Friday, January 31, 2020

Random Photo

Harry Houdini- Still there.

Busy today, be back tomorrow.

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Bergen Street Brooklyn late 1940's recolored

Bergen Street and Washington Avenue sometime before July 20, 1947 when the Bergen St. trolley line became the B65 bus. The neighborhood was much less busy and less traffic in the street than today. Looks like a nice place to live. The trolley car is John Stephenson 1907 model still going strong after 40 years in service if a bit worn.

The original B&W photo was from NYC because they have a good collection of photos of decent size and good quality for colorizing.

Donald Cavaioli

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Divide and Conquer

Since the 1930's, the ruling class here in the U.S., especially the old-money, northeastern establishment WASPs of New York, have been  fascinated by Marxist Leninist totalitarianism.  Although, at first they were horrified at the anarchist and communist bomb throwing and rioting antics as southern and eastern European immigrants used American society as a punching bag in their proxy war of revenge against the rulers of their home countries. It was the twisted emotional satisfaction of after being beaten up by a bigger kid, then going out and beating up another, smaller kid combined with a satanic preference for ruling in hell rather than serving in heaven. After all, the individual liberties and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution were easy for the Marxists to exploit.

Marxism was before the 1930's a dreadful anathema to this clique of staid, well-heeled  blue blooded, heritage Americans who were accustomed to their inherited wealth and government positions. Although these elected and bureaucratic positions had limited powers, they were prestigious enough and provided a comfortable niche for the blue bloods. This all began to change in the aftermath of what historians are pleased to call "the gilded age", a sneering appellation to describe a time of unimaginable horror where any greasy prole with the intelligence, drive and determination could start up a business and become anything from moderately successful to a captain of industry. If not, then many other of the lower orders were becoming part of a burgeoning middle class whose children would have access to better education and themselves may join the nouveau riche. The unspeakable horror of the gilded age that would be later sold to the masses was that some proles got rich and worse, they flaunted their wealth! Honestly, is there no room for breeding and old world courtly manners? What if the bluebloods were driven to bankruptcy and even eventually pushed out of their government sinecures by those new hungry wolves! The real horror of the gilded age was for the old money WASP establishment that they would be toppled from their thrones by these new entrepreneurs.

Eventually, the blue bloods of the northeastern WASP establishment decided that the Soviet model of government with its top-down centrally managed and controlled economy with some modifications would offer the benefit of society under their control- including social mobility of who and how many get to rise up the social ranks. And under Franklin Delano Roosevelt's brain trust would offer academic design and control of the system so that means a scientific system which cannot fail. The problem with the Russian Soviets, in the new managerial planner's opinion, was that it was being run by a bunch of dumb Russian peasants, not by the super-smart elite cloud people of Harvard and Yale. Stalin and his men never even attended Dartmouth, for heaven sake! But in the hands of the right people...

In New York City of the 1930's where anarchists and communists were once despised, Democrat politicians were beginning to play footsie with communists and Marxists of every stripe. What better way to get the masses to support the party machine than to play the friend of the working man and promising to berate their bosses and make those evil rich people pay for the heinous crime of getting rich? Still, under no circumstances should the working man ever want to aspire to achieve more lest they become Satan incarnate by the evil and corrupting influence of even modest success. It is by far more moral and good to remain poor and oppressed. The lesson was victimhood is a blessed state to aspire to and achievement above one's station is evil and will be punished.

But there was something else the Democrat party machine learned from their communist buddies and that was using cultural Marxism to attack segments of the population and then divide and conquer the electorate. After 1965, this tactic was augmented by increasingly open immigration from all different cultures and ethnicities to a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. The new immigrants legal and illegal were granted the holy sacrament of victimhood by virtue of coming from poorer countries which were oppressed by European and American colonialism. Then entire communities would never be able to unite to oppose the political and managerial establishment's schemes as each group would have its own unique interests, be assigned the status of angel victims (identity victim groups) or devil oppressors (the native New Yorkers) and they would have nothing more in common with each other than residing in the same geographical area. This was intended to ensure the electorate would be permanently divided and forever squabbling amongst themselves.

But our managerial overlords ever fearful of even an improbable servile insurrection can never stop finding new ways to further balkanize us and impose identity bean-counting in every corner of society. From The City: DOES YOUR COMMUNITY BOARD REFLECT YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS? FIND OUT. by Rachel Holliday Smith and Ann Choi with additional reporting by Clifford Michel, January 29, 2020

Even the local community council, a toy government created to promote the illusion of select people (picked by the Borough President) in the community having some influence in what their political and managerial betters plan is not free from divide and conquer. No matter how servile the slave foremen, one must keep the whip in full view.

Donald Cavaioli

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Fulton Street El colorized 1940's

Here's a street scene colorized from 1940. The location is Boerum Place and Fulton Street with a train of BMT C cars moving along. Gotta love those 1940's car for their style and trolleys and those old subway trains are cool.

The original B&W photo is from NYC

Donald Cavaioli

Monday, January 27, 2020

For Our Friends in China Dealing With the Coronavirus- The Doctor is In

If you need a doctor experienced in treating the plague, I know just the fellow who can help and he does house calls. Can't beat that!

He's kind of an alternative medicine guy, uses leaches, has some good potions and elixirs but you've got to love that hat. If for no other reason you consult this guy, it should be for the hat.

Just tell him the Caretaker recommended him to you, he'll give you a discount on the bill.

And if all else fails, I know a couple of good necromancers. You meet all sorts in my line of work. But calling it coronavirus? I feel a bit slighted here as I come from Corona!
Good luck.

Donald Cavaioli

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Counting Made Desperate (but I've got a cunning plan)

It should be an easy matter to count anything from beans to people but not here in the People's Banana Empire of New York where progressive liberals prove they can make any simple task a bureaucratic nightmare. Logical organization and breaking down a large task among smaller, coordinated groups is hard enough but what if you're under the gun to pad out the numbers to hide the fact that people are fleeing the place in droves. This might be one of the reasons our rulers are trying so desperately to ban motor vehicles from the People's Empire to keep them from escaping without the embarrassment of building a Berlin-style wall.

The Gotham Gazette gives us the update on the counting and sorting problems here.

Aside from the usual method of problem solving most often employed by liberals- spending flipping great wads of cash, just throwing it around and hoping something happens other than politically connected people and groups pocket it, there's another suggestion I might offer: Copy names off headstones at the local cemeteries.

This has a time honored tradition among Democrats during elections when every vote counts, including dead people who amazingly vote 100% Democrat after they've shuffled off this mortal coil and presumably have thought the better of it. So why be bigoted against the dead just because they are not exactly alive according conventional definitions? I mean, just because they're dead and buried, in various states of decay, they still sort of reside here, right? Since when does death deprive us of our constitutional rights? If we can define "family" as 2 or more people living in the same domicile regardless of relation and there can be 57 different genders, then why can dead people not be classified as an alternative definition of being alive?  A cemetery then, is the place they live or exist or something. Who are we to judge. So why not just use the cemetery road and plot number as an address and voila! The city and state population jumps by millions! Tens of millions! 5 million alternative definition of being alive people reside in cemeteries in the borough of Queens which would triple the census count in this borough alone.

Ah, think of all the new voters we can register with a 100% vote for the Ruling Party, the extra electoral college votes we can get. No more talk of end runs around it 'cause it works for the Party now! Imagine all the gerrymandering and creation of brand spanking new congressional seats from whole cloth. A jobs program for politicians that politicians can get behind. A dozen more Democrat Socialists of America congress creatures, moar Sandy the Barmaids. moar federal money to spend and pocket. This is truly a cunning plan that cannot fail!

Donald Cavaioli

Saturday, January 25, 2020

More old Manhattan colorized

Sorry for another quickie, been busy. Antique radios don't restore themselves and I've got one hell of a backlog to go through. Anyway, I should have part 3 of my strange dream posted tomorrow but otherwise, the news is either boring (like the impeachment show) or been covered to death by everybody and his brother (like the corona virus).  I'm starting to get tired of the multicult and civic nationalism failures and feel like I'm repeating myself too much. I hate repeating myself and being a one note song. That's why there were sometimes long stretches between posts waiting for something interesting to write about or too busy with other things. But my New Year's resolution is to post daily so here's at least something:

This is 9th Street at 3rd Avenue which has the elevated train line in Manhattan ca 1902. The forerunner of the subway was this and other elevated lines or Els as we like to call them. This photo was taken just before the lines were electrified and shows an old steam engine pulling the cars.

This photo may have come from NYC but I'm not 100% sure. I am sure I did the color work. Enjoy.

Donald Cavaioli

Friday, January 24, 2020

Turn of the 20th Century West Village in color

This is Abingdon Square, West Village, on 8th Avenue and Bleeker Street ca 1908. Seems like a nice place and probably reasonably priced as H.P. Lovecraft did live around that area or will live there in the not too distant future relative to this photo. One this that would be surprising for 1908 is that there was still a horse drawn streetcar. Shouldn't TARS have gone all electric by then?

I can't recall where I got the original B&W photo but I do recall that I did colorize it and at least that's something.

