Tuesday, March 26, 2019

If Democrats and SJWs say "That's not who we are", they never actually say who we are. So who are we?

Every time someone questions, criticizes or opposes the latest official Democrat cause du jour or social justice warrior activist talking point, the response is always "that's not who we are".
By what right do any of these people define who we are? Well, nobody gave them the right, they simply took it.

So who are we then?
That is never really articulated because it is either used by managerial state politicians to deflect away from their true objective and silence the interlocutor or it is the emotionalist nihilism of rank and file activists. 'That's not who we are' is the go to NPC response for SJW's  because they can't articulate a logical reason for their position nor do they have any real idea of who they or we are. In their own demented way, the SJW activists are actually being honest.

That's not who we are!
Is fundamentally to control the narrative and stifle opposition. The ruling class or their factotums will either not tell you who we (by that our betters mean we plebs) are or our betters will change the definition at their whim. Hence, this weaponized obscurantism is designed to hide the ruling class' true agenda while promoting some official lie, euphemistically called a narrative, and silencing heretical opposition by threatening to outgroup them. To the infidels who question the official narrative of the managerial state: That's not who we are so if you do not kowtow to our policy this instant, you are not one of us. Into the void with you, wicked miscreant!

 However, in the process, our identity as individuals or as people of a nation is disintegrated through this ever shifting, phantom goal post set by the changing narratives of who we are (or are not).

So it can be said this "that's not who we are" slogan also serves a more globalist agenda. It is intended to destroy any identity we have as one of the means of creating a gray, generic humanoid creature to suit the purposes of  the various international ruling classes and their transnational corporate vassals. Gray generic humanoids, each indistinguishable from the other and that may be moved about or interchanged like parts in a machine as needed by our betters. For as far as our betters are concerned, we non-ruling class or not-elite are nobodies anyway. A nobody is nothing and nothing has no definable qualities. Therefore, as far as our betters are concerned, we can never be who we are.

Donald Cavaioli

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