Thursday, April 11, 2019

College Point, This is The Price of Questioning Your Betters

From QNS: College Point residents say contractors conduct illegal late-night work at shelter site.

So what did the residents of College Point expect for their hubris in opposing the homeless shelter decreed by their betters in city government? The local city gov squires will of course make their displeasure felt in some trivial way such as having the contractor make noise late at night to be a nuisance. Such is the spitefully picayune way of the narcissists of the local D-list ruling class. You know, the liberal progressive leftists you keep re-electing because you have a desperate need to prove what good little liberals you are and God forbid you're called a racist or mean-spirited.

Now I'm not writing this to gloat over your failures, laugh at your misfortunes or to jab you with "I told you so". No, I'm in the same boat as you and the city policies that negatively impact you unfortunately negatively impact me as well. This blog was set up as a tenth man, hail Mary pass attempt to knock some sense into your collective thick skulls. I do not like this and many other city policies foisted on us without our consent any more than anyone else does. I hate the fact that government is no longer responsive to its citizens as much as you do. But let's face the facts here, the tactics being employed and trying to work within a rigged system have failed. This post is a form of tough love.

Understand something here: Your betters have arranged us into groups of the angels they favor and the devils they despise. Even if you are on the angel's list, there is still a strict caste hierarchy. No matter how much of a good, loyal little Democrat you are, no matter how well you parrot the party line, you are way lower on the identity/victim totem pole than the homeless (who are also most useful) so what you want does not count for anything. Welcome to the managerial state 2.0 where you not only have no power but your vote is meaningless as well.

So what are you going to do about it?
More protests nobody pays any mind to. Whine some more to our electeds. Grumble about the situation in the comments section of local rant porn blogs. Put your trust in the local civics or self-appointed community leaders and pray they will do something. We've been doing these things all along so how's all that been working out for us?

And calling 311? Seriously? All anyone who calls 311 to complain about this achieves is to give their betters the dysfunctional pleasure of reveling in the complainant's salty tears. Moan and rattle your chains, peasants, but the beatings will continue until morale improves. No, wait, the beatings will continue until you submit without question or complaint.

If you refuse to change course and must continue on your old, failed track, then you deserve what you get so stop crying and just suck it up.

So what are you going to do about it? Here is a suggestion:
It's time to change our voting patterns and admit progressive liberalism is a complete and utter failure. It's time to begin supporting insurgent candidates from both parties who will break the back of the party machine and begin to dismantle the managerial and welfare state or at least cut it down to a smaller, more manageable size. Maybe we should drain the swamp.
And no socialists as they represent a completely failed, sad little religion.

The more the party bosses, their media lackeys and activist lickspittals hate these candidates, the better they are. Pay no attention to the juvenile name calling of racists or whatever. Even after getting insurgent candidates in, make sure they follow through on promises and vote them out if they don't. Keep electing new people until you get the ones who do the job and then do not re-elect them for more than two terms. Keep them moving. Easier said than done, I know, but there's no other way.

Understand that this will not change the current situation which is a lost cause. The suggestion outlined above will take a few election cycles until we start to see results so patience and dedication is most needed. It took a long time to get into the mess we're in and it'll take time to untangle it.

Donald Cavaioli

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