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, January 23, 2020

What did I tell you- Illegals want the vote and sooner or later, New York will give it to them

First, it was New York State driver's licenses for illegals, then a bill passes in the New York State Assembly in which anyone who goes to NY Dept. of Motor Vehicles for any transaction will automatically be registered to vote, now illegals demonstrate for their right to vote in a country in which they do not have citizenship. Holding signs printed in Spanish and Bengali demanding the vote in the U.S. because most of them sort of pay taxes, sales taxes mostly, when they buy groceries, clothes, furniture and cars. Eventually, any and every non-citizen including every illegal alien and perhaps tourists as well will be able to vote here in our most magnificent People's Banana Empire of New York. Don't you just love it?

See here the latest atrocity in the cultural Marxist's dialectical materialism war on New Yorkers and in general, the American people from The Queens Daily Eagle: 'No taxation without representation'- noncitizens rally for NYC voting rights, by Emma Whitford, January 23, 2020

Daring to use such phrases as no taxation without representation in foreign languages to promote foreign influence in our elections, pissing on our history in pursuit of plunder and is an insufferable insult to the American colonists who bravely fought the British for our independence. Their cynical use of this phrase is a disgrace and an obscenity.

They don't even have the most minimum courtesy, the merest shred of respect, even a paper thin veneer of decency about how this looks in printing signs in their own languages demanding the vote. They demand and we Americans have no other choice than to give these people what they view as their absolute and unquestionable right. Or else.

But let's look for a moment at the completely insipid nonsense part. If legal permanent residents want the vote then they can apply for naturalization, problem solved. If they want to keep the citizenship of their country of origin, then no they cannot vote and why should they as they clearly evince no true loyalty to this country. Pay taxes? If they want to live and work here as a foreigner, a citizen of another country, they pay taxes for the privilege of living and working here. Then otherwise that's a fair exchange. Not happy about that? Nobody told them to come here in the first place nor do we need them. Then they should return to their home country where they may vote as early and as often as they wish. What government of any other country on earth would even dare to suggest non-citizens vote in their elections let alone foreigners who enter their country illegally. Certainly these people protesting would scream bloody murder if a law such as this was proposed in their own country. Hypocrites and obnoxious newcomers should not be welcomed here but asked to leave. But these newcomers are not the real prime movers behind this reprehensible proposed law, it is white liberals and leftist activists- our own people who would betray us.

However as with all things white liberal, progressive left, this isn't a sorry tale of poor immigrants wrongfully denied their sovereign right to vote in a country that is not their own. No sob story of racism and xenophobia by evil Americans. Not people of color cruelly wronged by an unjust, racist system. It is simply another one of their lies. It is one step more towards the end game of we-are-the-world cosmopolitanism in giving anyone from any country the right to vote for simply showing up on our door unannounced and uninvited and then helping themselves to the public purse. This law is just a way of getting the camel's nose in the tent so it can later enter fully, straddle the tent's legitimate resident and shit all over his face.

But for our betters who wholeheartedly endorse this claptrap, it's an amazing new twist on the old slave trade: The illegal immigrant slaves ship themselves in to work dirt cheap as sex workers or for elite corporate vassals and we the citizen taxpayers purchase the slaves and maintain them with free healthcare, welfare and other freestuff as a client voting bloc for the ruling class politicians. Sheer genius and oh, so progressive even if it is treason. And best of all: The slave owners don't pay a dime out of their own pocket for their chattel. Don't you just love it?

Worse still, this demolishes the rights of a people to self determination. New Yorkers will increasingly have their fate determined by people from other countries who have no stake in this city or state, nor any loyalty or love for it in refusing to seek citizenship, other than whatever wealth they can take from it in this new form of colonialism. The vote of the New Yorker as a U.S. citizen exercising the franchise of the vote is diluted and ultimately rendered null and void. This right as well as all others paid for by the blood of patriots who fought this nation's wars to defend them rendered ludicrous.

One might be tempted to gasp in outrage who the fuck do these people think they are but that is the wrong response. The correct response is what the fuck is wrong with us as New Yorkers to permit those odious cretins of the elected political class (hi Danny Dromm!) to even dare promote this abomination without fear of being thrown out of office if not bodily thrown out of this city.

Donald Cavaioli

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

When cowboys and steam locomotive trains ran in the streets of Manhattan

There never seem to be enough hours in the day or enough spare time to finish a draft post or two...
But for a quickie post to keep the proverbial pot boiling something you'd never expect to see in Manhattan but a colorized B&W photo tells no lies...

A cowboy on horseback does the flagman job to clear traffic along 10th Avenue and 28th Street for that steam locomotive hauling some freight in the early 1920's.

Can't recall where the original black and white photo is from otherwise credit where credit is due but the colorizing is my own handiwork.

Donald Cavaioli

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Another interview with Josh Philipp on YouTube

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within."
Ariel Durant

YouTube channel China Unscripted has another interesting discussion with Josh Philipp on the subject of Marxist material dialectics. A good video, audio really, that puts weaponized cultural Marxism into perspective and understand it as a strategy for destroying a society and culture.

A bit long at 1 hour and 40 minutes but well worth the time.

Donald Cavaioli

Monday, January 20, 2020

Somewhere in downtown Brooklyn past

Where this was is a bit of a mystery. It's somewhere in the downtown Brooklyn end of the #12 Dekalb Ave. line. Nothing along Court Street matches any of these buildings which presently has buildings from around the time this photo was taken. Could be along Cadman Plaza west in what is today a park and the buildings in this photo long since disappeared by eminent domain. Then this could be a colorized tribute to a vanished neighborhood.

Original B&W photo from NYC, colorizing it is my own work.

Donald Cavaioli

Sunday, January 19, 2020

YouTuber Brandon F's Farbtastic Woke Sermon

Indeed, one would be hard pressed to find a YouTube content creator more eloquent and verbose the Brandon F. His channel usually features military history subjects which are interesting even if he tends to sperg out on the "farb" he finds regarding his subject du jour. Farb, of course, a word Brandon tends to perhaps overuse, is a historical reenactor's term for anything not exactly historically accurate down to the molecular level in terms of uniforms and weaponry. But as they say, spergs are gonna sperg.

So we come to his recent upload of the second part of his grand review of the movie The Patriot and here he not only waxes eloquent but feels compelled to pontificate a grand sermon on the evils of slavery in the colonies but to spend and entire 57 minutes and 2 seconds of being repeatedly kicked in the groin by gassing over scenes that were probably all said about 10 or 15 minutes or so of the 2 hour and 45 minute movie. For most mundane mortals, myself included, a 5-7 minute oration on the immorality of slavery and the positive depiction of it at a prima facia glance as somewhat callous and in poor taste would suffice. However, Brandon, are you not familiar with the term poetic license or the concept of suspending disbelief in fiction or how about chill out, man, it's only a movie, not a f&#*@^% historical documentary, you tool?

However, we do learn soon enough that the black men and women on the farm of Benjamin Martin (played by Mel Gibson) are in fact freedmen and women working as hired hands. Something over which Brandon proceeds to beat his chest in outrage as he does not believe slaves were ever manumitted. I suppose in all his research on the proper way to wear a cocked hat, which mundane dullards erroneously refer to as a "tricorn hat", the correct pronunciation of "huzzah" as "hoo-zay" he somehow missed that even Thomas Jefferson had freed his slaves in his will as had some other slave owners. Something known to any school child.

That the other character, Charlotte (Joely Richardson) has a well dressed house slave, has two homes or how the extras playing the field slaves are dressed and stand has no deeper significance as a social statement and is not the main plot of the movie. They're just extras acting as background characters, of course they don't have lines and neither do the white extras. And Charlotte is herself a secondary character and only part of a sub plot, you pretentious twit.

Further, I should hate to see the apoplectic fit that would be induced were I to inform him that there were even black men who owned black African slaves. Or that horror of horrors, slavery has been practiced all over the world by all races and civilizations since the dawn of H. Sapiens and even still is today in some places in the world *cough* North Africa, Islamic State *cough*. The little fellow might have a stroke for heaven sake!

Moreover, Brandon takes particular umbrage at Benjamin Martin working his own fields! Next to a black man as if they were on friendly terms! Brandon, old bean, I do suggest you consider the image of manhood prevalent at the time not only of bucks and blades but of the American yeoman who worked his own fields with a latent Cincinnatus homage there. Sure there were gentleman farmers who never touched a plow but there is some historical references to landowners who would occasionally do some of their own work in the fields or around the farm if only for appearance sake. The actions and attitudes of Benjamin Martin may be unusually progressive for the time, extremely rare, but not wholly impossible. Not everybody thought slavery was a great thing in those days and perhaps only a relative few, but not all white people looked down upon black people. And by the way, the character of Benjamin Martin, although based on the historical person, Francis Marion is not meant to exactly be Francis Marion, based on being the operative term here. Recall, it's only a movie, you twit.

Although Marion Francis' deeds in life both good and bad are matters of historical fact, his misdeeds may be noted as such and rightly condemned but still they now belong to history. For all Brandon's posturing, it is a false dichotomy to claim it is moral relativity for recognizing it as such. A cheap way of instilling guilt in all who refuse to continually flog the shade of Francis Marion for his long dead sins and to make modern Americans continue to wear the hair shirt of slavery that ended 154 years ago. Besides, who Marion Francis was and whatever dark and malevolent nature he was possessed of is utterly irrelevant to the movie The Patriot or the protagonist. Benjamin Martin. The point of the movie was the story of a man seeking revenge during the American Revolution, not about rehabilitating Francis Marion and the institution of slavery. Focus, Brandon, focus.

