellectual psychobabble of intersectionality would make for the more fearsome master. Whereas the grifter's cupidity will eventually be sated, for the identity ragehead, those whom they consider the devils guilty of past collective sins against their identity group should expect absolutely no mercy. They will be persecuted to the grave and beyond if possible. Even those of the devil group who wholeheartedly support and happily betray their own group for the identity ragehead will earn no points nor will ever be forgiven. The crocodile will still eat them last.

So when reading this article from The City: DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS LOOK TO BRONX U.S. HOUSE RACE FOR NEXT VICTORY By Ese Olumhense, Dec 12, 2019

One should carefully consider if it's really a good idea to vote for Samelys (is it pronounced like Same-Lies?) Lopez, a woman who couldn't find a job outside of an activist non-profit, endorsed by the DSA freak show after competing with other worthies (need I add sarc?) like Melissa Mark-Viverito. Saying such really commie-cool things like "[t]he South Bronx is overwhelmingly revolutionary,” said a “super excited”  Lopez and “[t]here is a thirst for revolutionary, transformative leadership.”  Yeah a revolution maybe like Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge! I mean what could possibly go wrong?

I mean, like dude, she's like so totally super excited! And with all her promises of moar free stuff for hungry parasites, she's like the Chosen One! This and “[b]asically, like, I was part of the Jedi forces in New York City politics last year.”

So she's a fucking Jedi too? Seriously, what is she like 12 years old or something?

God help us if there are really enough parasites and idiots to elect Same-Lies and other idiots like her. It would make a pandemic outbreak of antibiotic resistant bubonic plague a more merciful and pleasant fate. Beware the demented freaks and spiteful mutants (video here) of the DSA.

Donald Cavaioli

Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Passive-Aggressive Coup D' Eta

From Business Insider: Nancy Pelosi says House will move forward with articles of impeachment against Trump by Grace Panetta, December 5 2019

It makes perfect sense that a ruling class populated by people of empty words and meaningless gestures with not a single man of action among them, or woman of action for that matter, would attempt to overthrow a president with such a flimsy and contrived impeachment plot. Such people are only capable of the lamest intrigues, plots based on rumor and innuendo and charges stretched to such absurd lengths as to mock logic and  utterly beggar credulity. This is the world of the managerial apparatchik, the red/blue uniparty factotum, the closed circle of the ruling class. They neither know nor care for the opinions and wishes of the unwashed masses of proles and peasants over whom they rule. Nor do they even see us as their fellow countrymen, let alone as their equals.

That these managerial plodders would care if the peasantry notices that the base their articles of impeachment, these high crimes and misdemeanors are exaggerations of events based almost exclusively on hearsay bothers our rulers not in the least. This impeachment imbroglio is not meant to convince the average American that President Trump must be removed from office just under a year from elections based on an anonymous eavesdropping "whistle blower's" shouting "j'accuse!". This work of theater, especially in the face of the Inspector General's report detailing some FBI wrongdoing during the so-called Russian Collusion investigation is not meant to sway the peasants but to demonstrate the power of the ruling class. Of course a thin veneer of semantics- "monitoring" instead of "spying", softens the impact of wrongdoing for the appearance of upholding the law must be cynically maintained to make breaking the law even more insufferably arrogant.

To add insult to injury, this gives cover for ardent Democrat fanboys and girls to rebut the heretical non-believers and rub the government's intransigence and unwillingness to obey its own laws in our collective faces like the good little slaves that they are.

That this is little more than a point and shriek first and loudest diversion from the actions of corrupt Democrats in the Ukraine gets lost in endless investigations that go nowhere and "we got 'em now! Orange man bad go to jail!" soundbites that are inevitably nothing. Even if we are paying attention, so what? What are ya gonna do about it, proles?

But for anyone not blinded by ideology or fooled by verbal rope-a-dope, the message is clear: Our betters make the laws and thus are above all laws and so only little people are forced to obey them. When our betters' vice and iniquity come to light, they simply laugh at us as they very publicly sweep it away. They know we will not do a damn thing about it, not even vote incumbent politicians out of office.

The articles of impeachment are not likely to result in removal but it will still be a triumph of the picayune, the jejune, that which is the modus operandi of our managerial overlords. It is a grotesque demonstration of power in the end. After Trump leaves office, the bi-factional red/blue uniparty and managerial apparatchiks will erase any trace of Trump's policies and then take steps to ensure that no more outsiders and interlopers become candidates for public office again.

