Sunday, July 14, 2019

New York State Cares More About Illegal Aliens Than It's Own Citizens.

From The City: MIXED SIGNALS ON GUARDING UNDOCUMENTED DRIVER'S LICENSE INFO [all caps as published] article by Josefa Velasquez, date published not specified.

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It seems that there is great concern among our state ruling class that ICE may gain access to New York State driver's license photo for use facial recognition technology against those whom our rulers are pleased to call "undocumented immigrants" and we citizens should horrified and outraged at this Federal deprecation against "immigrant's" rights.

One must note the insipid euphemism "undocumented immigrant" instead of the more accurate illegal alien. Smarmy verbal legerdemain to cover the decadent stench of a pretty lie. One could apply this to criminals as "honesty challenged", drug dealers as being "undocumented pharmacists", murderers as "undocumented euthanasia administrators" or robbers being "unorthodox grant seekers". As with all things of the modern progressive left, there are no limiting mechanisms or principles in the minting of new rights or shifting definitions to benefit their victim/grievance identity group angels so this may not be as far fetched as it would seem.

So why is it that illegal aliens have any rights in this country at all? Why are our masters so desirous of these interlopers and insistent that they be granted the same accommodations and privileges as citizens? By pedestalizing illegal aliens in this way they degrade our citizenship to the point of irrelevancy and cheapen it to where it is of no value whatsoever.

The illegals themselves would not want to be Americans if the title were given away so easily and the resources of the citizenry given to interlopers more generously than would be given the citizens. Anyone who has even the slightest bit of pride in their own nationality would look upon such pandering as demeaning and beneath contempt. They would never dream of such treachery as betraying the best interests of their own people to benefit foreigners. Immigrants do not respect us and foreigners who cross our borders uninvited and illegally respect us less so. And they are all correct in holding Americans in such low regard as we do not earn any respect for our shameless unctuousness.

Governor Cuomo and his Democrats (with the tacit approval of Republicans) have turned New York State into the girl who not only can't say 'no' but who has absolutely no standards at all and will let herself be used by even the most foul and leprous wretch who simply looks at her. Why should any immigrant legal or not want to figuratively marry this sort of girl nor how could he resist the temptation to use and abuse her to his heart's content with her cheering approval.

NYS is now the lowest of all whores who is so stupid that she actually pays the johns to fornicate with her. Not that our rulers care about this as it is we the people who pay the price.

It could be easily seen that our managerial rulers desperately want an average lower IQ population of client voters, almost all of whom originate from third world authoritarian/totalitarian regimes. A population accustomed to a tyrannical one party government which would suit the delusional dreams of unlimited power harbored by our political overlords and managerial apparatchiks to be worshiped as little tin gods. A population mostly dependent on the largess of the public purse to any degree may be a more docile population of serfs and their lower average IQ would flatter the egos of the hopeless mediocrities that currently lord over us that they are the smartest people in the world and deserve to sit upon the throne. Then there are the business interests big and small who desire a never ending supply of cheap labor to do the jobs they refuse to pay Americans a fair wage to do. It's a win-win situation if only to the ruling class and the elite, screw the proles.

That Hispanic immigration activists would enthusiastically support the interests of Hispanic illegal aliens is understandable as they are promoting the interests of their own people as any sensible people would do. I can't blame them for taking advantage of a dysfunctional government that literally begs to be taken advantage of. The blame lies squarely with us, the citizens of the state of New York who re-elect the politicians who advocate for best interests of strangers over their own people. The American people have sadly fallen into foolishness and decadence and replacement will be their reward.

We as a country have every right to decide who we will allow to immigrate here or not, to not allow any further immigration if we want to and do not owe any explanation or apology to anyone for it. This is the right of any people of any nation in the world as it is their right to their country and homeland of their people and to run it as they see fit. So let the globalists be damned.

Donald Cavaioli

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