Wednesday, April 24, 2019

About Custodia Sepulchrum and Local Issues

I should first take a moment to explain seemingly morbid title of Custodia Sepulchrum: The caretaker of the tomb. The general theme of this blog is an exploration of the cemetery where is buried the dreams, aspirations, founding beliefs and achievements of a great nation, a great city and her people noting how these were murdered by degrees by the succubus of post-modernism. It mocks the shambling, degenerate zombies that masquerades as New York and America (as ruled by the managerial state) because humor is the most powerful weapon against these creatures. Just as these miscreants can't bear a light being shined on them and their deeds.

Although this blog sometimes deals with local issues and people, the reader, no matter where they hail from should read this. It covers methods and strategies used and a critique of their successes and/or failures. It should be noted that the posts made here at Custodia Sepulchrum dealing with local issues might be instructive as something similar might occur wherever the reader may be.

A little background:
To anyone outside the New York City area who assumes we are all ardent, dyed in the wool progressives, and deserve whatever dire fate we get, you're wrong.
We're in occupied territory and haven't got any choice in the matter.

Most, if not all of the white hipster losers and shrieking prog bugmen here come from the midwest or the south. And they along with third worlders who don't mind one party strong man governments and homeless people from around the country looking for some good freestuff are pouring in all the time. Furthermore, all these people vote for leftist Democrats (assuming the ballot boxes are not being stuffed) and the Republicans here are worse than useless. The dissidents, those of us left, are on our own and tend to keep a low profile. The mass of moderates and apathetics suffer from a form of battered wife syndrome, praising in public their social justice overlords to avoid another beating.
But maybe not all is lost as what was murdered does not stay buried as long as someone notices what is being done to us and remembers what was taken away and speaks out. At worst, there's nothing to lose by trying.

Further, many of the bureaucrats who make decisions and put policies into effect are not from the 5 boroughs.  They're what we here call "out of towners". They do not know anything about the neighborhoods, probably can't even find them on a map, or know the people who live in them much less care about us or how their schemes affect us. For example, most of us hate the bike lanes and don't want them but we have no say in the matter. This is occupied territory. The Party of the One True Political Religion known to mere mortals as the Democrat party of New York controls who runs, the Board of Elections, the judges, the works. We are a petri dish in the grand experiment of progressive liberalism, the place where managerial plots are hatched and tested before being deployed to the rest of the country.

And finally:
In understanding our failures, one might know what will not work, what to avoid like the plague and may find a better solution in the same or similar situation. We all learn from our mistakes but the best mistakes to learn from are the ones that others make. Hopefully, my neighbors will start to wake up and learn from our mistakes as well. One does what one can.

As always, to the reader from anywhere in the United States or in the world, the caretaker welcomes you.

Donald Cavaioli

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