Sunday, August 20, 2023

Further comments on YouTuber MentisWave post: Refuting Biden: "You need an F-15!" sO jUst GiVe uP YeR GUnZ!

To further elaborate on a comment I left in this MentisWave YouTube post:

The reason Biden, Swawell and other liberals make these cringe threats about nukes and F-15's is that they're not scared of the boogaloo boyz, successionists, or the other 2A keyboard Rambos. And this is bad considering what cowards liberals and other leftists tend to be. But after 20 years or more of this "something's gonna, you leftists, it's gonna happen...soon...any day now....any year now..." who can take these threats seriously anymore?

All talk, no action, from the internet super ninja warriors that even the most vapid leftist in the lowest ranks of the progressive/woke peanut gallery realizes just how full of shit these guys are. So stop it already.

There are some real serious hurdles to this revolution, succession or whatever this fantasy may be. First, how will this boogaloo thing get organized and started anyway? How many supporters will be federal agents, informants, or local law enforcement creating a honeypot to arrest some idiots for planning crimes or posting the most outrageous racist nonsense and the most insipid conspiracy theories to discredit the entire right?

Let's say the organizers can weed out infiltrators and informants, then on to the next hurdle. For all the talk about it's only 2%, 5% or 10% of the population ready, willing and able to successfully fight this revolution, don't forget what the other 98%, 95%, or 90% think about this enterprise. More than half of them, including the military and law enforcement, if not participants, must be willing to give some sub-rosa support if not simple agreement with the cause and tacit support. Otherwise, the 10% will find themselves isolated and being ratted out to Federal forces or local law enforcement to be slaughtered with extreme prejudice. So how much support can be expected and how does one measure it?

Then for all the smarmy talk from the internet warriors about how the US lost Vietnam, Afghanistan, whatever, to barefoot peasant tribesmen armed only with AK-47's, remember there were rules of engagement involved as our managerial overlords hate to cause harm to non-whites. White Americans, on the other hand, will be evil white supremacists plotting to resurrect cyber Hitler and say all sorts of mean things to hurt leftists feelings. So not only will there be no rules of engagement but most likely, the atrocities, torture and war crimes that will happen will at least have the Whitehouse, Congress and the Department of Defense turn a blind eye to it. Or at worst, soldiers who commit these crimes will be given medals and lauded in the mainstream media as heroes. There can be no treatment cruel enough or brutal enough when fighting modern supernazis in defense of  "Our Democracy" (tm). So no, tanks don't hold blocks, they blow them to pieces and turn wannabe rebels and their families into fingerpaint while Joe and Jane Normie cheer.

So not only will the great right wing revolution not be televised, but it is unlikely to happen anytime in the near future. So get real, guys, stop sperging about how democracy and the constitution failed and awaiting some messiah to arrive and rescue you. Understand change will only come after years of getting more serious conservative people, not GOPe fakes, with the balls to tell off the left, woketards, etc. and cut all ties with the WEF, UN and WHO agendas into elected positions. Unfortunately it will take as many generations to fix this mess as it took to get into it. But this is the only way out.

Donald Cavaioli

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