Donald Cavaioli

Friday, December 13, 2019

The Psychic Awesomeness of the NYPD

Just when you think things like outlawing saying "illegal alien" and reporting people here in the U.S. illegally to ICE, when red flag laws that can unmask white supremacist terrorists before they can commit acts speech or writing that causes bad feels, here comes latest and greatest thing in witch finding: The Racially and Ethnically Motivated Extremism squad, or REME.

It's the latest thing in force sensitive psychic policing that not only finds miscreants possessed by the daemon racism but uses spectral evidence to predict with 100% accuracy that they will commit future hate crimes- saying or writing stuff that causes progressives and social justice warriors PTSD and near-death experiences. Somebody's got to get those dangerous miscreants off the streets before they do...uh,...things and stuff.

We here in the People's Banana Empire of New York have become so advanced in high-tech sorcery that somebody can be arrested, tried and convicted of a crime they will commit before they commit it. But only of hate crimes perpetrated by not civil rights special category protected classes whose racism is encoded in their very DNA and certainly not shootings and homicides committed by people of color. Arresting people of color for shootings would be racist, y'know. Besides, cops just get water dumped on them in those neighborhoods if they try to enforce laws there. Best to just walk away from that.

Here on full technicolor display is the Olympian-level genius of our Progressive Liberal overlords so try not to swoon in a progressive epiphany as you absorb every golden word:

New NYPD unit will target and prevent extremism By Rocco Parascandola New York Daily News, DEC 11, 2019

Yes, the denizens of the People's Banana Empire will sleep safer in their beds now that the NYPD has super awesome psychic detectives on the job! Can't wait until they master Jedi mind control, waving a hand and saying "don't be racist and these aren't the droids you're looking for". Or maybe they'll go full on Scanners and make badthinkers' heads explode.

Seriously, this takes anarcho-tyranny to a whole new revolting level and the thought police to hitherto unimagined twisted extremes that would have made Orwell himself puke. This is just a lame "look! squirrel!" diversion from the fact that shootings are on the rise. The serious crimes that progressive liberals and SJWs are incapable of addressing due to their head shoved firmly up their asses ideological dogma and mindless adherence to identity politics.

Besides, egregious displays of combating non-existent threats are a safer form of theater for the odious cretins who own and operate this city as they don't really attack their masters let alone throw water on their betters or cops and bounce the bucket off their heads.

Donald Cavaioli

Saturday, December 7, 2019

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle asks: What ever happened to the NYC gun buyback program?

It has been said that the only stupid question is the one that isn't asked. Well, the originator of that old saw was wrong: Some questions really are asinine or simply answer themselves and a truly sterling example of both cases simultaneously can be found here:

From The Brooklyn Daily Eagle: What happened to gun buybacks in New York City?                                                                           December 4, 2019 by Noah Goldberg

The very notion of offering a gun buyback program in the hopes of criminals being tempted to turn over their guns for $200, no questions asked, requires one to be clinically brain dead to actually believe that this program would work for the intended purpose. Would a plumber or mechanic turn over the tools of his trade to the city for $200 even if he in fact paid far less for them? Or would the plumber or mechanic reason that he could make more than $200 in a single day's work with his tools?

This questions answers itself and when we consider that a gun is the tool of a criminal's trade and even the dumbest criminal would realize he can make more in one "job" with the gun than a lousy $200. Nor would a criminal be inclined to believe the police or politicians about the "no questions asked" amnesty proviso. So why would any criminal participate in a gun buyback program even if he fully believed and trusted the authorities about the "no questions asked" amnesty policy and got the cash in hand as he walked out of the police precinct?

Now to be fair to Noah Goldberg, he did write that some experts- academics and former officials did view the program as a PR piece and he did give the believers in the gun buyback issue their say as well. All in all a balanced article even if the proponents could offer little more than some platitudes and unsubstantiated claims of lives saved. I do not take seriously the gun-grabbing, social justice  evangelicuck of the so-called "God Squad".

Maybe it could only be my own bias at work, but it did appear the author did lean more to the useless PR side of the issue the quote from Prof. Christopher Herman supports my earlier observation regarding the buyback. And Goldberg would be right to be suspicious of NYPD numbers especially after NYPD refused to allow an interview with a Chief who played a major role in the program, comment on it or provide the supporting stats. I know why.

