Friday, March 29, 2019

Don't kid yourselves, Queens Chronicle editorial staff, there's no stopping leftists on a holy crusade

From: The Queens Chronicle Editorial, March 14, 2019

Where’s the beef? Gone.

"Oh, no! It appears conservative commentator Sebastian Gorka was right. Liberals really are coming to take away our hamburgers! The proof’s right here in New York City.
Gorka made the comments at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference. Environmentalists have long lamented the methane that cattle emit into the air, saying it contributes to global warming, and he was alluding to this line from the original FAQ sheet on the Green New Deal touted by our own Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast ...”
Now Mayor de Blasio is helping the cause, declaring “Meatless Monday” at all city schools. No beef, no chicken, no ham; it’ll be vegetarian food only once a week except for kids who bring in their own. It’s clearly a socialist plot to destroy America.
We kid. All jokes aside, we do hope Meatless Monday doesn’t get extended to other days. Children need their protein, and meat provides a lot of it. It’s one thing when kids want to go vegetarian — great! — but they shouldn’t be forced to. If we didn’t evolve to eat both plants and animals, we wouldn’t have canine teeth.
We bet that attack dog Gorka’s are extra sharp."

Meat is just one of those things that has made its way onto the left's list of devils and as such, a struggle is necessary to vanquish this evil. The official theology is that eating meat is not only wrong because....reasons... but that cows are causing global warming by farting the other sky dragon gas, methane and are responsible for the spread of racism, fascism and white Christian male patriarchy among other unspeakably naughty things. Can't you see? This must absolutely be stopped or the earth will explode in 12 years!
Just think about all those corporate factories where cows are manufactured by exploited slave labor under the watchful sneer of some evil avatar of Mr. Monopoly, who wickedly giggles at the thought of destroying the earth and poisoning everyone with meat eating. Hence, a program of small incremental compromises and minor changes takes place over time until the cow factories are finally closed down for good. Because, you know all the rest of us simply have no idea what is best for us and would probably all be dead inside of a week if it were not for the guidance of our "woke" demigod betters.
I'm exaggerating here, but only a little bit. These are the sort of people who are not into rational, logical thought, they're emoters on a mission, and as such they are inclined to believe with  religious-like fervor in what they're promulgating without considering whether it's based in reality or not. Even the term "woke" is used in a quasi-religious context much like being "born again" or in this case, it would beg the question if we have accepted the prophet Marx as our personal savior. Worse even is that these people will not go away and will not accept compromises in the long run any more than a Puritan would compromise with witches.

They'll start with wheedling for small compromises couched in weaponized sob stories, just a meatless Monday, and as they get this then more compromises, the wheedling will gradually fall away in the face of more strident demands and shrill threats. It will start with meatless Monday and won't end until all demon meat is banned from NYC public schools. You will obey us, the social justice warriors of the one true and inevitable political religion that shall usher in an equalitarian utopia. Resistance is futile!

The Queens Chronicle editorial board takes the usual moderate liberal attitude of being above the fray while portraying themselves as the voices of reason in the face of those silly conservative attack dogs. Liberals and moderates almost always dismiss anyone who warns of the seriousness of the left in aggressively pursuing their agenda in a most smug and supercilious way. Even the weak, watery criticisms of some factotum of Conservative Inc. (who couldn't even conserve the women's bathroom) elicits a superior chuckle of Olympian mirth from them. Talk about punching down.

 I have heard it said that to liberals, communists are really noble fellows who deserve special consideration in a harsh and reactionary world. So of course, the Queens Chronicle editorial board would say nothing too critical (except to Gorka) of leftists or meatless Monday otherwise they would lose their goodthinker street cred and be cast down from their Ivory Tower into the void. And that would be positively mortifying, daahlink!

Cows and other methane farting bovines would exist naturally large herds whether people eat meat or not. That is unless vegans and environmentalists plan on a mass cow genocide program to follow. So how would vegetarianism reduce reduce bovine flatulence? The short answer is that it won't. This is nothing more than a political and social agenda being promoted under the camouflage of an alleged climate emergency. It's a solution in search of a problem.

Donald Cavaioli

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