Friday, May 3, 2019

NYC's Managerial Kleptocrats Plan to Game the 2020 Census

From: The Gotham Gazette: Heading in the Right Direction on City and State Census Funding, But More to Do.

Let's cut to the chase: New York State and City's wails to ensure every person is counted on the 2020 Census without mention of citizenship status is a blatant attempt to pad the count. Just as much as Democrat's whines about counting every vote means include the boxes of ballots that mysteriously appear in some party operative's car trunk a week or two after the elections. In the case of the census, padding the count with illegal aliens means new congressional districts created and an increase in New York State's Electoral College votes. Just as the move to give driver's licenses to all, meaning illegal aliens, ensures that illegals may vote in elections. All in all, more stealing, but hey, at least the Democrats will not have to stuff the ballot box as much going forward. In either case, it means that not only is U.S. citizenship rendered meaningless but the vote of American citizens is rendered null and void. Elections will be nothing more than a charade.

If you're wondering where the Republican are on this, if you can find them, they'll make some feeble, lukewarm, noises about sort of not being totally for this. Of course, the Republicans will do as much to oppose this as they do voter fraud. Shocked! Shocked, we are by all this! If only there were something we could do! Fake opposition.

If you think that's funny, wait until the 60's vintage liberals costumed as conservatives over at the NRO start writing pieces about the conservative case for anyone voting in U.S. elections, citizen or not.

This insanity will eventually sweep the country, every last square millimeter of it. Globalism and the manifest destiny of Progressive Leftism, the one true social and political religion, demands it. And the social justice warriors will not rest until their cult reigns supreme and the last unbeliever and heretic is burnt at the stake. So before anyone from the reddest rural and suburban places in the red states sneers at us for this predicament, they'll be coming for you too.

So to my neighbors who chant the mantra "my granfaddah voted Democrat, my faddah voted Democrat and I votes Democrat 'cause dere for da woykin' guy": How do youse guys feel now that "the party of da woykin' guy" more highly values illegal aliens (or any person of color from any third world hellhole, legal or not) and those who live off our tax dollars than the American working and middle class? Best of all, we have the obligation to pay for NYC's and NYS's generosity to their client voters even as they slap us around.

This is what our government establishment's "nation of immigrants" civic nationalism has mutated into: globalism. We as individuals are reduced to interchangeable components in the globalist machine. Moved about like pawns and used to suit the needs of the managerial state and their corporate vassals. Who cares about the fate of components that no longer fit the machine's needs or what becomes of a pawn.

Understand dear little morsels, your "great guy" politician, whom you worship like a little tin god, is stabbing you in the back with a big lie and a smile. He never loved you, you were just useful at least for a time. Oh, and enjoy the new homeless shelter with its drug addict and psychological problem residents around the corner from your house. Your protests and prayers to your great guy godlings went unanswered and we all will pay more to support the ever growing, imported homeless population as even as our cost of living increases.

So what are you going to do about it? Another failure theater protest? Whine about it in the comments section of Queenscrap? The proprietor of that blog, when not posting rant porn, will just prattle on about how great Sandy Ocasio-Cortez is and how she will fix all our problems somehow by, uh...doing things and stuff. Yeah, right, buddy. Just wait until the costs of Sandy's masterpiece of statecraft, the Green New Deal as interpreted and implemented by our Glorious Leader, Mayor De blasio are passed on to you. Buckle up, 'cause some part of your anatomy is gonna be woyked but good.

So white, blue collar woykin' class backbone of the Democrat party, where is your god FDR now? 

Donald Cavaioli

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