Here I might add Brandon's mention of the historical Marion executing slaves found guilty of carrying provisions or gathering intelligence, working or fighting for the enemy (the British). However, even a white American colonist found guilty of the same would likewise have been executed because this was called being a collaborator, spy or traitor- something of a no-no in wartime. A little factoid Brandon seems to have overlooked during his witch hunt for racism which eclipses his previous exhortations of not judging the past when he demonstrated a commendable measure of probity. But when the topic of slavery and racism rears its ugly head, the liberal narrative of the evil white man over truth bursts forth, denials of the same not withstanding and topped off with feigned display of dismay at being impaled on the horns of a moral dilemma. Medice, cura te ipsum.

However, one must keep up appearances and burnish our goodwhite anti-racism credentials, of course. Respectability amongst one's fellow Bay Staters is of paramount importance, you know. So who wouldn't accept the word of an activist non-profit, the Equal Justice Initiative whose stock and trade is race baiting as to be kinda unreliable and claims of lynchings and their causes as being because a black man simply smiled at a white woman may, er, be somewhat exaggerated(?) as to be blowing smoke up your ass makes no nevermind. Maybe the Equal Justice Initiative is sorta full of bullshit and not a objective source of information? No! Forward, comrade forward! Good Sir Brandon has a holy crusade to fight and a noble sermon to preach! African Americans are most fortunate to have such a white wordsmith and master of righteous indignation speak out for them on the horrors of white people and black people getting along with each other at an improbable wedding.

Oh and by the way, old sport; what do lynchings between 1877 and 1950 have to do with colonial era slavery and racism? Just thought you'd throw that in to further gild an already badly over gilded lily? Or just padding out the content?

Be that as it may, Brandon rests comfortably in the singularly liberal notion that only, only in these United States of all places on earth past or present was the absolute worst form slavery ever employed with only black Africans of all humanity ever placed in bondage. And presumably all these Africans captured and placed in chains by white Europeans and Americans only according the the leftist holy Gospels of Alex Haley and Howard Zinn. I am sure that were Brandon to read these words, he would sniff disdainfully that he never said exactly those words and technically, he would be correct. But his statements about the horrors of American slavery without any comparison with other instances of contemporaneous slavery demonstrates either ignorance of the subject or a willful attempt to create this impression by lifting it out of context.

But not Brandon for whom political correctness ultimately supersedes historical facts inconvenient to the modern progressive narrative should he find the two crossing paths. For Brandon F is truly a most servile courtier to the great Woke Zeitgeist, ever watchful for even the spectral evidence of racism. And as ever sensitive to the insidious attempt to cynically hide it behind a facade of faux friendliness towards black people, or to note the appalling scene of a white landowner plowing his fields, blatantly displaying toxic masculinity to the horror and dismay of liberal goodwhites.

In the end, this video was an extravaganza of insufferable virtue signalling, a colossal neon sign surmounted by bright flashing lights announcing in blinding letters: "I so totally denounce slavery as a very bad thing and I am implacably against racism in all its forms and manifestations no matter how trivial". 57 minutes and 2 seconds of being figuratively beaten over the head by bloviating platitudes, pointless digressions and tiresome non-sequiturs such as the percentage of the population who were slaves and endless repeating of the same scenes and same histrionics ad nauseum. 7 minutes at most would have sufficed if Brandon stayed on point. However, the depiction of slaves or black extras in the background in the movie were not germane to the plot and it would be understandable if the director and producers would like to avoid controversy and so tread lightly on the subject. Something an overly literal Aspie cannot fathom any more than he could poetic license. Thus the witchfinder general digs deeply far and wide to dredge up all that can be sarcastically stretched beyond the break point as evidence of racism which he presents in excruciating detail.

Finally it seems clear after 57 minutes and 2 seconds of my life which I will never get back, that the base motivation for this spectacular of historical filibuster is as much Brandon F's being an Anglophile deeply offended at the bad guy depiction of the British soldiers, which even when I watched this movie found to be rather over the top and silly, as is his penchant for insipid hand waving virtue signalling. If so, I would more respect the intellectual honesty of Brandon starting his rant in high dudgeon with a statement of his taking deep umbrage at the beastly portrayal of his beloved redcoats. Then I might better tolerate the pedantic, long winded, cringe inducing sermon about the evils of slavery and racism. Yeah, slavery was morally wrong and it's a good thing that it was abolished. I get it.

Believe it or not, I actually like Brandon F's other videos. I'm just a bit disappointed with this particular clunker and hope in future he confines himself to nit-picking about uniforms with his characteristic erudite sarcasm and calling everything farb. Huzzah!

Donald Cavaioli

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Single Image

Still working on a few things, other projects and such but I will have something to write about tomorrow. I always have something to write about. Taciturnity is not one of my faults or virtues as the case may be. The above photo is my own and this angel graces Lutheran All-Faiths cemetery in Middle Village, NY.

Donald Cavaioli

Friday, January 17, 2020

More colorized photos

Been busy so just this quickie post today of a recolored photo.

A PCC car in the bottle green livery of the NYC Board of Transportation, of the 7th Avenue line at its terminal at 20th Street and 7th Ave ca late 1940's to early 1951. Due to wartime shortages of building materials and supplies, the buildings around the city got a bit shabby looking as did the city's trolley fleet. The original B&W photo was from NYC

Donald Cavaioli

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Civil War Generals in color

Union General Daruis N. Couch looking a bit pale. But as previously noted when colorizing mid to late 19th century photos, the negative emulsion has some issue reacting to some colors of light, blue I think it was, which affects the gray scale and in turn the colorizing app. Original Brady-Handy B&W photo from Wikipedia.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Will New York's Off-Shore Windmill Program Break Records or Just Break Wind?

If a group of people lack the ability to engage in abstract thought, the intellectual acumen for new and innovative ideas and the individualistic creativity to pioneer new technologies or are just corrupt grifters all that's left to them is to take already invented older, obsolete technologies and claim them to be exciting new inventions. Either that, or in their re-invention of the wheel, they breathlessly announce that they have succeeded in making it rounder than it was before. Such people not of the grifter mold typically end up as bureaucrats, politicians or professional activists as they're not intelligent or talented enough or simply too much a borderline personality for any meaningful, productive form of employment.

But as always, the reality of these fabulous new/antiquated miracle technologies almost never lives up to the hype which is the grifter's stock and trade and leaves the other idiots to make feeble excuses for their failures while still pretending their perpetual motion machines can really work. But the grifter, crony capitalists and activist/NGO honchos profits, the rank and file SJW activist gets his good feels, the bureaucrats and politicians declare success and move on to another great idea. So as far as the ruling class and elite are concerned, it's a win-win even if we the proles get stuck paying for their fiasco and see our quality of life further decline. But as our rulers hate us, we count for nothing so they really don't care what happens to us except that we pay their taxes and obey their speech and thought codes.

So we come to this opinion piece from the Gotham Gazette by Liz Burdock and Jay Borkland entitled: "As New York's Ambitious Energy Plan Breaks Offshore Wind Records, Report Identifies Challenges and Opportunities" published August 7, 2019

That windmills as a power source for machinery was long ago replaced as inefficient due to the losses involved in converting wind energy into usable work energy makes no impact on our mastermind planners. The salesmen of General Electric and Siemens thinks wind turbines (which they happen to manufacture, by the way) are the thing, everyone should buy them (with generous government subsidies, thank you very much) and our politicians, after accepting some nice campaign donations and other under the table goodies heartily agree (please clap). They work as long as the wind is blowing within an operational range or the temperature isn't too low otherwise they're just useless, gargantuan monuments to liberal imbecility and ruling class perfidy.

Just as the solar panel, the first commercially available version of which was patented in 1885 has not and may never will exceed 10% or 20% efficiency directly converting sunlight to usable electricity. There are physical limits to the photoelectric effect. That and solar panels appear to have trouble providing electricity at night (or overcast days) for reasons enviro-liberals and greenies have yet to explain. Don't panic, more government research grants are on the way.

But just say the word "free" like "free energy" or other free stuff and lefties and liberals go into a swoon then storm the manufacturers, eager to buy with other people's money.

The main problem with these "renewable" energy sources besides being expensive, not cost effective, lagging behind in energy density compared to fossil fuel driven source and needing government subsidies to be economically viable is that their power output cannot follow the load. That is, the generated power from wind turbines and solar panels when at maximum output cannot be increased to keep pace with consumer demand. And it must be noted that their maximum output can vary even being somewhat lower than average. So unless there is some other steam driven generator as a backup or some other place to buy electricity from in a pinch (which drives spot power prices through the roof), there could be more than a few blackouts. The to add more fuel to the fire- If we replace all internal combustion engine cars to electric vehicles, even if a small percentage, there are no magical electricity elves to upgrade the grid or provide more power for all the extra appliances loading the grid.

However, if one were to pose this question to the compos mentis of the green left, they would be certain that the laws of physics were struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional and racist. Greenie watermelons appear to believe perpetual motion machines are entirely possible if scientists and engineer were given enough grant money. Moar money always fixes everything in progressive liberal land, ya know.