The reader will have to take my word on this and it is a personal and anecdotal observation but the guns turned in were mostly the rusty, broken, old guns that grandpa bought back in the day and lay for years forgotten in the back of a closet after the old fellow passed away. It was a chance to clear an old piece of junk out of the closet and better than a yard or garage sale where you got a nice payday from it. The NYPD uses a very generous definition of "working" as "might work" as all the pieces are there if not exactly attached to the gun and if the shooter were not worried about the gun blowing up if he tried to fire it. The reason less guns were turned in then of course is because most people already cleared the junky, old guns out of their closets and garages.

So why, if it's even obvious to Goldberg that the gun buyback program is largely useless in the face of a recent increase in shootings, does he ask this question? The answer is to promote the darker program of "red flag" laws where psychics foresee the future and predict through spectral evidence who, usually some white guy, will commit a mass shooting crime. You know, like in Minority Report.

That is when city officials are not too busy persecuting and prosecuting someone for calling an illegal immigrant an "illegal alien", telling the illegal to "go back where they come from" and threatening to report the illegal to ICE. Unacceptable!

If the shootings are committed by "people of color", we are expected to only worry about the lack of nearby hospitals with trauma centers so gangbangers' lives can be saved and nursed back to health as quickly as possible so they can get back to work. No "red flag" laws invoked here, you racists.

This is also the city that is extremely concerned about drug addicts overdosing, having access to clean needles and a city-operated safe space where they can shoot up with free smack under proper medical supervision. Where would modern society be without drug addicts?

Fair is foul and foul is fair in this sick, twisted liberal city where the dregs of society are extolled, cherished and adored and working people are expected to toe their master's line and pay for it- or else. And we're most worried about other than people of color with guns or someone vaping or smoking a cigarette. Long live anarcho-tyranny!

Donald Cavaioli

Friday, December 6, 2019

A Chorus of Liars: The Progressive Inquisition Finds More Heretics and Witches in The White House.

Imagine the social justice warrior shrieks of reeeeeeee!




The sleepless guardians of social justice, the Most Holy Inquisition and Defenders of the Faith of  the One True Political Religion, our glorious witch-finder heroes of the SPLC, have yet unmasked another naughty white soo-preamist badthinker in the person of White House aid, Stephen Miller. He's probably in some darkened room with the Evil One, Trump himself drawing up the plans for concentration camps while flashing the okay hand gesture, wickedly smirking and giggling at the thought of mass genocide, drinking milk and stuff. You know, those heinous things White Satan and his minions do to cause goodwhites and people of color bad feelz by blasphemously questioning the Holy Gospels of Marx and Gramsci.

And what a massive to-do it is! A fate worse than death, even death caused by gunshots which is way worse than any other form of death. It might even be worse than global warming, climate change, climate emergency or whatever it is called this week. This must be because Orange man bad. All bad things are because Orange man bad. So this is super-bad!

Amazing as how the racist devil and the insidious miasma of white privilege can not only posses a Jewish man or a black woman but to transform them into bona fide whites and supremacists and in the case of a Jewish Mr. Miller, Christians. Equal Opportunity Racism means"Whites" as strictly defined as European/descent caucasian gentiles let anyone in these days. It would, of course be inexcusably gauche and racist to not allow non-whites to join white nationalism and white supremacism. That would be racist.

Well, not surprising as with the identity left's doctrine of otherkin, you can be whatever you imagine yourself to be. Just ask Rachael Dolezal.

As the Identity Marx god as their witness, something must be done else some fate worse than universal Armageddon will befall us. Would the SPLC lie to us?

Seriously though, if white nationalists, supremacists and alt-right nazis didn't exist, then the left would have to invent them. Wait a minute...

Donald Cavaioli

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

An Excellent YouTube Video on the Origins of Communism

Joshua Philipp, senior investigative reporter at The Epoch Times on the China Unscripted podcast #31 gives an interesting history of communism and its historical relationship with occultists. Just over 1 hour and 55 minutes long but well worth the time. 

Donald Cavaioli

Fear Response

On the internet, there is no end to conspiracy theories on any topic imaginable and there is no serious or concerted attempt made to censor ...