Wednesday, July 10, 2019

College Point Residents Coalition Homeless Shelter Protesters Sort Of Take a Step in the Right Direction or Did They?

From QNC article June 4, 2019They say it’s time for him to go: At latest rally, College Point residents call for mayor to quit over shelter plan

To use as the slogan "solutions not shelters" and calling for Mayor De blasio to resign is a step in the right direction. Force De blasio to explain his homeless shelter policy even better would be to make De blasio explain the failure of his policy in an ever expanding mass of homeless people coming into the city and ever increasing cost of housing.

But unfortunately, one step in the right direction is followed by cucks of the CPRC not taking a firm stand but making a scampering retreat for the tall grass of progressive "nice moderate people who care about the homeless too" with a vague, unspecified something policy "solution" but really think the shelters are necessary but ought to go somewhere else. That shelter would be a disaster for College Point real estate values, you know! Once the predators of city government and other neighborhood activist groups pick up the scent of NIMBY and moderate liberal cowardice, really wanting the shelters in someone else's backyard instead, forget about forming any cartel with the other activists despite their reassurances of solidarity or bluffing the city. You're on a solo suicide mission. Big mistake.

Then there is the multicultural problem that leads to the Byzantine General's problem where different groups involved in a common cause may have their own interests and agendas and will likely betray each other. This is, for the city, an easily exploitable weakness as one ethnic or identity group may be quietly approached and a separate deal made in return for that group's cooperation. This is the very reason for the city's love of multiculturalism and seeding homeless shelters throughout the lesser outer boroughs- there cannot be any cultural commonality, no deeper ancestral roots in the community to really care about it, differences in mixing high trust/low trust cultures, etc. and therefore no complete agreement on principles or ability to form unified opposition. Notice how the Asians pictured carry banners written in Chinese characters and ask if this demonstrates any solidarity with the non-Asian groups involved. In the end, it's every man for himself and devil take the hindmost.

The next mistake is they stop short of asking why should working class and middle class people who work hard and barely make ends meet in a high cost of living city be expected to subsidize a free living for ever more imported Democrat voters, citizens or not. This would be the only line of attack that has any chance of crossing racial/ethnic/identity or neighborhood lines and providing any solidarity. Unfortunately, this is not for all too faint of heart, overly image conscious moderate liberals. They are sadly too afraid of insipid retorts of being called "mean spirited" or "racist" and not at all cognizant of the fact that they will face these and other puerile epithets even with the meekest protest. The pharisaical cargo cult that is the progressive left will not tolerate even the least whimpered questioning of their holy scriptures without burning these heretics at the stake.

Instead the CPRC uses that threadbare old "but it's for the children!" thing which is just too old and overused a cliche to be of any effect here. This a sure sign of a group that either has nothing of any substance to say or is too frightened of criticism to talk about serious issues. As the progressive rulers of this city invented and cynically use this same "but it's for the children" ploy themselves, the old saying "don't bullshit the bullshitter" comes to mind. Besides, it's pathetic, really, hiding behind children.

So in the end, these calls for De blasio to step down come off as hollow and flimsy bluff and the protests will continue to fail. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, the CPRC knows neither their enemy nor themselves and are doomed to defeat. The best CPRC can hope for is the shelter be moved several blocks away and with fewer homeless housed there, assuming the city fully keeps to this agreement. To call this a victory is to delude oneself.

The effectiveness of the politicos named as allies in the article will depend on how the CPRC approaches them. If as the CPRC being in charge of the situation in as such that these three men will be voted out of office if they fail, the electeds will honestly work to keep their jobs. Or if the CPRC approaches the electeds as supplicants begging a favor of their acknowledged masters, then said electeds will cut a deal with the city that will primarily benefit their own interests and will throw only a sop to the CPRC.

Donald Cavaioli

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