But hold on now! Batteries! That's the ticket! So there's this physicist guy, Mark P. Mills who did the math for how long it would take Elon Musks' Gigafactory to build the batteries that would store energy to power the entire U.S. for 2 days and that would be, according to him, about a thousand years. So maybe not batteries then.

Ok, wait, there's other schemes like pumped storage although how much water and tanks to hold it that would take and how much energy would be lost in the process of conversion doesn't make it look any better. So if anyone realistically wants to believe we can completely do away with all hydrocarbon and nuclear power without returning to a 18th century lifestyle, then pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable as we're in for a very long wait.

But all will not be lost. The elite city of  Manhattan, the grand luxury product city of Bloomberg's wet dreams (and parts of that chic designer label called by mortals Brooklyn) will have sufficient power as our ruling godlings and elites, unlike the masses of unwashed plebes and slaves in the lower order outer boroughs, are too "woke" and too important to do without.

However, back to the real world with its real presently technology and real physical laws.

It's a fool's errand to bet on some future technology that will solve all the present shortcomings of so-called renewable energy sources based on a presently unknown paradigm and that is impossible to know if it will ever be invented or not. Just as it is simple minded and naive to accept the doomsday scenarios being spun not by scientists, but activists, NGOs, politicians, bureaucrats and corporations who stand to make a lot of money from it.  And idiotic beyond description to believe the liars, hypocrites, and grifters with their perpetual motion machine solution in search of a problem to solve.

How can anyone take seriously the calls by UN bureaucrats and their pet government scientists that we the unwashed masses must accept the denigration of our standard of living, having scarcity foisted on us by a hoard of people who jet off in an armada of airliners to different exotic locales for COP meetings every year. People who demand we give up eating meat and becoming vegans or eating bugs to ostensibly save the planet but never miss a good cheeseburger themselves, even at fast food places they malign like Burger King. Or famous politicians and activists who never miss an opportunity to read us the riot act about our massive "carbon footprint", profligate energy consumption or rising sea levels but who buy very expensive and high energy consumption ocean front homes. Hypocrisy never wore such an insufferably smug and ingratiating mantle.

No, Liz and Jay, aside from the record amount of tax dollars that will be wasted in a fraudulent scheme, no new ground nor records will be broken here but only the wind broken from your unctuous and insipid work of propaganda.

Donald Cavaioli

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Strange Dream, Part 2: Mr. Xe and me

And now for something completely different.
Fun with fiction. To continue my narrative of a dream I recently had where I found myself at Nier's Tavern. Not today's Nier's but as it looked in photos taken around 1900 and as often in real life hanging out with people you'd never expect to meet. The best part about drinking in a dream is you never really get drunk and it doesn't cost anything so you could spend as much money as your subconscious supplies you with.

Part 2: Mr. Xe and me

Talk about the old one of these things is not like the others: A modern world leader in modern clothing in an old neighborhood bar set in 1900. Then again, I seemed to be wearing my usual and also modern attire. But being a dream, this is all characters and imagery conjured up by my own subconscious mind. Being a lucid dream, it was a chance to gain access to thought processes and memories outside the reach of the waking mind and who knows what insights that could bring.

I mean it worked gangbusters for Randolph Carter and I might yet run into Nyarlathotep. Now that would be cool.

I had brought up the topic of Hong Kong with my newfound drinking buddy so long as I was buying, Ping, and it seems to have struck a nerve.

Ping glowered at me then said "Hong Kong is just a bunch of wet behind the ears youngsters out to trash the place and tank their own economy. Sure, ya dumbasses, go wreck yer own economy ya spoiled brats. See if I care if you're all starving in the gutter. Hell, they'll all be begging me for help before long then I'll show 'em, those buncha prissy wisenheimers. Those kids got no respect for nothing, the little smug brats. Not their elders, not their government, not their people, nothing! Hell, the little bastards even took to calling me Winnie the Pooh, can ya believe it? Where's the respect?" Ping picked up his glass gesturing to Louie for a refill and the bartender disdainfully poured another double of scotch.

But Ping wasn't done yet, he drank the double in one gulp then ranted on "they got more and better stuff and more privileges than anyone else in all China but do they appreciate my generosity? Naw, they still whine like little bitches. I work my ass off making China a big deal on the world stage, ya think they'd be proud to be on my team? Naw, it's commie go home, we want democracy and those stupid five demands" Ping said in a mocking tone. He paused a moment before practically spitting out "Democracy, huh, yeah I got yer democracy for ya right here, champ" he said angrily grabbing his crotch. Ping took a deep breath, shook his head for a moment then continued more calmly "you know what it is? too much British influence on those jerks. Those goddamn limey pansies made those Honkies forget how to be Chinese, filled their heads up with western bullshit. So I try to do the right thing and bring 'em up to speed on how we do things in China, make real Chinese people outta them, ya know, slowly and bit by bit. I try to make it easy on them and they kick up a stink. And things just get worse. I almost had Taiwan back in the fold offering them the same one country, two systems 50 year deal, but now this donnybrook in Hong Kong just queered that deal but good."

This whole spiel was nothing more than I expected and nothing more than comments from 50 cent army trolls and nationalistic Chinese commenters summarized. I heaved a sigh of disappointment as there were no new insights, deeper thoughts and meanings to be found here. All that talk about the deeper thought processes of the subconscious, the hidden doors to new perceptions and enhanced creativity were all hogwash. At least in my case. It was all a mundane rehash of whatever news I read or watched and history I either read or saw in old photographs. Maybe I should just take it for what it seemed: A brief trip to a different era in a historic old bar if only in my own dream.

As I was thinking this, things in the bar seemed paused. Louie the bartender stared off into space as he polished a glass with a towel and Ping just sat there with a cigarette in his hand, also staring off into nothing and I just noticed the crumpled soft pack of Lucky Strikes on the bar in front of him. Maybe this is where the dream is supposed to end. I was about to leave when I had that feeling that I was missing or forgetting something and it seemed important. I had to give it one more try.

"Hey Ping, you can moan and groan all you want about Hongkongers but you know what? You screwed the situation up all by yourself" I said. He turned to me and snorted "heh, you treat punks like punks. What else are ya gonna do? " I chuckled warming to the debate. "Your ham handed reaction, having your bulls go full retard with the batons and tear gassing the whole city only solidified the opposition and the CCP mouthpieces' rhetoric only made Hongkongers more aware of just how different they are from the PRC" I said. "Ya treat cockroaches like cockroaches- stomp on 'em and fumigate the joint to get rid of them." Ping responded matter of fact.  I leaned forward towards Ping and continued. "Three kids shot and that other kid that fell to his death in that parking garage not only made martyrs but adds fuel to the conspiracy theory fire about other suicides of guys in black being police murder victims. It's almost gone too far to find any common ground anymore. The lines are drawn hard and fast. You could've had Lam completely withdraw that bill after the first demonstration and made the whole thing go away, but no. You just had to show 'em what a tough guy you are and now you've got an independence movement going from a small group to making more and more people more sympathetic to it or see it as a good option. Whatever else happens, those Hongkongers will probably forever remain a thorn in your side because they'll never forgive the PRC or forget this. Call them cockroaches and all you do is validate and affirm that mainlanders and Hongkongers are really two separate and distinct peoples."

"Separate people?" Ping exclaimed incredulously. "Have a good look around, buddy boy. We're all Han Chinese, mainland and Hong Kong in case you haven't noticed. We're all of the same people no matter where in the world we are and China is all of our mother country. And we all belong to China- no exceptions. Those Hongkongers are a bunch of stuck-up snobs who think they're better than us on the mainland. What we're doing is knocking those brats down a peg, just teaching those snot-noses they're no better than we are, is all. Sooner or later, they'll get the picture and fall right in line. And the Taiwanese, they know they're Chinese and part of China. It's just a spat over politics and some old grudges from the 40's. In due time, bygones will be bygones and we'll get it all straightened out and they'll be back in the fold."

I heard Ping out but again, just the usual stuff anyone can get from the news. But most likely, the only argument in no greater depth or detail the PRC of the waking world has and not even a good argument at that. "In terms of this pan Chinese thing you're pushing, an analogy with Europe can be made. Just because Europeans are white Caucasians doesn't mean they are ethnically the same people. Europeans all have their own different nationalities with their own languages, history and cultures. Sure there are some commonalities aside from race such as Christendom, but the ethnic differences and long standing national rivalries are more and trump race alone. Even European Christendom, whatever is left as Europeans seem to have little use for religion anymore, is split between Catholic and various Protestant sects. And with Hong Kong, they've developed over time their own history and culture different and distinct from mainland China and use Cantonese as their primary language not the Mandarin of the mainland. The same can be said of the provinces which is why China since the time of the old emperors was called an empire and not a single nation. Wasn't Guangdong not too long ago protesting for independence among other things as there are occasional protests in other provinces too?"

"Who told you there's protests in Guangdong and other provinces?" Ping demanded. "Your media? You of all people should know your media is full of shit. But even if there were, just maybe were some noises being made here and there, well once in a while every family has their disagreements. And we'd appreciate it if you westerners would keep your noses out of our business and yer CIA would quit making trouble starting these protests and egging the malcontents on. Anyway what of it? You Americans protest and argue all the time and at the end of the day, you're still Americans. So same with us too. People just blowing off a little steam, nothing to it. We're all still Chinese at the end of the day. And the European Union?" Ping went on, "the only problem they have is they don't got a strong leader with some good lines of rhetoric to pull all the Europeans together. They need a guy like Putin instead of that washed up old hag, Merkel."

