Monday, March 4, 2019

The Gulf Between the Political/Bureaucratic Class and the People They Govern

For all the Jane Jacobs style power to the people protesting done, for all the complaints about any given policies the New York City government institutes, or that the city will not administer basic services to our satisfaction, the city will not change its positions and bow to what we the people want.
It does not matter how you vote, protest or post rant porn on local blogs because the political and bureaucratic establishment in New York City is a ruling class unto themselves with their own agenda and class interests. The ruling class does not care what you want or think. They are in charge and will make those decisions for you. The citizens who disagree or actively dissent are viewed by the city ruling class as little more than noisome pests.

In more detail:
I've previously noted in two earlier posts, here and here, that no matter which party is in charge, public policy does not change. But it's worse than that. Our managerial government has evolved into its own class which promotes its own class interests and seeks to pass on individual member's power and influence on to their chosen heirs. The managerial class, at least in its upper reaches, becomes more of a closed circle, with few newcomers admitted, and is thus isolated socially and culturally from the people over which they govern, the plebs. Simply put, your city government will implement whatever policies they want whether you like it or not and they do not care what you think about it.

Part of the task of the managerial class is administrating the vast social welfare system along with endless rules and regulations designed to protect the plebs from all harm including the harm the plebs may do to themselves. Then the top of the managerial pyramid begins to take a dim view of the pleb masses over which they govern as being too incompetent to chart the course of their own lives and would be hopelessly lost without the intervention of their more intelligent managerial betters. Further, in time, the managerial elite begin to hold a view of the general ignorance of the masses due to not being as educated as their betters and having lesser cognitive abilities. This implies that the plebs are incapable of understanding the complexities of modern politics and economics and it is then therefore necessary to lie to the plebs to placate them as one would do with children. So when enacting policies the plebs may not approve of, the managers disregard plebeian protests as irrelevant and foolish obstructionism of the implementation of needed and necessary policies.

What the irksome pest plebs want or do not want is irrelevant as the managers are in power and will not tolerate interference with their plans.

For further reading, there are three posts from here, here and here, they are somewhat long but well worth the time. And one post from the Z man blog here.

Donald Cavaioli

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