Monday, February 11, 2019

Look Who Ventured into Woodhaven!

Pictured above is the inestimable Mitch Waxman, the learned Humble Narrator of the Newtown Pentacle blog at Nier's Tavern. It is indeed a rare event for the Wizard of the Pentacle to venture outside the environs of his beloved creek and Astoria but recent news of the possible demise of the oldest continuously operating bar in New York brought him hence to show his support. 

The pose struck, as he is cunningly photographed here by this author, is Mitch's reaction to the news of my completion of the above infernal devices that he bade me construct to his specifications. Such devices are to be used when the stars align right for the purposes of subduing that impossible thing which dwells in the cupola of the sapphire tower and those nameless, blasphemous, eldritch horrors that slumber beneath the Newtown creek. Do be careful with the portable black box disintegration ray device and the unspeakable green eye of horror machine.

And before I forget, Mitch, I recently ran into an acquaintance of yours with an unusual skin condition of the hands, Gilman, he said his name was, who asked me to say hi to you for him.

Donald Cavaioli


TommyR said...

Hmm, don't see the resemblance! Hahah...always imagined Mitch had glowing green eyes or other eldritch mutations owing to his long exposure to Cthulian elements.

Cav said...

It is indeed He Himself, a coruscant miasma of molecules held in subtly shifting human form clad in a shabby black raincoat.

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