I had a good chuckle over this. "Ah, so how's your strong leadership and good lines of rhetoric working out for you in H.K.? I see videos of commie go home and Chinazi graffitti even some China go home. Or how about the time protestors stormed the Legco and graffittied all over the PRC symbols or when they were burning or tossing into the bay PRC flags? Yeah Ping, if you guys are a family, seems like Hongkongers view you as second cousins. What was that poll where 53% identify themselves as Hongkongers with 23% as Chinese or Chinese in Hong Kong and only 27% proud to be citizens of the PRC? And this poll was 6 months ago so I wonder how the numbers are now especially after the District Council elections. Now I'm just some outsider looking in and I've got no dog in this fight so for what it's worth, looks like a majority of Hongkongers are Han Chinese to be sure but they see themselves as Hongkongers first. Just as a Frenchman is a white Caucasian European just like a German, but he's still a Frenchman first and not a German. The harder you club 'em, the more Hongkongers will see themselves as their own ethnic group if not their own nationality. Face it Ping, you blew it."

Ping favored me with a look of disgust. "Whaddya mean I blew it?" He scoffed. "Whadda you know? You're a foreigner and don't know squat about Chinese people. I know my own people, how they think and how to handle them. The cops are arresting those rioting front line punks, thinning out their ranks and soon we'll have 'em all behind bars. The others don't want to get into trouble and will be too scared to try. The cops are even busting up the creeps who're collecting money and supplies for the rioters so soon all's there gonna be are the malcontents with their origami, Lennon walls and holding hands stuff. Nothing but pests walking around doing nothing. We pay no mind to their dumb demands and they'll see we mean business then they'll get bored and just go home. Problem solved." Ping said.

"I wouldn't be too sure of that if I were you, Ping" I said. "Maybe all you're doing is simply treating the symptoms, papering over the problem rather than addressing and curing the underlying problems. It's been what, about 7 months and the New Year's demonstrations were pretty big, probably as big as last June. So it looks like you've made no real progress, not even slowing it down, which still means you blew it." Both our glasses were empty so I called Louie over for refills.

I reached over and took a lucky from Ping's pack of cigarettes, calmy lit it and took a deep drag. Ping stared daggers at me but that didn't bother me as I was starting to put it all together, this dream, so I continued on a new track. "Y'know, Ping, even though you blew it in Hong Kong up till now, you can still beat this pro democracy movement. In fact, I don't understand how you and your boys managed to overlook the solution because not only was it staring you right in the face but it's so damned easy too." Ping favored me with a nasty sort of smile and sarcastically said "oh yeah? So you've got it all figured out, donchya wise guy. Some nobody, a punk-assed street kid from Corona figured out something that guys with brains who run whole countries didn't. Well, okay then, Einstein, let's hear your big idea. I could use the laugh."  I now had the key part of the puzzle of the meaning of this dream, its interpretation.

"Like I said it's easy and the CCP already knows what it needs to know to break the pro democracy movement into atoms and have Han Chinese Hongkongers begging you to come in and save them. You give them their 5 demands. All of them free and clear with no strings attached." I said as I sipped the dream scotch with its ghostly flavor and warmth prodding me on. "Give them the full democracy with universal sufferage they want. Then use Marxist materialist dialectics to break them into pieces."

The look on Ping's face was priceless. I thought his jaw would hit the floor and the seconds it took for him to respond seemed like ages. "Are you outta yer mind? Give them cockroaches what they want? Use material dialectics against them?" He said sounding as if he were about to have a stroke. "So that's your big idea, eh?" He sneered. "Well, you'll have to have your state security boys to manage it but only very little, I could recommend a couple of books that'll help." I replied.

At that, Ping burst out laughing and then said "Sure, easy peasy, coming from some nobody putz. You know who you're talking to here? I'm university educated, well educated, champ, I wrote books on material dialectics, worked my way up through to the party to the top spot. No mean feat that, so I got book smarts and street smarts and you couldn't hold a candle to me on either. I run a whole country and you only run your mouth. You recommend books to me? As if." Ping sniffed disdainfully. Then smiling said "Y'know, I gotta hand it to you, you really gave me a good laugh there. Recommend a couple of books, gimme a break. Ever think of doing stand up cause you're one funny guy as ain't nobody gonna take you or your nonsense seriously."

"Ok, then", I replied. "So I gave you my answer but a big shot and a real mastermind like you is too good to hear me out. Alright tough guy, do it your way 'cause it's been working out so well having your cops go captain caveman on anything that moves. Good luck getting the Taiwanese to trust you enough to believe your one country two systems bullshit is on the level now. Good luck getting anyone else in the world to believe you're anything more than a neurotic thug with a thin skin. And see how much longer any of them will do business with a bunch of two-bit chiselers like you and the CCP. And so we're done here and I'll wish you all good day, good health and be on my way." I said as I finished my drink, got up and started to walk out.

"Hold it right there, pal!" Ping growled. "Sit down cause I ain't not done with you yet. You don't just call me out like that, call me a chiseler and then think you can just walk away like it was nothing." He said sounding good and angry, pointing his finger at me and almost jabbing me in the chest with it as he spoke. Almost there, I thought as I put on my best mocking tone and said "Aw, now the great Ping wants to hear what a nobody putz has to say? "C'mon" I said now sounding more serious. "You've dug yourself a hole and can't figure out how to stop digging. I had a boss back when I was a kid who told me you can either work smart or work like a dog and you, my man, aren't working smart and having a hard time even working like a dog."

"Bullshit" Ping shot back sounding amused. I just want you to explain this plan of your so I can make a jackass outta you by pointing out how wrong you are and how stupid your reasons are." He took a swig of scotch then grinning maliciously said "Go on, you got the floor now, wonderboy. Let's get this over with, shall we?"

And here I'll end part 2. Next I'll go into the scheme. So until next time which will be the last installment in this experiment in fiction.

Donald Cavaioli

Monday, January 13, 2020

Immigration Laws in New York Nullified 2: It's almost official, Illegals may get to vote in our elections

Yes, it's unofficially official, the bill that would allow illegal immigrants to be automatically enrolled to vote when they apply for a New York State driver's license was passed by our most glorious, benevolent, gift-bestowing betters of the New York State Senate:

State Senate passes Automatic Voter Registration Bill (again), by Victoria Merlino, January 10, 2020, Queens Daily Eagle 

Passes it again! And thank the Identity Marx god that they finally got it right, typos fixed and did it. It was a short article that didn't go into whether or not the State Assembly would pass it or if Our Most Dear Leader and Revered little tin god, Andrew Cuomo would sign it or not. Considering the State Assembly is about 70% Democrat factotums of the great progressive hivemind and Andy is a real nasty piece of work, it should be passed into law very soon. 

Of course we don't want to publicize it too much and there had to be a bit of time separation between enacting the the law that allowed illegals to get NYS driver's licenses and the law that automatically registers them to vote so the peasant masses don't catch on. Yes the peasantry are a reliably servile lot and will slavishly parrot all the progressive liberal taking points their betters order them to assimilate. They have been obediently crawling off on their bellies to what outwardly appears to be democratic elections for generations, but are really a periodic affirmation of their loyalty to their masters yet still, one can never tell with the peasants.

Slavish devotion to the political ruling class, swallowing their lies and propaganda like so much kool aide can suddenly give way to angry mobs in yellow vests or waving umbrellas as they suddenly take offense at whatever the new law their masters enact to further debase the plebes. With such goings on in places like Paris, Santiago and Hong Kong, one should perhaps play it safe and keep this latest outrage against the very concept of U.S. citizenry and the ruling class using their tax paying chattel as human urinals on the down low.

Now why, one may ask, is it so vitally important, that our fantastic democracy and our very way of life are gravely imperiled should illegally undocumented immigrants (notice again the discipline I employ in not using the illegal term "illegal aliens") should be denied NYS driver's licenses and the franchise of the vote? Just as how it was absolutely paramount that the question of citizenship be left off the census. The answer is simple: To answer the latter first, New York state is losing people such that it may lose a congressional seat or two and the population count must be padded to the max or Sandy Ocasio Cortez might have to go back to being a barmaid. 

Where would New York City be if the 14th congressional district that starts in the Bronx and includes the Whitestone Bridge to cross over into central and northwestern Queens, a prodigy, a masterpiece of gerrymandering, were to disappear? What would happen to the voting rights of anyone who happens to live on the Whitestone Bridge? Every vote matters and must be counted! Something had to be done and done it was! Illegals are counted in the census just as citizens.

To the matter of illegal aliens, sorry, our most wonderful undocumented immigrants who have nobly graced us with their presence and generously work such jobs for below minimum wage off the books (saves a bundle on payroll taxes to boot) that businesses refuse to pay Americans a fair wage to do should be welcomed with open arms. And all the yummy ethnic foods they bring that makes "foodies" and hipster bugmen squee with delight. And where would elite uber pimps like the late Jeffrey Epstein be without a fresh supply of nubile, young human sex toys for the pleasure of our ruling class and elites. Or low cost "comfort women" for hard-working proles. Human trafficking and prostitution jobs lazy American people simply won't do.

