Sunday, September 8, 2019

New York City Fights Opioid Addiction Crisis By Giving Addicts Greater Access to Drugs

From the who in the hell comes up with this stupid shit, how can this idea make any rational sense but it does in a corrupt way files here is the latest addition: Courtesy of that New York Democrat Party organ, your source for official progressive goodthinker propaganda,  the Gotham Gazette:

In Opioid Fight, City Expands Access to Crucial Medication-Assisted Treatment , September 06, 2019 by Samar Khurshid

Of course the tone of the article is one of triumphalism and praise for our Glorious Leaders who in their olympian compassion and generosity have decreed that in order to fight opioid addiction, addicts will get access to even more drugs, safely under medical supervision, legally and most important of all, free. That is free for the recipients with the costs borne by the taxpayers, many of whom have trouble making ends meet in one of the highest cost of living cities in the U.S.. Progressive liberals are always great, big warm hearted altruists with other people's money and citizen, permanent resident or illegal alien makes no difference here. Don't fret about the morality of forced altruism in the name of a dubious cause. It's only money, folks.

However, there is in this permissive, even backhanded encouragement of narcotics use a peculiar contradiction from the progressive liberal's otherwise puritanically forbidding views on sugary drinks, fast foods, tobacco use and eating meat but when it comes to drug use, the scales fall from liberal eyes. Whereas liberals screech in outrage at the thought of the medical expenses of cigarette smokers which is only an increased statistical probability, the liberal spares no expense, paid for by others, for the certain expenses incurred by heroin users. Just as liberals can see some kind of difference between the inhaling of the smoke of burning tobacco as dangerous to one's health, wrong and evil but inhaling the smoke of burning marijuana has no ill effects on one's health, is benevolent, good and heartily encouraged. For progressive left, even comestibles may fall under the evil devil category or may be the nectar and ambrosia of their angels so in their twisted progressive world, this isn't a contradiction at all.

But assuaging the liberal's desperate need to be seen as the most wonderfully beneficent beings in the universe isn't all that's going on here. Sure, feeding the rank-and-file liberal's galactic scale egos is important but more important is the feeding of cash to crony capitalists and other politically connected middleman businesses. Pharmaceutical companies can look forward to increased sales of methadone and buprenorphine. Privately operated clinics, with friends in high places, employing doctors, nurses and other staff have a publicly funded jobs program and politically connected *insert name here* associates firms can get into the trough with ever more "studies" that must be conducted. All in the glorious name of "medically assisted treatment" of drug addiction by addicting narcotics users to other different drugs rather than helping them quit drug use altogether. A program name that will eventually be encouraged by our managerial betters to be adopted by undocumented pharmacists (street drug dealers and pushers) to legalize street narcotics sale as opioid treatment. Hair of the dog...

Let's not forget drug addicts, who can be seeded throughout the city in half-way houses, homeless shelters or whatever else, are voters too even if they are illegal aliens. Voters who will be most motivated and enthusiastic to vote for the benevolent little fathers and mothers of the Party of Infinite Goodness and Kindness known to lesser mortals as the Democrat party who shall in return ensure every drug addict gets his fix for free.

And here in the People's Banana Empire of New York, it is a magnificent victory over the opioid crisis, a triumph of utterly brilliant socialist central planning and social engineering. Forward comrades!

Donald Cavaioli

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