Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Not-American "Americans"

It's an interesting situation when people immigrate to the United States who not only refuse to assimilate to our culture and political system but apparently despise it, and seek to destroy it. One has to ask why such people who hate this country bother to come here in the first place or refuse to return to their homelands after finding us so distasteful. Worse still are the liberals who still insist upon calling people who are obviously our enemies who seek to do us harm, "Americans", make special note that they are "U.S. citizens" and residents of a particular town with equal status of natives. Why is it that the same liberals insist those who want to destroy our culture and nation must not only be granted entry into this country as an unquestionably inalienable right and all must refer to them as Americans?

An example of this curious situation can be found here in this article by QNS: 

"Jamaica women admit to planning and distributing information about making explosives for terrorists attacks" by Emily Davenport on August 23, 2019

Two foreigners in this interesting situation who have pled guilty to planning a terrorist attack are pointedly referred to as "Jamaica" women and "U.S. citizens" as if the magic dirt of America conferred these titles upon them that none may gainsay. In fact, I might possibly be guilty of "racism" and "white supremacism" in noting the oxymoronic use of U.S. citizen and Jamaica women to describe two individuals who are obviously enemies of our nation and should be stripped of their citizenship and deported as undesirable aliens. After serving their prison sentences, of course.

Yet we're fighting these interminable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ostensibly to fight terrorism "over there" so we don't have it happen over here and at the same time, allow a massive influx of people which harbors some terrorists among them to immigrate here.

But our progressive liberal overlords have decreed that anyone from anywhere in the world who wants to come to the U.S. must be granted entry as of right. And further, must be acknowledged as just as much a true American as any native born even if they not only refuse to assimilate but demand we Americans change our culture and language or adopt their non-Christian religions to suit the newcomers who prefer to live in balkanized ethnic enclaves. Is this not the very definition of colonialism and imperialism just as foreigners entering another country with hostile intent towards the native population an invasion?

What is an acceptable amount of casualties with our current immigration policies? How many dead and wounded do liberals feel is acceptable collateral damage in pursuit of cosmopolitan multiculturalism?

Now contrast this with the same liberals who react with holy outrage when India attempts to assimilate the Kashmir, the People's Republic of China suppresses Islam with the Uighurs or allows ethnic Chinese to emigrate into Tibet and alter Tibetan culture. Not to mention the situation in Hong Kong. Nor should we forget the past colonialism of the old European powers was absolutely the most horrific ever perpetrated in human history even if there were not hoards of white Europeans banging down the doors to gain entry to non-white colony countries.

Isn't ethnic diversity and immigration a good thing that must be celebrated? So diversity isn't always our strength? So some forms of imperialism and colonialism are good or bad depending only if Europe and north America are the recipients or perpetrators respectively.

But Americans must accept a massive influx of foreigners and change our culture to adapt to them so American nationalism is apparently forbidden by these hypocritical and supercilious luminaries.
Diversity and open borders immigration is only good for us and the official line is: "Nationalism for thee but not for me". And to notice this discrepancy is the new definition of racism.

Donald Cavaioli

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