These undocumented comrades are the hard-working people who pay their taxes, sort of- sales taxes on groceries and clothes, 70+% paid for partially or totally with tax payer public assistance simply deserve the vote, dah-link. And more, these folks will overwhelmingly vote the correct and proper way, for the Democrat Party who shall rule supreme as the one and only party in New York.

To gainsay this plan to be a one party universalist cosmopolitan dictatorship of the proletariat is to be racist, xenophobic, divisive and an insufferably partisan boor. And to endure such pointing and shrieking of these epithets would simply be mortifying.

On a more serious note, this does greatly cheapen U.S. citizenship by giving away the franchise of voting to non-citizens who really have no stake or interest in this country and bitch slaps naturalized American citizens who earned their vote by waiting on line and following the laws. I would feel bad for these new Americans but as about 70% of them are reliable Democrat voters they must like the abuse.

Donald Cavaioli

Sunday, January 12, 2020

A Critique of the American Right Strategy (or Lack Thereof) Part 2: Cranks and Bad Ideas

Part 1- A Critique of the American Right Strategy (or Lack Thereof): The Problem

To start to change American culture, we need to gradually sway the majority, the great middle of the population over to our side. To do so we not only have to convince them not only that the left has consistently lied about and slandered the right, nor only the right has the better ideas but that the right's ideas are palatable to Ozzie and Harriet Normie. To even start on this task, the right needs to get its act together first.

First, what are we on the right offering as an alternative to the present authoritarian managerial state and globalism.

Mainstream conservatism has so far only ran away from confronting the left when these so-called conservatives are not gradually accepting leftist and liberal ideas. In the last 25 years or so, there has been an increasing number of "the conservative case for" various liberal social and cultural cause du jour be it same sex marriage, open border immigration, globalist "free trade", etc. emanating from sites like NRO and the like. The bright boys at the American Conservative have even managed to concoct a "conservative" case for Andrew Yang's Universal Basic Income. So Conservatism Inc. has finally managed to outdo themselves transcending being mere mealy-mouthed moderate sophists and 1960's vintage liberal Democrats into going to the left of Hilary Clinton. Closet leftists like these should just come out and say 'hi' to Bernie, comrade fake American Conservative.

Then there's the other guys. When will some in dissident righters and alt-righters ever give up on this ludicrous dream of establishing some kind of hereditary aristocracy presumably to include the middle class Izod set due to their superior genetics that can perpetually supply descendants likewise with superior genetics? Yes, all available data shows IQ is strongly correlated with heritable genetics and the average IQ of a population determines the success or failure of a modern technological/industrial state. Yes there is such as a thing as race and there is a difference in average IQ between the races. Natural selection and bio-diversity is as real for us humans as it is for any other life form on the planet. But as the old saying in breeding thoroughbred race horses goes: Breed the best to the best and hope for the best.

In Europe and North America, the hereditary aristocracies as absolute rulers model failed and did so for reasons that would still hold true today. A dynasty can produce a philosopher king Marcus Aurelius in one generation and then can produce a decadent Commodus or Caligula in the next. There is no guarantee how good the monarch would be from one generation to the next. Worse is that a bad absolute monarch with no check upon his power can do much harm to their nation. They cannot be voted out of office or removed short of overthrow with a new dynasty established usually only after a messy civil war. Further, a hereditary aristocracy over time will develop the same attitude of contempt that gradually develops into fear and hatred for the commoner masses over which they rule just as the ruling class has for us today. The same dynamic of the aristocracy growing socially and culturally isolated from the people they govern would happen again as it did in late 18th century France. Just as our ruling class here today is. Only now there is still a remote possibility of forcing change through elections over some election cycles and a remote possibility is better than no possibility.

More, an aristocracy really does not care about their peasant masses as anything more than dray animals that perform menial tasks and contribute to their better's wealth the romanticized polemics of Mencius Moldbug and other supporters not withstanding.

The aristocracy has personal ownership and interest in his country and nation more like a farmer has over his land. But like the farmer, the aristocrat in the end is interested in the profits for himself, not in the welfare of his livestock beyond basic maintenance and their utility. The aristocrats of the early 20th century first world war had no qualms about sending thousands of peasants over the top of the trenches in mass human wave assaults knowing most of them would be slaughtered by opposing machine gun fire. And they continually used this meat grinder tactic over and over during the course of the war as that's what their dray animals are for- to either be used up in service or to die for King and Country. The old, forever colonialist wars in the "Great Game" of yesteryear are the same as the never ending wars started by the ruling class today and we should think a new master monarch will be better than the old master.

Further, the supporters of this idea never seem to have any clue as to how to implement it. Do we vote for our king or will someone graciously step up to fulfill the role after the great cataclysmic economic and political crash and the survivors then vote on it or just accept the pretender to the throne and bow to their new master? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

It's a bad idea that Joe and Jane Normie will never support even if they are peasants who want a master. Normies of today in the U.S. still want to feel they have some kind of control over the system through the ballot box real or imagined and are loath to give up their illusions. Besides, we already have virtually a hereditary managerial aristocracy and it looks like the dissident and alt right supporters of aristocracy are only complaining that it's not them in charge of it.

The peasantry normally prefers the devil they know to the devil they don't know so for the foreseeable future, normies are not going to flock to your neo-aristocracy banner. So let's drop this aristocracy thing already because the idea completely sucks.

To take another tact of declaring no plan, blueprint or even hinting at some vague suggestion of what comes next should the left cause political and economic collapse will convince nobody of the wisdom of this nihilistic lack of strategy but other right anarchist loonies. Who, with even half a brain in their head, can take seriously anyone who suggests that after the train wrecks, they'll jump out of the wreckage unscathed and will somehow rebuild...something or other...and everything will somehow turn out just fine. It's a silly rehash of the Underpants Gnome business model of
               1) let society crash and burn or actively promote it by supporting the most insane leftist                           Democrat
               2) ???
               3) Create a better society.

Even the most deluded leftist has a plan, bad as it is, and anyone with even half a brain in their head could see just how inane this is. Normie will stay the present progressive course even if he realizes how bad it is for him because even a bad plan is easier to sell or follow than no plan at all.

But hold on! Some on the right do have a sort of plan! Secession! The dissolution and breakup of that big bad United States of America! Or plan 'B' of scampering off to rural or suburban safe spaces where they may peacefully live a version of Galt's Gulch or Galt's Abby for followers of the Z man. Well, it would be a sort-of Ike's America but the U.S. constitution has to go because it failed like democracy so something or whatnot that will be perfect and ideal will somehow appear to replace it. What, you may ask? If you gotta ask, then you're just not "with it" and the details will be later worked out in an ad-hoc meeting of the secret handshake society whose assemblage is in the process of being planned.

All this is motivated by what's essentially a puerile wail of "mommy, the constitution and democracy aren't perfect! They're broken! take them away !" combined with a pythonesque "run away!" strategy without a blessed clue as to what to do next. Once again, libertarians, the dissident, and alt-right (both libertarian or Randian apostates or heretics id not simply disgruntled liberals) are back to using the Underpants Gnomes as consultants. What could possibly go wrong?

Let's take plan 'B' first:
One would need to be denser than lead not to understand that if people on the right were to form their own enclaves that the left would see them as dangerous covens of witches that must be destroyed before they summon the White Supremacist Satan and conquer the world and do some sort of bad stuff. Waco, Texas  anyone?

Guys, the left will never let this happen if not with active attack then by forcefully imposing diversity or by gradually having liberal refugees from blue cities sleaze their way in and bring their progressive voting patterns with them. Oh, so you think you can stop this from happening? Look what's happening to Texas, it'll happen to all new Galt's Gulches too. They'll even demolish the Z man's Galt's monastery as well. Nobody will be immune. You can run but you can't hide and eventually, there will be no places left to run to. Muh non-aggression principle will not save you.

No fight was ever won by retreating in the face of the enemy and ceding territory to the enemy. That's the definition of losing that even the most apathetic dullard can clearly see and understand and nobody ever supports a loser. White flight has already left urban population centers in the hands of the progressive left and their ever growing legions of foreign mercenaries which was and is a serious and possibly fatal mistake. A mistake that should not be further exacerbated but rather reversed by moving to and re-taking the cities. That is, if some inferiority complex addled neurotics on the right can pull their heads out of their provincial asses long enough to realize it can really happen to them too.

Now there is the secession thing dreamed up by the curmudgeonly neo-confederate wing of the right. Besides being a pathetic attempt to re-write the causes of the civil war as not being over slavery so to prove great-great-great grand pappy wasn't a racist (whether he was or wasn't doesn't matter anymore). It ignores that the federal government or the American people at large will permit this to happen or what the actual odds of success are. The neo-confederates, libertarian apostates in their own right, believe that in civil war, part deux, other world powers will honor the non-aggression principle and not intervene overtly or covertly in backing one side or the other. Foreign intervention would just be immoral and plain wrong. Only the big, bad United States of America, that most evil empire (unlike Vox Day's good People's Republic of China empire) with it's failed constitution is mean and wicked enough to violate the NAP.
Some people really need to get out more.

