Monday, February 25, 2019

The Crime of Success

In Summary:

I've noted before that criminalizing success was a useful tool for the old order ruling class to prevent challenges from upstarts and the nouveau riche who slipped past the gatekeepers to kick the ladder down behind them. I've also noted the price the nouveau riche agree to pay for admittance not only in their sworn loyalty to the ruling class's objectives but as well in the form of playing the villain for the disgruntled prole masses. The evil robber baron villain figure is a necessary mythos to maintain a rigid class caste system with a place for everyone and everyone kept firmly in his place. This is manipulation of the masses plain and simple to achieve whatever goals and agenda the ruling class wants. It is done with the cooperation of the billionaires and corporations who, as loyal vassals play the role of the malevolent robber barons as an example of what the peasantry must never aspire to.

The message here is stated loud and clear: Don't be like that evil rich guy, start a business, succeed and then morph into demonic entity to be publicly flayed as a plague upon mankind. Staying poor or in the lower middle and working class is far more virtuous. Boo the villains and cheer the managerial state, NGO and Social Justice Warrior heroes who wage a holy war against the amorphous crimes of corporations and billionaires all for the sake of you, the virtuous "little guys".  Now don't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Makes one proud to be an insignificant and utterly incompetent  "little guy" who is not intelligent enough to make his own decisions or have his own opinions, doesn't it. Aren't you glad that your managerial betters along with self-appointed activist community leaders and NGOs are here to tell you what opinions to have and decide what is best for you?  Master loves us and protects us from evil!

A Case in Point:

We can see this process at work with the recent Amazon HQ2 imbroglio with the heinous Jeff Bezos, although what evils he had done is not clear, being stopped in his wicked schemes to do some sort of bad stuff by our righteous local politicians, unions and self-appointed activist community leaders. In all of this, none of the aforementioned do-gooders focused on any real problems this Amazon HQ2 deal would have on the community. Oh, no. Instead they focused on incessant ad hominem attacks in the tired old cliches of mean, rich capitalists who by getting rich, somehow made everyone else poor and Amazon HQ2 would make us all poorer still somehow. That Amazon was some sort of 21st century version of a Dickensian slave labor sweatshop and torture chamber because no union. And the blatant lie of how a $3 billion tax cut was somehow the New York State treasury writing Bezos a $3 billion check from the taxpayers that Bezos would then put in his own pocket.

So why oppose Amazon on the basis of  nonsense arguments, exaggerations and outright lies instead of actual issues? There are several reasons for this and chief among them is that the do-gooders did not really have the best interests of us, "the little guys" at heart. Theirs was tawdry self-interest cloaked in the mantle of the righteous champions of the common good. None of these actors gave a shit about the community because it was all about what they themselves wanted to get from the deal masked by a smarmy concern for the good of the community. This stifled legitimate debate and disregarded what we the people would have actually wanted. So aside from the elected politicians involved, who were the unions and malcontent left-wing activist to speak for the rest of us? Who elected these people? Nobody. However, they play a useful part as the cat's paw of the ruling class establishment and their goal was to shake Bezos down plain and simple.

Let's be clear. Jeff Bezos is a loyal vassal of the ruling class and its agenda as demonstrated in his Washington Post blog every day. If he has to play the malevolent billionaire in some leftist morality play once in a while, it's all good as he knows Phaemon's dog was right after all. In return for an occasional public beating, he gets to eat his fill. In the case of Amazon HQ2's location, the ruling class apparatchiks and their factotums were of low enough rank that he could safely conclude that New York needed him more than he needed New York so off he went. In the end, it was no skin off his ass but for us, maybe we shouldn't have been so hasty and let SJW activists talk for us and tell us what to think.

So despite the triumphal braying on a few other blogs, it was no awakening of the sleeping giant of 'we the people' speaking out here, Mitch. Just few demagogic politicians, union bosses and a gaggle of self-appointed "community leader" SJW leeches looking to wet their beaks in some corporation's wallet.
Absolutely nothing to be proud of and something to be ashamed of: Being led around by the nose for the benefit of others and possibly to our own detriment like a herd of dumb animals off to the abattoir.

In Conclusion:

In the end, whether the local political and activist establishment was right for all the wrong reasons or just plain wrong, it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that successful people are shown to be a maleficent force of greed and evil whose example of starting a business is one that the proles must never follow. Even without a big corporation for the ruling class to leech off of, life goes on and there are other sources of other people's money for them to feed on. 

Even when our rulers lose, they win. An important lesson is still taught.
The ruling class and their minions will tell us what to think, give our opinions to us and we have no choice but to follow. Peasants must remain pure in their lowly station and live in the virtue of subservience or else face burning at the stake of negative public opinion. One is born a peasant whose life is dedicated to the state and one will die a peasant and the established social order is maintained.

Donald Cavaioli

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