Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Twisted Irony of the White Supremacist Witch Hunt: Suppressing Free Speech and Destroying Democracy to Save Free Speech and Democracy

From: QNS May 8, 2019 Nonprofit justice group say prominent alt-right who marched in Charlottesville has Flushing roots. by Carlotta Mohamed

By far more odious than anyone who genuinely espouses the tenets of nazism are the self-appointed progressive leftist Pharisees of the mainstream media and the vile Puritan witch hunters of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). As long as any individual or group does not commit an actual crime, the first amendment guarantees all Americans freedom of speech no matter how shocking or offensive to the general public whose civilized response would be to ignore it. How ironic that now the same leftists, who in the 1970's and 1980's used to say 'turn the channel' in response to Evangelical Christians' criticisms of liberal shenanigans have now taken the mantle of even greater sanctimonious hypocrisy as the neo-gestapo of all good thought.

A Flushing man was doxxed and will now be burnt at the cyber stake for the crime of demonstrating against the removal of a statue. But not just any statue, you see. An evil statue, the statue of former Army of Virginia general Robert E. Lee. A statue that if the SPLC, social justice warriors and such like is to be believed apparently has some form of sentience and supernatural powers insofar as it can influence people to own slaves, be racist, hurt leftists' feelings and do many other rotten things. Therefore it must be removed and anyone who opposes this must be completely evil. The statue might suddenly come to life and even try to enslave people too unless action is forthwith taken!

Notice too how in the file photo shows people carrying confederate battle flags and one man with a nazi swastika in order to make it appear that the man they are castigating is in fact holding the swastika flag.

The problem with these SJW guardians of pure goodness is they are emoters, not thinkers and most susceptible to noble cause corruption. They inevitably become worse than the monsters they claim to fight because such fanatics, utterly convinced of the absolute righteousness of their cause, can justify any atrocity in the name of that cause. They do not have the ability to think ahead of their own narcissistic drive for the instant emotional gratification and from the grotesque display of their virtue in the vain hope of convincing themselves they actually have any virtues. These creatures cannot be shamed as they have no shame.

Even if the man they are doxxing is in fact a card carrying nazi and Hitler's biggest fanboy, so what? He has a right to his opinions no matter whether I or anyone else likes them or not. If he commits a an actual crime other than hurting some SJWs fee-fees then that is what the police and courts are for. Otherwise, he won't be getting any Christmas cards from me.

Of course, this assumes our glorious SJW witch hunters do not actually succeed in inadvertently creating the monsters of their collective nightmares by their incessant deplatforming, getting people fired from their jobs or having their credit cards and bank accounts shut down by saying anything that would gainsay their mad dogma or just for being born white with the indelible original sin of racism and white privilege branded on them like the mark of Cain. Cornering people who have often done no more wrong than express opinions progs do not like and taking everything they have away from them gives them nothing left to lose. Cornered animals with nothing left to lose can become dangerous nor can they be blamed for striking back against their persecutors so any blood spilled will be solely on the hands of the leftists.

The most important thing for the reader to take away from this post is to understand is that virtue signalling liberals, progressive leftists and SJWs are liars and should not be paid any attention to. The phone call by a SJW talking bad about an employee for wrongthink and demanding said employee be fired should have the phone slammed down in response. Nobody should take seriously any SJW assclown screeching about someone being "alt-right" as it is just a silly pejorative euphemism for badthinking non-believer in the leftist's asinine religion. The SJWs should instead be mocked and ridiculed as the cretins that they are. I hope the man named in this disgusting article successfully sues QNS for this obvious slander.

Donald Cavaioli

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