But to the true believer in secession, it will be a glorious fight with one shot to a power plant transformer that will end with the total destruction of the hated Yankees and their stadium. Then Robert E. Lee will return, riding over the rainbow on a unicorn that pisses mint juleps, and lead them to an antebellum southern utopia. Not a people, economy and country devastated by war where any system of government that would form in the aftermath would most likely be much worse than anything we can have today as is usual in such situations.

That and the foreign government that backed the winner would, of course, expect something in return for their help. The citizens of the newly split apart Neo-Confederate States may not like what their new foreign overlords might expect of them. Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss.

Yeah, okay. Ozzie and Harriet middle American, the people who believe in America as founded and the constitution would just love to get behind that plan. Not! Besides, it's doubtful that most Americans today know much about the civil war other than Lincoln freed the slaves and that to them was a good thing and they would resent any neo-confederate cranks trashing him.

In fact, aside from some neo-confederates, nobody else cares about some war that ended over 154 years ago and could care less about trying to re-fight it. Claims that the present managerial/nanny state was created by Lincoln because he wouldn't let southern 1%er oligarchs take their toys and go home in a hissy fit is unhistorical and false. That and there is no appetite in the general population for even a Hong Kong type of mass protest let alone a civil war. Anyway, this is all academic and history is just boring to normies. You'll never win them over this way by being a history nerd and an obsessive crank.

If anything, this abrasive provincialism and monomanical fixation on single causes for all our troubles (like "it's all the Joos fault") and making enemies of anyone outside of one's own town, the grouches whose country goes no further than the tip of their noses or favorite cause fetish is not only counterproductive but a sure-fire failure. Just as with the "I hate the poh-leese" types where cops are all to be considered the enemies of all the true right crowd, the supporters of 4GW/CW2 would have to be some kind of super ninja warriors to single-handedly defeat all those enemies all by themselves. Although the vast majority of them shy away from any form of public demonstration that might mean a direct confrontation with antifa which would be "bad optics" and they would get into trouble with the law. So these characters most likely only super ninja warriors of the keyboard distinctly lacking a real pair of balls.

Capturing the moral high ground, gaining at least the tacit approval the majority of white middle America should be the primary goal. Not alienating them with crackpot ideas. Then allies are necessary even if we have to make some concessions to agree to disagree over minor differences of opinion, where they live or what job they have. Understand that the enemy who is actively working to destroy you is on the left of the political spectrum, not to the left of you on the right side of the spectrum.

Now a trip to fantasy land:
Even secession (a bad idea but a real possibility) as an idea surpasses the white ethnostate which a single nation/tribe of generic white people which has never existed will be created. Generic whites are cheaper than buying name brand whites I suppose.

That the United States could split apart is a possibility. But this ethnostate nation of white only comes equipped with a virtual plan to plan the final plan to peacefully remove all non-whites from designated white states and create a new, fully assimilated pan-white nation. The exact means by which this is to take place are yet to be determined by Spencer's Underpants Gnome consultants who are still working on setting up step 2 question marks.

Although proponents of the ethnostate are correct about it being more politically and socially stable than multicultural empires, assuming a population with an average IQ over 95. But Spencerian magical thinking has not yet conceived of a means of uniting American whites who come from a number of different European national ancestries which many still cling to. The European Union is having a good deal of trouble doing this now which is why they gave up and began implementing a population replacement plan.

So barring some incredible and as yet unimaginable occurrences, the American white ethnostate is unlikely to come into being without a virtually impossible assimilation into a pan-white monoculture  and some serious bloodshed any time soon if ever. However, considering recent release of Spencer's megalomaniacal rantings in the aftermath of the Unite the Right Charlottsville debacle, the alt-right would appear to be finally dead and buried.

Finally let's look at a revamped, re-imagined constitution 2.0 because you know, constitution 1.0 wasn't perfect and failed to make government people obey it. It boggles the mind how people on the right are quick to accept leftist thinking that if one law or set of rules aren't being followed, the solution is to implement another set of rules or laws. But then again, there are some voices on the right that unthinkingly accept the left's post-modern ambiguity about the left-right spectrum (a previous post on the subject here) as where they come to define themselves on the right as the not-left. Brilliant, no? Leftists use this ambiguity and fuzzy definitions of words and phrases to always tilt the game board in their favor as always being on the right side of history so rightists who fall into the trap of gnostic thinking are inevitably doomed to lose. The right must firmly and logically define itself as a basic principle of attracting more adherents and fellow travelers.

To get back on topic, the reason constitution 2.0, 3.1, etc. is nonsense is that it is naive to think that a political and bureaucratic establishment who didn't follow the old set of rules will now follow the new set of rules. Even with a complete replacement of the political and bureaucratic establishment.

People who espouse this idea are incapable of getting their heads around the fact that it is the human element at fault, not some words written on a piece of paper no matter what font is used or how large the print. Rules and laws only have meaning if first, they are followed or obeyed and second, if violators are caught and held accountable. Demanding new laws or constitutions because the old ones are not perfect and are not being obeyed is too simplistic and utterly childish. More on this can be found in previous posts here and here.

For the dissident right and the alt-right to point out conservative failures is correct and justified. Conservatism has indeed failed. If the conservatives have in fact even failed to conserve the women's bathroom then where are the successes of the dissident right or the alt-right that proves theirs is the better path? Has Vox Day or the Z-man and the dissident right successfully purged the lady's room of men in sundresses yet? Perhaps people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones after all or at least get one win on the boards first.

Lawful means of political, social and cultural change and support of the constitution is essential to gaining the moral high ground by exhausting all possibilities of peaceful redress of grievances and if unsuccessful, ensuring this is visible to one and all before more extreme possibilities are suggested.

The cranks need not be completely read out of the movement as long as it is made explicitly clear by them that the kooky ideas they espouse are just ideas being explored, intellectual exercises in debate and what if or simple fun with trolling in the comments section. That these are not serious proposals meant to be real-world, working solutions. But the real disaffected and alienated weirdos looking for someplace to belong should be excluded. Here the Z man makes an excellent point that the right should not just accept anyone who'll join but should take the time and effort to vet newcomers in an effort to weed out the weirdos.

In matters that conservatives must address:
What should be read out of conservatism (and the right in general) are the 1960's type liberals, moderates and leftists who delude themselves that they are on the right. Such characters include the neo-cons, the for-hire conservative inc. grifters and national socialists respectively. What conservatives should also avoid is carrying water for Israeli concerns where they will give their full-throated support for Israel as the Jewish ethnostate and Israeli nationalism then to hypocritically deny and condemn American nationalism and heritage Americans. The Israeli people are more than capable of looking out for their own interests and their own nation and American conservatism should be first and foremost American nationalists.

Whereas it is acceptable and in American interest to view the State of Israel as a United States ally, the sycophantic chants of America's greatest ally and support for American involvement middle-east wars for only Israel's benefit is both nauseatingly unctuous and a waste of blood and treasure.

Overall, this is a matter that the rank and file conservatives who in the comments section condemn the liberal impostors should be better organized at boycotting those publications that publish that sort of drivel. However, the recent groyper rebellion has been having some success in unmasking such liberal wolves in conservative sheep's clothing and other assorted conservative inc. grifters and opportunists. It is a good sign that conservatives are starting to take the initiative in cleaning up the conservative brand and being a youth movement shows it will hold in the long run. But the groypers should be directly labeling neo-cons as liberals and people of the left.

Further, conservatives should let owners/editors of these publications know they get no subscribers or readers unless they clean up their act and read more nationalist, dissident right or paleo/tradcon publications that better reflect their views. For the conservative, this means being more tolerant of views that they may view as too extreme or crankish. If the conservative gives them a fair read with an open mind, then the views expressed might not really be as extreme or crankish then at first blush. If you can agree on at least 80% or 85% with what other bloggers and authors write, then they're worth following.

The right must have a clear definition of itself and needs to be unified in purpose and goals if it is to act as any sort of opposition to the left. The left already has those attributes and that is the primary reason why the left has been so successful in its long march through the institutions. Final political victory still eludes them but while we on the right dither away with silly plots and ideas, attacking one another, the left is still marching towards final victory. But hey, we're the American right. It's what we do.

Donald Cavaioli

Saturday, January 11, 2020

A Strange Dream, Part 1: You never know who you will meet at a bar

When one of your hobbies is colorizing old time black and white photos, you'll spend 6 to 8 hours per day for a week or two straight adding color to parts of the image and running colorize over and over until the photo is done. Do enough of these photos and you'll start to see them in dreams, not as photos mind you, but as if you are in the scene as it was in the past in living color. This part is true.

These are kind of cool dreams, time travel if only in your own subconscious. Even better if the dream is a lucid one as now you're a time travelling dream tourist with a list of spots you want to go see.

So I thought I'd try something different in terms of posts. If our mainstream media gives us fiction in the guise of truth, I would give you truth in the pleasant guise of fiction.

A Strange Dream, Part 1

This most recent dream I had was a bit strange and if in relating it, the reader say to themselves, "he's making this up"...well...maybe I am pulling your leg just a tiny bit. However stranger things have happened.

So this particular dream started off pretty much like the others where I am suddenly somewhere in the past. In this case, standing right in front of Nier's Social Hall, a rambling, two story yellow clapboard building with a copper colored awing adorning from front corner entrance. I felt my pocket and was reassured to find money in it and walked right in.

It was dimly lit but I could make out the ornate bar, old fashioned tap handles and shelves behind.  The place looked empty except for the bartender, a tall thin fellow wearing a stained white apron, collarless shirt with sleeves rolled up and a derby hat. He eyed me suspiciously as I took a seat at the bar but his demeanor softened a little bit as I plunked a few coins down. The bartender eyed the coins counting them up in his head and then asked curtly in an old-fashioned New York accent of the sort I haven't heard since I was a kid, "Whaddya'll have?". "A beer" I answered to which the bartender said "I got Eppig's beer". "That'll be fine" I said and then the bartender snatched up a nickel off the bar and chuckled as he said "it better be, cause that's all I got", grabbed a mug from under the bar and began to fill it. Well, okay, my subconscious didn't do a thorough job stocking the bar. But what the hell, it was still an excellent dream so far. The detail in it!

As the bartender was filling the mug, a voice called out from the other end of the bar, "hey Louie, whadda bout me? How 'bout another round here." I looked over to see who could be the only other patron and was surprised to see a middle aged Asian man dressed in a modern business suit glowering at the bartender Louie while holding up an empty shot glass. This dream is getting interesting, I thought and the Asian guy sure looked familiar. But Louie didn't even bother to look away from working the beer pump as he retorted "yeah and whadda 'bout you putting some dough down on this bar first". "You've been running up a tab all afternoon in addition to the tab ya run up here the last time". "You want a drink, cough up some cash now or hit the bricks, Ping" Louie scoffed as he put the mug of beer down in front of me.

"Aw, c'mon, you know I'm good for it" Ping shot back sounding a bit drunk and hurt by the bartender's insinuation of being a deadbeat. "Lemme get to a phone and I'll have my boys over at the embassy run over enough dough to buy this dump right out from under ya and the whole goddamn neighborhood to boot"  Ping continued petulantly. "Oh, yeah?" Louie shot back as he pushed up his shirtsleeves. "You can call your boys at the hand laundry and have 'em run over the fin ya owe me but until then..." Louie continued, pushing his derby forward and lower on his forehead as he strode over to where Ping was seated.

I sat there transfixed for a moment as this drama played out in front of me, very detailed for a dream and more than a little realistic what with the accents and the mention of a "fin" or five dollar bill. But then I suddenly thought I should find out more about this Asian fellow in a modern suit, Ping, and just how the heck did he find his way into my dream. I mean, there has to be something symbolic in this and as it was after all a lucid dream, it's a chance to access a part of the mind hidden from the waking mind. Maybe this dream character out of the depths of my own mind, Ping could further enlighten me or give me new insights to whatever was stored in a hidden corner of my mind. Or perhaps just some random neurons firing and randomly mixing memories of photos and TV news  together.

There was only one way to find out if some grand epiphany awaited or meaningless nonsense during REM sleep. Getting back to the matter at hand, I knew where this was heading: A bum's rush out the door. If I wanted to find out if it was something or nothing, I had to act fast.

"Scuse me, Louie" I said quickly. "If you'll pardon me for butting in, but if this guy, Ping owes you a fiver, I'd like to pay it for him. I'm having a swell time here having a beer, enjoying the day and it'd be a shame to spoil the mood over an argument about money and more unpleasantness" I continued as I pulled a convenient and old looking fiver dollar bill from my pocket and set it on the bar in front of me. Louie chuckled slightly as he turned to me and placing both his arms on the bar, leaned over looking serious and said "You sure about this? I don't think you know this guy too well". Louie shook his head slowly as he continued "sure enough this guy Ping is a real muckety-muck back in his home town but he's also a bum and a real piece of work too, I tell ya. Hell, I'd pay a damn fin to see the bulls lock 'im up and throw away the key".  Yet I still had a feeling that this could be important somehow and then answered seriously "Yeah, I'm sure". "I gotta hunch about this" I said as I pushed the bill over to Louie who sighed and shrugged his shoulder as he picked up the money.

"Well, okay pal". Louie said resignedly. "It's your money and I ain't one to kick cash outta bed" . Then turning to Ping said "It's your lucky day today, buddy boy. You can stay if you mind your manners and don't give me no problems" Louie growled as he put the money into the cash register and then wrote something in a small notebook next to it. "Swell, so how about that drink then, buddy boy" Ping shot back sounding irritated. "See what I mean?" Louie said to me jerking his thumb over in Ping's direction. "Get him one one me and I'll have a shot of what he's having too". I said as I got up and started over to the end of the bar where Ping sat and who didn't even look at me as I sat down next to him. "It's your dream, mack" Louie said as he poured out two shots of whiskey and set them in front of us.

We didn't speak for what seemed like ages as I looked at my newfound drinking buddy, Ping, who continued to look straight ahead, not even acknowledging me. I was sure I knew him from somewhere but couldn't recall from where. "Ping" I said as I mused it over. But then it suddenly came to me. "Hey, aren't you Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China?" I said. Ping, slowly turned his head towards me and eyed me suspiciously as he downed his shot and growled " maybe I am and maybe I ain't. So who wants to know?".  "My friends call me Cav" I said holding out my hand. Ping looked sourly at my hand and snorted.  "Don't think 'cause you paid off my tab we're friends. I'll pay ya back when I get the chance." he then said derisively "but yeah, okay, I am Xi Jinping and I don't do autographs so why don't you just piss off". I had to laugh at that one. "I just did ya a solid and this is the thanks I get?"

"Relax, buddy, I ain't looking for your autograph. I just thought we'd shoot the breeze as it isn't every day I get to hobnob in an old bar with a world leader. Even if it is in a dream. Ain't like I'm asking for the moon, here." I said. Ping sighed, "Awright, tell you what, sport, you keep the booze coming and you can yak yer head off until I pass out. You pay for the pleasure of my company, understand?" Ping said sternly. Ah, finally I can get some answers I thought, satisfied. I called the bartender over and he obliged with two more shots of whiskey. "So, what brings you here? I mean here. In this obscure corner of world, Woodhaven of all places and at a rough guess, in the year 1900?" I asked. "Same as you, mack" Ping replied exasperated and picking up his glass said before tossing back the shot. "Just to escape the real world and all the problems in a nice, quiet time and place". Interesting and I considered this for a moment before replying. "No, I don't think that's why I'm here" I said. "If I were, it would just be me and Louie over there drinking a couple of beers. There's got to be more to this and I mean to find out what it is". Ping chuckled and said then pointedly "Ya sure about that, Cav?".

That caught me for a moment as this character is really a product of my own mind that's trying to tell me something but no, there's more to this. I could still feel it in my gut. Problems, maybe, but no there's more to this and I'll have to work for the answer. Then an idea came to me, it's not about my problem but a solution I might have to somebody else's problem. I pondered this for a moment as I tossed back the shot of whiskey which had a faint hint of fire to it. A solution? The outlines were starting to form. A solution, but it seemed more like a devious scheme hatched in some dark recess of my mind that like a mist rising up, bolstered by the ghostly heat of the dream whiskey. Symbols, man.

"So what're these problems of yours, pal? I'll bet Hong Kong tops the list, doesn't it" I asked with a sudden inspiration. Ping looked annoyed at this and snapped back irritably "Aw, c'mon, man, you wanna talk shop? Can't we just talk about the weather or something?" Ping turned to me and scowled for a moment then said "You really wanna talk about that?" Then picking up and thoughtfully contemplating his shot glass frowned and said "okay, kiddo, so it's your dream but if you want to talk shop you're gonna have to up this to doubles". Then he quickly added "of the top shelf stuff, mister, not this rotgut.".

I called over to Louie, who gave me a quick look that that said I was crazy as he got down a bottle from the top shelf where the more expensive liquor was kept and then dropped two larger glasses down in front of us and filled them. "Hong Kong" Ping spat the words out "everybody wants to free Hong Kong" he added sarcastically. "Naw, that ain't my biggest headache, but that prick youse Americans elected president, heh, what a hump that guy is. He's much higher up the totem pole of pain in the asses I gotta deal with." said Ping who started to sound much more sober despite the booze. Oh, no! I hoped this dream wasn't going to end with Ping and Louie turning into a couple of those gray NPC Wojacks saying "Orange Man bad" over and over until I woke up.

But no. Thankfully Ping changed tact.

"Hong Kong is just a bunch of wet behind the ears youngsters out to trash the place and tank their own economy. Sure, ya dumbasses, go wreck yer own economy ya spoiled brats. See if I care if you're all starving in the gutter. Hell, they'll all be begging me for help before long then I'll show 'em, those buncha prissy wisenheimers. Those kids got no respect for nothing, the little smug brats. Not their elders, not their government, not their people, nothing! Hell, the little bastards even took to calling me Winnie the Pooh, can ya believe it? Where's the respect?"

Ah, just have to play the hunch and ask the right questions. Now we're getting somewhere and I hoped it wasn't just a rehash of current events in Hong Kong. But I felt there was more to this considering the setting of old Nier's Social Hall circa 1900, Xe Jinping and his reaction to the subject. It all needed to be fit together to get some kind of meaning of this dream. But enough for now. I'll continue this story and its surprising twist later.

Donald Cavaioli

Take That, You Naughty Americans! The Triumph of the Salty Copium Eaters!

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